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					                                       Celine Smith

                                       Address: 25 Ginger Square, E1W 2QR
                                       Date of birth: 20/06/1979
                                       mobile: 07753308745

2000-2003        King’s College London, University of London
                 BA in Psychology (2.1)

        In the final year I co-organized an analysis of job
        preferences of the King’s College London students. The study
        included developing and conducting a comprehensive survey of
        400 students, statistical analysis and writing a 20-page
        report for university authorities and Career Centre.

1994-2000 St Peter’s School, Newcastle

        1997     A levels:   Biology A, German B, Mathematics C
        1994     GSCEs:      nine, including English, French and Maths

Work experience

2003        Kienbaum Executive Consultants, London

Summer job as a research assistant. The job involved searching for
the best candidates, preparation of the employee profiles, building
the applicants’ database and preliminary cv-screening.    During the
job I gained a very good insight into the role of HR consultants,
learned how to select best candidates and polished my MS Access
knowledge. The internship allowed me to enhance my social competence
as I became confident in face-to-face and telephone interactions and
improved my presentation skills.

2001        Tesco Supermarket, Holborn, London

A part time, weekend work as sales assistant and cashier in term
time. I learned how to work under pressure and deal with money.
Moreover, I sharpened my time management skills coping with
demanding tasks at the university and at work.

Additional skills
     fluent in German
     conversational French
     computer literacy
         - professional MS Word, Access knowledge
         - good Excel and Power Point understanding
         - familiar with Statistics and Mathematics package
     clean driving licence
     first aid instructor license

Leisure activities
2002-2003 Treasurer of the Practical Psychology Student Club

Being responsible for the association’s finances I developed
financial planning skills. Within the scope of club activity I
acquired two sponsors, who supported the association with Ł6000
donation. I built the immaculate reputation and confidence among
club members, dealing with significant funds earmarked for research,
conferences and internal events.

1996-2000 Member of the Newcastle Tigers Kick-Boxing Team

I was one of the few women in the club and the only one in the
official city team. Among others I earned the following prizes:
    2nd Prize in the Midlands Kick-Boxing Contest (1998)
    3rd Prize in the National Kick-Boxing Championships for Under-
     18’s (l999)
Kickboxing helped me to develop self-discipline and diligence. It
required demanding training as well as courage and stamina.

Reading books on behavioral psychology and sociology of work.


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