Abusive Language/Inappropriate Language/Profanity by ZRA214



0. Other                             Other problem behavior causing this referral, not listed below.
1. Bullying                          Student hits, kicks, pushes, shoves another.
2. Bus Misbehavior                   Student violates school rules at the bus stop or on the bus.
3. Cheating/Lying                    Student delivers message that is untrue and/or deliberately violates rules. Using, submitting or attempting to obtain data or answers
                                     dishonestly, by deceit, or by other means.
4. Destruction of Property           Student participates in an activity that results in substantial destruction or disfigurement of buildings, school property, or real or
                                     personal property. (Vandalism)
5. Disrespect/Defiance/Failure       Refusal to obey requests/directions, talking back and/or socially rude interactions, failure to report for detention.
to Comply
6. Disruption                        Behavior causing an interruption in a class or activity. Disruption includes sustained lout talk, yelling, or screaming; noisy with
                                     materials; horseplay or roughhousing; and/or sustained out-of-seat behavior.

7. Drug Related                      Student is in possession of or is using illegal drugs/substances or imitations. (Includes tobacco products)

8. Fighting                          Actions involving physical contact between 2 or more persons where injury may occur (e.g. hitting, punching, hitting with an object,
                                     kicking, hair pulling, scratching, etc.)
9. Food Related                      Student eats/uses food inappropriately.

10. Forgery/Theft                    Student has signed a person’s name or impersonating another person without that person’s permission or in order to falsify school-
                                     related information. Taking property belonging to another, or possessing property belonging to another without permission.
11. Language-Inappropriate           Verbal messages that include swearing, name calling or use of words in an inappropriate way. Abusive Language/Inappropriate
12. Obscene/Sexual                   Abuse, molestation or assault. Touching of private areas of any person, with our without permission; indecent, immodest or
Misconduct or Sexual                 unacceptable exposure of one’s body, illicit sexual behavior and acts inflicted upon another person. Inappropriate expressions or
Harassment                           gestures of a sexual nature directed at another person with an offending purpose or result.
13. Out of Area                      Unauthorized student movement and presence outside the classroom during class time.
14.                                  Student delivers disrespectful messages/gestures to another person that include threats and intimidation; negative comments based
Threat/Harassment/Intimidation       on race, religion, gender, age, and/or national origin; sustained or intense verbal attacks based on ethnic origin, disabilities or other
                                     personal matters.
15. Unauthorized Objects             Possession or use of inappropriate items.

16. Weapon Related                   Student is in possession of knives or guns (real or look alike), or other objects capable of causing bodily harm.

LOCATION:                                                                      FUNCTIONAL:
 0. Other            Location for referral is not listed below. Office           Obtain Attention from      Student engages in problem behavior(s) to gain adult(s)
                     personnel will determine District Code.                     Adult                      attention.
 1. Classroom        Classrooms used for instructional purposes.                 Obtain Attention from      Student engages in problem behavior(s) to gain peer(s)
                                                                                 Peer(s)                    attention.
 2. Playground       The outside area used for recess breaks.
                                                                                 Obtain Object              Student engages in problem behavior(s) to gain items and/or
 3. Restroom         Areas used by students for taking care of                                              activities.
                     personal needs.
                                                                                 Escape Adult               Student engages in problem behavior(s) to get away from
 4. Hall             Areas designated for passing from one                                                  adult(s).
                     activity/class to another.
                                                                                 Escape Peer(s)             Student engages in problem behavior(s) to get away
 5. Gym              Areas used for physical education activities.                                          from/escape peer(s).
 6. Cafeteria        The area used for breakfast and lunch.                      Escape Task Demand         Student engages in problem behavior(s) to get away/escape
 7. Bus              Inside the bus at any time.                                                            from tasks and/or activities.

 8. Bus Area         The area used for bus loading and unloading.                Don’t Know                 Staff cannot specify possible motivation for this student’s
                                                                                                            problem behaviors.

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