UNIVERSE AND HISTORY by ManpreetMultani1


									A History of Universe
Today everyone is busy in their life most of peoples don't know a history of universe which is not good
thing for us. a history of universe is must to know thing for us so let you know a history of the universe
where we are living now we are presenting you a history of universe

How old is the universe
The universe is about 13.7 billion years old at its beginning it looked nothing like it does today yet
everything in today's universe did exist in some from back then it all started with big bang , a kind of
explosion that would not only go on to produce all the matter in the universe but also marked the start
of time

Fast facts - creation of universe
1. At the start the universe was a hot dense ball of radiation energy

2. in one thousandth of a second , tiny radiation particles produced tiny particles of matter these
combined to forms first ever chemical elements hydrogen and helium

3. some religions of young universe contained slightly more hydrogen and helium than others these
shrank to form the first stars.

4. nuclear reactions inside the stars produced many other chemical elements including carbon and

5. the elements in the universe today were produced from elements created in big bang

How universe created
Start time with a big bang - a massive explosion that lasts for less than one trillionth of second that will
create tiny particles of radiation smaller than size of full stop and after waiting for 380,000 years for the
first atoms to form a mix that is 76 percent hydrogen and 24 percent helium after one billion years one
stars have formed and there are dwarf galaxies throughout of universe

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