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ivantage helps online businesses grow through high quality training

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ivantage helps online businesses grow through high quality training

ivantage is an innovative company which offers fantastic search marketing training to businesses with
an online presence. Offering training in a variety of online marketing subject areas and providing both
public and private course formats, ivantage is an extraordinary company which can cater to even the
most specific business requirements.

As a Google Analytics Certified Partner and with highly passionate and qualified staff members,
ivantage is sure to provide employees and colleagues alike with only the very best training, and
companies can rest assured that they will be provided with endless skills to help positively transform
any business. Having already received a number of outstanding testimonials, there is no doubt that
ivantage is going to continue aiding businesses through the use of its search marketing training, with
nothing but fantastic results.

With both public and private training in natural search, paid search, web analytics, and email
marketing, training from ivantage promises to be a hit with any online business, and they are sure to
keep on coming back for more.

A unique company offering more than just training
Incredibly, ivantage spreads its expertise further than just search marketing training. The aim of the
company is to help online businesses grow, which they effectively do by offering a huge variety of
services and solutions as a search marketing agency. Working closely with their clients, and using
their expertise in search marketing, ivantage are able to provide invaluable advice and support as well
as reporting the return on their clients' investment.

There is no denying that the fantastic reputation ivantage holds is entirely deserved, and the
impressive list of well known 'big brand' companies offers a hint at its success. Offering a personal yet
professional service to all of its clients and with a seemingly endless list of possible services, ivantage
along with its reputation is sure to grow considerably over the next few months.

ivantage Limited
Unit 9, The Old Powerstation
121 Mortlake High Street
London, UK
Zip: SW14 8SN
Tel: 020 8487 7900

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