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									Course: Public Speaking                                    Unit: Speaking to Inform 2.1 and 2.2
                                  Essential Questions:

   How can technology be used to assist in the communication of
   How do word choices, organization of ideas, and flow affect the
    communication of information?
   What research, editing and revising methods work best for presentations?                               Curriculum Infusion                                                    Levels of Instruction
   Which mediums and methods of communication impact most positively
    on the information?
   How does peer editing help to make a better presentation?
   Which rhetorical devices and manners of delivery best serve my
    communication needs?
   Why does effective listening require not only comprehension, but also
    evaluation of the message?








              Objectives                        Suggested Activities/Strategies

In order to effectively respond to          Divide the terms and students into groups and do
Essential Questions, students will          a jigsaw having students define and explain                                                                                             X               X                        X
identify and employ key terms and           examples of each when they teach the others.
processes including but not limited to:     Place students into groups and have them define
                                            and give examples for as many terms as they can
thesis, theme, transitions, attention
                                            without using resources (they should be able to
getters, clinchers, puns, allusion,         do this as these terms should be familiar), the
alliteration, eye contact, body language,                                                                                                                9.1.B.2-
                                            groups defining and giving the most accurate
                                                                                                                                                                                    X               X              `         X
intonation, knowledge, preparation,         examples is awarded a prize. After awarding
visual aids, audience-centered,             prize, class reviews and students fill in missing
visualization, and articulation.            information.

    Prepare and present a mini speech       Have students bring an unusual item in from
using a visual aid.                         home and give a brief speech in which they                                                                                X             X               X
                                            demonstrate the item.

New Brunswick Public Schools                                                      1 of 3                                                                                                                                 2007/2008
Course: Public Speaking                                    Unit: Speaking to Inform 2.1 and 2.2
                                                 Have students build “something” and with random items
                                                 they are given in a paper bag (straw, gum, Styrofoam
                                                 ball, paperclip, rubberband, etc) and give a speech to                      X   X   X
                                                 the class explaining what their item is and what its
                                                 function is.

Select, evaluate the reliability of and gather   Give students articles with obviously fallacious
useful information from sources.                 information and have them differentiate the facts llist all
                                                 the facts they can find, Then have students compare                                 X     X   X
                                                 their lists, explaining and debating which items belong
                                                 on the list.
                                                 Have students watch a speaker who is strongly
                                                 opinionated about an issue, list facts vs opinion and                               X     X   X
                                                 argue in a debate like fashion for their decisions.

Select and employ appropriate organizational     Given a list of organizational pattern and a list of topics,
strategies in order to synthesize ideas from     students select the best pattern and explain why.                           X   X   X
multiple sources into a prepared speech and
visual aid.                                      Before they embark on their research for a presentation, have
                                                 students submit a proposal (to be approved prior to writing)
                                                 that contains at lease a thesis and an organizational pattern.              X   X   X

Analyze a topic, prepare interview questions,    In the context of a presentation, require students               9.1.B.2.
conduct an interview and use the information     to use an interview as a source.                                    5       X   X         X
gathered as a source.
                                                 Acting as fictional (Fred Flintstone) and real people (Bill
                                                 Clinton), have students write interview questions and
                                                 ask them of the students in costume as a mock                                       X     X   X
                                                 “interview” done talk show style.

Revise through peer- and self-revision.           After giving an impromptu speech on any topic to
                                                 members of their small group, students peer- and self-
                                                                                                                                     X     X   X
                                                 evaluate in order to set goals for improvement
                                                 After presenting to the class, students use evaluative
                                                 feedback in order to set clear goals for self-
                                                                                                                                     X     X   x

Maximize efficacy of speech through               In the process of preparing a major presentation,
coordination of demonstration of visual aid      students do s dry run to their small groups for the              9.1.B.2-
                                                 purpose of getting evaluative feedback. Students use                5
                                                                                                                                     X     X   X
and presentation methods.
                                                 this to maximize the efficacy of their presentation.
                                                 Students are encouraged to make more than one visual
                                                 aid and try all of them on their small group during their
                                                                                                                                     X     X   X
                                                 dry run in order to select the most effective one.

New Brunswick Public Schools                                                                     2 of 3                                  2007/2008
Course: Public Speaking                                    Unit: Speaking to Inform 2.1 and 2.2
Create final revisions for portfolio             After presentations and mini-presentations are made,
consideration.                                  students are to revise them for their portfolios.           X   X   X
                                                Have students create aesthetically pleasing,
                                                personalized portfolios so that they are more               X   X   X
                                                encouraged to fill them with their most impressive work.

Comprehend main points of a                      Have students watch a video of a motivational
speech and evaluate its efficacy.               speech, list the main points and evaluate its               X   X                 X
                                                Have students watch a guest speaker, list the
                                                presenter’s main points and evaluate the efficacy           X   X                 X
                                                of the talk.

Self-evaluate both presentation and speech       Have students make a public service announcement or
using rubrics in order to set clear goals for   a mini documentary (group project) using video, have
improvement.                                    them watch it, say what went well and not so well,                      X     X   X
                                                explain and set goals to improve what they listed as “not
                                                so well”.
                                                Have students sit with their written speech after viewing
                                                it, and rework it to sound more natural and inform more                 X     X   X

New Brunswick Public Schools                                                                3 of 3                          2007/2008

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