Supplement IV, Project Homeless Connect by s0zwPQFl


									                                 Supplement IV, Project Homeless Connect

Applicant’s Program Name:                                   ESG Funds Requested:              ($3,000 Limit)

The Project Homeless Connect model has been endorsed by the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness. The
innovation of Project Homeless Connect fuses political and civic will in a one-day, one stop array of resources.
Project Homeless Connect is intended to change how business is done in local communities when it comes to
expediting outcomes, lowering barriers, removing obstacles, and increasing results. Public and private sector
resource providers work side-by-side in a new configuration, with a focus on problem - solving and results.

1.    Provide a general narrative for the key theme of your Project Homeless Connect

2.    Describe how the Project Homeless Connect will create a different experience for the consumer

      Collaboration – Name collaborative agencies and staff. Discuss involvement with local homeless
      planning groups, co-location with other service providers, and how connections/referrals are made.

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                                  Supplement IV, Project Homeless Connect

     Provide a general narrative for identifying and accomplishing the ten Essential Elements of Project
4.   Homeless Connect: Political/Community Will, Partnership, Planning Team, Site Selection, Volunteers,
     Services, Consumer Engagement, Media, Data and Results, Event Execution

5.   Did you coordinate a Project Homeless Connect Event for 2009-2010?      Yes,     No

     If yes, where was it held?

     If yes, how many consumers attended?

Please provide a summary of the PHC including success stories for connecting the homeless to housing
and essential services during the event.

6. Attach (behind this page) a complete budget for this program to include all projected funds. Show ESG
funds requested by expenditure.            Attached

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