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									                                2012-2013 STUDIO POLICY
1. You register for classes from September through May. We will not have another formal
    registration until June. Please remember to pay a full month’s tuition in May.
     No student may register who has any unpaid balance from prior years.
     All balances must be paid by April 30, 2013, to have dancers participate in the annual
         recital. Unpaid balances are sent to collections.
2. Monthly rate: 30 min class = $35, 45 min class = $40; 60 min class = $45; 75 min class
    = $48, 90 min class = $50; Ongoing private class (teacher request ONLY)=$100 ($150
    for 90 min).
3. Non-refundable registration fee of $15 per student & $25 per family due @ registration.
4. Please plan ahead to make payments. A monthly statement will NOT be sent to you.
     Place check payments in the black box inside the studio door. Do not use the
         mailbox outside the studio door. Do not leave cash in the payment box—give to the
         secretary & get a receipt.
     A $30 fee will be assessed on all returned checks!
     If you discontinue lessons, please call to notify Tonya within 1 week, or you will be
         charged for continuing class placement for that month and until you formally cancel
5. POLICY CHANGE: Pay lesson fees by the 25th of the month prior to lessons:
     to earn a $5.00 discount off of the regular tuition of one class . Please pay
         September tuition @ the open house/registration or on your 1st day of classes (no
         later than 9/7/12) & you will still receive discount for September – this is a one time
         extended date!
     If you take more than one class and pay by the 25th of the month prior to lessons, you
         can take $5.00 off of the regular price of each additional class you take (1st class= full
         regular price, 2nd class=$5 off full regular price, etc)
6. Full tuition payments with no discounts, are due the first lesson of each month.
     Pay full October tuition with no discount if payment is made between 9/26/12 to
7. A $20 late fee OR 15% of your outstanding balance will be assessed to accounts unpaid
    by the 6thof each month. Late fees begin to be assessed on 9/6/12.
     If a balance is carried over to the next month, an additional $20 will be assessed and
         the student will be required to discontinue lessons until the account is current or a fair
         payment schedule is arranged with Tonya. Please pay promptly to avoid these
         additional penalties!
8. Those paying in full for the entire 2012-2013 season BY 6/9/12, will receive a 5%
9. Get a $10 credit for each new student referral who pays the registration fee & 1st month’s
10. Classes begin the week of AUGUST 27, 2012!
11. DEI takes MOST vacations with public schools & will be closed for: Labor Day, the
    21st, 22nd, & 23rd of Thanksgiving WEEK, the entire Winter break, & the entire Spring
    break. Email & voicemail will REMIND you before each holiday with the exact dates
    the studio will be closed. Please see calendar of events!
12. If schools are closed or after school activities are cancelled due to bad weather, the studio
    will also be closed. A message will be left on the studio voice mail & an email will be
    sent & it will be posted on our website at www.danceevolutions.net by 2:00 pm that
    day. No phone calls or returned messages will be made to notify of cancelled classes.
    No make-up classes for weather—dancers can take a comparable make-up class with
    Director approval.
13. We feel that perseverance helps build character. Proper dance training builds only
    through discipline in mind and body--learning requires practice. After 5 absences, we’ll
    evaluate if the day, time and class fit the student’s schedule, and he/she may be
    moved out of the class.
14. No monthly tuition refunds/deductions are made for classes missed. Students may speak
    with Tonya to attend another class as a make-up class for an absence. Classes must be
    made up within one week of the absence to receive a make-up class. Make-ups are given
    for illness, medical appointments, and family emergencies. Call the studio to inform of a
    student’s absence. Students in a private class, will also adhere to these rules—an
    alternative private make-up class time will be given only if the class was cancelled by the
    teacher (not weather).
15. Relatives & friends are welcome to watch your child’s class from the viewing area.
    Please do not enter a classroom or communicate through windows while class is in
16. Please make travel arrangements with your child prior to each class, as the phone cannot
    always be answered during class time & cell phones/pagers are not allowed in class for
    any reason! Please drop off & pick up your child promptly— and advise your children to
    wait for rides inside the studio. Children may not be left unattended for any reason –
    especially after school, as we cannot guarantee any adult will be there & teachers are
    working & cannot provide daycare. The studio is not responsible for unsupervised
    students outside of class and/or outside of the studio.
17. DEI does not carry medical insurance for its students. Your dancer must be covered by
    your own family insurance policy and if injury occurs it is understood that your own
    policy is your only source of reimbursement. Every dancer must have a liability
    release/registration form signed by a parent or legal guardian by the first day of classes to
    be allowed to participate in class.
          If your dancer has ANY MEDICAL CONDITION, you must complete a
              medical information and release form by the first day of class! Ask for one
18. DEI is not responsible for lost/stolen items. Lost & found will be kept for 1 week & then
19. We have parent participation/bring a friend weeks (9/17/12-9/21/12, 10/29/12-11/2/12 &
    4/22/13-4/26/13). Please plan to participate--it is such a fun, proud moment for students,
    parents & friends to share, and it’s an excellent opportunity to be inside the classroom to
    see and do what your child does every week.
20. Please read class attire, class etiquette & calendar of events. All dancers must wear hair
    properly & wear all proper attire by the end of September—to participate in class. All
    shoes/tights/ accessories must be the same. It is important that hair is worn as specified
    (attire rules).
21. No food or drink—except water in the classroom. Eat/drink only at the counter. NO
    GUM OR SMOKING in studio.
22. Recital: Performing is a necessary and fun part of the development of a dancer. Recital
    is in May, so students can perform their year-long work for family and friends. Please
    commit to attending!
     There will be a recital admission fee to cover recital stage rental, lighting, music and
         school & auditorium personnel fees. DEI dancers’ admitted free! Volunteers always
         needed @ recital!
     All recital dancers must attend their scheduled dress rehearsal time—in full make-up
         and costume! If you do not attend the rehearsal, you cannot participate in the recital.
         No refunds.
           Deposits of $35 per recital costume will be due by 9/28/12. Recital costume final
            balances of $35 per recital costume are due by 10/26/12, or they will NOT be
            ordered! All tuition and other fees must be current to have costumes ordered.
            Tights are additional fee.
        Costume payment must be made separate from tuition with a check/cash.
        Costumes cannot be cancelled, returned or refunded after the order is placed.
        Costumes are mass produced to fit a general body type and size. If you need
            alterations or exchanges you must arrange for those and you will incur the extra
        Costumes, shoes, tights, accessories must all be the same—order through DEI. All
            dancers’ tights will be ordered with costumes & billed separately —please do not use
            in classes!
        Recital t-shirts will be for sale to be used in the finale. Payment is due by 3/22/13, to
            have your shirt(s) ordered. All other tuition & fees must also be current to order t-
        We will take recital pictures (in April—date/schedule TBA). You do not have to
            purchase them, but your child should attend, so we can have a complete class picture.
        Recital videos are available to order. Pick-up date/time/place TBA—we do not mail
   23. At DEI there are competition and performance companies. These require extra classes, a
       great deal of time and dedication. Please see those hand-outs for additional rules and fees
       that apply. Watch for information meeting regarding audition dates & team requirements
       at Open House.
   24. I am always willing to listen to any questions or concerns you may have! Please make an
       appointment to call or meet me outside of class time. Daytimes before 2:00 pm are best.
   25. Please get & save the calendar of events handout to see tentative upcoming events. All
       dates are subject to change, but we will make every effort to keep them as they are listed
       on the calendar.

The goal at Dance Evolutions, is to provide every student with sound technique through a solid
curriculum taught in a fun, caring and structured environment guided by specific rules which
  we expect all students and parents to respect. We want to educate our young dancers with
                                      artistic choreography
   in as many techniques as possible. It is our hope that we will give all dancers a sense of
          artistry and integrity, so they will develop a true appreciation for the arts.
      We appreciate the chance to work with you & your child in accomplishing that goal!
                 We’re more than just dance…Spirit, Energy, Happiness, Life!
                                          4080 S. Poplar

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