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					                              Detroit Public Schools
                      10200 Erwin Detroit, Michigan 48234
                   ENROLLMENT CONTRACT 2011-2012

Student’s Name: (Print) ______________________________ Date: ______________

The primary purpose of Davis Aerospace Technical High School, as identified in the
mission statement, is to graduate responsible, self-directed and career-oriented young
men and women with solid academic and technical skills who can adapt to the
changing and emerging technologies to successfully enter into employment and/or
postsecondary education. Given this focus, it is important that all stakeholders
(parent/guardian, student, staff and community partners) fully understand and
embrace this commitment to successfully maximize our student’s potential.

To reach this end it is required that both student and parent/guardian sign the
enrollment contract declaring their willingness to abide by the standards indicated

   1. It is the responsibility of parents and students to see that the student attends
      school on a prompt, regular basis and to abide by the rules of attendance and
      discipline as outlined by the District and implemented by the school.
   2. Both parent and student understand that any failing grade(s) may require that
      a course(s) be repeated. If a student is required to attend summer school,
      currently a fee of $200.00 is charged per course. Students’ who do not maintain
      a “progressive” academic pace at Davis Aerospace, will be asked to return to
      the student’s neighborhood high school.
   3. The parent is responsible for monitoring the student’s home-study habits as to
      ensure academic success.
   4. The parent is responsible for contacting the student’s counselor if a problem or
      situation arises which might interfere with the student’s academic progress.
   5. I understand that withdrawal from enrollment at Davis Aerospace Technical
      High school may forfeit the student’s ability to receive Aerospace/Aeronautics




                                         Detroit Public Schools
                              10200 Erwin Detroit, Michigan 48234
                         ENROLLMENT CONTRACT 2011-2012
                            STUDENT DRESS CODE CONTRACT
Student’s Name: (Print) ______________________________ Date: ______________
Philosophy/Objectives of dress code*:
          Objectives:     1) Reduces competition over clothing and the resultant damage to self-esteem,
                             financial burden, and distraction from educational objectives.
                          2) Promotes habits of professionalism that will leave students better prepared for
                             success in future academic and professional environments.
                          3) Encourages the development of self-esteem that is based on achievement and not
                             on appearance.

In disputes over dress code violations, compliance with the stated rules will be considered as well as congruence
with the code’s overall objectives.

In general, all clothing must be sized, designed, and worn in a manner appropriate for professional settings.
(For example: no sagging pants, Capri, low riders, revealing necklines, overly baggy or tight clothing, excessive
loops, chains, zippers, etc.)

Professional attire is inherently conservative in nature. Therefore, student attire that is blatantly non-
conservative or calls excessive attention to it will be considered inappropriate.

When and Where:
The dress code remains in effect during school hours in all areas of school property (including hallways) with the
exception of bathrooms. Separate guidelines exist for appropriate attire during scheduled AFJROTC and local,
state or national student organization activities.

In addition, the dress code may also be enforced off of school grounds during school functions as specified by the
principal or appropriate designee. Example of this may include field trips, competition, official ceremonies, etc.

Consequences of non-compliance with dress code:
Students not in dress code will be required to make the necessary changes so they are in compliance
immediately. If they do not have the necessary clothing items, the school may lend them an appropriate
garment (if available) or the student will be subject to in-school suspension for the remainder of the day or until
a parent or designee brings an acceptable change of clothing to the school. In addition, violators may be subject
to additional consequences such as detention, referral/write-up, or suspension depending on the severity of the
infraction and the student’s history of non-compliance.

Inappropriate outer garments and accessories (e.g. jackets, sunglasses, hats, belt buckles, etc.) will be
confiscated and returned only to a parent or legal guardian. Refusal to surrender such items will be grounds for
immediate suspension pending parent/guardian conference.

Specific Requirements:
Shirts:           Collared plain blue shirts, oxford (full button down) or polo style only. Must be long enough
                  to remain tucked in through full range of motion and worn accordingly at all times (male and

Undershirts:      White only. No designs, printing or color. Long sleeves shall not be worn under short sleeves.

                                            Detroit Public Schools
                                10200 Erwin Detroit, Michigan 48234
                           ENROLLMENT CONTRACT 2011-2012
Pants:             Solid color, navy only. No denim, contrasting thread colors, patch pockets, rivets, etc. Pant
                   legs should reach to the top of foot but should not drag on floor. Pant legs must be worn on
                   the outsides of high shoes or boots (i.e. not tucked in).

Skirts:            Solid color, navy blue only. No denim, contrasting thread colors, patch pockets, rivets, etc.
                   All parts of hem must extend beyond fingertips when standing straight with hands held
                   loosely at sides.

Sweaters:          Navy blue or white knit sweaters only. Sweatshirts, "hoodies", warm-ups, jackets, etc. will
                   NOT be permitted. Bottom of sweater should reach to waistline. No printing, emblems, etc.

Coats/jackets:     All coats, jackets, etc. must be left in the lockers. ***It is recommended that students always
                   keep a uniform sweater at school as they will not be allowed to wear outdoor clothing in the
                   classrooms. ***

Footwear:          Footwear must fully enclose foot; no sandals, open-toed, or open-heeled shoes will be allowed
                   (safety issue/concern). High footwear must allow pant legs to easily pass over the outsides.
                   Bulky boots, etc. should be stored in lockers during the school day.

Belts –            Solid navy, black, or brown with unadorned buckles of appropriate size. No large belt buckles.
Jewelry –          Should be conservative in size and style. Large, gaudy, lighted, etc. adornments will be
                   considered inappropriate. Facial & tongue piercing are inappropriate for academic/business
                   settings and should not be worn during school hours.
Hats –             No head coverings of any kind are allowed except those dictated by religious observances.
                   (Parents may be required to confirm)
Sunglasses –       Sunglasses will not be permitted. Prescription glasses should be of the kinds that do not
                   remain tinted when indoors (transition lens).

Gang related clothing/accessories:
                 No clothing, jewelry, etc. will be allowed that may indicate membership in or affiliation with
                 gangs or unlawful groups. Symbols of membership in lawful groups (e.g. student groups) shall
                 be kept to a minimum and may not conflict with any of the above rules.

Tattoos:           Students’ clothing or tattoos may not have printed statements or pictures that are related to
                   the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, or sex, or that promote hate and/or violence or
                   signify gang affiliation.

After reading the Davis Aerospace High School Dress Code, I agree to abide by the
regulations as stipulated*. My parent/guardian and I agree that these guidelines will help to
promote my current and future professional success at Davis Aerospace as well as at any
future employment opportunities.

Student’s Signature ____________________________________ Date: ________________

Parent’s Guardian’s Signature ___________________________ Date: ________________

*Note: A waiver may be granted to those students who may be required to dress in accordance with their religious customs.

                                         Detroit Public Schools
                              10200 Erwin Detroit, Michigan 48234
                         ENROLLMENT CONTRACT 2011-2012
                                        POLICY ON FIGHTING

Student’s Name: (Print) ______________________________ Date: ______________

Dear Davis Technical High School Students and Parents:

Outlined below is Davis Aerospace Technical High School’s policy regarding fighting between students on or off
school grounds (to include field trips, competitions, official ceremonies, board meetings, etc.):

    1.   Because it is behavior which is in violation of the “Code of Student Conduct” (B17) and distracts from
         the serious business of learning, fighting, among students either in school, on school grounds, on public
         streets to or from school-sponsored events during or after school will result in the suspension from
         school of all students involved and may result in a recommendation that all students involved be
         transferred to their neighborhood schools.

    2.   When fighting results in serious injury, or when the victim attempts to avoid the altercation but is
         attacked, or when three or more individuals are involved simultaneously, those responsible are always
         suspended and recommended for removal from all Detroit Public Schools.

    3.   Whenever a student feels threatened or thinks a fight is likely to occur, that student must report the
         circumstances to either his/her counselor, an administrator or the Main Office before anything happens.
         This is a student’s obligation.

    4.   By understanding and adhering to the policy outlined above, Davis Aerospace Technical High School
         students can significantly assist in making our school a safe and secure place with an environment that
         supports and encourages the learning process. We ask students to … think      before you act!!

                                          CONTRACT AGREEMENT


Student’s Signature ____________________________________ Date: ________________

Parent’s Guardian’s Signature ___________________________ Date: ________________

                                    Detroit Public Schools
                           10200 Erwin Detroit, Michigan 48234
                      ENROLLMENT CONTRACT 2011-2012

Student’s Name: (Print) _____________________________ Date: ______________
                               STUDENT FULL SCHEDULE CONTRACT
I understand that all students enrolled at Davis Aerospace Technical High School must maintain a
full (1-7) schedule during their 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade years. I further understand that a
student’s academic day at Davis Aerospace will be inclusive of both academic and technical education
(Aerospace/Aeronautic) classes. Also, all students are required to take four years of English, Science
and Mathematics. Students who do not stay on pace with this rigorous schedule will be asked to
return to their DPS neighborhood high school to maintain a full academic schedule (in some limited
cases, probation may be an option).

Student’s Signature _____________________________________________ Date: ________________

Parent’s Guardian’s Signature _____________________________________ Date: ________________

                                GRADUATION REQUIREMENT

I understand that Davis Aerospace Technical High School only offers Air Force JROTC as part of its
curriculum and program requirements. Air Force JROTC is as an approved course for Davis
Aerospace students through Detroit Public Schools in lieu of Physical Education and Health
Education to meet State of Michigan graduation requirements. Davis Aerospace does not offer
Physical Education and/or Health Education.
 Note: Students must meet the Physical and Health Education requirements prior to his/her
anticipated graduation date, if the student has not taken the approved AFJROTC course at Davis
Aerospace. Students may meet this obligation by enrolling in credit summer school ($200.00 per
course) or participating in an out-of-district State approved and structured Physical and Health
Education program which must be pre-approved by the Detroit Public Schools, Office of Physical and
Health Education

Student’s Signature _____________________________________________ Date: ________________

Parent’s Guardian’s Signature _____________________________________ Date: ________________

                                    Detroit Public Schools
                          10200 Erwin Detroit, Michigan 48234
                      ENROLLMENT CONTRACT 2011-2012


Students who drive will be required to have a parking permit in the vehicle while parked on the
premises of Davis Aerospace. Parents’ who allow students to drive to and from Davis, do so at their
own risk and liability. The school will not assume any responsibility for students who use their own
transportation to and from the high school. Parents are advised not to allow their student driver(s)
to transport other students to and from school without written permission from the parents(s) of the
student(s) being transported. Students who exhibit irresponsible or reckless behavior while driving
on school property will forfeit the right to park on Detroit Public Schools property. Davis Aerospace
or Detroit Public Schools is not responsible for damaged or stolen vehicles and/or property while
parked at the facility.

Student’s Signature _____________________________________________ Date: ________________

Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature ____________________________________ Date: ________________


Creating an environment where students display positive character traits, particularly that of
responsibility, is an important and valued character trait at Davis Aerospace Technical High School.
To reach this end, the school community has implemented a Student Development and
Responsibility Center where students will be held accountable for their choices and actions in the
learning environment.

As a result of a school infraction, students may be given a “Student Development and Responsibility
Slip” (in exchange for the student’s ID), which would require them to report to this room the next
scheduled school day. There are no postponements and failure to report on time will result in a
suspension the next school day. A readmit conference between the parent/legal guardian and an
administrator will be required prior to re-admittance.
The following list indicates some typical offenses that would warrant Student Development and
Responsibility Center service. This list is not meant to be all-inclusive.

                Being in hall during class time without a valid pass
                Destructive treatment of school property
                Verbal altercations with other students
                Significant or repeated class disruption
                Insubordination
                Repeated tardies (each accrual of three)
                Repeated dress code violations

Once a student enters the Student Development and Responsibility room, the student must stay the
entire session, complete required assignments and study independently with any remaining time.

Student’s Signature _____________________________________________ Date: ________________
                                   Detroit Public Schools
                          10200 Erwin Detroit, Michigan 48234
                      ENROLLMENT CONTRACT 2011-2012
Parent’s Guardian’s Signature _____________________________________ Date: ________________


It is the policy of the Detroit Public Schools that students may not use beepers, cell phones
or personal communication devices in school. Confiscated electronic devices and other
personal communication items will be returned to the parent/guardian once a month at the
LSCO (Local School and Community Organization) meeting. Confiscated items will be
returned to the primary (parent/guardian) of record ONLY, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Parents/guardians who do not retrieve the item from a scheduled, monthly LSCO meeting,
may reclaim the item after the date of the scheduled LSCO meeting. LSCO meetings are
scheduled the third Monday of each month.

Student’s Signature _____________________________________________ Date: ________________

Parent’s Guardian’s Signature _____________________________________ Date: ________________


In an effort to provide necessary support to the school community and to encourage parental
involvement, Davis Aerospace Technical High School requires that each family provides a
minimum of 4 hours of service during the school year. School community service hours may
be served in the areas of Parent on Patrol member (patrolling school grounds), lunch
monitors, hall monitors, teacher assistants, focus/field trips chaperones, activities assistants,
special events assistants (i.e., open house, school dances) and other various areas.

If you have a talent in a special area such as vocal and/or instrumental music, art, foreign
language, computers, chess, or other areas, and would like to work during our after school
program, please notify an administrator.

Student’s Signature _____________________________________ Date: ________________

Parent’s Guardian’s Signature ______________________________ Date: ________________

                                         Detroit Public Schools
                              10200 Erwin Detroit, Michigan 48234
                         ENROLLMENT CONTRACT 2011-2012

                     Student/Parent Responsibility Contract Agreement

   We have read the Student Code of Conduct and the Technology Acceptable Use Policy
   regarding the use of technology and agree to abide by its contents. I understand that failure to
   comply with the Student Code of Conduct or rules set forth below may result in disciplinary
   and/or legal action against me.

   In conjunction with the rules set forth in the Detroit Public Schools Student Code of Conduct,
   additionally I agree:
            To display professional behavior at all times
            To be responsible for all technology while assigned to me
            To insure that my hands are clean and work area is free of food or liquids
            To use technology in support of educational research and/or legitimate school
            business and only for intended purposes sanctioned by staff
            To report any problems or damage immediately
            Not remove laptops/technology from the building without permission from a staff
            Not to load CD’s, DVD’s, Games or any other software
            Not to download files from internet sites
            Not to alter any of the preference controls, passwords, screen savers, user preferences,
            desktop settings, etc. without permission from a staff member
            Not to physically alter digital technology in any way
            Not to Vandalize/Abuse Technology (Intentional or unintentional)-B16 violation

I understand and have read the Technology Acceptable Use Policy and understand my responsibilities. I understand
that Internet sites are filtered and may be monitored both manually and electronically on my computer. I further
understand that if I commit any violations, my rights to use the computer, network and Internet system may be
terminated, and other disciplinary actions, as stated in the Detroit Public Schools Student Code of Conduct may be

Student’s Signature _____________________________________ Date: ________________

Parent’s Guardian’s Signature ______________________________ Date: ________________


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