Non woven fabric slitting machine by 66YHCIR8


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Non woven fabric slitting machine


Brief Introduction:

Ideal for Non-Woven product factory to slitting Non-woven jumbo roll,slitting from jumbo roll to rewinding

different size of small roll.It also can work as a rewinding machine from jumbo roll to hand roll when move

the knife up.


Jumbo roll Loading on machine-----Slitting----Rewinding----Auto-stop when reach setting the counting

meter----Unloading the finished rewind roll.

Machine specaily designed for Tropic Country by stainless steel for anti-rusty..

Technical Data:

Model : PPD-NW 1300 Slitter Rewinder

Unwind roll max width : 1200mm

Unwind roll max outer diameter : 1200mm

Unwind roll core inner diameter : 76mm

Rewind roll max width : 530mm

Rewind roll max outer diameter : 1100mm

Rewind roll core inner diameter : 20, 38 , 76mm adjustable

Slitting Material : 30-90gsm

Speed : 150m/min

Electricity : 380v 50hz
                               JIAXING PATSONS MACHINERY CO., LTD

Power : 2.2kw

Dimension : 3500x1900x1500mm

Weight : 1600kg

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