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									                                         ITSC 2439
                                Personal Computer Help Desk
                                 Review Answers for Test 2
                                       Chapters 4 – 6

Chapter 4

1. Which of these sources of hardware problems is not one of the primary categories that
    account for most hardware support problems?
2. Computer hardware components that cannot operate together in the same system are called
3. A hardware component that has its jumper pins set incorrectly is an example of a hardware
4. Industry agreements that cover how computer components should communicate with the
    system into which they are installed are called ____.
5. Most hardware components today use which of these strategies to maximize compatibility
    with computer systems?
6. Support staff can reduce the likelihood of hardware configuration problems today by
    purchasing ____.
7. A 48- to 72-hour period during which a system or component is operated nonstop prior to
    installation at a user site is ____.
8. Which of these hardware devices is more likely to fail during the operation of a computer
9. Most hardware devices that malfunction today are ____.
10. Most software problems that impact end users occur ____.
11. A situation where two software packages use system resources in incompatible ways is called
    a(n) ____.
12. Software that is developed collaboratively by a loose-knit group of programmers who agree to
    distribute the source code without cost is called ____.
13. A mismatch between the type of printer connected to a system and the software printer driver
    installed is an example of a ____.
14. Major coding mistakes made by programmers when they write software are called ____.
15. A software package feature that periodically checks the vendor’s Web site for software
    updates is called ____.
16. A replacement for one or a few small modules in a software package that fixes one or more
    known bugs is called a(n) ____.
17. A software package that contains few new features but primarily fixes known bugs in a
    previous version is called a(n) ____.
18. A software company that discovers a bug in an infrequently used feature of a software
    package is likely to fix the problem by issuing a(n) ____.
19. A substantially rewritten software package that contains major new features is called a(n)
20. Which of these version numbers is likely the most recent version of a software package?
21. A procedure or feature than accomplishes the same result as another feature that does not
    work correctly due to a software bug is called a ____.
22. If a computer, over a period of time, takes longer and longer to perform a task such as a File
    Save operation, it likely has a ____.
23. Performance problems in a computer system are usually due to ____ problems.
24. A computer system that operates, but does not work as efficiently as it should, has a ____.
25. A user who presses the wrong sequence of keys in a software program is a victim of ____.
26. A user who expects a software product to be able to perform a task for which it was not
    intended is a victim of a ____.
27. A user who purchases an image scanner that is incompatible with the computer system to
    which he or she wants to connect it is a victim of a ____.
28. A user who bypasses the documentation to get a new hardware or software package
    operational as rapidly as possible is a victim of ____.
29. A common source of user misunderstanding and subsequent calls to help desks is poorly
    designed ____.
30. Hardware or software products that have been announced by vendors, but do not actually
    exist, are ____.
31. Network problems are often traceable to ____.
32. Software with harmful or malicious intent to disrupt the business operation of a computer or
    network or to steal information or money is called ____.

Chapter 5

33. One way to organize user support services that provides a single point of contact for an
    organization’s workers or customers is ____.
34. A help desk structured into levels or tiers of support uses a ____ support model.
35. The ____ position is unlikely to exist in a help desk that is organized in a multi-level support
36. The ____ help desk position is normally staffed by an entry-level employee.
37. Which of these help desk positions is often staffed by an employee with programming or
    product development experience?
38. The goal of the multi-level support model is to handle most support incidents at ____.
39. The usual sequence of incident escalation during help desk incident management is ____.
40. The principal concept in the multi-level support help desk model is ____.
41. ____ does not normally occur during the first step in the incident management process.
42. Which letter sequence is the order of the steps below in the incident management process?
        a) authenticate the incident b) archive the incident c) log the incident d) prioritize the
43. The purpose of prescreening an incident is to ____.
44. Which category of help desk incident is: "My computer runs slowly when I attach to the
    Internet with a modem in the evenings"?
45. During the ____ step in the incident management process an incident is categorized as a
    request for information, a question, a problem, a complaint, or a work order.
46. The process of updating the information about an incident as it is processed and as
    information is added to the incident record is called incident ____.
47. An incident management step, in which an incident is transferred to a support staff member
    who has greater experience or resources to handle difficult questions, is incident ____.
48. The incident management step in which a user's problem is satisfactorily dealt with is called
    incident ____.
49. The incident management step in which a closed incident is stored for later use in a
    knowledge base on solved problems is ____.
50. ____ is not a category of management issues covered by the ITIL (Information Technology
    Infrastructure Library).
51. ____ is not a common source of job stress among user support workers.
52. A help desk software package that includes asset management can help a support staff control
53. Time management tools in a help desk software package probably have the greatest impact on
    the productivity of ____.
54. Tools to manage service level agreements (SLAs) in a help desk software package probably
    are of greatest use by ____.
55. HelpSTAR 2008 is an example of a(n) ____.
56. In a HelpSTAR dashboard, Throughput measures ____.
57. A telephone system that can answer calls, greet callers, provide menus, and route calls is a(n)
58. In help desk jargon, ACD stands for ____.
59. The ____ form of communication between a user and an agent is asynchronous.
60. The ____ technology trend may change the way end users access software.
61. Which of these technology trends may permit a support agent to answer questions about
    multiple operating systems from a single PC?

Chapter 6

62. Which of these support management concerns directly affects the support staff's job?
63. Which of these aspects of help desk operation would not normally be covered in a user
    support mission statement?
64. Objective measures of the user support or help desk operation is called ____.
65. The average time it takes a help desk to respond to calls is ____.
66. The primary purpose of help desk performance statistics is to ____.
67. Which of these is not a common method used to conduct a user satisfaction survey?
68. Which of these ways of organizing a support center has both an expense budget and an
    income budget?
69. Which of the following levels of support services likely costs the most to provide to users?
70. Which of these levels of user support is likely to be the most responsive to a user's needs?
71. A measure of the number of support calls that can be processed in a given time period, often
    used in staffing the help desk group, is ____.
72. User support managers often use which of these strategies to determine how many staff
    members to hire to handle the volume of support calls received?
73. Which of these proficiencies (KSAs) would a user support manager usually not specify in a
    position description for a user support position?
74. A help desk manager would probably emphasize which of these skills in a job search for an
    advanced technical support staff member?
75. Which of these knowledge, skills, and abilities would a help desk manager probably not seek
    in an applicant for a help desk position?
76. A paper-and-pencil or verbal exercise that measures a job applicant's technical understanding
    and problem-solving ability is a(n) ____.
77. Which of the following kinds of questions is designed to determine whether a help desk job
    applicant has specific educational and work experience required for a position?
78. Which of the following kinds of questions gives an applicant for a help desk position a
    specific problem to solve that is representative of situations that help desk agents actually
79. Which of these are components of a help desk staff training program?
80. Which of the following is not a common type of certification used in the information
    technology field?
81. A vendor-specific certification is ____.
82. One of the first vendor-specific certification programs was offered by ____.
83. The Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) A+ exam is an example of ____.
84. Which of these can be examined for industry certification?
85. Which of the following is not a primary benefit of computer industry certification?
86. CBT or WBT for those preparing for certification exams are ____ courses.
87. Which of these testing methods is often used in industry certification exams?
88. An adaptive test may be able to determine a test taker's proficiency level by asking as few as
    ____ questions.
89. Which of these categories of workers is expected to increase at about the same rate as
    employment in the US economy over the next decade?

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