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                                                         Heavy        Industries    Taxila
                                                         DESCOM                   Factory
                                                         Taxila Cantt
                                                         Tel : 051 – 9270571-74-2829
                                                         Fax : 051 – 4535867
                                                         No.     8600/IT-320-323,329,331-
                                                         333,335A,336&340/,341/Proc (D)
                                                                              27 Sep 2012
Subject:       Tender Inquiry

1.     You are requested to please forward your quotation for the following items. Detail
of items require with terms and conditions are given below:-
         S/No Particulars/Specifications of the Stores                   A/U   Qty      Remarks
         a.     Anx ’A’ List Att
2.     Rates will be quoted on FOR Taxila Cantt basis.
3.     Please forward your quotation in quadruplicate (Four Copies) for the above items
so as to reach this office not latter than 15-10-2012 The rates should be inclusive of all
taxes and transport charges etc, packing charges if any be shown separately.

4.     Delivery of Tender: The tender/quotation will be enhanced in sealed cover
which will be invariably marked with quotation against IT No. 320-323,329,331-
333,335A,336&340.341/Proc (D) to be opened on 15-10-2012 and complete postal
address of tenders. The tender brought by hand by the tenders will be handed over to
Security Staff on duty at Gate No.1 (T&D) of the Factories for placing the same in
quotation box (available at Gate No.1 (T&D) and completion of relevant records.

5.     If these endorsement are not on the envelops, quotation is liable to be
disqualified. The quotation will be opened on same day at 1100 hours in the presence of
the representative of contractors in the Procurement Section DESCOM. No quotation will
be considered after 1100 hours on 15-10-2012.
6.     The stores are required to be delivered at HIB Taxila Cantt within 04months
under arrangement of the suppliers.
7.     If the stores will lowest quotation do not fulfill required standard of most the
schedule of delivery next lowest bidder will be considered. Final acceptance will be
conveyed in within by the Managing Director without assigning any reason.

8.      Pay/postal order for Rs.400.00 (Rupees Four hundred only) in favour of
Managing Director (DESCOM) will invariably be enclosed with the quotation, failing
which the quotation will be ignored.
9.      Suitable sample free of cost where called will be supplied by the firm. Following
confirmation regarding ready availability of the advance samples will be endorsed by the
all bidders in their quotation:-
        “It is confirmed that advance samples of the items mentioned in quotations are
readily available “.
10.     Please indicate full detail (Specifications Manufactures etc) of the stores offered
in your quotation. If the details are missing in the quotation will be automatically stand
disqualified and hence rejected.
11.     The stores will be packed in standard grade packing worthy of transportation.
12.     This inquiry not be taken as an indication of subsequent supply order and does
not in any way commit this office to purchase the item offered by the firm.
13.     The stores should confirm to latest specification prevalent in Army/sample as
provide by the office or specification given in quotation.

14.     Please indicate time schedule required by you to supply the stores from the date
of firm order is issued from this Directorate.

15.     In case any order is placed on you and supply is made after expiry of delivery
period liquidate damages at the rate of 2% but not less than 1% of amount involved per
month or part of month will be levied.

16.      In case you fail to execute the order and do not materialize the supply of ordered
stores, the supply order will be cancelled at your risk and expense. Excess expenditure
incurred on the repurchase of the ordered stores will be recovered from your firm in the
normal manner.

17.    In case dispute regarding the terms and conditions and the quality of stores,
decision of the Managing Director DESCOM will be considered as final and binding on
the suppliers
18.    Indenter/Purchaser reserve the right to increase/decrease the quantity of items
placed on tender and acceptance of stores.

19.    The payment will be made by CMA (HIT Board) Taxila Cantt after delivery and
acceptance of stores.

20.     All clauses/terms mentioned in this inquiry will be considered accepted by the
firm in case no reference to them is given in the offer.

21.     Offer must remain open for 100 days from the date of opening of tender.
22.     In case you do not wish to quote the rate please return the tender documents
duly signed/stamped at your earliest.

23.    The purchaser reserves every right to reject any or all the offer without assigning
any reason.
24.    The price quoted must be firm and final inclusive of all taxes, packing handling
charges etc and delivery at Taxila Cantt.
25.    Terms of Payment: Part payment against part delivery is allowed.

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                                                                        Anx ‘A’

S/No   Item                                                A/U    Qty   IT No
1.     a.     Welding Cable 500 Amp                        Mtr     20    IT-320
2.     a.     A-0919 Emery Paper Water Proof No. 400       Doz     03    IT-321
       b.     A-0920 Fluoboric Acid (HBF4) 48.5%Ind         Kg     84
              (SP GR 1.391) Clear Colour Less
       c.     A-0921 Lead Flouborate PB (BF4) 2 (PB         “     140
              Contents 500~520 G/L) Ind (SP GR
              1.706~1.770) Colour
       d.     A-0922 Tin Flouborate SN (BF4)2 (SN           “      32
              Contents 300~310 G/L)Ind (SP GR
              1.559~1.593) Colour Less
       e.     A-0923 P.G Glue                               “      03
       f.     A-0925 Zip Dishwashing Detergent Liquid      Nos     05
              (400MI Bottle)
3.            A-0604 Engine Oil No.16 HD-50                Lits   420    IT-322
4.            Tiling Milling Cutter M/C Vice for Milling   Nos     01    IT-323
              Jaw width =160mm Jaws Opening=152mm
              Jaws Height =50mm
5.            Milk Powder Full Cream ½ Kg Packing           Kg    300    IT-329
              Nestle (Nido)
6.            Tyre 650x14 with Tubes for Hyundai           Nos     05    IT-331
              Shehzore S/Cabin
7.            Tyre Michelin 205/70R 15C for DAV Vehs        “      25    IT-332
              TA Altis Car
8.            Instl of ATS Panel on 70KVA Generator         “      01    IT-333
9.            DC Motor 3 Plate 45.8KW 400V 69Amp            “      01   IT-335A
10            A-0617 Soluble Oil                           Lits   420    IT-336
11.           Plasma Arc Cutting Machine Model Miler       Nos     01    IT-340
              USA Spectrum 375 Output max 27Ap
              Pressure 60 psi
12.           ADR9955-8055 High Pressure Fuel Pump          “      02    IT-341
              Test Bench

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