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Appendix 2: Module description for the course of studies … with the degree Bachelor
of …

    Basic/ Complementary/ Specialisation/ Focal module/ Module Bachelor Thesis

Module number                                      …

Module denomination                                …

Responsible for the module                         Professorship …

Contents and qualification goals                   Contents: …

                                                   Qualification goals: …

Methods of teaching                                The methods of teaching within this mod-
                                                   ule are ..

Conditions for participation                       …

Availability of the module                         …

Preconditions for the award of credit points       fulfilment of conditions for admission to
                                                   (each) examination(s) and the successful
                                                   participation at the module examination
                                                   are preconditions for the award of credit-
                                                   Preconditions for admission are:
                                                   Field trip
                                                   and the following prerequisites for exami-
                                                   nation (repeatable several times)

Module examination                                 The module examination consists of one/
                                                   two/ three examination(s). In particular the
                                                   following examination performances are
                                                   required: …

Credit points and grades                           Within the module … creditpoints are
                                                   awarded. The assessment of the exami-
                                                   nation performance and the determination
                                                   of the module grade are regulated in § 10
                                                   of the examination regulations.
                                                   Examination performances:
                                                   ..., weighting …      (…CP)
                                                   ..., weighting …      (…CP)

Frequency of the offer                             The module is offered each semester/
                                                   academic year

Workload                                           The module consists on a workload of …
                                                   AS for the students.

Duration of the module                             In regular order of study the module lasts
                                                   one / two semester(s)
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TU Chemnitz

Wiederkehrende Formulierungen in Modulbeschreibungen für engl. Versionen

Die Lehrveranstaltungen des Moduls werden in englischer Sprache gehalten.

The courses of the module will be held in English language.

Die Prüfung wird optional in deutscher Sprache durchgeführt.

Optionally, the examination may be carried out in German language.

Das Modul darf nicht gewählt werden, wenn das Modul … im Bachelorstudiengang
… gewählt wurde.

The module can not be chosen in the case that the module … of the Bachelor course
of studies … was selected.

Anrechenbare Studienleistung

transfer credit

Die Studienleistung wird angerechnet, wenn die Note der Studienleistung (jeweils)
mindestens „ausreichend“ ist.

The study achievement will be recognized if the mark of (each) study achievement is
at least “sufficient”

Bestehen erforderlich

pass necessary

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