PURGING VENDORS

This system is not real conducive to deleting anything. In
theory, yes, you can delete and re-use vendor numbers, but
consider the following.

When you delete, the vendor record is gone. You cannot access
it anywhere on the system, not even in a prior year. All the other
information about the vendor - PO's, invoices, checks - is still in
the system with the vendor number only - no name. Some
counties have chosen to delete the vendor records, but if you do,
do a print screen of the vendor record for future reference. I
would advise not using the same vendor number again since the
system will continue to store activity for the first vendor with the
same number.

To get a list of inactive vendors, use PUR.571 – Vendor
Transaction report found on the Vendor Listings and Reports
menu in the Purchasing System. The following example will
give you a list of inactive vendors for the past 3 years.

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