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					                            Buy Property Without Hassles and Enjoy the Buzz

Buying a new home is always an exciting event. It is one of those emotional experiences that never fade,
even for people who have bought and sold property many times over. It is also an opportunity to take a
different path, meet new people and possibly forge new friendships. It can also be fraught with anxiety
and frustration, if a few simple steps are not followed. By all means get excited with the prospect of
finding the ideal property, but temper that with caution. This is not the time for impulse buying, or
rushing into the first deal on offer.

Does the Budget Match the Buyer's Expectations?

Having a budget figure in mind is a good place to start. Rather than waste time looking at properties
outside the budget, buyers should speak to a lending institution or mortgage broker to find out how
much money they can borrow. Those who don’t have a mortgage broker can get some idea by putting
some figures into an online loan calculator. Most lending institutions have them on their websites and
this will give a close estimate of what can be borrowed.

The next step is to approach a real estate Sydney agent who will guide the buyer through a process to
find out what type of property would be suitable within the specified price range. It would save much
time and frustration if some thought had already gone into this. Agents tell horror stories of buyers
arguing in their offices because they haven’t discussed their wants with each other in detail, as well as
which features are not negotiable. This last point is very important. Most people can compromise over
some features to secure a desirable property. However, there will always be a few items on which
neither party will budge. These need to be identified at the very start.

How to Make Sure Everyone is on the Same Page

Once the buyer has a price range and a clear picture in mind of the ideal property, the agent will have
something to work with. A good agent will ask questions to establish that the picture in everyone’s
mind, including the agent’s, is the same. Now the agent can search the agency listings to match the
desired property with what is already on the market. If this preparation is performed well, it is possible
to find the buyers their ideal property after only three or four inspections and, at a maximum, ten or

Now that the buyers have chosen their new home, they should discuss their offer with the agent who
will have a reasonable idea of the price the seller will accept. Most times, the price is negotiable, but the
amount of movement the seller will accept will vary greatly from one sale to another. However, with a
figure verbally agreed upon, the agent will now present the seller with an offer, preferably in the form of
a contract of sale with an accompanying deposit.

If all goes well, the offer will be formally accepted. Many agents can also assist buyers in sourcing their
loans and recommend a professional conveyancer to prepare the transfer documents and arrange
settlement. If you would like more information about buying a property and how a good agent can
help, click here. With a little planning all the anxiety and stress will disappear and allow the buyers to
experience first-hand the excitement of securing their first property.


Description: Buying your first property should be an exciting experience, but there are some pitfalls that can be easily avoided with a little thought and planning. Having your expectations clear before approaching a real estate Sydney agent will have you in your ideal home in no time.