Windows Explorer Lab Exercise by HC121107084127


									                           Windows Explorer Handout

1.   Open Windows Explorer
2.   Double-click the A: drive to view the contents of your disk
3.   Delete the folder My Folder
4.   Open the Clipart folder
5.   Delete the three graphics files from this folder
6.   Open the My Files folder, and move the file “My First Document” to the Clipart
7.   Open the Clipart folder and you should only see the one file listed on the Contents
     side of the window
8.   Now press the print screen button on your keyboard (you will not see anything
     happen yet), but the contents of the screen have been copied to your Windows
     clipboard to be held for future use.
2.   Now open WordPad
         Hint: Start, Programs, Accessories, WordPad
3.   You are now in a blank document, type your name and press Enter
4.   Now paste in the print screen you had previously saved. To do this, choose Edit from
     the menu bar, then Paste.
         - your picture should be of the Windows Explorer window, showing your disk
             and what’s on it
5.   Now print this document. To do this, choose File from the menu bar, and then Print
6.   Hand this in to the instructor.

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