10 ways to annoy & confuse members of your BNI group

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					Top 10 ways to confuse & annoy the members of your BNI group 1. Bring different business cards every week, make sure to give them out by hand to everyone 2. Don’t give out your phone number…when people ask why…tell em you only accept hand-delivered referrals 3. When you meet a visitor and they ask what you do, jump up and down very excitedly and yell EVERYTHING! 4. Answer every question with an appointment time. “Hey Nick, does it hurt to get an adjustment” “3:30 at my place, see you then”. Ted…I saw the house you have listed on Clovis” “8:30 will work great for me…but you’re buying breakfast!” 5. The next time you get a referral slip from someone use a red pen, mark any errors give it a grade and give it back to the person who gave it to you. If you really want to annoy them…put a scratch & sniff sticker on it. 6. Ask the person sitting next to you to follow you out to your car and blow in the ignition starter for you 7. Use as many acronyms as you can during your presentation. The SCMOD works best when used in a DOGG analytics converter set on SLIP mode! 8. Bring your own cow bell and ring it 5 seconds before the time keeper rings theirs…. make sure to ring it for everyone 9. When the referral basket comes around, throw some trash in it and remind everyone the importance of recycling! 10. At your next sales manager minute…make sure to talk about something that you’ve never talked about before and has nothing to do with your business!

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