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Attorney Wayne Greenwald
This article gives a precise and descriptive account of the profile of Attorney Wayne Greenwald and his firm, the Wayne Greenwald
P.C. He is one of the most reputed and high profile lawyers in the New York state who deals with Commercial Litigation, Bankruptcy,
Insolvency, Creditors’ Rights, and RICO as his area of expertise.

                       Wayne Greenwald is the principal of the            •       Insurance Companies
                       Wayne Greenwald, P.C. which is one of              •       Debtors-in-possession
                       the leading debt relief agencies in the            •       Creditor’s Rights
                       country. He is a 1979 J.D. Law Graduate            •       Bankruptcy Code proceedings
                       from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School                •       Money Center Banks
                       of Law, Yeshiva University. Having                 •       Secured creditors
                       done his Bachelor’s Degree from the                •       Investors
                       State University of New York College at            •       Creditors’ committees
                       New Paltz, he was also attending the               •       Equity security holders’ committees
                       University of Wyoming at the same time             •       Indenture trustees
                       for a course in Social Science; this was           •       Trustees in bankruptcy
                       from 1973 to 1975.                                 •       Some of the well known Fortune 500 and Forbes 500
Wayne Greenwald specializes in the particular areas of legal              •       Ministry of Defense of a foreign sovereign
practice including Creditor’s Rights, Insolvency, Bankruptcy              •       Debtors
RICO and Commercial Litigation. While he was still an
apprentice he attended some of the leading legal institutions          Wayne is a respected member of the American Bar
in the country including:                                              Association and the American Bankruptcy Institution
                                                                       as well. Apart from this, he is also an active part of the
   •     New York, U.S. District Court (1980)                          Commercial Fraud Task Force. As a leading Creditor’s Right
   •     Southern and Eastern Districts of New York (1980)             and Bankruptcy professional, he makes it a point not to view
   •     U.S. District Court (1982)                                    bankruptcy as an indication of forfeiture or failure. In fact he
   •     Northern District of New York (1982)                          has taught the attorneys in his firm to view it as a particular
   •     Second Circuit (1983)                                         strategy which the debtors and the creditors can re-adapt
   •     US Court of Appeals (1983)                                    their relation on the basis of the actual fiscal potencies
                                                                       and realities. Wayne interestingly stresses on the fact that
Having amassed a vast amount of knowledge and immense                  the bankruptcy cases in particular offer the client, as well
professional expertise, Wayne laid the foundation for Wayne            as investors, with opportunities for obtaining discounted
Greenwald, P.C. This is a well-established legal firm with a           inexpensive assets.
sturdy reputation of having represented time and again a
wide spectrum of parties in interest. Irrespective of the fact         The decision of Wayne Greenwald, P.C. to cater to the
whether you are a debtor or a creditor, Wayne Greenwald P.C.           creditors, trustees, debtors, and investors without
has the experience of effectively dealing with critical situations     discrimination gives all the other clients in the market a
in either scenario. They have successfully taken care of cases         chance to benefit from their expert services as well. With a
under the Bankruptcy Code with commendable performance.                diverse range of service experience, the Wayne Greenwald,
                                                                       P.C. can easily foresee the reaction of the competitors in the
Entities the Wayne Greenwald P.C. has catered to                       cases and lawsuits. Hence they chalk their plan of action
Wayne and his team of attorneys have stood for:

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Contact Information:                                                     Phone: 212-983-1922
                                                                         Fax: 212-973-9494
Wayne Greenwald, P.C.
99 Park Avenue, Suite 800, 8th Floor                                     Web-site:
New York, NY 10016                                                       Email:

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