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					                          Manchester Institute of Biotechnology – Risk Assessment
Date:                Assessed by:         Validated by:              Location:                                                 Review date:
29/08/12             Sandra Kennedy       Tanya Aspinall             MIB wet labs                                              29/08/13


Use of mobile self-sealing butane/propane gas burners

Activity              Hazard            Person(s) in         Existing measures to control risk                        Assessment          Result
Lighting the flame Gas                  User and persons     Gas burners should be ignited with specifically-         MEDIUM                  A
                   Flame -              in close proximity   designated electronic igniters (not matches or
                   Extreme heat                              cigarette lighters)

Heating of liquids    Hot               User and persons     Take care with all solutions or items heated using a     MEDIUM                  A
or implements         liquid/instrume   in close proximity   gas burner. Handle with care to avoid burning or
                      nts – risk of                          scolding. Do not use flammable substances (e.g.
                      burn/scolding                          ethanol, chloroform) with open flames. Ensure that
                                                             flammable substances are at a safe distance from all
                                                             open flames. If flaming tools only small quantities of
                                                             flammable liquids should be used at any time and
                                                             should be kept away from the flame in glass
                                                             containers with lids.

Removing spent        Release of gas,   User and persons     For mobile gas burners, do not attempt to puncture       MEDIUM                  A
cylinders or          risk of           in close proximity   the gas cylinder. Always follows the guidance notes
attaching a new       explosion                              of the manufacturer when using mobile-gas burners.
cylinder                                                     This is particularly important when removing spent
                                                             cylinders or attaching a new cylinder.
PROCEDURE TO BE ADOPTED IN AN EMERGENCY (e.g. escape of gas, fire, burns)

Gas release: refer to the safety handbook.
If you become aware (e.g. by smell) of the presence of flammable gas in a room you occupy or enter, then leave the room immediately
whilst warning other to do the same, and extinguish all open flames. Do not use any electrical apparatus.
Natural gas, butane and propane are explosive and flammable.
In addition, they are toxic by inhalation. If gas is inhaled, then move to area of fresh air as quickly as possible and seek medical

Authorisation by PI
I confirm that I have considered and understand the experiment and the associated hazards. I am
satisfied that all of the hazards have been identified and that the control measures to be followed will
reduce the risks to acceptable levels.

Print name:                                                                 Signed:


Declaration by researcher

I confirm that I have read this Risk Assessment and that I understand the hazards and risks involved and
will follow all of the safety procedures stated.

Declaration by PI
I confirm that the researcher who has signed below is competent to undertake the work. My counter-
signature indicates that I am happy for the work to proceed.

Name (please print)    signed                          PI countersignature            date

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