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Schmitz Cargobull AG
“Foldable” Double Decker
Horstmar, September 2012 – It’s difficult to include theft protection, lateral loading,
and a cooling unit in a double deck configuration trailer. But it is made possible
with folding-wall box vehicles, which combine the advantages of a box body with
those of a curtainsider. Schmitz Cargobull has now fully optimised the dry freight
semitrailer S.KO EXPRESS with a folding wall for more payload and load security.
The result is 600 kg less tare weight and more utilisable interior space.

Folding-wall box vehicles are particularly in demand in the Nordic countries, for example,
for the transport of long loads. In other European countries, the demand is growing for these
versatile vehicles, which can transport not only individual goods, but also palletised items −
therefore avoiding empty return loads. Through folding-wall doors on one or both sides, the
vehicle can be opened completely or only partially. This allows flexible loading and unloading
across the entire width of the side walls. The body and chassis area of the S.KO EXPRESS
with folding wall has now been significantly redeveloped.

One crucial point in the new developments is the weight. This has been reduced by 600 kg,
through optimisation of the chassis, now enabling additional payload – a benefit to every
forwarding agent.

Schmitz Cargobull also makes use of the tried and tested galvanised and bolted chassis for
the folding-wall box body vehicles, thereby providing perfect surface protection. If necessary,
this can be simply and quickly repaired, so that the vehicle can be back on the road again in
no time at all.

In order to obtain a higher body volume, the neck height has been reduced by 60 mm. The
result is that it has been possible to increase the clear body length by 170 mm to 13,620 mm,
and the usable body height to 2,475 mm (an extra 7 mm). Expressed in terms of pallets, this
means that there is room for 34 Europallets, as opposed to 33 as before.

For fast loading and unloading, the driver can open either one or both parts of the ten folding-
wall doors on both sides of the vehicle. The unrestricted side loading width is 13,170 mm.
This is 110 mm more than the previous version. Moreover, it has also been possible to
increase the side loading height to 2,635 mm with an internal height of 2,700 mm. The
increased lateral loading width and height in particular offer the driver more room to
manoeuvre when loading and unloading, making these procedures both faster and more

67 Europallets in the double-decker
The folding-wall box vehicle can also be equipped with a double-decker loading system for
optimum utilisation of the cargo space. The double-decker rails are fully flush-mounted in the
"foldable" side walls, which are manufactured from tried and tested FERROPLAST ® panels,
so that during loading and unloading the goods cannot be damaged by protruding rails.
Through the use of the double-decker system it is possible to securely transport 67

The importance of load security
The body of the vehicle is certified according to DIN EN 12642 Code XL and does not require
any additional load securing in the case of form-fitting complete loads. If the vehicle is only
partially loaded and therefore has to be secured, flush-mounted load securing rails in the
walls and a flush-mounted lashing rail, which runs along the entire length of the side of the
floor, offer convenient and safe load securing possibilities. Particularly in the case of side
loading, the correct functioning of the components can be impaired by soiling and deposits
on the outer frame and in the cargo-securing profiles. In order to ensure that these can be
cleaned properly and quickly, the vehicle has a compressed air cleaner installed as standard.

Further new details and options at a glance:
 New design of the folding wall arresting devices for simpler handling
 When the double-decker beams are not in use, they can simply be pushed under the roof.
  The retainers can be rotated and do not represent an obstacle during loading and
 In order to secure and transport long freight as well, eight pockets are available in the
  central floor for securing supports.
 To ensure that the vehicle can be used for long journeys or point-to-point transport, it is
  also suitable for combined road-rail transport.
 If the vehicle is used in the Nordic countries, a Nordic version is also available which
  contains, amongst other things, individually wired side marker lamps, lamp panels and
  rear underride protection made of sturdy steel. In addition, the vehicle is also available
  with an internal height of 3,150 mm if an overall height of 4,500 mm is allowed.

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