Curriculum Vitae of Nadia Moodley
                                 Personal Details
Surname                                  Moodley
First Names                              Nadia
Nationality                              South African
Residential Address                      68 Bevan Road
Postal Address                           PO Box 3942
Mobile Contact Number                    0828299822 or 0710691325
Next of Kin Contact Number               0834085961 (Nelson)
E-mail Address                 
Gender                                   Female
Health                                   Excellent
Home Language                            English (fluent)
Other Languages                          Afrikaans

                             Education Qualifications
High School Institution                  Bryanston High School
Highest Grade Passed                     Grade 12 (2006)
Course Subjects                              English B (HG)
                                             Afrikaans C (HG)
                                             Mathematics B (SG)
                                             Science E (HG)
                                             Business Economics C (HG)
                                             Biology C (HG)

                               Further Education
Institution                              CTI (Computer Training Institute College)
                                         Randburg (2007-2009)
Qualification                            Honors in Business Administration- completed
                                         and passed with upper second honors (2:1)
Course Subjects                          3rd Year
                                               Corporate Strategy
                                               Entrepreneurship
                                               International Business
                                               Small Business Development
                                               Dissertation
                                               Business plan
                                               Human Resource Management

                                         2nd Year
                                              Marketing Management
                                              Quantitative Methods
                                              Financial and Management Accounting
                                 Managerial Economics
                                 Operations Management
                                 Cross Cultural Awareness
                                 Consumer Behavior

                           1st Year
                                 Business Communication
                                 Economics
                                 Introduction to Financial Accounting
                                 Marketing
                                 Principles of Management
                                 Principles of Quantitative Methods
                                 Introduction to Management
                                 Organizational Business Structures
Institution                Damelin College Randburg (2010-current)
                           (June-October) (part-time)
Qualification              Conferencing, exhibition and events
                           management certificate
Course subjects                  Marketing events
                                 Events management
                                 Organizing conferences
                                 Exhibition management
                                 Selecting and evaluating venues
                                 Organizing international events
                                 Budgeting
                                 Law of entrepreneurship
                                 Event programming
                                 Event sponsorship
                                 Group assignment-charity event
                                 Individual assignment-international

                   Work Experience
Company                    Seekers Travel Agency (Tourvest)
Position                   Debtors Matching Clerk
Responsibilities                Assisting the debtors clerks/credit
                                   controllers to reduce the backlog of
                                   administration work
                                Finding and printing the correct
                                   invoices from statement sheets
                                Emailing clients with the invoices and
                                   answering queries related to invoices
                                Summarizing statements into excel
                                   spread sheet
                                Matching invoices with the correct
                                Data capturing
                                Filing invoices and orders
Period                     21 June 2010- Present (Temporary)
Company            Kusile Consulting Services
Position           Marketing Assistant
Responsibilities       Human resources competitor market
                           research- statistics, studies, editing raw
                           data, national and international
                       Assist in all marketing aspects of
                           company’s Mabula (year end
                           marketing strategy) project:
                       Market research presentation for
                           company’s conference trip- estimate
                           number of competitors, industry
                           censuses, market segmentation, top
                           clients for each year according to
                           revenue analysis, unemployment rate,
                           employment rate, market opportunities
                           and trends
                       Assist in strategy plans for each
                           service/division in the human resource
                       Business card supplier search for MD
                       Compile client survey questionnaire
                       Research ideas for advertising
                       Create a marketing action plan to
                           implement strategies
                       Assisting in filing training materials
                       Update company’s client task lists and
                           assist administration manager with
                       Consolidated company’s tendor
                           information requirements
                       Assist in compiling ideas for updating
                           the company’s website
Period             February 2010-March 2010 (Temporary)

Company            CTI Head Office (Computer Training Institute
Position           Admin Assistant and Call Centre Agent
Responsibilities        Filing
                        Faxing/emailing student loan
                          application forms to clients
                        Calling sponsors/ students and
                          informing them about the student loan
                          or payment options, answering queries,
                          and taking messages for the account
Period             Nov 2009- February 2010 (Temporary)

Company            Tucker’s Dispensary
Position           Sales Assistant
Responsibilities       Cashier
                       Assisting customers in finding the
                          correct products
Period             September 2009-October 2009 (Temporary)

Company            Blue World (Social Website- SA)
Position           Photographer
Responsibilities        Capturing and posting photographs of
                           social events and uploading it on to
Period             July 2008- October 2008 (Part Time)

Company            Hott stuff Marketing
Position           Promoter
Responsibilities        Promoting HTC cell phones at MTN
                        Promoting Aquafresh toothpaste at
                           company offices
                        Handing out Mr Price pamphlets at
                           high schools and road intersections
Period             July 2008-September 2008 (Temporary)

Company            Avroy Shlain
Position           Beauty Advisor
Responsibilities        Introducing new products to clients
                        Selling products
                        Conduct makeover evenings
                        Training clients on all products
                        Promoting the products
                        Finding prospective clients
Period             June 2008-July 2008 (Part Time)

Company            World-Finest Jewelers
Position           Sales Assistant
Responsibilities        Stock taking
                        Cleaning jewellery and shop
                        Selling and promoting jewellery and
                        Answering questions about the items
                        Cashing up and packing jewelry
Period             September 2007-Novemeber 2007 (Part Time)

Company            Plum Promotions
Position           Promoter
Responsibilities       Promoting products such as Domestos,
                          Sunsilk and Organics at malls.
Period             2006-2007- (Temporary)
                                Achievements and Skills
     Completing level 1 in the Nett Care first aid course- have knowledge and training in basic
      first aid for dealing with medical emergencies
     Obtaining 5 distinctions in 1st year at CTI which was the highest achievement in my class
     Completing Bryanston High catering course- have training in basic waitressing and
      catering. (Half colours in catering obtained)
     Completing beauty etiquette course at Minette’s Image Consultancy business- have
      knowledge and training on basic business etiquette, image, skin, hair and makeup.
     Basic computer literacy knowledge in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point
      Presentation, Microsoft Excel, Internet and email

Leezel Peters (Administrative Manager)              0846371498
Kusile Consulting Services Company

I am an outgoing, dedicated and positive person. I enjoy working with people and believe that I
can add value to the business with the knowledge I have learnt. I will take the position I am
offered very seriously and will take full responsibility for all the tasks allocated to me. Any
opportunity I am given I am grateful for and I will take on with great enthusiasm.

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