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                                                                                                                               Fall 2010

Mass Squash News
M a s s a c h u s e t t s                                               S q u a s h                                      N e w s l e t t e r

                                                   President’s Letter
   Welcome to the 2010-2011 season! Things have been busy since September, and the leagues and tourneys have started. The calendar
   of activities through next May is packed, and all indications are this should be a great year for squash in Massachusetts!

   The season started off with a bang in September, with 1,100 fans packing Symphony Hall in Boston to see top-level pros play in
   a quick-paced exhibition-style event. “Showdown@Symphony” featured 4 recent world #1 players, including Ramy Ashour, the
   current world #1; Amr Shabana, #3; Gregory Gaultier, #5; and Jonathan Power, who retired as world #1 in 1996. It was a fantastic
   night and a great kickoff to the season.

   The adult leagues have grown. After another good summer league season with 10 teams, level with last year, the fall/winter
   leagues increased to 86 teams, up from 80 last year. MA Squash has increased the number of leagues, expanding the play nights
   from the usual Mon-Thurs night schedule to Mon-Fri, adding new Open 5.0 and Open 3.0 flights. Skill level gaps in the prior
   league structure, player interest, and the support of our local area clubs, allowed for the creation of these new leagues. This
   change will allow more players to get competitive team-based matches. Some 21 local clubs are participating in the leagues, clear
   evidence of the great partnership local clubs have with each other and the squash community.

   Junior squash continues to grow at the national level, and Massachusetts is participating in this trend. The MA Squash Junior
   Committee has increased the number of tournaments it will support this year, and the schedule is packed. In all, there will be 10
   tournaments in Massachusetts this season, including the National Championships, 1 Junior Championship Tour event, 3 Gold
   level and 3 Silver level events. Junior tourneys, plus Junior League round-robins for beginner and high-school players, afford
   squash opportunities from the learner all the way up to the highest level.

   Massachusetts has a large college squash community, with some excellent programs. MA Squash has historically tended to
   communicate more about adult and junior squash, and less about the college scene. Nevertheless, Massachusetts boasts some
   top nationally ranked teams (Harvard Women #1, Men #5) and we are thrilled and thankful that Harvard University has kindly
   expanded the number of adult/junior tourneys that will be held at its facilities this season. Good luck to the Harvard players and
   Mike Way, their new coach. The Harvard home schedule is included in this newsletter, and our website will contain more on
   Harvard and the other local college programs going forward.

   And Massachusetts/Boston will be the site of a number of national tournaments. Massachusetts was chosen by US Squash as the
   venue for 8 of the 21 “2010-2011 US Championship” events – acknowledgement perhaps of what a great environment Boston
   and Massachusetts are for squash. Included in this issue is a recap of the national tournaments that will be held in our backyard.
   Don’t miss this great opportunity to see how far you can go playing in a national tournament!

   Finally, no newsletter should fail to mention the way in which much of the squash mentioned in this newsletter is supported. MA
   Squash is an entirely volunteer run organization, with volunteers providing the initiative and organization to most of the events
   you will read about here. Thank you to the 120+ volunteers who make MA Squash a great organization, and Massachusetts a
   great place to play squash.

   Dan Reagan
   President, Massachusetts Squash

                                                                About Massachusetts Squash

Massachusetts Squash ("MA Squash") exists to promote the game of squash in the state. Activities include coordinating fall/spring and summer leagues in the greater
Boston area, running an annual statewide sanctioned multi-flight singles softball tournament, running annual softball and doubles tournaments, coordinating 10 annual
sanctioned junior tournaments, coordinating two junior leagues of Sunday afternoon round robins for beginner and high school players, sponsorship and partnering with
pro tournaments in the area, support for US Squash and its activities by promoting joint membership in the US/MA organizations, squash education via sponsorship or
running of annual teaching/rules clinics, and squash communications via a website, 3 annual newsletters, an annual Yearbook, and by periodic emails to 1,250 members
and 2,300 friends. Activities are coordinated entirely by volunteers: a 19-member board, a 16-member Junior Committee, and 90 volunteer league/event coordinators.
Operations are supported by a small budget and huge enthusiasm for squash! Spread the word. . . and tell your friends to become members!
                  Boston Women Take On The Howe Cup
                                                  by Sarah Lemaire

  The 2010 Howe Cup was held in Rye, NY November 5-7, with matches taking place at the Westchester Country Club, the
  Apawamis Club, and Rye Country Day School. Boston sent six teams to this popular tournament, also known as the US
  National Women’s Team Championships. The Howe Cup is a unique opportunity for women squash players of all levels to
  compete and socialize with women from all over the country. This year, the draw included a team from Ontario!

  The Boston A team breezed through their first three matches in the round robin, dropping only one individual match in their
  first team match to DC. Wendy Ansdell captained the A team, with teammates Isa Restrepo, Szilvi Sombati, new Tufts
  coach Belkys Velez, and Hope Crosier along for the ride. But in their last match, Boston A bumped up against the Philly
  juggernaut led by US Hall of Famer Demer Holleran. Boston dropped the final match 0-5, and finished as the A division
  runners up.

  Boston B1 went undefeated in their pool play, beating Minnesota 3-2, Toronto 3-2, and New York 5-0. This team featured
  Phoebe Anderson, Kara Kardon, Bry Roskoz, Betsy Hargreaves, and Liz Young. In the semi-final match of the #1
  finishers, Boston B1 ran into eventual tournament champs the Southport Squashettes and lost 5-0.

  After two tough matches on Friday, the Boston B2 team, which included Heather Lisle, Heather Sullivan, Lauren Holleran,
  Beth Collins, and Lisa Evans, had tallied up one win and one loss. They bounced back strong on Saturday and won both
  their matches. Despite strong momentum and an extra hour of sleep, the Bs couldn't maintain their winning streak into
  Sunday morning. They lost 1-4 to the National Capital 1 team in final round play. Their 3-2 record over the course of the
  weekend landed them in 6th place overall. In addition to being awesome in general, the Boston B2 team played more
  games and more points than any other team in the B division, with 97 matches played and 1759 individual points played!
  They also ate a total of 7 1/2 sandwiches and 3.7 pounds of salad over the course of the weekend!

  Boston C1 bumped into a tough team called the Capital Girls from Ottawa in their very first match of the tournament. The
  women from the north were the eventual winners of the C division, and featured at least one former Howe Cup winner from
  the 1970s. C1 moved into pool play, where they finished 2-1. Saturday morning, they defeated a team from New Jersey
  but lost to the Green Witches (from Greenwich, CT) later in the day . Sunday morning the C1 team had one more win over
  the DC Squash Grrrls. Playing for C1 were Peg Sestrich, Mo Ramage, Betsy Johnson, Sue Hill, and Phoebe Slanetz.
  Phoebe finished the weekend with a 5-0 record, dropping only one game throughout the tournament.

  Boston’s C2 team was the first Boston team on court Friday morning. Their lineup was Jothie Karthigesan, co-captains
  Maria Mayorga and Dominique Farinaux-Dumas, TonTon Russell, and Deb Harrison. After a tough 2-3 loss to DC
  Squasher Grrls C2 on Friday morning, they moved into pool play. They defeated the Philadelphia team, but dropped their
  last three matches to NY C2, DC C1, and Baltimore. Dominique finished with a 4-1 record to lead the team.

  The Boston D team survived a few bumps en route to winning their second Howe Cup in the four years that the D division
  has been contested. The team included Susan Hall Mygatt, Coleen Phillimore, captain Sarah Lemaire, Dara-Lynn
  Pelechatz, and Sherry McAdams. They dropped a close match to the California team 2-3, but dominated the defending
  champs from DC 4-1 to put themselves in position to clinch the win. On the final day, the Boston women defeated NY D1
  5-0, finishing with 15 match wins to California’s 12. Dara-Lynn and Sherry went undefeated through the tournament. The
  D division featured two teams from New York that included several players from the StreetSquash urban squash program
  participating in their first Howe Cup.

  Heard over the weekend: “The Howe Cup is all about the party.” The Friday night event at the Apawamis Club featured a
  great doubles exhibition; Eric Vlcek paired with Lissen Tutrone to defeat Dent Wilkens and Susie Pierrepont in a five-
  game hardball doubles match. Rumor has it that some Boston players crashed the wine-tasting party at the Westchester
  Country Club after the squash party was over, but they still managed to show up for their Saturday morning’s match. The
  Saturday night party at Arch Street featured great food and drink, awards, live music from Voodoo Carnival (who learned
  “Dancing Queen” for the occasion), and lots of dancing and socializing. Former Boston player Sue Lawrence won the
  Feron's Wedgewood Sportsmanship Trophy, and Demer Holleran was awarded the Achievement Bowl. Boston’s own
  Belkys Velez led everyone in an a cappella version of “La Bamba”.

  All the Howe Cup participants thank Massachusetts Squash for their continued financial support that makes it possible for
  Boston-area women to attend this tournament every year. We also thank Jen Gabler, Marie Vlcek, and their committee for
  their outstanding job organizing the event.

  If you have a lot of time to kill, stop by to see the professional action shots taken over the
2 Mass Squash News Fall 2010
D: (l-r): Sherry McAdams, Sarah Lemaire, Dara-Lynn Pelechatz, Susan Mygatt, Coleen Phillimore

       A: (l-r): Hope Crosier, Szilvia Szombati, Wendy Ansdell, Belkys Velez, Isa Restrepo

                                                                                 Fall 2010 Mass Squash News 3
                          B1: (l-r) Liz Young, Betsy Hargreaves, Kara Kardon, Bry Roskoz, Phoebe Anderson

                                 B2: (l-r) Heather Sullivan, Beth Collins, Heather Lisle, Lisa Evans

4 Mass Squash News Fall 2010
     C1: Sue Hill, Peg Sestrich, Mo Ramage, Phoebe Slanetz, Betsy Johnson

        C1 & C2: (l-r): Deb Harrison, Maria Mayorga, Jothie Karthigesan,
Dominique Farinaux-Dumas, Betsy Johnson, Phoebe Slanetz, Sue Hill, Peg Sestrich

                                                                            Fall 2010 Mass Squash News 5
                     the 2010 Summer League
  Harvard Club Wins Sam Magruder
                                                 Summer League Commissioner

          This summer league year started off looking like a repeat of 2009 as the Boston Racquet Club swept their first match against
Cambridge. The Harvard Club-Nicks team, which came in second last year, went downtown in the second week to take on the BRC squad
and reversed last year’s result, winning 3-2. The difference was at the top of the ladder with two young players performing very well for
the Nicks. Pedro Souza won at #1 over Heather Sullivan and George Bogey defeated one of last year’s BRC stars, Brendan Mullen.
By the third week, the Nicks had captured the overall point lead by defeating the eventual second place finisher, the BSC-Waltham Boasts
and went undefeated the rest of the season. The Boasts equaled the BRC’s season record but bested them in the head-to-head competition,
thanks to great recruiting by Captain Dara-Lynn Pelechatz who stacked the top of her roster with Steven Gardos, Vivek Varadarajan
and Drew Holman who finished with a combined 8-1 record. The next five teams were very close, separated by only 4 points, with BSC-
Allston winning the tiebreaker over Maugus by 3 games to 2, headlined by Mark Shearman’s win over David Heather at #1 in five
games and John Moukad’s 3-0 victory over Tristan Egan.
            There were some individual records of note. Captain
Chuck Plaisted of Cross Courts won the iron man award, playing             Team                   Points         % of points Won
all nine matches and compiling a 5-4 record. David Shulman of              Harvard Club-Nicks        36             80.0%
the University Club went 6-1, falling only to Pedro Souza who was          BSC-Waltham Boasts        27             60.0%
undefeated in six matches. Rookie summer league player Roland              Boston Racquet Club       27             60.0%
Lemay of the Union Boat Club also performed very well, winning             University Club           26             57.8%
all five of his starts. There were some very close matches during          Cross Courts              24             53.3%
the summer. Fred Augusta of BSC-Waltham beat Andrea Freed                  BSC-Allston               22             48.9%
of Cross Courts 3-2 with three of the games decided 15-14. Even            Maugus Club               22             48.9%
closer was the 6 point victory by Steve Laverty of the University          Union Boat Club           19             42.2%
Club over Harold Helson of Cambridge, ending at 15-14 in the               Cambridge Athletic Club   15             33.3%
fifth. The tightest of all was the 3 point win by Rip Hastings of          Tennis & Racquet Club      7             15.6%
BRC over Liz Bride of the University Club 3-0: 14, 14, 14!
          Finally, I would like to thank the rest of the captains who managed the large rosters and frequent vacations to produce close
matches every week, especially Bill Buker of the winning team. Carl Cummings, a veteran captain for the BRC, was even forced to play a
match this year (he lost 3-2!). Jim Bildner of the University Club was ably backed up by his non-playing assistant, Abby Crocker. Mary
Ni did a great job leading BSC Allston, as did Larry Stone at the Maugus Club. The Union Boat Club had to depend on their Pro, Preston
Quick, to organize them. Somehow, he defied the odds and was able to retrieve the scores to send in each week. Harold Helson, another
returning veteran captain for Cambridge, was present at most matches with his camera. Finally, a big thank you to Alvaro Ferreres who
stepped in after Week 1 to organize the big T&R contingent of new players.

   Marc Cendron (Harvard Club Nicks) and Maria
     Mayorga (Cambridge Athletic Club)

6 Mass Squash News Fall 2010
              U.S. SQUASH Releases Point Structure for New Junior Rankings
Launching the process of conversion into a new rankings system for junior squash, beginning the weekend of September 10-12, 2010, sanctioned
junior tournaments will count towards the new U.S. Junior Squash Points Based Rankings. This methodology is designed to encourage participation
while remaining fair and objective, and has been developed in coordination with teaching professionals and other junior squash constituent groups.

All sanctioned junior tournaments will count towards a player’s point average, with the exception of tournaments marked “No Tournament Points”,
which are designed for players interested in trying their hand at competition without the pressure of points being at stake.

Participants in a Junior Championship Tour (JCT) tournament will earn 350 - 4,500 points depending on their finishing position, participants in a Gold
event can earn 200 - 2,000 points, those in a Silver event can earn 80 - 350 points, and participants in a Bronze event can earn 39 - 125 Points. For
a full break down of points earned for all possible finishing positions in JCT, Gold, Silver, and Bronze events, please visit The
points break down for all U.S. Championships will be released in the next few weeks.

To calculate a player’s ranking, an average will be taken of their total earned points. If a player has played 4 or fewer tournaments, their aggregate total
will be divided by 4 to determine their ranking average. If a player plays 5 or 6 tournaments, his or her ranking average will be determined by taking
the best 4 events and dividing by 4. If he or she has played 7, 8, or 9 tournaments, the total points from his or her best 5 tournaments will be averaged
(totaled and divided by 5). For 10, 11, or 12 tournaments played, the average will be taken of their best 6 events, and so on.

There will also be a conversion process from the current system to the new points-based rankings method. Beginning with the first rankings run of
the new system expected to take place on September 27, players will be assigned a starting average that includes 4 “conversion” tournaments. These
“conversion” tournaments are not actual tournaments, but place-holder tournaments with points assigned to each player according to their current
U.S. SQUASH rating earned through recent competition. As players play tournaments which count towards their point average, the “conversion”
tournaments will be averaged along with the tournaments in which they participated. In addition, at the end of each month beginning with October,
one of the conversion tournaments will be dropped from a player’s average. The second will be removed at the end of November, the third at the end
of December, and the final at the end of January.

Tournament seedings will continue to be based off a player’s rating until the first run of the new system. After that point, seedings will be based off
the new rankings system.

More information will continue to be released over the next several weeks, including a new version of the U.S. SQUASH Junior Guide. U.S. SQUASH
would like to thank all players, parents, and teaching professionals for their patience during this transition. We are confident that this rankings method
shift will be a positive one for junior squash, and U.S. SQUASH appreciates the efforts of everyone involved to make the experience of tournament
competition exciting and fulfilling for all junior players.

                               “The Growing Ranks of Collegiate Squash” by Julia Morgan
          Who would have imagined that an after-school program designed to introduce inner-city kids to squash would in turn change collegiate
squash? Certainly the initial thought fifteen years ago, when SquashBusters was founded, was to enrich the lives of inner-city students. But a nice
by-product of this concept has been to open up collegiate squash to a new community and to take the game to new heights. While the initial influence
was small, over time the impact has been growing and growing.

            Of the members of SquashBusters’ very first team, only two students went on to play squash in prep school and then in college. But little
by little the urban effect has augmented. Out of the players on the first four SquashBusters teams, more than a dozen students have continued on to
play collegiate squash. This past spring, all twelve SquashBusters seniors (members of Team 5) graduated from high school and seven of them are
planning to play competitive squash in college. And the players from Roxbury Crossing are not alone: there are now 8 other urban squash programs
in the U.S. whose players will grow the ranks of the urban collegiate squash players even more. Urban students are now counted among the players at
Bates, Boston College, Colby, Connecticut College, Cornell, Franklin and Marshall, Hamilton, Hobart, Mount Holyoke, Northeastern, Smith, Tufts,
and Wesleyan.

            While previously the collegiate squash world was dominated by players from elite prep schools or from foreign countries, players from
Boston, Harlem, Philadelphia and the Bronx are now members of this select group and are changing the face of college squash. Not only is it
wonderful to have more players learning the sport we love, it is also heartening to see squash expand beyond its traditional walls. With more and
more players from urban programs climbing up the college rankings, it is not only the urban students who are benefiting from the introduction to the
sport, but the sport itself profits from its exposure to a new audience.

                                                                                    Former SquashBusters Pedro Souza, Jose Rivera, Patrick
                                                                                    Williams, and Bosudeb Majumder (l to r) reunite during a
                                                                                    Bates vs. Northeastern match.

                                                                                                               Fall 2010 Mass Squash News 7
   Ramy Ashour wins Sharif Khan Cup in Boston
                  Sept 16, 2010, by Ron Beck © 2010 , Independent News; SquashTalk LLC


Lets get the "buts" out of the way first. Yes, this was only an exhibition. Not a ranking event.

In spite of that, or maybe because of it, this was a spectacularly successful, energized and creative celebration of squash.

John Nimick, promoter of the Tournament of Champions, created a one-night unique format tournament that both brought out the best of four of the world's
best squash players and brought out one of the largest squash audiences that might be assembled in Boston.


The format was almost perfectly designed to fit an audience's attention span for the evening and let them leave inspired and feeling they had had their
money's worth. The players got their money's worth too - the purse was $30,000.

The night consisted of two semi finals, of two games each, a third place match of one game only, and a championship match of best of three. The rules for
the semi final matches stated that if the semi final reached one game apiece (and both did!) that the winner of game one would select a tiebreaker of either
one or three points (in both cases, the sudden-death one point tiebreaker was selected).

In an interesting experiment, players were given two "life-lines" during the contest -- in which the player could request that the audience vote (accomplished
by texting) on an appeal of any referee's decision.


This short format enticed retired, former world number one, the Canadian maverick Jonathon Power, out of retirement for the event, to face off against three
other players, all of whom have also called world number one their own; current number one Ramy Ashour and also Amr Shabana and Gregory Gaultier.

Among the interactivity gimmicks introduced for the evening, was a texting event, in which the fans in attendance were asked to text in their "favorite
player" for the evening. Jonathon Power, interestingly won that popularity contest hands-down, gaining 42% of the text in votes.


And so the highlight of the night was the irresistible semi-final bout between Power and Ashour. Power, at 36, and Ashour, at 22, had never played. Hisham
Ashour, Ramy's older brother, who was on hand as a spectator for the evening, assured me in advance that this matchup would be, " a serious match ... not an
exhibition ... "

And the contest between Jonathon Power and Ramy Ashour, both known as highly creative and attacking players, lived up to its billing. The match was
fast-paced, dizzyingly fast, breathtaking and high quality. I can't say that it was quite up to the tactical seriousness of a major ranking tournament late-round
match. But both players wanted to win and they were at no moment fooling around or in exhibition mode.

From the first point, it was clear, as a long-time observer of Jonathon, that he was starting a bit nervous, but that he was in competition mode. Jonathon said
later that "by the middle of the first game I was feeling into it ... there's nowhere else that you can get that speed" ( by which he meant in serious competition
with the world's best).

Power was giving the familiar and very characteristic court mannerisms (like his famous hand through the hair after a point has ended a millimeter wrong for
him), showing his interest in the contest.

Ashour and Power went back and forth. Though they'd never played, Power was on Ashour's unpredictable attacking game from the start, one of the few
players I've see who was rarely or never fooled by Ramy. They played back and forth trading points, till Power took the first game 11-10, in a whisker.

As he often does, Ashour lifted his game into a frenzy of focus after losing the first, and Power, breathing hard by several points into the second fell behind
quickly. For Power -- whose always thinking to win -- it became clear that he would sacrifice game two, to get to the tiebreaker.

Which was where they ended up --- one game apiece and Power selected a sudden death tiebreaker (Power almost always selected sudden death in
competition - this wasn't an age against youth strategy). They played on, neither player getting a lucky nick, and the final point ended in a let. Then in the
replay, a furiously long, various and seriously played point ended with Power achieving the clear passing winning shot --- only to have Ashour talk his way
into a let and one more restart to this final point (brother Hisham assured me that Power had played a down ball. I guess the promoters really wanted Power
there, but weren't expecting him in the final, or maybe that's not fair to the referee, but it certainly seemed like a point for Power... in any event, another
intense and varied final sudden death replay ended in a tin by Power.

Any way you cut it, former world #1 Jonathon Power put on an extremely impressive and inspiring performance - coming within a whisker of knocking out
the current world #1. And Jonathon was still talking it up some minutes later, "Did you see those 4 or 5 shots I hit one millimeter below the top of the tin? ....
all of those up and it was my match ... " For his part, Ramy Ashour was gracious in his interview with Ming Tsai, "How old is he? 36? You saw him out

8 Mass Squash News Fall 2010
                    Ramy Ashour wins Sharif Khan Cup in Boston Extravaganza

there.... there's no way ... I hope I can just be on court when I get to that age ... "

The other semi-final was also entertaining, matching up Gregory Gaultier against Amr Shabana. This game was just imperceptibly less intense, and
consequently in an exhibition mode. Shabana is moving on to play in the US Open later this week (the only one amongst Ashour, Gaultier and himself
with that itinerary), and coming off some injury. But he seemed to be playing effortlessly and fluidly. He lost to Gaultier, also, in a one point sudden-death

In the third place playoff, Power had just played himself into match form, and looked totally at ease and comfortable, handling Shabana in the one game 3'rd

In the finals, Ramy Ashour and Gregory Gaultier played a quite focused and fairly serious 3 game match; which Ashour won going away in the third game.
The difference between first and second place money wasn't revealed.


Beyond the players themselves, the event brought out a who's-who of New Enland squash. The list includes 86-year old Henri Salaun, whose squash feats
landed him on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1956, Sharif Khan, the incomparable 12-time North American Champion and ruler of the courts in America
and Canada for well over a decade, Mike Way, the newly inaugurated coach at Harvard College, Lenny Bernheimer, a top ranked American player for a
decade, an impressive assembly of college and prep school coaches ... and about 900 of their closest friends and fellow squash enthusiasts.

Nimick's choice of host, celebrity chef and accomplished squash player, Ming Tsai, was also a great stroke. Tsai kept everyone engaged, relaxed and
attentive, as well as fed.


Ramy Ashour (EGY) def Gregory Gaultier (FRA) 10-11 11-7 11-9 (31m)

Jonathon Power (CAN) def Amr Shabana (EGY) 11-4

Ramy Ashour (EGY) def Jonathon Power (CAN) 10-11 11-4 1-0 (21m)
Gregory Gaultier (FRA) def Amr Shabana (EGY) 11-10 9-11 1-0 (33m)

                     Egypt's Amr Shabana (r.) congratulates Jonathan Power of Canada as he takes 'Third Place' in the Showdown

                                                                                                                   Fall 2010 Mass Squash News 9
        Showdown 'Champion' Rami Ashour (Egypt) stabs at a
              tough 'get' in the front of the court

                                                                  Frenchman Gregory Gaultier receives 'Runner-Up' honors,
                                                                while Master of Ceremonies, Ming Tsai leads the applause for a
                                                                             phenomenal evening of squash

                      Henri Salaun
                  (photo by Ron Beck )

                                                             From left to right: Debbie Carr, Morgan Poor, and Lisa Putukian
                                                                        enjoy the exciting evening of squash

10 Mass Squash News Fall 2010
    2010 CanAm Cup Goes to USA; 9 Boston Players in the

 Story by Lenny Bernheimer
  and Mike McGorry

 Entire US 2010 CanAm Team
    photo provided by
       Lolly Gillen

The second biennial CanAm Cup, bringing together the top men’s and women’s hardball doubles teams from the US and Canada, was held
the weekend of October 21-24, 2010 in Toronto Ontario, Canada, with the US once again victorious. The inaugural CanAm Cup, also won
by the US, was held in 2008 in Boston. This year’s event not only included the CanAm Cup (overall title) but also included the Gillen/
Pierce Trophy for the women and the Bernheimer/Bell Cup for the men.

The CanAm Cup brings together the top doubles players from across the US and Canada. Teams are chosen by the captains based upon the
North American Doubles Rankings as well as by National tournament success. The reigning National Champions as well as the number
one ranked player on each wall gain automatic berths on the team, with the team then being filled out by “Captain’s choices”. This year’s
captains, Molly Pierce, Lee Belknap, Lenny Bernheimer and Mike McGorry chose their team this past summer in order to allow the players
time to prepare for the early season weekend of squash. Two teams were chosen in each of the Men’s Open, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+,
70+ and 75+ divisions, while the women were represented in the Open, 40+, 45+, and 50+ divisions.

 Nine players from Boston were at the 2010 CanAm Cup, eight representing the U.S. and one representing Canada. Playing for the U.S.
were Pat Malloy (Open), Doug Lifford and Scott Poirier (40+), Chris Spahr (45+), John Nimick (50+), Sandy Tierney (55+), and Tom Poor
and Lenny Bernheimer (65+). Andrew Slater, who has dual citizenship and was competing in the 45+ division, chose to play for Canada,
quickly earning him the moniker “Slater the Traitor” from those players south of the border.

The CanAm Cup format consists of three rounds. First, a Lightning Round, pits randomly picked teams which play one game to 21, each
game worth ½ point in the overall scoring. Round #2 has the #1 team in each division play a regular match against the #2 team, and vice
versa. Each of these matches is worth one point. Finally, in round #3, the #1’s play the other country’s #1, and the #2’s play each other, each
of these matches worth 1 ½ points. Total points equal 78, and the first team winning 39 ½ wins the cup.

By Sunday morning there were nine matches left to play with the US having dominated the Gillen/Pierce portion of the event and were
thus close to clinching the overall CanAm Cup. The Bernheimer/Bell Cup, for male supremacy, was still up for grabs, as each team had
accumulated 22.5 points.

US Women #1s, Dana Betts and Emily Lungstrum clinched the CanAm overall by winning a thrilling five game match against Canada’s #1
team of Shauna Keating/ Stephanie Hewitt.

This left the men’s portion with six matches to play. Canada won both 75+ matches and the US came back and won both 45+ matches
leaving the two 40+ matches to determine the Bernheimer/Bell Cup. Canada won the first of the 40’s matches with Scott Stoneburgh and
Jamie Bentley defeating John Conway and Scott Poirier. This left the match of the weekend, Canada’s Scott Dulmage and Paul Zander to
face American’s John McAtee and Doug Lifford. The US jumped out to a one game lead, lost the second and third, only to rebound with
a terrific fourth game win to force the fifth and deciding game. With almost 200 spectators in the gallery, many waving US and Canadian
flags and cheering on their countrymen, the Canadians came out on top in game five to win the Bernheimer/Bell Cup.

 It was a tremendous weekend of squash, camaraderie, and nationalism-The Ryder Cup of doubles squash. A full recap of the weekend’s
matches is available at, the website created in 2008 by Mass. Squash Executive Board member Merrill Martin. The
next CanAm Cup is scheduled for Buffalo, NY in October of 2012. From the looks of things there will be tremendous competition to earn
a spot on each team’s roster in order to represent your country in such a prestigious event.
                                                                                                     Fall 2010 Mass Squash News 11
                                       Tournament Update
                                                          by Kevin Hollister

As the new season gets underway, each of us has begun the process of honing our skills and improving our performance on the court. In
addition to matches with friends and fellow club members, finding a way to benchmark improvement is important but sometimes difficult.
One great way is to participate in the state leagues. Playing different opponents on courts that may provide additional challenges certainly
broadens each player’s approach to the game. For some though, playing during the week simply doesn’t fit into busy schedules. So what
to do?

Tournaments provide an excellent opportunity to round out one’s game and there are many benefits:
•   Scheduling is pre-determined, so a little planning is all that is required. Some tournaments are organized so that they require only a
    one-day commitment of time.
•   Expanding the range of opponents will surely help in improving your game.
•   Performance against different opponents provides additional feedback on your progress.
•   The fun factor. Getting out of the normal routing – even for a day or a weekend – allows for more interaction with fellow players with
    a common interest in squash.

MA Squash is all about promoting the game. The MA Squash web site provides information about all aspects of squash and is improving
each year. In an effort to facilitate participation in local and nearby tournaments, the web site provides all of the pertinent information
related to upcoming tournaments and in most cases provides a link to allow players to register or obtain more information.
To see what the current tournament opportunities are, click on the “Tournament Schedule” link on the MA Squash web site or click on the
link below.

Play well and have fun in your next tournament.

               FULL SWING!
                                                          by Ripley Hastings

     The Winter leagues are in full swing – Ten (10) Divisions, this year, including for the first time experimental Open 3.0
     and Open 5.0 leagues playing roughly once a month on Friday nights.
     10 Divisions – 86 Teams – over 900 Signups … we’re still growing …! And with the new Friday night leagues, we’re not
     only giving in-between players more league opportunities, we’re introducing the open leagues to a more social, Friday
     night format with a single venue and family-friendly hospitality … we’ve seen children, spouses and significant others
     come along and hang around … really fun …!

     Don’t expect to see the same faces at the top of the leader board. Players are moving around from club to club - from
     league to league. It’s too early for predictions. Do expect to have a good time, and do expect to see Mass Squash
     well-represented in the NEW – NATIONAL LEAGUE FINALS – which US Squash plans for next May, right here in
     Massachusetts pitting league champion teams from around the country against each other in an exhilarating, skill-level
     frenzy over at Harvard. May Madness at Murr…?

                                                       Membership Questions
You probably know that any questions about your MA Squash membership can be directed to (or, if you prefer, to
us at PO Box 51611, Boston, MA 02205-1611) but did you know that we can also often answer questions about your US Squash membership?
And, if we don’t already have the answer, we know where to get it. Therefore, if you have any questions about, or problems with, your MA. or
US Squash membership, send them to us and we will deal with them promptly.

12 Mass Squash News Fall 2010
           Massachusetts Junior Squash
              2009-2010 Rankings
National   Mass
Ranking    Ranking   Exposures    Player                      Home
GU 11
3           1        7           Chai, Madeleine P.           Norwell, MA
15          2        6            Prockop, Lyle               Groton, MA
17          3        5            Spahr, Caroline             Boston, MA
22          4        6           Jones, Natasha E.            Roslindale, MA

GU 13
7           1        6           Chai, Samantha               Norwell, MA
23          2        8           Blasberg, Anne               Boston, MA
24          3        6           Dunham, Eliza K              New Haven, CT
45          4        9           Prockop, Molly S             Groton, MA
49          5        7           Swann, Melissa               Williamstown, MA
52          6        6           Rand, Charlotte              Williamstown, MA
55          7        6           Werner, Margaret C.          Woodstock, VT

GU 15
13          1        12          Fulton, Addie B.             Stratton Mountain, VT
22          2        6           Monrad, Caroline             Newton, MA
28          3        7           Connor, Haley                Boston, MA
37          4        12          Brownell, Rebecca            Belmont, MA
39          5        8           Hartnick, Marina             Newton, MA
45          6        8           Bell, Sarah                  Boston, MA
49          7        8           Simourian, Lillie N          Dover, MA
65          8        4           Roberts, Emma                Wellesley Hills, MA
86          9        8           Reichblum, Clarissa          Bennington, VT
87          10       6           Pincince, Olivia             Wellesley, MA
88          11       4           Bell, Savannah               Roxbury Crossing, MA
90          12       6           Ross, Fiona                  Newton, MA
91          13       6           Mullaney, Devin              Boston, MA
93          14       4           Treacy, Tegan E.             Needham, MA
95          15       4           Lee, Jessica                 Weston, MA
97          16       5           Mahalingam-Dhingra, Ananya   Brookline, MA
105         17       4           Carson-Rose, Amani           Wellesley, MA

GU 17
30          1        14          Posner, Ariel H.             Brookline, MA
46          2         4          Lee, Torey                   Beverly, MA
47          3        10          Thierry, Sofia M             Cambridge, MA
54          4        5           Grant, Lily                  Dedham, MA
59          5        6           Monrad, Caroline             Newton, MA
65          6        7           Carey, Zoe B                 Dedham, MA
78          7        4           Pongor, Mariah T.            Needham, MA
92          8        8           Rapisarda, Dana L.           Winchester, MA
94          9        4           Walsh, Catherine             Winchester, MA
97          10       4           Newbound, Hailey H.          Williamstown, MA
102         11       5           Giannuzzi, Abby              Wellesley Hills, MA
108         12       5           Ayoub, Lizzie E.             Milton, MA
113         13       4           White, Alexandra L.          Marblehead, MA
115         14       6           Ross, Charlotte              Newton, MA
118         15       5           Johnson, Mikaela L           Needham, MA
                                                              Fall 2010 Mass Squash News 13
             Massachusetts Junior Squash
              2009-2010 Rankings cont.
National       Mass
Ranking        Ranking          Exposures   Player                    Home
123              16             6           Spiliakos, Alexandra C.   Lincoln, MA
125              17             5           Allison, Sarah            Concord, MA
128              18             5           Chow, Kathryn L.          Brookline, MA
135              19             5           Hoffman, Sophie           West Newton, MA

GU 19
13               1              7           Jones, Courtney B.        Holden, MA
17               2              8           Rahbar, Dori H.           Newton,MA
23               3              9           Fagan, Serena M.          Weston, MA
26               4              4           Mead, Roxana              Dedham, MA
30               5              6           Nimmo, Katherine          Wellesley, MA
39               6              5           Brooks, Ashley M          Roslindale, MA
48               7              11          Tapley, Elizabeth S.      Cambridge, MA
55               8              4           Duke, Paige               Dedham, MA
76               9              4           Fox, Annie                Wellesley, MA
78               10             4           Warren, Celestine E       Cambridge, MA
79               11             4           Russell, Laura            Concord, MA
82               12             4           Mulholland, Hilary G      Southborough, MA
85               13             4           Lopez, Ana                Roxbury Crossing, MA
92               14             4           Savoie, Sarah A           Rehoboth, MA
94               15             4           Shepherd, Nicole W        Sudbury, MA
98               16             4           Tran, Hoai                Roxbury Crossing, MA
99               17             4           Brettkelly, Pietra        Lebanon, ME
100              18             4           Mitchell, Tyler M.        Marshfield, MA
101              19             4           Hunter, Natalie           Chestnut Hill, MA

BU 11
30               1              4           McElroy, Patrick          Brookline, MA
34               2              5           Koeppel, Cole             Boston, MA
64               3              4           Rubin, David C.           Brookline, MA
72               4              4           Pincince, William         Wellesley, MA
85               5              4           Olumi, Shayan             Newton, MA
91               6              4           Swann, Luke               Williamstown, MA

BU 13
3                1               4          Reed, Max D               Lebanon, NH
4                2              10          Brownell, Timmy           Belmont, MA
8                3              5           Spahr, Carson             Boston, MA
15               4              5           Monrad, Stephen S         Newton, MA
19               5              9           Gilbert-Bono, Blake A     Wellesley, MA
32               6               7          Anderson, Reg             Brookline, MA
42               7              6           Curtis, Justin            Boxford, MA
71               8               7          Kurtin, Alexander         Boston, MA
74               9               9          Bell, James               Boston, MA
79               10              5          Meszoely, Zach            Boston, MA
85               11              4          Feingold, Louis M.        Brookline, MA
114              12             5           Goldfine, Michael         Waban, MA

BU 15
17               1              4           Reed, Max D               Lebanon, NH
22               2              8           McBrian, William L.       Dedham, MA
14 Mass Squash News Fall 2010
           Massachusetts Junior Squash
            2009-2010 Rankings cont.
National   Mass
Ranking    Ranking   Exposures   Player                    Home
29          3        9           Krant, Benjamin R         Williamstown, MA
33          4        6           Kaelin, Tripp             Boston, MA
41          5        6           Fulham, James M.          Wellesley, MA
57          6        6           Blasberg, Charlie         Boston, MA
63          7        9           Anton, Spencer C          Winchester, MA
77          8        5           Olumi, Nima               Newton, MA
79          9        7           Monrad, Stephen S         Newton, MA
93          10       6           Shadek, William M.        Wellesley, MA
101         11       7           Cortes, R. Cody           Cambridge, MA
110         12       6           Gertler, William          Weston, MA
116         13       5           Billman, Tyler            Brookline, MA
121         14       11          Perkins, Caldwell M       Henniker, NH
122         15       6           Ames, Carlos              Williamstown, MA
123         16       6           Lillie, Matthew           Weston, MA
124         17       5           Bell, Matthew             Wellesley, MA
136         18       4           Shames, Nate              Newton, MA
147         19       6           Elizondo, Mason           Westwood, MA
152         20       4           Gladstone, Matthew B.     Chestnut Hill, MA
174         21       5           Gozigian, Graham          Boston, MA
176         22       5           Satterthwaite, Peter F    Cranston, RI
191         23       6           Cohen, Alexander R.       Chestnut Hill, MA

BU 17
2           1         6          McClintock, Liam W.       Wellesley Hills, MA
3           2         9          Columbia, Edward B.       Charlestown, MA
14          3        10          Quinn, Liam T.            Lincoln, MA
27          4         4          Chuttani, Aneesh          Dover, MA
28          5         5          DeSantis, Scott J         Sudbury, MA
51          6         7          Blasberg, Jack M.         Exeter, NH
52          7         5          Southmayd, Alexander T.   Naples, FL
64          8        13          Shleifer, Sam             Newton, MA
81          9         4          Sammis, Peter C.          Osterville, MA
93          10        6          Buffum, Derick C          Cohasset, MA
98          11       5           Linn, Andrew V            Concord, MA
109         12       4           Rhee, Kyul                Andover, MA
113         13       5           Ho, Gregory Wei-Ming      Wellesley, MA
116         14       5           Gonzalez, Joel            Roxbury Crossing, MA
122         15       4           Paolella, William H.W.    Dedham, MA
136         16       7           Liftman, Harrison P       Needham, MA
154         17       4           Kelliher, Andrew          Concord, MA
159         18       4           DeFranco, Michael A.      Belmont, MA
168         19       4           Potel, Samuel M.          Chestnut Hill, MA
171         20       6           Weinstein, Aaron          Newton Center, MA

BU 19
5           1        8           Kirby, Julian S.          Dover, MA
13          2        10          Foehl, Taylor             Williamstown, MA
15          3        13          Chilvers, Derek           Weston, MA
20          4        11          Mullaney, Ryan J          Boston, MA
22          5        4           Muldoon, Kristian         Tabor Academy
37          6        7           Danyluk, Stephan B        Williamstown, MA
39          7        6           McClintock, Conor C.      Wellesley, MA
                                                           Fall 2010 Mass Squash News 15
              Massachusetts Junior Squash
               2009-2010 Rankings cont.
National        Mass
Ranking         Ranking         Exposures   Player                      Home
50                 8             8          DeSantis, Scott J           Sudbury, MA
52                 9             8          Ivsin, Chris                Boston, MA
54                 10           10          Rhee, Kyul                  Andover, MA
55                 11            6          Sokolsky-Tifft, Samuel E.   Williamstown, MA
60                 12            7          Truog, Trevor               Cambridge, MA
70                 13            4          Yanofsky, Peter M           Belmont, MA
80                 14            4          Lebovitz, Andrew            Boston, MA
82                 15            9          Palmer, Reed                Boston, MA
88                 16            5          Chang, Pilho C              Millbrook, NY
89                 17           7           Watkinson, William J.       Lincoln, MA
92                 18           5           Sluder, John C.             Sudbury, MA
102                19           4           Soto, Darryl                Roxbury Crossing, MA
104                20           4           Chase, Peter                Dover, MA
120                21           4           Winmill, William M.         Concord, NH
123                22           8           Conner, Jamie R             Groton, MA
136                23           5           Rahbar, Cameron             Newton, MA
141                24           5           Campos, Michael G           Milton, MA
146                25           4           Hearty, William R.          Weston, MA
149                26           4           Cho, Sung Won               Groton, MA
154                27           5           Jafri, Hasan                Dover, MA
156                28           4           Hughes, Michael S.          Brookline, MA
157                29           4           MacKay, Christopher W.      Dover, MA

                                                                            Addie Fulton - GU15

      Madeleine Chai - GU11

                                               Samantha Chai - GU13

                                                                           Courtney Jones - GU19
         Ariel Posner - GU17

16 Mass Squash News Fall 2010
                 Massachusetts Junior Squash
                  2009-2010 Rankings cont.

                         Max Reed - BU13 and BU15                                                            Liam McClintock - BU17

                          Patrick McElroy - BU11
                                                                                                              Julian Kirby - BU19

                                                             How Do You Get the News?
The MA Squash News is published online at the Massachusetts Squash web site,, and is also printed and mailed to members who
request it. The MA Squash membership application includes a place for members to indicate their preference but we don’t get similar information for
members who join or renew through US Squash. If a member’s preference isn’t known, a copy is mailed.
If you are receiving the News by mail but would prefer just to read it on line, or if you are not receiving a printed copy but would like to in the future, please
let us know by sending a note to

                  Mass Squash Racquet Association is now on Facebook. You can find us with the link below:

                                                                                                                   Fall 2010 Mass Squash News 17
                          Massachusetts Squash Junior Committee
                             A Preview of the 2010-11 Season
The leaves are beginning to turn, signaling the beginning of squash season. Summer camps have given way to fall clinics, and the junior
tournament schedule with more events this year than last will swing into full action in October. October also marks the beginning of many
activities which have helped to build the Massachusetts Squash Junior Program to its current prominent standing in the US Squash junior
ranks. Some of the details are below, but be sure to check the Juniors link on the Massachusetts Squash web site ( for
activities, updates, results and entry forms. Entry forms for junior tournaments will also be on the US Squash web site (www.ussquash.

This year’s schedule is posted on both web sites. Locally sanctioned and other national or regional tournaments are scheduled on virtually
every week-end from late September through April. The Mass Squash junior events below will determine the players chosen for year-end
Improvement and Sportsmanship awards and, as sanctioned events, will count towards national rankings where our juniors have been well
represented. The Junior Committee this season will run four major tournaments: the Deerfield Open (Silver) will be held on November 20 in
their new squash center, the Dana Hall/Milton Open (Gold) in early December, the Massachusetts Junior Open @ Groton (Gold) over New
Year’s week-end, and the Massachusetts State Championships (Gold/Silver) in early March. The Frank Millet Championships (a US Squash
Junior Championship Tour event) will be run mid-November at Harvard. Home club professionals will run the University Club Silver in
December, the Harvard Club Silver tournament in February and a new SquashBusters Silver event at the beginning of April.

Massachusetts Squash rankings for the past eight seasons are posted on the web site. The 2009-10 rankings are derived from the national rankings where four
sanctioned events plus passage of the referees’ test are required. This year, a new ranking system will go into effect where players earn points for progressing
in a tournament as opposed to whom they played as was the case previously. More information on the new system is in this newsletter as well as on the US
Squash web site. Virtually everyone who meets the requirements has a chance to be ranked, hence a national/local ranking is always within reach. We are
very pleased that so many local juniors are nationally ranked. All tournament players are reminded that they must have passed the US Squash’s Level D Club
Referee examination to be eligible.

Junior League
The Junior League@Murr, sponsored by the Junior Committee, holds six sessions of round robin squash for beginner to intermediate players.
These sessions are held at Harvard University’s Murr Center, on Sundays from 2:00PM to 3:30PM and from 3:30PM to 5:00PM depending on
the player’s level. The Junior League gives juniors a chance to play others outside their normal group and is a fun, but competitive afternoon
of squash, preparing players for competition in US Squash sanctioned tournaments and school matches. All juniors are welcome and will be
placed on teams by Suzy Schwartz, the League Co-ordinator.

The Junior League@Dana Hall begins its third season and is geared toward older, more advanced players. These sessions will be held at the
Dana Hall School in Wellesley on Sundays from 3:00PM to 5:00PM.

Please contact Suzy Schwartz: with any questions about Junior League or to sign-up.

More information is available on the Massachusetts Squash web site.

Exhibitions and Clinics
Throughout the season the Junior Committee schedules exhibitions, usually when a world class professional is in town. These exhibitions
usually include a clinic with attendees. Referee and coaching clinics are also scheduled during the season.

The Showdown @ Symphony on September 22 provided just such an opportunity as four world ranked #1 players plus four local professionals
played and taught 40 Mass Squash juniors at the SquashBusters courts. Different strokes, strategies and conditioning exercises were on the
menu for every junior, and encouragement from these superb players made for a very memorable afternoon.

Web Site
The Juniors' link on the Massachusetts Squash web site will be the latest source of information on junior activities. The site will also
feature pictures and results from events as well as articles. The Junior Committee can be contacted at for further

The Junior Committee will publish articles, results, pictures, etc. to some extent in the Massachusetts Squash newsletter but will not have a
separate newsletter. The web site is a more efficient and time saving method of communication.

The mission of the Junior Committee is to provide a means for young players to learn and enjoy the game of squash. For many the challenge
of competition is provided in tournaments with rankings and trophies presented in various divisions. Equally, if not more important, is the

18 Mass Squash News Fall 2010
recognition of Improvement and Sportsmanship with presentations at the Mass Squash Annual Meeting. The Junior Committee also honors
a deserving girl and boy with a financial camp award to a summer squash camp.

We look forward to an exciting and rewarding season for junior squash this year and welcome all suggestions and comments.

                                               Massachusetts Squash Junior Committee
                                                         Sharon Bradey
                                                         Kevin McClintock
                                                         Gary Rubin
                                                         Krissy Rubin
                                                         Chris Spahr
                                                         Lenny Bernheimer
                                                         Suzy Schwartz
                                                         Bill Nimmo
                                                         Rich Schafer
                                                         Mike Connor
                                                         Doug Lifford
                                                         Hamid Benbrahim
                                                         James McIntyre
                                                         Debbie Goldfine
                                                         Chris Kane
                                                         Tom Poor, Chair

     Dana Rapisarda, Madeleine Smith, Sarah Nelson, Ramy Ashour             David Rubin, Patrick McElroy, Amr Shabana (Egypt - 2007/08 World
     (Egypt - 2010 World # 1), Haley Connor, Yuleissy Ramirez                             #1), Cole Koeppel, James Andrew

     Myles McIntyre, Jake Koeppel, Gregory Gaultier (France - 2009           Grace Anderson, Sophie Hoffman, Jonathon Power (Canada - 2006
           World #1), Jesse Brownell, Max Silverman                                      World #1), Doria Chen, Lily Wain
                                                                                                     Fall 2010 Mass Squash News 19
 US Championships Coming to Massachusetts!

US Squash just announced the US Championships schedule for the 2010-2011 season. Eight of
the 21 tourneys will be held in Massachusetts. You can see the full schedule on the US Squash
website, Simply click on the Tournaments link and select Event Type “U.S.
Championship.” Take advantage of this great opportunity to play in national level tournaments
                                        when in town!

        Dates                    Tournament                  Location                   Flights

        12-18-10                   U.S. Junior Open       Harvard Murr Center,      BU11, BU13, BU15,
        12-21-10                Squash Championships          Boston                BU17, BU19, GU11,
                                                                                    GU13, GU15, GU17,
        2-18-11                  U.S. Hardball Squash       Union Boat Club,        M45+, M50+, M60+,
        2-20-11                   Championships                Boston               M65+, M70+, M75+,
                                                                                   M80+, MOpen, M85+
         4-1-11                  U.S. Championships       Harvard Murr Center,      MOpen, WOpen
         4-3-11                 (Men’s and Women’s            Boston
         4-1-11                 U.S. Masters Squash       Harvard Murr Center,      M35+, M40+, M45+,
         4-3-11                 Championships (Open           Boston                M50+, M55+, M60+,
                                  Age Division)                                     M65+, M70+, M75+,
                                                                                    M80+, W35+, W40+,
                                                                                    W45+, W50+, W55+,
                                                                                     W60+, Gold Patron,
                                                                                    Silver Patron, Bronze
         4-8-11                   U.S. Junior Silver        Williams College,        BU11, BU13, BU15,
        4-10-11                 Squash Championships        Williamstown            BU17, BU19, GU11,
                                                                                    GU13, GU15, GU17,
        5-13-11                  National Parent-Child   University Club, Boston     Open Parent / Child
        5-13-11                    Doubles Squash                                   Doubles, U17 Parent
                                  Championships                                     / Child Doubles, U13
                                                                                   Parent / Child Doubles

        5-13-11                  U.S. Sibling Doubles University Club, Boston         Brother-Brother
        5-15-11                 Squash Championships                               Doubles, Brother-Sister
                                                                                    Doubles, Sister-Sister
        5-20-11                  2011 U.S. SQUASH          Harvard University,       M2.5, M3.0, M3.5,
        5-22-11                 National League Finals      Murr Center            M4.0, M4.5, M5.0, M5.5
                                                                                     W2.5, W3.5, W4.0,

20 Mass Squash News Fall 2010
Local Women at Wellesley College Homecoming
                                                                 by Sarah Lemaire

 On Saturday, October 2, the Wellesley College squash team welcomed a group of about 14 alumnae and local squash
 players to participate in the friendly Homecoming Weekend match, organized by Wellesley varsity squash coach Wendy
 Berry, Bridget Belgiovine, Director of Athletics, and Susan Challenger from the Class of 1976 welcomed the group, one
 of the largest to assemble for a squash match at Homecoming Weekend in many years. Berry wrote, “It was truly awesome
 to see all the seats taken up on the bleacher behind court 6. All the team players were really grateful at having so many
 matches to play.”

 The team members, two of whom are learning to play squash for the first time, had some close, competitive matches with
 their guests. The matches were played on the old-style American squash courts, which are still in use at Wellesley. The
 team practices part-time on those courts and part-time at the Dana Hall School in Wellesley, which has international-size
 courts. Wellesley hosts all its home matches at the Dana Hall courts.

 Local Mass Squash members that participated included Women’s 2.5 League players Lizzie Pingpack, Katiana Calzadilla,
 Mo Ramage, Katie Bull, Rachel Meyers, Terri Sojot, Dara-Lynn Pelechatz, Coleen Phillimore, and Sarah Lemaire
 (Wellesley ’77). Other alumnae who participated were Liz Tyson ‘85, Carrie Ng ‘09, Jess Whitley ‘10 and Ashley Stevens

                                                                 MA Squash E-Mail
MA Squash periodically sends e-mails to its members and others with information we believe might be of interest to the squash-playing community. All
e-mails to the membership are sent by MA Squash. Although we may include items and events of interest to our members other than our own events,
such as information about tournaments, squash camps, etc., we do not make our e-mail list available for anyone else to communicate directly with the
membership. (We do include e-mail addresses in the information we send to US Squash as part of the membership registration process.)
If you do not currently receive our e-mails and would like to, you can use the box at the bottom of our web site home page,, to join our
e-mail list. You should also be sure that e-mail from us will clear any spam blocker, firewall or filter you may have and that your ISP (e.g., Comcast) does
not block our e-mails.. If you do receive our e-mails and would like to be removed from our list, just click on the SafeUnsubscribe link that is at the bottom
of each e-mail. If you prefer, you can also be added to, or removed from, our e-mail distribution list, by sending a note to
                                                                                                                Fall 2010 Mass Squash News 21
                                      Squash: More Than A Game
                                                        By Abhi R. Mitra
At the end of my first day playing squash, I would not let go of the racket. The game seemed to me so cerebral, yet at such a fast pace.
As I went through the twice-weekly recreational squash program at BB&N that winter, I was elated to see myself and others around me
improve, but I kept thinking that there could be so much more. Our “team,” an unorganized bunch of individuals, included only one
bona-fide squash player, Adam Vartikar ’08 (now Harvard ’12 and on their squash team), the senior who started this experiment and
volunteered to help supervise it. There were no coaches, there were limited facilities.
The journey to a team involved many challenges. We needed our Athletic Director’s support, access to squash courts, parent liaisons, a
coach, and a faculty supervisor/assistant coach.
The process began with my setting up the Squash Club at BB&N at the start of the 2008-09 year.

 As the president of the club, I realized that my first task was to canvas my fellow students and persuade them that this wasn’t just a pie in
the sky and that though there was a risk , this could become real if they showed their desire to commit. As I became “the squash guy,” my
recruiting efforts began to pay off. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors were all represented in our group of over twenty people, ensuring an
enthusiastic player base for the future.

Meanwhile, we were in the process of trying to find court space. NCAA rules and unfeasible commutes ruled out many, but finally a match
was found: MIT was willing, after much cajoling by my father, to rent its facilities.
Come winter, on our first day, we soon found that the bus driver did not know where to go, that we didn’t know what courts we had, and
that our faculty supervisor had to leave early and therefore we did as well. The vast majority of our players had never even touched a racket
before. We also found beautiful facilities, an experienced coach, and a love of the game.
The program was very successful in its first year, that is, 2008-09. We had over 20 students participating, coverage in the student
newspaper, a write-up on the school website and lots of interest from parents. That has formed a strong base for continuing with the Squash
Club this year. I don’t think it would be out of place to mention that BB&N’s longer term desire is to build on this momentum and see what
it would take to make squash an ISL sport. We’ve applied to US Squash for the Junior Development Endowment Fund (JDEF) grant for
BB&N, and are hopeful of a positive response.

That first day was over two years ago, and my passion for the game has increased

I love this game and take every opportunity to play and be involved. I passed the US Squash exam this summer and am now a certified club
level referee. I am volunteering as a coach at Kidsquash this season and enjoying it more than I thought I would. I played in the MSRA
Junior Championships earlier this year and am now ranked 23rd in the state. I’ve also been playing in the 2008-09 MSRA Junior Squash
League at Dana Hall, Wellesley and won the last one held in November.

Squash is central to how I live, and my love for it has influenced me deeply. Every time I meet a fellow squash player I immediately see
the hold that the sport has on them and the passion that squash kindles in so many. I am lucky to be someone who found squash, and I wish
only that I can continue it throughout my life.

               Juniors Abound at the University Club of Boston
                                                 ~Kristen and Allison Rubin

“It’s unbelievable to see so many junior squash players at the Club these days!” says Chris Spahr, The Head Pro at the University Club. “At
last count, we have more than 160 actively involved players.”
It’s not surprising when you see the number of programs and initiatives the energetic Pro Staff at the University Club offers its junior
members: weekday junior clinics, Saturday morning clinics, elite and top junior training sessions, inter-club matches, in-house round robins
and player matching services for games against other juniors and adults. The four coaches also have a very active private lesson schedule
Weekends are particularly active as junior players come over to the Club and pick up games, solo hit and play with others. “I see a lot of
parents playing with their kids too! It’s a great family activity and afterwards parents can rejuvenate their tired muscles in the jacuzzi while
the kids swim in the newly renovated pool.”
Additionally, the squash coaching staff which includes many returning collegiate players run a series of Summer Squash Camps. Each
camp is skilled based and has a specific age range too. “Nothing beats a week of hitting balls with correct technique to really improve.”
says Chris.
All this activity has produced some very exceptional players demonstrated by the 49 nationally ranked juniors last season.
“We are having a lot of fun here at the Club,” says Chris. “Whether you aspire to a national ranking, to play on your school team or learn a
new sport it’s a game for life. We have many players in their 80s to prove that case!”

22 Mass Squash News Fall 2010
Harvard University Men's and Women's

     Remaining Home Matches this season

Opponent                                  Date/Time

Trinity                                   Wed, 1/26/11, 5 pm

Yale                                      Sat, 2/12/11, 1 pm

CSA Team Championships                    Fri-Sun, 2/25 - 2/27/11

All matches are at the Harvard Murr courts

More info at Harvard Athletics:

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