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					The Window                                                 A Monthly Publication of Temple Beth Shalom
Volume 38, No. 8                                               August 2010                                           Av/Elul 5770

                                                                              The Campaign To Insure Our Future
 August First Friday!                                                                Continues To Grow!
   Friday, August 6th, 2010
                                                                            We are pleased to announce that the Capital Campaign
      Service at 6:15 p.m.                                               to Insure our Future has raised $1,137,650 toward our
      Dinner at 7:15 p.m.                                                goal of $1,600,000!
                                                                            Temple Beth Shalom extends a heartfelt thanks to the
               Join us for this fun family                               following new campaign donors:
                friendly First Friday service featuring great                             Janice & Leonard Brillson
                music, an interactive story and fun for the                                 Howard & Phyllis Byer
                 whole family! Stay after the service for a                              Esther Chipps & Steve Teich
                delicious Shabbat dinner and activities for                                  Beth & Tim Gerber
                                   the kids!                                               Deborah & David Lefton
                                                                                           Andie & Adam Malinger
    $10/Adult, $5/child with a max of $30 per family.                                      Arnie & Sandi Richmond
   or 855.4882                                                       Rachel Siegfried
                                                                            We are delighted to introduce to you two of our recent
                                                                         donors to The Campaign to Insure our Future:

                                                                                           Janice & Leonard Brillson
                                                                            Janice and Len joined Temple Beth Shalom when they
     TBS Welcome Back BBQ!                                               moved to Columbus in 1997. As newcomers to the city, they
Come and say hello to some old                                           wanted a connection to the Jewish community. Once we
                                                                         joined, Janice says, “Temple allowed me to find relation-
 friends and make some new                                               ships and friendships that were comfortable for me as I was
    ones! Delicious food and                                             new to Columbus. I attended a woman’s group Kitchen
     activities for all ages!                                            Shower, I did not know anyone. When I went, I found every-
                                                                         one to be incredibly welcoming, and that made all the dif-
   Sunday, August 22nd,                                                  ference in the world”.
                                                                            Regarding the importance of the campaign, Janice notes,
        5:00 p.m.                                                        “Nothing in life can stay static, otherwise it decays, and this
            At the Wexner Community                                      is true for Temple. In order to maintain its services to its
                                                                         membership, Temple has to continue to emerge and meet
               Park in New Albany                                        the changing needs of the community.”
                 (across from the Plain Township, Aquatic Center, 7650
                                 Swickard Woods Blvd)
                                                                            Describing their inspiration for contributing to the cam-
                                                                         paign, Janice says, “Both of our (Len and I) grandparents
                 Main Dish Provided, Bring Nut-Free                      immigrated to the United States for the right to be Jewish in
                  Side Salads and Desserts to Share                      an open way—It’s a gift we have! Our grandparents and par-
                   Watch for More Information in the Mail!               ents made it possible for us, so we naturally feel it’s our
          or 855.4882 to RSVP                  obligation to support Jewish life and opportunities for the
                                                                                                                    (Continued on page 13)

                                                         Also In This Issue...
  Director’s Cut        Page 2                       Cantorial Corner            Page 5          High Holy Days Info         Page 8
  Rabbi’s Reflections   Page 3                       WBS                         Page 5          Yahrzeits                   Page 13
  Co-Presidents’ Corner Page 4                       Education News              Page 6          Monthly Calendar            Page 15

Page 2

     Temple Beth Shalom
       5089 Johnstown Road
      New Albany, Ohio 43054
  614—855—4882 | 614—855—4689 fax
                                                Director’s Cut |              Adam L. Inlander, Executive Director
          Board of Trustees                                                         Managing Change
Joel Kent, Miriam Siegfried
Mike Rothstein                                     EVERYTHING SUBJECT TO TIME IS LIABLE TO CHANGE. —Rabbi Joseph Albo, Sefer-ha-Ikkarim
                                 VP, Finance
Rolf Kaufman                                       Change. We may not like it, but it is simply a part of the human condition. It is inevi-
                          VP, Administration
Mindy Agin
                                                table. What is not inevitable is how we choose to respond to change, or better yet, how
                           VP, Programming      we plan for change.
David Neubauer                                     Temple Beth Shalom has undergone many changes in the past few years. There have
                                  Treasurer     been changes in personnel, changes in musical styles, and even changes in the look of
Barry Yaillen
                                   Secretary    the billing statements. In this month’s The Window you may read about several more
Joan Wurmbrand                                  coming changes. Additionally, TBS is facing many changes in the near term and long
                    Immediate Past President    term. We potentially face changing community demographics, financial uncertainty,
Lynn Dobb               Evan DuBro              changing societal norms, and much more.
Michael Griffaton       Hilda Glazer               How can TBS best cope with all these potential changes? Our TBS leaders must plan
Diane Herman            Steven Herman
David Lynn              Toni Shoap              for the future so that our synagogues can cope with “change”. Luckily, they are!
Sean Silver                                        Under Miriam Siegfried and Joel Kent’s direction, our congregation, our sacred com-
                                   Trustees     munity, has begun to plan for a myriad of changes facing TBS. As a member of TBS with
Debbie Leasure (WBS) Paul Roth (TBSMC)          a vested interest in the Temple’s long term success, you are encouraged lend your voice
Morrisa Cohen, Alice Hirsh (BeSTY)              to the discussions about our future. Lending leadership and joining in the discussion will
                         Affiliate Trustees
                                                help our community plan for a future TBS we know will look different than the one we
             Executive Staff                    have today.
Rabbi Howard L. Apothaker, Ph.D.                   Institutions, like people, undergo change all the time as a natural aspect of growth.
                                Senior Rabbi    “Change” can be productive and exciting if the process of change is well thought out,
Rabbi Benjy A. Bar-Lev
                                                inclusive, and even fun! Luckily, at TBS our process has all three!
     Assistant Rabbi / Director of Education
Rabbi Deborah Lefton
                          Identity Specialist                                       Building Expansion
Gail Rose                                          The building capacity will be expanding this fall, although the building itself will not
                              Music Director
Adam L. Inlander
                                                be getting larger. With the tremendous growth in the Kehillat Torah/Sunday School over
                          Executive Director    the last year, TBS finds itself needing three additional classroom spaces. With the guid-
                                                ance of the Religious school committee, Rabbi Benjy has proposed a creative solution to
               Support Staff                    the need for additional space: movable walls. This fall in addition to the Art Resource
Nick Ciranni                                    Room (across from the elevator) being converted to a classroom, the social hall will be
                                Song Leader
Trina Moffat                                    further divided with movable walls to create two additional classroom spaces. While this
                 Office & Rabbi’s Assistant     solution is creative AND inexpensive, it is not free. Temple Beth Shalom maintains sev-
Jo Valentine-Cooper                             eral donor-advised designated funds that support unique initiatives such as this, and in
              P.R. Assistant & IT Specialist    this case, the Board of Trustees turned to two of these advised funds for financial sup-
Penny Williams
                                Bookkeeper      port. Thanks to the generous financial support of the Stanley Schwartz, Jr. Endowment
                                                Fund and the Bennett Cohen—Lauren Feibel Endowment fund, our children will have
       Compiled and Edited by                   new classrooms this fall.
Adam L. Inlander        Jo Valentine-Cooper
                                                                               Sharing Our Lives...

                                                 • Condolences to Cindy Ravitsky on the deaths of Char-
                                                   lotte Ravitsky and Arnoldo Roldan.
                 About Us                        • Mazel Tov to Nellie and George Nagy on the recent
Temple Beth Shalom is a warm and
inclusive congregation whose members are           birth of a granddaughter, Scarlett Ruth Demond-
inspired to explore and express Judaism            Axelord.
within the broad and dynamic framework
of Reform beliefs and practices. We seek         • Mazel Tov to the Temple children (pictured) who per-
to provide Jewish spiritual, educational
and social opportunities which encourage            formed in the New Albany Arts Council’s July 2010
personal development and social responsi-           production of Beauty and the Beast. From left: Aenea
bility as well as promote greater knowl-            Keren, Julia Spector, Joshua Inlander.
edge of our Jewish history and culture.

                                                                                                                                      Page 3

Rabbi’s Reflections
Rabbi Howard L. Apothaker, Ph.D.
         Tis the Season … to Learn How to Apologize                            (vidui) uttered aloud and given public expression. But he
                                                                               continues that for the apology to be effective the injured
1. Who said: “I am resigning because my support in Con-                        party has received due compensation and has also been ap-
    gress has eroded.”                                                         peased.” (Laws of Repentance, 1-2). Indeed, some note that
2. Who said: “I am sorry we went to war in Iraq under the                      the process of atonement has not been completed, finally,
    premise that there was WMD.”                                               until a person faces a similar situation in the future and
3. Who apologized for to supporters with the words, “for                       takes a different, morally-sound course of action. And so we
    the cloud passed over Idaho.”                                              have a six step process, the six “R’s”:
4. Who said: “I will apologize to Michael J. Fox if I am                       1. Recognition—admission of wrongdoing;
    wrong in characterizing his behavior on this commercial                    2. Remorse—inner soulful response;
    as an act.”                                                                3. Reconciliation—social communication with the injured
5. Who said: “While I disagree with the president’s state-                          party;
    ment, my comments were inappropriate and regretta-                         4. Restitution—for real and future loss of material, time
    ble. I extend sincere apologies to the president for this                       and dignity;
    lack of civility.”                                                         5. Resolve—to change conduct;
6. “Alcohol loosens your tongue and makes you act, say and                     6. Result—behaving different under similar circumstances.
    behave in a way that is not you…. I have battled with                         In short, words must be followed by actions if they are to
    the disease of alcoholism for all my adult life and pro-                   be given any credence, because deeds have consequences.
    foundly regret my horrific relapse.”                                       Indeed, after some arm-twisting (others called this “a shake
7. “For me to be at a comedy club and flip out and say this                    down”) from the President, BP established a $20 billion dol-
    (delete), I’m deeply, deeply sorry.”                                       lar fund to compensate those whose livelihoods have been
8. “IF I have hurt anyone, I regret it.”                                       ruined by the spill.
9. “It never should have happened, and I am deeply sorry                          There is a story in the Torah in which Moses, while in the
    that it did…. It is a tragedy…. I know this incident has                   wilderness, has done something wrong. He hits a rock to pro-
    had a profound impact. I deeply regret that. I also                        duce water instead of doing as commanded and speaking to
    deeply regret the impact the spill has had on the envi-                    the rock. As a result, God tells him that he will not lead the
    ronment.”                                                                  people into the Promised Land. So what did Moses do that
10. “Everyone could see the passion I have for my job….                        was so bad?
    While I do not agree with the line call, in the heat of                       One can imagine Moses saying to his pals, “Okay, I dis-
    battle I let my emotions get the better of me and han-                     obeyed, the command was to produce water from the rock
    dled the situation poorly.”                                                by speaking to it instead of hitting it. I lost my temper, but
11. “I want to amend my press statement of yesterday…. I                       the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.”
    want to sincerely apologize to the lineswoman, to Kim                         Neither Moses’ misapprehension nor his loss of temper
    Clijsters, to the USTA, and to tennis fans everywhere for                  annoyed God. Moses’ lapse was not in his initial misconduct.
    my inappropriate outburst. I am a woman of great pride,                    What was the problem was that Moses deceived himself into
    faith, and integrity, and I admit when I am wrong. I                       thinking he had done nothing wrong, so that he had no rea-
    need to make it clear to all young people that I handled                   son to apologize, no cause to go through the six R’s.
    myself inappropriately, and it is not the way to act,”                        The result of deception is that leads to self-deception.
12. “I am terribly depressed and should be in a rehab.”                        Worse, it nullifies regret; stimulates no reason to say “I’m
13. “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”                             sorry” allows for no real reconciliation, no future results. It
                                                                               was for this that he was fired: Deception, Self-deception,
(1) President Richard Nixon. (2) No One. (3) Senator Larry Craig of Idaho      and a future of certain relapse. Brother Moses had many ad-
after pleading guilty for bathroom incident. (4) Rush Limbaugh on the Fox’s
Parkinson’s-effected body motions. (5) Representative Joe Wilson at Obama
                                                                               mirable qualities, but he also had become an archetype for
State of the Union; (6) Director Mel Gibson after saying, “the Jews are re-    many of the leaders who have followed him down through
sponsible for all the wars in the world”.; (7) Comic Michael Richards          the centuries.
(Kramer); (8) Lots of folks, including Former District Attorney Mike Nifong,      Most leaders say, if anything: “Mistakes were made” in-
because of whom three Duke Lacrosse players were expelled from school,);
(9) BP Chief Tony Hayward; (10) Serena Williams; (11) Serena Williams,
                                                                               stead of: “I made a mistake.” Most leaders deny account-
again; (12) Love Story, Erich Segal, both Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal in the   ability and shift culpability when things go wrong. They do
film; (13) former LAPD Officer Mark Foley (on Simpson Trial)                   not utter simple, honest words of regret: “I made a mistake,
                                                                               and I am sorry.” On the Days of Awe upcoming, and as we
  For Jews, love IS having to say you’re sorry, but not just                   approach them during this month of Elul, we are challenged
saying.                                                                        to mimic the words of the Chief Priest of Israel: Aviti, pa-
  Our great legalist, Maimonides (d. 1204), noted that rec-                    shati, hatati—I have sinned, I have rebelled, I have commit-
onciliation for a misdeed begins with a verbal confession                                                                 (Continued on page 10)

Page 4

Co-Presidents’ Corner
Miriam Siegfried and Joel Kent, TBS Co-Presidents
   I hope you are all having a wonderful summer. In last         ordinating the luncheon this year. Look for info in The Win-
month’s article, Joel and I mentioned some of the various        dow and e-Window on how you can participate. Another
volunteer positions we have held at temple over the years.       High Holy Days volunteer opportunity is to join the Usher
This month I would like to recognize some of our current         Corps for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Services. Marc
volunteers and let you know about opportunities that exist       Ankerman will be coordinating that effort again this year.
for you to volunteer at or with TBS members.                        If you are looking for Social Action Opportunities, we have
   Noteworthy this month is the work that has been done by       several dedicated congregants that will help you find an out-
the Facility Committee where I am joined by Don Feibel,          let for volunteerism. Co-chairs Maddy Weisz and Karen
David Neubauer and Adam Inlander. On your visits to the          Cohen now head our BREAD Committee. BREAD stands for
temple you should notice construction activity including in-     Building Responsibility, Equity, and Dignity, and its mission
stallation of new windows in the cupola (the feature that        is “People of faith building power to “do justice”. Our newly
rises above the sanctuary roof), replacement of the dump-        revitalized and renamed Mitzvah Corps is co-chaired by Sue
ster screen, window repairs, interior and exterior painting,     Lazerwitz and Debbie Charna. Look for some information to
sidewalk repairs and resurfacing of the parking lot. Congre-     be distributed at HHD on how you can be part of the Mitzvah
gant Matt Romanoff generously volunteered his time and           Corps. As in previous years, we will ask your participation in
the time of his employee Mark Nelson of Romanoff Electric        the High Holy Day food drive. Join us in providing non-
to act as the owner’s representative for this project. If you    perishable food items that will be collected and donated to
see any of these TBS members please be sure and thank            local food banks. Andi Kool-Tucker with help from Rabbi
them for all the hard work they have put into making these       Debbie Lefton has been coordinating our Caring Circle. This
improvements a reality. These much-needed repairs and            group reaches out to welcome our new members, and pro-
improvements would not have been possible without all of         vides support to members in need by acts of loving kindness
the generous donations to the Capital Campaign. Look for a       such as providing Shiva meals, sending cards of well wishes
separate article in The Window for updates on the Campaign       and providing transportation to doctors appointments.
to Insure Our Future.                                               This is just a sampling of the ways that you can become
   With High Holy Days right around the corner, there is an      more involved in our temple community. For more informa-
annual volunteer opportunity—the congregant prepared Rosh        tion on any of these opportunities either contact these con-
Hashanah Kiddush luncheon. Our seasoned members look             gregants (info listed in the temple directory), send an e-mail
forward to this chance to reconnect with good friends. For       to Joel or me at or contact the tem-
our new members this is a wonderful opportunity to meet          ple office at 855-4882.
fellow congregants (and show off your baking skills). Debbie
Leasure (president of the Women of Beth Shalom) and Lynn         Miriam Siegfried
Dobb (Volunteer Coordinator—Board of Trustees) will be co-

                                                                     Bring a little New York                    Catering
                                                                       to your next event.
                                                                    Call Dane: 614 578-7793                                    o   n
                                                                                         Top Dog
                                                                                          (Hebrew National)
                                                                                            & Knishes
                                                                       Party      for all your Hot Dog Needs
                                                                         &         New York City Push Cart
                                                                       Simchas Come say hello every Fourth Friday     Events
                                                                           in uptown Westerville between State & Maine!

                                                                  Get all the latest information, Temple gossip, crazy pictures, video
   Become a Fan of                                               and much much more when you become a fan of Temple Beth Sha-
 Temple Beth Shalom                                             lom on Facebook. Just search for Temple Beth Shalom, find our page
                                                                and click “become a fan” on the top of the page. It’s that easy to stay
    on Facebook!                                                     connected to Beth Shalom and other “fans” of our Temple!

                                                                                                                        Page 5

Cantorial Corner                                                   Women of Beth Shalom
Gail Rose, Cantorial Soloist                                       Debbie Leasure, WBS President
   I recently participated in an online survey. The adminis-          The last time I assumed a leadership role was when I was
trators of this survey wanted us to rate each statement rang-      eight years old, when I was chosen to be the president of
ing from 5 (strongly agree) to 1 (disagree). I found myself        the club made up of ex-Brownies that we founded after we
giving all of the statements a 5 or 4.                             all got kicked out of the neighborhood troop for various rea-
   Can you guess what the topic was?                               sons. My offense? I objected to wearing a uniform. Although I
Here are the first five clues:                                     don’t remember the others’ infractions, I do remember it
  1. Helps people increase their overall Jewish knowledge.         was not easy getting this group of misfits and malcontents to
  2. It enables people to understand Israel in new ways.           agree upon the rules for anything we did, but we had a lot of
  3. Gives people a spiritual experience in a Jewish context.      fun.
  4. It helps people emotionally connect with their Judaism.          So, forty some years later, I thank you for the opportunity
  5. Makes people feel closer to the land and people of Is-        to lead the Women of Beth Shalom. I see my role as the
       rael.                                                       president as helping us to refine and redefine who we are
Do you need more clues? I’m happy to offer more:                   and how we can advance the mission of the Temple, while
  6. Provides people with a Jewish social network.                 having great fun doing it.
  7. It enhances their experience of prayer.                          In the next few months, we will be inviting temple mem-
  8. It bonds people with others who are striving toward a         bers to join us in several discussion groups to set the direc-
       set of common goals.                                        tion of the WBS. Contact me if you are interested in partici-
Do you have the answer yet? These are your last two clues:         pating. If you are new at the temple, this is a great way to
  9. It is something that one can contribute to the Jewish         meet your fellow congregants. If you have experience with
       community.                                                  sisterhoods, we need your ideas. If this is all totally new to
  10. It lets people express their religious feelings or beliefs   you, we also desire your input—no experience necessary!
       through music and provides a community of people               For those of you who will be renewing your membership—
       who share their love of music.                              welcome back. For those of you who are still unaffiliated, I,
   The topic was: Jewish Choir Participation.                      and the rest of our board members— vice president Madalyn
   One is able to experience all ten of these statements           Benjamin, treasurer and immediate past president Laurel
when you are part of the Temple Beth Shalom Choir, The             Zulliger and secretary Adlai Neubauer, invite you to join the
Sharyonim. The Sharyonim Choir is a warm and welcoming             club.
chavurah (friendship) group. No former choir experience is            On a more personal note: As the founder and first presi-
necessary to join. If you can sing in tune and are available       dent of the Women of Beth Shalom, Barbara Dowell fash-
Tuesday evenings from 7:30–9:00 pm you are cordially in-           ioned the WBS into a viable, energetic group of involved and
vited to join us.                                                  interesting women. While we flourished under the leadership
   Rehearsals for the High Holy Days will begin Tuesday, Au-       that followed—Fran Lamster, Hilda Glazer, Linda Sher and
gust 3rd from 7:30–9:00 pm.                                        Laurel Zulliger, we will always be grateful to Barbara for her
   Hope to see you at rehearsals!                                  devotion to the organization. For those who know Barbara,
                                                                   you know that she and her family are in tremendous pain
Gail Rose                                                          right now. I’m sure she’d be happy to hear from some of her
Cantorial Soloist/Music Director                                   old friends at TBS. If you want to drop her a line, her email
                                                                   address is

                                                                   Debbie Leasure

                                                                      (We are working with the temple office to improve elec-
                                                                   tronic communications and establish a link to the website.
                                                                   In the meantime, please direct any communications to deb-
                                                          You can also leave a message for
                                                                   the WBS by calling the temple office at 855-4882)

Page 6

Education News
Rabbi Benjy A. Bar-Lev
Shalom Temple Beth Shalom Family,                                 Beth Shalom to train our teachers on the very best way to
                                                                  teach the material.
   It’s hard to believe it, but yes, as I walked through Meijer      You will also notice a change to our High School Aide pro-
the other day, I saw a huge display marked “Back to               gram, the Madrichim Program. Last year, we had almost 40
School!” While the back to school season marks the end of         high school students show up each Sunday morning to help
our lighter Temple calendar, it also is an exciting time for      teach the younger students and help our adult teachers. The
all of us staff here at TBS to put our finishing touches on       program was very successful, and we are hoping to
planning for this school year.                                    strengthen it even further this year. We are thrilled to have
   For the 2010-2011 school year at Kehillat Torah, our Reli-     Andi Malinger and Leah Apothaker heading up the program
gious School here at Beth Shalom, we are quite excited to         as Madrichim Coordinator and Madrichim Mentor respec-
continue building on the positive momentum of the last cou-       tively. Andi and Leah will train and oversee our Madrichim
ple school years. As we open this school year, Temple fami-       and make sure they get the professional development they
lies should notice a few changes that are sure to further en-     need to succeed. We are thrilled to have both Andi and Leah
hance our great program.                                          spearheading the program this year!
   First, you may be aware that we are totally reinvigorating        Finally, you will notice a physical change during Religious
the way we teach Hebrew here at Temple Beth Shalom. We            School, as we are adding three more classrooms to our
are switching to a brand-new curriculum from Behrman              space. The new classrooms will be used for Hebrew teach-
House Publishers, a trusted name in Hebrew education. This        ing, so that there will be two classes for each Hebrew grade
new curriculum introduces new and exciting ways to famil-         (two 3rd grade rooms, two fourth grade rooms, etc). We have
iarize our students with Hebrew reading, prayer vocabulary,       recently obtained some movable walls, in order to divide up
Torah trope, and some grammar too. The program, called            the Social Hall and add two more classrooms. We are also
“Kol Yisrael,” ties in-class learning to online learning that     converting the Teacher Resource Room (the room across
our students will do at home during the week. Each in-class       from the elevator on the ground floor) into a classroom.
lesson has an online game component associated with it, so        While these spaces are not perfect, we are hoping that they
that students can review reading and prayer meaning by            will help enable our students to learn Hebrew in a class of
playing games against themselves and other Jewish kids            no more than 12-14 students.
around the country. Our Hebrew teachers will be able to              If you haven’t been to Kehillat Torah on a Sunday morn-
monitor both the students classroom progress as well as           ing, I invite you to come and check it out! The energy is in-
their online progress, and will also be available to communi-     fectious! Our first day of school is Sunday, September 12th.
cate with students when they have questions. We are
thrilled to be having Terry Kaye, the Vice President of Behr-     L’Shalom,
man House and designer of this program, coming to Temple          Rabbi Benjy

                                                                                                                       Page 7

              Ethan Gaines First Aliyah                                         Julia Spector First Aliyah
                                  Ethan Gaines, son of Joshua         Julia Spector, daughter of Howard
                               Gaines and Kimberly Baker,          and Lisa Spector, will be called to the
                               will be called to the Torah as a    Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on Saturday,
                               Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, Au-        August 21, 2010 at 10:00am. She will
                               gust 28, 2010 at 10:00am. He        be reading from Parshat Ki Tetze. She
                               will be reading from Parshat Ki     has one sister (Emily), and is the grand-
                               Tavo. He has four brothers and      daughter of Harriet and Les Kallenberg,
                               sisters (Austin Gaines, Romi        and Marvin and Brenda Spector.
                               Winston, Nolan Winston, and            ”I loved working every week with
                               Lydia Baker), and is the grand-     Rabbi Benjy to prepare for my Bat
                               son of Morrisa and Don McCoy        Mitzvah,” Julia tells us. “I am excited
                               and Pam and Dennis Bergeron.        to share this once in a lifetime oppor-
                                  “I thank my family for en-       tunity with my family and friends. I
                               couraging me and being sup-         believe that I worked very hard, and I enjoyed the challenge
                               portive of me throughout all of     of learning my Torah portion.”
                               the time that I have been              Julia is a student at New Albany Middle School. She has
studying Torah,” Ethan tells us. “I feel thrilled to finally be-   been dancing since age 3 at the New Albany Ballet Company;
come a Bar-Mitzvah and I will treasure this experience for         she additionally enjoys theater, writing, the piano, art, and
the rest of my life. My recent trip to Israel has helped me to     spending time with her friends and family. She also partici-
connect myself with the Jewish people; such as when I went         pates in her school choir and Broadway Junior performances
to an archeological dig where I saw a tablet dating back to        through the NAAC. For her Mitzvah Project, Julia collected
the Chanukah story. Overall, I am very excited to become a         essential and desired items and created beautiful packages
Jewish adult.”                                                     for homeless children. We’re told that she especially en-
   Ethan is a student at New Albany Middle School. For his         joyed delivering the packages to the children at the Home-
Mitzvah Project, Ethan has been supporting Operation Buck-         less Families foundation—“It felt great to give back to my
eye with time and supplies. He described it as follows:            community.”
“Operation Buckeye sends “care packages” to American                  Julia’s tutoring was provided by Rabbi Benjy Bar-Lev.
troops as a way to thank them and to bring a piece of home
to them. When I was in Israel last month, I packed similar
boxes for Israeli “lone soldiers” (foreign-born Israeli soldier
whose families are not in Israel). I then sat between two            What A Difference An Usher Can Make—
lone soldiers at dinner and learned more about why they left
their home country and joined the Israeli Army. I am thank-              Usher At The High Holy Days!
ful for the efforts of the Israeli and the American military          What can you do to assist us in having another successful
and that’s why I’m helping Operation Buckeye.”                     High Holy Days season? Join the Temple Beth Shalom Usher
   Ethan’s tutoring was provided by Rabbi Benjy Bar-Lev.           Corps. Every year we continue the tradition of keeping our
                                                                   Temple a warm and welcoming place by meeting and greet-
                                                                   ing our guests at the front door of our Temple on ALL the
 Tot Shabbat Shofar Showdown!                                      High Holy Day services. We also do our best to accommodate
                                                                   our growing population at services by assisting in seating at
  Join all your friends for a fun-filled                           our services.
 time on Shabbat afternoon! We will                                   We very much appreciate the fabulous feedback from our
                                                                   members, but even more the potential members and guests
    tell stories, sing songs, make art
                                                                   who wish us a Yom Tov, Good Yuntiv, and Hag Samach… (We
   projects, and even eat a delicious                              promise to give you some new great lines too!) We could
 snack! It will be a great way to start                            really use some new faces at our doors this year (as well as
      the High Holy Day season!                                    the famous and fabulous ones we always have!). Please join
                                                                   us by being a greeter, a helper, an usher, a “shoosher”, or a
           SATURDAY                                                director (sorry Adam, we need all the help we can get).
                                                                      There is lots of help needed, and you can make a real dif-
   August 21st at 4:00 p.m.
                                                                   ference! Join the corps by sending an email to Marc Anker-
      Please RSVP to 855-4882 or                                   man ( We really appreciate your sup-
        by 8/19.                         port, as do the many members and guests who join us during
  Join Rabbi Benjy, Mindy Aginand lots more friends for this       the High Holy Days. We will have a brief (very brief) meeting
                     AMAZING event!                                before the actual Holidays to go over the details. Send your
                                                                   email today—you will be making a difference in the service
                                                                   and for your Temple.

Page 8

         5771 High Holy Days 2010
                                High Holy Days Services Schedule
      Friday, September 3—Selichot Theme Service                          Friday, September 17—Kol Nidre
6:15pm: Selichot Themed Service with the Sharyonim             6:30pm: Twilight Service
                                                                   8:00pm: Evening Service
    Wednesday, September 8—Erev Rosh HaShanah
6:30pm: Twilight Service                                                           Saturday, September 18—
8:00pm: Evening Service                                                                       Yom Kippur
                                                                                          8:45am: Morning Service
     Thursday, September 9—Rosh HaShanah                                                  10:15am: Preschool Service
8:45am:   Morning Service                                                                10:15am: Youth Service (Grades
10:15am: Preschool Service                                                     8-12)
10:15am: Youth Service (Grades 8-12)                                          10:15am: Sanctuary Service
10:15am: Sanctuary Service                                                   12:30pm: Book Discussion
12:30pm: Kiddush Reception (see below!)                                    1:45pm: Special Learning Opportunities
1:00pm: Tashlikh                                                         2:45pm: Spiritual Journeys Discussion
1:45pm: Humanistic Voice Service                                         3:45pm: Afternoon Service
                                                                          4:30pm: Yizkor, Neilah
   Friday, September 10—Rosh HaShanah II, Erev                           6:30pm: Break Fast
                        Shabbat Shuvah
10:30am: Rosh HaShanah II Service (in the                                       Wednesday, September 22—Erev Sukkot
            sanctuary)                                                       6:15pm: Erev Sukkot
8:00pm: Erev Shabbat Shuvah Service
                                                                                          Friday, October 1—
 Saturday, September 11—Shabbat Shuvah                                                Simchat Torah First Friday
10:00am: Shabbat Shuvah Service                                              10:00am: Simchat Torah Service
                                                                             7:15pm: First Friday Dinner

              A Sweet & Tasty New Year Tradition Continues!                                      Please remember that all
                                                                                                 of your accounts for
   Rosh HaShannah Kiddush at Temple Beth Shalom has become a tradition following the adult       this past fiscal year (FY
service and before Taslikh begins. Each year congregation members gather in the social hall to   2009-2010) need to be
enjoy a little “nosh” and connect with one another as the Jewish New Year begins. This year      brought up to date to
we look forward to continuing this tradition that exemplifies the warmth our Temple commu-
                                                                                                 receive High Holy Day
nity has grown to love and appreciate.
                                                                                                 tickets, unless you have
   We invite all temple members to participate in some way to help support the Rosh Hashan-
nah Kiddush. We welcome contributions of home made baked goods- preferably finger foods,
                                                                                                 made arrangements with
such as cookies, brownies or non crumply cakes. We also graciously accept your financial con-    the Executive Director.
tributions to help us with expenses so that we can provide the traditional egg salad, tuna and   Refer to your statement
breads we’ve all come to love and look forward to.                                               for details.
   We need some volunteers to make egg and tuna salad at Temple the day before Rosh Hasha-
nah. If you are able to help out on Wednesday September 8, please consider volunteering your     If you have any questions
time to that; we will have the time honored recipe!                                              about the state of your
   We are aware that there are congregation members that have special dietary needs and          account, please don’t
want to ensure the safest and best way to address these needs. Please call or email Lynn or      hesitate to call
Debbie so that we can make proper arrangements.                                                  the Temple Of-
   We thank you for your support of this time honored tradition. Please email Lynn Dobb at       fice at 855- or Debbie Leasure at with what you are            4882.
willing to contribute. All financial contributions can be made out to TBS and mailed to the
temple Attention: Rosh HaShannah Kiddush. We look forward to starting the new year on a
sweet note as our temple family comes together on September 9.

                  Page 9
Page 10

                   Rabbi’s Reflections                             The Third Friday of Each
(Continued from page 3)                                            Month Is…
ted iniquity.
   The public personality must learn how to say: “I was
wrong and I am sorry.” Indeed, Kol Hakavod
(congratulations) to the leader who says: “I was wrong and I
                                                                   Shabbat Chai!
                                                                   Beth Shalom’s Entirely Musical,
ask your forgiveness. Apologizing and admitting our mistakes
is a sign of strength, and not of weakness. One who fails at        Lively, Toe-Tapping service
this is unfit to lead, and, like Moses, he must be replaced.        featuring our Shabband of
   Do you falsely apologize by indicating that the party you          Guitar, Piano, Flute, Violin, String Bass,
injured actually DESERVED it? Or claimed, “Well, I wasn’t
serious,” indicating that the hurt party shouldn’t be so seri-       Percussion, Mandolin and beautiful Vocals!
ous, again a shifting of guilt … that is, as if saying, “You are
weak. Why should I apologize?” Or said, “Well, I didn’t mean         6:15 p.m. Friday, August 20th
to offend,” as if saying, “It wasn’t me. It was you. Your mis-
understanding of my intent.”                                                         Bring your own tambourine
   It is the claim of our tradition that we cannot undo the
past but that we can atone for it, and that, if we really want                          or borrow one of ours!
to, that if we really try, we end the deception and self-
                                                                                                    FDA Warning:
deception and really apologize. Moses crashed and lost the                           Attending Shabbat Chai may have side
opportunity to enter the Promised Land, not for the sins that                         effects of Singing, Dancing and Having
he committed—but for engaging in deception instead of                                lots of Fun during services. Don’t consult
apologizing.                                                                            your doctors, bring them with you!
   Can you move from the “selfish apology” to the “sincere
   The sincere approach is short and sweet, and sounds
something like this: “I’m sorry I hurt you. I want to know
how I can make it up to you. But be assured, I'll be careful
to see that it doesn't happen again.” Clean, direct, no ex-
cuses. If you’d been hurt, wouldn’t you feel better after
receiving such an apology?
      Let me finish with a favorite story. General George Pat-
ton was a rough, tough, army general during WW II. And he
was a person utterly incapable of ever admitting it when he
made a mistake. And the story is told that he once went to a
social event, and the waiter served him a glass of wine—in a
paper cup. Patton thought that it was coffee, not wine, and
so he put some cream in it, and then he put some sugar in
it. The waiter was hesitant. Should he tell General Patton
that he had made a mistake or not? Finally, he gathered up
his courage and said: “Excuse me, sir, but that is wine you
are drinking, not coffee”. The general looked around the
room, and realized that everyone could see that he had
made a mistake. “That’s alright,” he said. “This is the way I
like to drink my wine”. And he swallowed the whole drink—
the wine with the sugar and the cream in it—rather than
admit in public that he had made a mistake.
   Patton is not the only one who has done that. You and I
have often drunk bitter waters that we should not have
rather than admit that we have made a mistake. You and I
have often compounded our mistakes rather than admit
them and correct them, even Moses our Teacher did it, and
we have done it too.
   Talk is cheap. Words do not, cannot, undo deeds. But
words can at least begin the process of restitution and rec-
onciliation as an outward expression of an inward change, as
an acknowledgement of responsibility for one’s actions; a
way of reaching out to the other and to the Other-in-us-All.

                                                                                                                    Page 11

                  Usher In The New Year With
                  Holiday Greetings in The Window
                            Usher in the New Year by sending your holiday greetings to friends, family,
                           neighbors, and your Temple Beth Shalom community through The Window! Your
                              Rosh HaShanah greetings will appear in the September edition, just in time
                                          for the holidays. Fill out and send in the form below!

Your Name(s): _____________________________________________________________________________
                                 Pick A Size And Design Your Greeting Below!
            $18—Business Card (2” x 3.5”)                              $50—Quarter Page (4.75” x 3.625”)

            (Design your Business Card
                   greeting here!)

                                                                                   (Design your
            $30—One-Eighth Page (3” x 3”)
                                                                                   Quarter Page
                                                                                 greeting here!)

                     (Design your
                   One-Eighth Page
                    greeting here!)

                                                                                   Also Available:
                                                                          $90—Half Page (4.75” x 7.5”)
                                                                     (Please design on a separate sheet of paper)

                           PAYMENT METHOD                                                       DEADLINE
 Payment Enclosed (cash or check) Check #: ________
                                                                                              August 20
 Charge My Credit Card:
   Visa     Mastercard     American Express     Discover                          Send in this form by the above date to the
                                                                                                 Temple Office:
 Card Number: ___________________________________ Expires: ___/___                         5089 Johnstown Road
 Bill My Account (a charge will appear on your monthly statement)                          New Albany OH 43054

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              Please support our advertisers!

  Corner’s Beverage Shoppe
      Fine Wine * Beer * Spirits
  1383 E. Johnstown Road, Gahanna
  Open Monday - Saturday 10am to 9pm
   NOW OPEN SUNDAYS! 11am to 6pm

          • All Major Credit Cards!

     • 10% Case discount on wine

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      The Campaign To Insure Our Future                                                Yahrzeits
(Continued from page 1)                                          Observed Friday, August 6:    Observed Friday, August 27:
next generation.”                                                William J. Belford            Sidney Banks
                                                                 Ned Brody                     Mildred Berman
                       Rachel Siegfried                          Frank Feicht                  Paul Block
   We are pleased to salute Rachel as our youngest contribu-     Sally Goldberg                Sylvia Cohen
tor to date! A college student at Case Western Reserve Uni-      Lillian Goldenberg            Phil Colangelo
versity, she is the daughter of Miriam and Ken Siegfried, and    Arthur Handler                Sylvia Corwin
has been attending Temple Beth Shalom since the first            Milton Handler                Sol Eisenman
grade.                                                           Hilary Harper                 Arthur Klein
   Rachel shares, “I fell in love with TBS when I started Sun-   David Kanter                  Daniel Lippy
day school. I continued to attend Sunday school and I also       Bertha Kapnick                Sol Loochtan
participated in youth groups as I got older. I always felt at    Maria Khaikin                 Rachel Irene Meizlish
home at TBS. In all of my other opportunities I experienced      Rose Krivit                   Aida Sternberg
outside of TBS while I was in high school and as I’ve been in    Annie Lazerwitz               Ernestina Tipton
college, I’ve always felt most comfortable with TBS and its      Lillian Levenson
practice of Judaism.”                                            Louis Loochtan              Obseved Friday, September
   Reflecting on the importance of the campaign, Rachel          Suzanne Loschin             3:
states, I would like other kids to have the opportunity to       Milton Mart                 Laura Agin
experience Judaism as I did. This campaign will give others      Ruth Schulte                Sol Blank
the chance to explore Judaism in a comfortable way and           Sue Schuster                Irene Gerson Block
hopefully remain connected to Judaism as they get older.”        Cyril Smilack               LaVerne Charna
   As a result of her wonderful lifelong experience Rachel       Jean Terra                  Shoshanah Cohen
was inspired to contribute to the campaign. As she states, “I    Isadore Wise                Bernard Ehrenberg
wanted to do something with my B’Nai Tzedek fund I’ve had                                    Scot Alexander Elwood
since my Bat Mitzvah. I really wanted to donate my money         Observed Friday, August 13: Bertie Freund
to a cause I really believe in. My hope is that everyone is      Alfred Brody                Anna Molly Gershovitz
encouraged to give what they can to TBS.”                        Edythe Ehrenberg            Gordon Harris
                                                                 Bernard Frackman            Rosalind Helburn
   With a dedicated campaign cabinet and a dynamic profes-       Mildred Guthoff             Kathleen Patton
sional staff this campaign provides all of us with the oppor-    Kim Hagan                   Steve Smerekanich
tunity to come together as one family, and become perma-         Meinhard Kamnitzer          Jeanette Snider
nent stakeholders in our beloved Temple Beth Shalom. When        Rose Papier                 Lena Treger
the time comes, we hope you will pledge your support to          Estelle London Roth         Betty Ann Tumen
provide all of this and more for generations to come.            Minna Rudbevich             Celia Weiss
                                                                 Bertha Scheinholtz
The following benefits will be the result of a successful        Sol Schuman
campaign:                                                        Becky Stessel
 • Our Rabbis, along with our professional staff, will con-
    tinue to be available at all times to make our Jewish        Observed Friday, August 20:
    experience enriching and meaningful;                         Milton Alpert
 • TBS will continue growing its dynamic Sunday School;          Eugene Charna
 • TBS will develop to new youth and adult program oppor-        Aaron Epstein
    tunities;                                                    Minnie Greenberg
 • TBS will establish membership recruitment and market-         Carolyn Jaros Hersch
    ing plans to expand our base of support;                     Harry Kohn, Sr.
 • TBS will continue to insure that our congregation plays       Stanley Liebert
    an important role in the welfare of the broader Jewish       Joan Raab Lippy
    and general Columbus community.                              Ann Louise Minkin
                                                                 Rose Ostrovsky
   Now that our community phase of the campaign has be-          Dora Raab
gun, all of our congregation members will be invited to in-      Eva Rogovin
vest in this effort. Pledges may be paid over a five-year pe-    Robert Alan Sapadin
riod or other flexible options can be developed. For more        Gertrude Setnar
information, please contact Adam Inlander by email               Fannie Singer or telephone (614) 855-4882.               Jene Yetta Levenson Solomon
                                                                 Abraham Spector
                                                                 Theodore Sternberg
                                                                 Anna R. Tannenbaum

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                           The Temple Thanks The Following Contributors...
General Fund                                                Art Fund
In honor of:                                                In memory of:
Debbie Leasure’s Bat Mitzvah from:                          Lillian Kanter from Sandy & Sally Farber
  Mavis Banks                                               Richard Newman from Sandy & Sally Farber
  Marc & Joan Fishel
In memory of:                                               Education Fund
Isadore Birnbaum from Mike, Sandy & Ryan Roads              In honor of:
Adolf Goldsmith from Larry & Jean Eisenman                  Terry Meyer’s Big Birthday from Ben & Arlene Roth
Emily Goldsmith from Larry & Jean Eisenman
Gretta Kamnitzer from Lois D. Kamnitzer                     Caring Fund
Mina Theeboom Katz from Ellery Block
                                                            In honor of:
Louis Loochtan from The Loochtan Family
                                                            The Caring Community’s support & concern from Con-
Jeffre Papier from Marsha & Ellery Block
                                                            nie Freundlich
Alvin Roth from Paul Roth
Kerry Rothstein from James Winnegrad
Ruth Schulte from Sheldon & Fanny Schulte                   Stein-Glazer Fund
Leon Seligson from Marsha Cohen-Block                       In memory of:
Miriam Shuman from Gene & Sonja Shuman                      Maurice Glazer from Hilda Glazer & David Stein
                                                            Dr. Jerome Pleet from Hilda Glazer & David Stein
Rabbi Apothaker’s Discretionary Fund
In honor of:                                                Music Fund
Rabbi Apothaker’s Services from Connie Freundlich           In memory of:
In memory of:                                               Jason Dowell from the Women of Beth Shalom
Samuel Farber & Julius Handelman from Sandy & Sally
50th Anniversary Memorial of Jeffre Harlan Papier from
Marian & Randy Cuenot

Rabbi Bar Lev’s Discretionary Fund
In honor of:
Rabbi Benjy & Dr. Lauren’s Wedding from:
  Connie Freundlich
  The Ricker Family
  Howard & Lisa Spector

                             Make A Contribution to Temple Beth Shalom
  In Memory Of:     In Honor Of:      On The Occasion Of:     Check Enclosed     Check #: _________
_____________________________________________________         Bill My Credit Card:   Visa     MC      AmEx   Disc.
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Given By: ____________________________________________      Acknowledge To: ______________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________      Address: _____________________________________________
City: ________________________________ Zip: ___________     City: ________________________________ Zip: ___________

                                             Clip this form and send it to:
                  Temple Beth Shalom, ATTN: Contributions, 5089 Johnstown Road, New Albany OH 43054

                                                                             — August 2010 —
                         Sun                  Mon                  Tue                    Wed             Thu                 Fri                   Sat
                  1                    2                   3                     4                 5                 6                     7
                  9:00am:                                  7:30pm:                                                   6:15pm:               10:00am:
                  Bexley Summer                            Sharyonim Rehearsal                                       August First Friday   Simchat Shabbat
                  Sunday Group &                                                                                     7:15pm:               Services
                  Walking/Biking                                                                                     First Friday Dinner

                  8                    9                   10                    11                12                13                    14
                  9:00am:                                  7:30pm:                                                   6:15pm:               10:00am:
                  Bexley Summer                            Sharyonim Rehearsal                                       Summer Erev           Simchat Shabbat
                  Sunday Group &                                                                                     Shabbat Services      Services

                  15                   16                  17                    18                19                20                    21
                  9:00am:              TBS Hebrew Camp     TBS Hebrew Camp     TBS Hebrew Camp     TBS Hebrew Camp   6:15pm:               10:00am:
                  Bexley Summer        12:00pm:            7:30pm:             12:00pm:                              "Shabbat Chai"        Julia Spector First
                  Sunday Group &       WBS Lunch & Learn   Sharyonim Rehearsal Torah Downtown                                              Aliyah
                  Walking/Biking                                               with Rabbi                                                  4:00pm:
                  10:30am:                                                     Apothaker                                                   Tot Shabbat Shofar
                  Hebrew In The                                                                                                            Showdown!
                  Summer Adult
                  Education Program

                  22                   23                  24                    25                26                27                    28
                  9:00am:                                  7:30pm:             Deadline for High                     8:00pm:              10:00am:
                  Bexley Summer                            Sharyonim Rehearsal Holy Days Pass                        Erev Shabbat Service Ethan Gaines First
                  Sunday Group &                                               Requests                                                   Aliyah
                  Walking/Biking                                                                                                          4:00pm:
                  5:00pm:                                                                                                                 TBS Board Retreat
                  "Welcome Back" BBQ

                  29                   30                  31                    Notes:
                  9:00am:                                  7:30pm:
                  Bexley Summer                            Sharyonim Rehearsal
                  Sunday Group &
                                                                                                                                                                 Page 15
                                             TBS Marches in Pride Parade
                                                     Joan Wurmbrand

   Once again, TBS members marched in Columbus’ annual           One of the most important things that each of us can do,
Pride Parade Saturday, June 19th, honoring and celebrating    as active and engaged Temple members, is to reach out to
our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgen-                                          similarly minded non-affiliated Jews in as
dered friends and family members. We                                              many ways as we can. The reason is two-
were the only Jewish organization in the                                          fold. First, we have the means to offer
Parade. There were, however, MANY                                                 them a community that will embrace
Christian churches that marched with us.                                          them and will enrich their lives when
At least two Methodist Churches were                                              they decide to become involved. Second,
well represented—the one that marched                                             as Temple members, we need to recog-
behind us brought their bus, and what I                                           nize the major role we each need to play
estimated to be about 100 Congregants                                             to build and sustain our Temple’s mem-
of every gender, age, and race. These                                             bership rolls. It is through maintenance
Christian communities clearly advertised                                          of and growing our membership numbers
their openness and inclusivity by their                                           that we can continue to provide the high
active roles. King Avenue Methodist                                               quality religious, spiritual and commu-
Church members handed out rainbow                                                 nity-building programs that we as current
colored wristbands to parade onlookers                                            members enjoy and have come to ex-
that read “KING AVENUE CHURCH HON-                                                pect. Simply put—growing our member-
ORING ALL PEOPLE”. Estimates are that                                             ship pays our Rabbis’ salaries and allows
nearly 200,000 people attended the pa-                                            us to keep our welcoming doors open.
rade and the festival at Goodale Park                                                This year, there were just over a
that followed.                                                                    dozen TBS marchers, marching behind a
   Temple Beth Shalom is well recog-                                              small and barely readable five-foot ban-
nized as the most welcoming and inclu-                                            ner. Next year, I would like to see a lar-
sive Jewish Congregation in Central                                               ger banner and more marchers. Please
Ohio. Our participation in Pride weekend events is but one    join us next June at the Pride Parade, and let’s show Colum-
example of our openness—one that we could capitalize upon     bus a little bit more about who Temple Beth Shalom is as a
with a look towards our social action agenda.                 community!

The Window                                                                                               Standard Mail
                                                                                                         U.S. Postage
TEMPLE BETH SHALOM                                                                                           PAID
5089 Johnstown Road                                                                                    New Albany, Ohio
New Albany, Ohio 43054                                                                                  Permit No. 58

                                                                                                     Dated Material

           Monthly Publication
Articles for this publication are due into
the Temple office no later than the 20th
   of the month prior to publication.

Submissions for The Window can be sent


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