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ISSN: 1526-233x              Vol. 1...No. 5             Established: Jan. 2008

Tex Noel, Editor                                      (

WHICH TEAM IS THE BEST?                  3. 1974 Texas Lutheran
        NAIA II                          14. 1995 Central Washington

by Patrick M. Premo                      6. 1986 Linfield, OR
                                         11. 1987 WI-Stevens Point
In the last issue, we saw 1976
Texas A&I capture the NAIA               7. 1989 Westminster, PA
Division I (1970-96) all-time            10. 1990 Peru St., NE
best crown. This issue will
feature NAIA II (1970-1996)              15. 1985 WI-LaCrosse
teams. As I stated previously, I         2. 1996 Sioux Falls, SD
am using Tex Noel’s rankings
to pair these champions, with            Once again, my FAST-ACTION
the proviso that no individual           COLLEGE FOOTBALL
school is represented more               BOARD GAME will be used to
than once in this tournament.            stage all of these games. All
                                         games will be played at neutral
Here are the top 16 teams as             sites so there will be no home
rated by Tex:                            field advantage to any teams.

1. 1991 Georgetown, KY                   Round 1:
16. 1971 California Lutheran
                                         1971 California Lutheran
8. 1995 Findlay, OH                      shocked the number one seed,
9. 1972 Missouri Southern                1991 Georgetown, KY, by
                                         defeating that team, 20-10.
5. 1983 Northwestern, IA                 1972 Missouri Southern’s
12. 1978 Concordia, MN                   defense shut out 1995 Findlay,
                                         OH, 24-0, in an upset. 1983
13. 1981 Austin, TX                      Northwestern, IA, lived up to its
4. 1993 Pacific Lutheran, WA             ranking by pounding 1978
                                         Concordia, MN, 33-18. 1993
      The College Football Historian-2-
Pacific Lutheran had no trouble           Round 3:
with 1981 Austin, TX, downing
them convincingly, 41-14. 1995            Number three seed 1993
Central Washington gave                   Pacific Lutheran was all out to
number three seed, 1974                   defeat 1972 Missouri Southern,
Texas Lutheran, all it could              28-21. 1974 Texas Lutheran,
handle before falling 16-27.              on the other hand, had a
1987 WI-Stevens Point was no              relatively easy time with 1989
match for 1986 Linfield, OR,              Westminster, PA, winning by
losing big, 12-36. 1989                   the score of 34-21.
Westminster, PA, led all the
way to defeat 1990 Peru St.,              Third Place:
23-7. Number two seed, 1996
Sioux Falls, SD, could not                In a tight battle, the defenses of
handle fifteen seed 1985 WI-              both teams played tough and,
LaCrosse, and lost 21-27, in              in a minor upset, 1972 Missouri
another big upset. The top two            Southern upended 1989
seeds went down in a real                 Westminster, PA, 13-7.
shocker as the first round saw
some great games.                         Championship:

Round 2:                                  Unlike the third place game, a
                                          lot of scoring took place and
1972 Missouri Southern ended              1993 Pacific Lutheran, the
1971 California Lutheran’s                number 4 seed, led number
Cinderella plans, winning 24-             three seed 1974 Texas
10. In a high scoring game,               Lutheran late in the game, 28-
1993 Pacific Lutheran finally             24, but Texas rallied for a late
dispatched 1983 Northwestern,             touchdown and won 31-28.
IA, 42-31. 1974 Texas                     1974 Texas Lutheran can lay
Lutheran had no trouble with              claim to being the all-time NAIA
1986 Linfield, OR, winning 23-            Division II Champion.
6. Another Cinderella team had
its dream end as 1985 WI-                 Prologue:
LaCrosse lost a close game to
1989 Westminster, PA, 16-21.              As promised, 1997 Mount
There were no upsets at all in            Union, the all-time NCAA
this round as all the higher                    The College Football Historian-3-
seeds prevailed.
Division III Champion has been       winner of the NAIA Division II
waiting around to play the
Champion. That time has             Falling from the Elite…
come. 1974 Texas Lutheran
was a slight favorite, but in a     By Bob Kirlin
very good game, 1997 Mount
Union came through with a 31-       Top ten collapses from one
21 victory.                         season to the next. Teams with
                                    less than two losses and a high
The next issue will feature the     national ranking that had a
NAIA Division I (1956-69 and        losing record the following
1997-2007) top 16 teams             season. Teams are listed in
playing to determine their          chronological order.
champion. As you know, from
1970 through 1996, there were
                                      • Georgia Tech, 10-0-0 and
two divisions of NAIA teams. In
                                        national champions in
the previous issue, 1976 Texas
                                        1928 to a 3-6-0 in 1929.
A&I captured the NAIA Division
                                      • Michigan, 7-0-1, and
I crown for that time period.
                                        national champions in
That team will play the winner
                                        1933 to 1-7-0 in 1934.
of next issue’s tournament to
determine the all-time NAIA           • TCU, 11-0-0 and national
Division I crown. And guess             champions in 1938 to a 3-
who will be waiting in the wings        7-0 in 1939.
to play the winner of that            • UCLA, 6-0-4 and 7th (AP)
game? Yep, 1997 Mount                   in 1939 to a 1-9-0 in
Union!                                  1940.
                                      • Wisconsin, 8-1-1 and 3rd
See you then!                           (AP) in 1942 to 1-9-0 in
Remember, if you were to              • Navy, 7-1-1 and 3rd (AP)
conduct these tournaments               in 1945 to 1-8-0 in 1946.
again using my FAST-ACTION            • Illinois 7-1-1 and 7th (AP)
COLLEGE FOOTBALL                        in 1953 to 1-8-0 in 1954.
BOARD GAME, your results
will most likely vary. Just as in
real life, when two teams play
one another twice (or more) in
the same season, the results
are not always the same.
      The College Football Historian-4-     • Mississippi, 1959, 10-1-0,
   • Maryland, 10-1-0 and 3rd                 AP 2nd, league champion
     (AP) in 1955 to 2-7-1 in                 was Georgia (5).
     1956.                                  • Oklahoma, 1971, 11-1-0,
   • Michigan State, 9-0-1 and                AP 2nd, league champion
     2nd (AP) in 1966 to 3-7-0                was Nebraska (1).
     in 1967.                               • Arkansas, 1977, 11-1-0,
   • Arizona State, 12-0-0 and                AP 3rd, league champion
     2nd (AP) in 1975 to 4-7-0                Texas (4).
     in 1976.                               • Washington, 1984, 11-1-
                                              0, AP 2nd, league
Good but not good enough…                     champion was USC (10).
                                            • Michigan, 1985, 10-1-1,
In chronological order, twelve                AP 2nd, league champion
teams that finished in the top                was Iowa (10).
three in the final AP poll but did          • Colorado, 1994, 11-1-0,
not win their own conference                  AP 3rd, league champion
championship: Conference                      was Nebraska (1)
champions are listed with their             • Tennessee, 1995, 11-1-0,
final AP Ranking.                             AP 3rd, league champion
                                              was Florida (2).
   • Minnesota, 1936, 7-1-0,
     AP 1st, league champion
     was Northwestern (7).                Tuxedo-Press offers the
   • Michigan, 1940, 7-1-0, AP            following books that may be
     3rd, league champion was
     Minnesota (1).
                                          of interest to football fans:
   • Wisconsin, 1942, 8-1-1,                • Keep A-goin’: the life of
     AP 3rd, league champion
                                              Lone Star Dietz, Tom
     was Ohio State (1).
                                              Benjey, 2006.
   • Michigan State, 1955, 9-
                                            • A Course in Football for
     1-0, AP 2nd, league
                                              Players and Coaches:
     champion was Ohio State                  Offense (reprints of
                                              Offense pamphlets of Pop
   • Michigan State, 1957, 8-                 Warner’s 1908-11
     1-0, AP 3rd, league                      correspondence course).
     champion was Ohio State
                                            • A Course in Football for
                                              Players and Coaches
       The College Football Historian-5-      • Doctors, Lawyers, Indian
                                                Chiefs, Tom Benjey
   • (reprint of Warner’s 1912                  (September 2008).
   • Football for Coaches and              For more information view
     Players (reprint of         
     Warner’s 1927 classic).
                                           TN: Describe the feeling of
                                           the game with SMU?
Q & A with Slingin
Sammy Baugh                                SB: We played our hearts out
                                           and the thought before the
By Tex Noel/1st-N-Goal,                    game was that we could win it if
Editor The College Football                we played well
                                           Courtesy of the SID Office at
Note: The following is a Q & A             TCU, Baugh’s stats taken
that I had with former TCU                 directly off the final stat sheet
quarterback, Slingin Sammy                 shows Baugh’s numbers from
Baugh, Nov.10, 1993.                       the classic game: 6 rushing
                                           attempts, 16 yards.
(Interesting, it was 20 years to
the day I watched my very first            Passing: to a respective
college football game, as                  receiver incomplete-
Northwestern rallied to defeat             intercepted-complete (yards).:
Indiana, 21-20.)
                                           Passing: McCall, Walls, McCall,
TCU during the Baugh-era                   Kline, 1-0-0; Roach, 9-0-2 (25);
compiled a 29-7-2 mark and                 Meyer, 2-0-4 (41); Lawrence, 4-
12-5-1 in the Southwest                    0-4 (41); Walls, 6-1-3;
Conference…the 1935 team                   Montgomery, 1-0-2 (22) and
was 12-1-0 losing only to SMU              Manton, 0-0-1 (18
and was awarded the Ray
Bryne National Championship                In a future issue of The College
and tied LSU for Paul                      Football Historian, I will provide
Williamson’s selection for No.             the final stats—team and
1….(1935: 8 polls, 4.75                    individual and starting line-up
Average Poll Rank {APR} and                from one of College Football’s
1936, 6 and 6.50, respectively.)           All-Time Games.
      The College Football Historian-6-   win…I really think that this
Tex Noel: What was it like                team—in 1935—was the best
playing for TCU in the Mid-               one of the three teams that I
1930’s (1934-36)?                         played on.

Sammy Baugh: I was really                 TN: TCU was one of the first
fortunate to play for a school            schools to use the forward
that stressed the passing. We             passing as part of its
would play a ball-controlled              offense…what was the
type of game…throwing like a              passing attack like in Pre-
7-yard pass and then run into-            1937?
the-end zone.
                                          SB: What I really remember
TN: You played in one of                  most was that regardless of the
college football’s most                   distance of the pass, it had to
remembered games (TCU vs                  be completed. For example, if
SMU) in 1935, what was it                 we had our backs to the end
like?                                     zone, an incomplete pass, or
                                          the pass was batted down, our
SB: It was quite a thrill and one         opponents would register a
of my most memorable games.               safety.
Naturally, we were
disappointed that we didn’t

 Comp: 270-Atts: 587-Int: 54              TN: Who was your favorite
 All Pre-1937 career highs; his
 46.0 Pass % 8th best.                    SB: Walter Roach. He was a
 Total Offense: 745-3756 and
                                          different kind of player—
 TDR: 44                                  exceptionally tough receiver
                                          and solid player. Walter was
                                          an outstanding end, equally on
                                          either side of the ball.
 Roach was also one of Pre-1937 best in career receptions and yardage

 He caught 63 balls, the highest of the early players; while his 892 yards
 gained was second.
      The College Football Historian-7-   SB: This is one aspect of the
TN: You were also a skillful              game that Coach (L.D. “Dutch”)
punter; please explain your               Meyer had us work on a lot—
roll in this capacity?                    especially at kicking it out-of-

    • He had 198 career punts; career, 5th best; with his average
      of 40.9 was 3rd in Pre-1937 records.

TN: The Bowl Games were                   Baugh continue on as he
just becoming part of the                 explained playing in the initial
college football scene as you             Cotton Bowl Classic.
were winding-up your career.
You were fortunate to play in             Marquette had a really fine
the second Sugar and initial              team and outstanding player in
Cotton bowl games…explain                 Art Guepe. He not only played
the experiences in playing in             quarterback, but also returned
these games?                              kicks.

On page 82 in the book Big                Dutch instructed me to not to
Bowl Football [written my Fred            kick the ball his way, so I didn’t!
Russell and George Leonard,               After the punts, he’d run in front
writer’s for the Nashville Banner         of our bench, calling us chicken
newspaper, © 1963]…some of                for not punting his way.
the writers believed that Baugh
played what may have been the             Once coach thought are
greatest all-around game of his           defense could stop him…so I
college career.                           kicked the ball toward him-
                                          which was a big mistake; as he
                                          fielding the kick and returned it
SB: We played the Sugar Bowl              for a touchdown (in all he
in a quagmire. LSU played us              returned 3 kicks for 60 yards
tough and we took advantage               and his team’s lone points.)
of a fumble on one of my punts
                                          •Baugh’s accomplishments
 His 47.1 yard average is still a         didn’t go unnoticed while he
 record (on 14 boots)…he also             was playing and being
 intercepted 2 passes.                    remembered of all-time
to score the winning field goal.          elevens.
      The College Football Historian-8-
*FWAA All-Modern Team of the              *1936 Heisman Trophy voting
Century (1919-1968).                      (4th, 29 points).

*Sports Illustrated All-Century           *NCAA Panel for Best 1950)
Quarterback.                              Poll for Greatest Player (tied for
                                          4th, 7 votes)
*Member of the FWAA’s
Southwestern area 1921-1968               *AP Mid-Century (1900-1950)
team.                                     player of the First Century (2
*All-American, 1935 and
Consensus All-American, 1936.             *1936 Helms Athletic
                                          Foundation Player of the Year.
*Charter member of the College
Football Hall of Fame, 1951.              *1936 CFRA retroactive Player
                                          of the Year (7 votes; 2nd 1935,
*Unanimously selected SWC                 2 votes).
MVP in 1936 by sportswriters
that covered SWC football (7
cities, 49 votes).

                         COLLEGE FOOTBALL SCORES

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The College Football Historian-9-
           Crowning Need of Football is Scoring System

By E. A. Remley, Jr.,
Baseball Magazine, December, 1913, Vol. XII, No. 2, p. 83-84.

Statistics Have Made Baseball        It is unquestionable that the
Great—Their Utter Lack Has           possibility of reducing an
Been a                               athletic contest to
Handicap to Football. A              figures adds greatly to the
Football Scoring System a            account of the game, throws
Difficult But Not                    light upon the reasons
Impossible Achievement.              for victory or defeat, and
                                     furnishes inside information
The great defect in football is      concerning the units
the impossibility of maintaining     which make up the team.
records of the players.              If one wishes to contrast Cobb
Statistics have made baseball        and Wagner, or Plank and
great, the lack of them,             Marquard, he can find the
while by no means destroying         figures in a few moments.
public interest in football, has
always been a                        If, on the other hand, he would
formidable handicap. While it is     contrast the comparative
impossible to devise a scoring       football abilities of
system in                            Thorpe against Wendell, or Coy
football anywhere near as            against Brickley, he can find no
accurate and satisfactory as the     records which will be of
prevailing method                    material assistance.
in baseball, it is perfectly
possible, as the following article   So far as its presentation in
points out, to                       statistical form is concerned,
install a system which shall be      then, football is in and scientific
a very fair.                         stage of development.

ONE of the best things about         The writer is far from holding
baseball is the box score. By        that the baseball box score
the same token,                      represents a baseball player’s
one of the chief drawbacks to        ability accurately to the mind of
football is the lack of one.         the reader.
      The College Football Historian-10-   whether through the line or in
Not at all.                                the open field.

The box score is lacking in                2. The distance of punts, by
many respects, but it is                   what player punted.
definitely superior to no box
score at all.                              3. The length of returns on kick-
                                           offs and punts, and by whom
While the need for a football              made.
box score has been felt, there
has never been any agreement               4. Ground gained by forward
upon the method for making                 passes, thrower and receiver.
                                           The summary should contain
Each year some of the larger               the number of blocked punts,
papers print tables of statistics,         incomplete forward passes,
most of them founded on mere               fumbles upon which the ball
surmises, showing the number               was lost, fumbles recovered
of yards gained by various                 and by whom, penalties, and
players on various teams, the              additional information which will
average length of kicks and                suggest itself.
related information.
                                           In a baseball scorebook the
A few football writers who take            scorer can take you through the
a scientific interest in their             game, play by play, by reading
business have worked out                   from square to square.
schemes for obtaining these
statistics. Some of these are              This would be impossible in
very good, but no two of them              football, but a record could be
are alike.                                 kept of the length of each gain
                                           or punt. It would also be
The object of a football box               advisable to keep these records
score, as the writer sees it, is to        by quarters, for it is frequently
give information concerning a              of interest to contrast the play
number of essential things.                of teams by quarters.

For instance:                              The system which the writer
1. The number of yards gained              has used himself for scoring
carrying the ball, by what player          football games consists of a
gained,                                    number of cardboards with
      The College Football Historian-11-
vertical lines. There is a                 A system could undoubtedly be
separate column for each                   worked out to give many of
quarter under each entry, and              these things, but it would
separate entries for each team.            probably be too cumbersome. It
                                           is necessary to have a box
If Jones, right halfback, skirts           score which can be easily
left end for eight yards a letter          printed, easily understood, and
indicating Jones is put in the             which will give the features of
proper column together with the            individual and team play at a
number of yards gained and a               glance.
character to denote that the
play was a run around left end.            If the football box score
                                           reaches anything
Other plays are denoted in                 approximating the excellence of
similar fashion, so that at the            the baseball box score, the
end of the game it is possible to          football public will be deeply
tell what each player has done             grateful.
in advancing the ball in any
particular way.                            Meanwhile, it would be well for
                                           the rules committee to entertain
Of course, little can be told of           and make suggestions for the
defensive play by using this               formulation of a uniform system
kind of box score except by                of scoring football games so
showing that few gains were                that we will be able to give the
made by the opposing side                  records of football a
through a particular position.             permanency for the edification
No credit can be given for good            of future generations.
or bad tackles, or for sins of
omission, particularly for
failures in the interference.

American Football                          central point of for all books
Booklist                                   relating to the sport of football.

Through the efforts and                    “The purpose of the American
commitment of Mike McGuire,                Football Booklist (AFB) is to
the American Football                      acquire, preserve and interpret
Booklist (AFB), will serve as a            books for a collection on the
      The College Football Historian-12-   For addition information on
subject of football,” McGuire              AFB, its purpose or to donate a
said of his adventure.                     book, McGuire can be
McGuire, who got this effort off
the ground with a donation of              American Football Booklist
500 books on the sport, will               (AFB)
serve as curator of the will               Mike McGuire
serve as AFB’s curator.                    27081 N. 96th Way
                                           Scottsdale, AZ 85262
A website has been registered,
www.americanfootballbooklist.c             Phone: (480) 563-1424…
om which will be active in early           Email:

McGuire stated visitors to the             Did you know that…
site would find it much easier             "Blood, Sweat, and Tears: A
and time saving by the use of              History of Black College
searchable databases.                      Football" has been on
                                           exhibition at the College
Visitors to the AFB site will be           Football Hall of Fame and will
able to locate a particular book           be on display through Aug. 31,
by author, team, coach, league             2008.
and more, according to
McGuire.                                   Visitors to the exhibit will have
                                           the opportunity to walk through
How to contribute to the AFB               a historic locker room filled with
Donations of checks and in                 memorabilia representing all 50
particular, historical, ex-library,        Historic black colleges and
antiquarian and current editions           universities. The exhibit
of football books are gladly               features the rich pageantry of
accepted.                                  the black marching bands, the
                                           hallowed black college All-
All proceeds will go towards the           America teams, and a tribute to
continuation of the American               the black college national
Football Booklist.                         champions.

Donations are tax deductible.              In Honor of…
                                           Several former college football
                                           standouts have been inducted
      The College Football Historian-13-   Hall of Famers James Saxton
into their respective school’s             of Texas, Jerry LeVias of
halls of fame.                             SMU, TCU's Bob Lilly, and
                                           Texas Tech's Donny
Arnold Tucker of Army has                  Anderson...
been named to the Army Sports
Hall of Fame... Auburn                     Winners of The National
standout Gregg Carr,                       Football Foundation & College
Tennessee great Condredge                  Hall of Fame (NFF), announced
Holloway and Alabama star                  the recipients of the NFF's
DB Don McNeal highlight the                Schenkel Award and the
2008 Alabama Sports Hall of                Outstanding Football Official
Fame Class... Former                       Award:
Washington standouts Mark
Stewart and Blair Bush have                CHRIS SCHENKEL AWARD
been included in the 2008 class            Co-Recipients
of Husky Hall of Fame                      Bob Curtis - University of Idaho
inductees... The University of             Dick Galiette - Yale University
Houston has added All-
America QB David Klingler,                 OUTSTANDING FOOTBALL
former UH linebacker and                   OFFICIAL AWARD
Wade Phillips and TE Riley
Odoms to its Athletics Hall of             Thomas Robinson - Mountain
Fame... Columbia's second                  West Conference / Western
annual Athletics Hall of Fame              Athletic Conference
class includes football
standouts Gene Rossides,                   In Memory of…
Marty Domres and Dr. Russell               Jack Mildren, Oklahonma
Warren.                                    quarterback. He was 58.

FSN Southwest will launch the              Dr. Bob Leyen, an offensive
"SWC Legends" television                   guard/defensive tackle for Yale
series in conjunction with the             from 1970-72.
Texas Sports Hall of Fame to
promote the museum's new                   Richard Evans, one of Iowa's
Southwest Conference wing in               "Ironmen" in 1939. He was 93.
2009. The regional sports
network will air a series of 30-           North Carolina A&T OL Chad
minute SWC season features                 Wiley, was 22.
with the likes of NFF College
      The College Football Historian-14-
                                           Tyrone Jones, a linebacker at
Former Texas Tech defensive
                                           Southern University, was 46.
tackle Stoney Garland, was
33.                                        John Rauch, former Georgia
                                           quarterback was 80.
David Scobey football official
in the SEC referee for 25 years.           Former Marshall defensive end
He officiated the 1978 Gator               Johnathan Goddard died June
Bowl, during which legendary               15, in northern Florida.
Ohio State football Coach
Woody Hayes threw a punch at               Ambrose "Bud" Dudley, who
a Clemson University player                founded the Liberty Bowl
who had just intercepted an                football game in 1959 and
Ohio State pass to seal                    oversaw the game for decades,
Clemson's victory.                         has died. He was 88.

Mr. Scobey also officiated the             Compiled by Tex Noel
1976 Orange Bowl, 1977                     (1st-N-Goal)/Editor, The
Cotton Bowl and 1980 Liberty               College Football
Bowl.                                      Historian
Dwight White, He was 58. East              In early college football, games
Texas State.                               were scheduled and often
                                           times, canceled for any number
Oaka Williams, 77, an end and              of reasons.
placekicker on Tennessee's
1951 national championship                 While gathering information for
squad.                                     Stars of an Earlier Autumn, a
                                           number of schools were
Former Notre Dame player                   gracious in sending pictures,
Dewitt Patrick "Pat" Buell Jr.             stats, scores.
He was , 76.
Tom Catlin, a two-way star in              One school, Centre College
the 1950s at the University of             located in Danville, KY, sent a
Oklahoma has died. He was                  copy of its all-time scores and
                                           within a number of seasons,
76.                                        footnotes were added to games
                                           and scores—some were really
                                           unusual and since they were
      The College Football Historian-15-        teams of playing “ringers”.
apart of this school’s history, I               New team formed for
thought the reasons would be                    Georgetown Coll. Game
interesting and worth mention                   (Centre winning, 6-0.)
in The College Football
Historian.                                   • 1906—Ringer of
                                               Kentucky U team 11/4
Each reason will be written                    caused the game to be
exactly how it appeared with                   forfeited to Centre.
the scores.
                                             • 1913—Game on Nov. 15
                                               with the U. of the South
   • 1880—(vs                                  was cancelled due to a
     Kentucky)…First game                      train wreck which
     played in a cow pasture in                prevented Centre’s train
     Lexington where                           from arriving.
     University of Kentucky’s
     Stoll Field was built.                  • 1919—Game with
     Second game in a cow                      Maryville (Tenn.) Coll.
     pasture in Danville.*                     Cancelled due to
                                               numerous injuries to
   • 1897— Game with U of                      Maryville team.
     Virginia cancelled by
     Centre due to numerous                  • 1931—Game at S.
     injuries.                                 Carolina was added as a
                                               charity event. One
   • 1900—Game with U of                       thousand dollars was
     Cincinnati cancelled after                raised for the Red Cross
     15 minutes due to                         Family Welfare Fund.
                                           A special thanks to Mike
   • 1902—Catlettsburg Ath.                Prichard, Centre’s SID for
     Club due to team                      granting permission to use this
     disbanding (teams met in              information.
     1905 with Centre a 6-0
     victor).                                Should you come-up with
                                             anything off the wall as it
   • 1903—Team disbanded                     relates to college
     Oct. 20 because of                      football…IFRA WANTS IT!
     accusations by other

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