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									        Dreghorn Primary School and Nursery Class

     Standards & Quality Report for Session 2008-2009

Improvement Planning

What we planned to do

Developing the 3-18 curriculum
   To further develop provision for early numeracy and literacy through play.

Developing our staff
   To continue to develop more rigorous approaches to monitoring and
      evaluating the work of the school including more effective use of
      assessment data to raise attainment
   To more effectively use observations to support children’s involvement in
      the planning process.
   To improve the quality of staff/ child interaction

ESR Specific Maintenance Actions:
   1. To address issues in relation to the personal safety of staff
   2. To share pupil targets with receiving mainstream teachers.
  3. To update and revise policy procedures for the ESR.

Promoting Self- Evaluation
    To further improve learning and teaching in Dreghorn Primary School and
     Nursery Class.

To promote higher levels of achievement and attainment in schools:
    To build on the most effective practice in learning and teaching to ensure
      greater consistency across the school.
    To improve the pace and challenge of work to meet the needs of all

To further develop services to pupils with Additional Support Needs
    To extend / enhance provision for ASN pupils in the school ESR/ Nursery

Developing parental partnerships and wider links with the wider community
   To use the centenary and the consultation process on the new build to
      increase parental partnerships.
How well did we do?

Developing the 3-18 curriculum
Children are making good progress in developing early numeracy and literacy
skills. All are engaged actively through their daily play. Learning activities are
designed to meet the age and needs of children. Almost all children are aware of
the 4 capacities for learning.

Developing our staff
Almost all staff are effective at evaluating learner’s needs and setting targets and
next steps in forward plans. Staff are making very good progress in their
consistent delivery of quality learning and teaching.

As a result of the work undertaken in the nursery children are involved in
planning their learning experiences Children are actively encouraged to be
inquisitive and ask questions.

Promoting Self- Evaluation
To promote higher levels of achievement and attainment in schools

 Results in National assessments show improvement in reading and maths whilst
 writing has taken a dip. There is improvement in learning and teaching with
 almost all lessons rated good to very good.
Collegiate time events led to the sharing of good/ practice helping to build up
consistency in the delivery of learning and teaching.

 Pupils continue to make good progress from their prior levels of attainment. The
pace of learning is appropriate to most of our learners and is based on the
rigorous use of attainment data to track progress. The further development of
cross curricular approaches provides a stimulating learning climate and has
improved the pace and challenge for almost all our pupils.
To further develop services to pupils with Additional Support Needs
The revised Personal and Social Development programme of study now contains
a Promoting Alternative Thinking Skills component for Nur- P7. Early indications
are that it meets some of the needs of the new outcomes in health and wellbeing.

The provision of education for children in the ESR continues to be very good with
almost all pupils continuing to make very good progress towards their personal
targets. Opportunities to develop Skills for Life have been extended. Most
children are effectively included in mainstream classes for all or part of their

Developing parental partnerships and wider links with the wider community

The Centenary events involved parents and the community in the life of the
school. Two open afternoons were used to showcase active learning and “Joined
Learning” themes. The turn out was very impressive with almost all pupils having
a visitor to see them at work. Feedback was extremely positive. The Parent and
Pupil Councils were active in the consultation process for the new build feeding
back information to the steering group and education committee.

What we are going to do next? Session 2009-10

1. To develop the 3-18 curriculum.

      To promote literacy skills across the curriculum through the introduction of
       a new writing programme “Write to the Top”
      To improve listening and talking across all learning by providing a
       programme of study (Hearsay) which is stimulating, challenging relevant
       and enjoyable meeting the needs of all learners. (Cluster Priority)

2. To promote higher levels of achievement and attainment in schools: To
further improve learning and teaching in Dreghorn Primary School and
Nursery Class.:

      To draw up and address an Action plan for year 2 in response to HMIe
       inspection of Dreghorn Nursery , ESR and School
   Maintenance Aspects to be developed
    To continue to raise attainment in Reading, Writing and Mathematics
    To continue to implement Assessment strategies: “Moving forward with
    To continue to develop the early years team approach through peer
     observation and active play working party.
    To continue to develop Self evaluation and focussed monitor classroom
    To further develop the pupil focus group approach to assess the impact of
     new developments.
    Continue to provide appropriate CPD to meet the needs of all staff
     members .
    To review and develop the Science programme using the new outcomes.
    To redesign planning procedures in the light of 3-18 outcomes (Language/
     literacy/ Science)
    To develop GLOW as a resource for learning and teaching
    To raise attainment of children with ASN in order to raise the numbers
     achieving level C by P7.
    To continue to extend range of opportunities that involve pupils/parents in
     the life of the Nursery/School (Parent /Pupil Council: Involvement in the
     design process for the new build.)
    To continue to provide opportunities to take part in arts, music, sports.
    To apply for Green Flag accreditation- Eco school
    To secure a Credit level award as a health promoting school.

Standards of attainment

Attainment: June 2009

      Reading 81%          Writing 77%         Mathematics 80%

Reading: Reading has improved this year. This shows that the rigorous
monitoring of progress, our pacing and our target setting programme is effective.

Writing: *Writing has dipped and this will be addressed through the introduction
of a new writing scheme, advocated by North Ayrshire Council, namely “Write to
the Top”. We do need to focus on those children underachieving and try to find
additional ways of finding support.

Maths: There has been an improvement this year. Maths setting and the target
setting process is working. Many children in P2 are now achieving level A. This
should mean a further improvement in next year’s data.
                 Dreghorn Primary School and Nursery Class

                                 Other Achievements

The School ensures that children have the opportunity to participate in a wide
variety of activities that develop all 4 capacities of A Curriculum for Excellence. A
number of our most recent examples include:

          o   Charity Work –Monies were raised for Barnardos, Hansel Village, Children in
              Need, and Red Nose Day.
          o   A very successful P7 Residential trip to the Sportscotland ( Inverclyde centre)
              took place in May.
          o   All the children took part in World Book Day and were involved in our
              development “A Novel Approach to Reading” P5 pupils met with author Antony
              Horowitz via a live Weblink.
          o   Music continued to be developed through Soundstart.
          o   P6 visits to Day of Dance and Clued up kids were enjoyable and informative. Our
              P6 chess club made it to the Scottish final in Dunblane.
          o   Dreghorn were North Ayrshire “DJ for a Day” Champions.
          o   A pupil is in training with the Scottish gymnastics squad.
          o   P4 and P7 took part in swimming lessons
          o   Gaelic continued to developed at P2/3 and P3/4.
          o   Eco school committee- The school received an Eco prize sponsored by Seagate
              Rotary in Irvine.
          o   Pupil Council were busy visiting schools as part of the consultation exercise for
              the new building for Dreghorn.
          o   Christmas concert
          o   Our own Homecoming Burns event was supported by Dundonald Burns Club.
          o   Open afternoon to showcase work on ACE topics and active learning.
          o   Sports coaching during school time in active health and rugby.
          o   Our active health lunchtime clubs involving parents and pupils were very
          o   Lunchtime clubs- Chess, Rugby, Cheerleading and Street Dance
          o   Runners up in the NAC Chess Championship
          o   Cycling proficiency
                    The work of our Pupil Road Safety Officers.
          o   P7 pupils made ICT presentations to parents.
          o   Centenary Events culminated in an evening to celebrate 100 years at Dreghorn
              with pupils showcasing their talents and offering guided tours to parents.
          o   NASA visited Dreghorn as part of our celebrations with children given the
              opportunity to meet and put questions to two astronauts.

All achievements are continued to be recognised and celebrated through our
assemblies, open afternoons and displays of work.

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