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                             New Brazilian Bureau for Enhancing
                              the International Cooperation with
                                  the European Union (BB.Bice)
                                       CONTRACT REFERENCE NO I 222858                       COORDINATOR

                                       EC CONTRIBUTION I EUR 499 800                        Name I Paulo Cesar Goncalves Egler

                                       STARTING DATE I 1 October 2008                       Tel. I +55 61 9368 3969

                                       DURATION I 36 months                                 E-mail I and

List of partners

University of Brasilia - Centre of
Advanced Studies of Government and
Public Administration (CEAG/UnB) and
Centre to Support the Technological
Development (CDT/UnB), Brazil
                                       Background and objectives

                                       The Brazilian Bureau for Enhancing the Inter-
                                       national Cooperation with Europe (BB.BICE),
                                       a project funded by the Sixth Framework Pro-
                                       gramme (FP6), initiated its activities in October
                                       2005 aiming to promote and improve the co-
                                       operation in Science, Technology and Innova-
                                                                                            web page, disseminating information through
                                                                                            other media, searching for European partners
                                                                                            to set up research projects with Brazilian in-
                                                                                            stitutions, and developing an institutional da-
                                                                                            tabase of Brazil’s scientific, technological and
                                                                                            innovative competences.

                                                                                            The BB.BICE project will be administered by
                                       tion (ST&I) between Brazil and the countries         the University of Brasilia - Centre to Support
                                       of the European Union. It aimed at improving         the Technological Development of the Univer-
                                       Brazilian participation in the Sixth and Sev-        sity of Brasilia (CDT-UnB), and developed by
                                       enth Framework Programmes of Research and            the Centre of Advanced Studies of Govern-
                                       Development, through the dissemination of            ment and Public Administration (CEAG/UnB)
                                       information related to their cooperation opportu-    in association with the Brazilian Institute of In-
                                       nities. BB.BICE was also responsible for helping     formation in Science and Technology (IBICT), a
                                       Brazilian research institutions and enterprises to   research institute linked to the Brazilian Minis-
                                       prepare and negotiate project proposals to be        try of Science and Technology (MCT). A Steer-
                                       submitted to the European Commission.                ing Group will be created with the main role of
                                                                                            monitoring BB.BICE implementation and con-
                                       The BB.BICE project, which was approved in           tributing to the achievement of its objectives.
                                       December 2007 as a result of the BILAT call,
                                       will allow for the continuity of the activities
                                       initiated by BB.BICE, such as maintaining a

Overall strategy

During the development of the FP6 project
BB.BICE, two aspects were identified as rel-
evant for enhancing the collaboration between
Brazilian research institutions and European
ones. The first aspect is a clear definition of
the research areas and/or topics relevant for
                                                   existing research infrastructures, including hu-
                                                   man resources available.

                                                   This activity will also involve: the preparation
                                                   of a short analysis about the participation of
                                                   Brazilian institutions in FP7; the realisation
                                                   of relevant events, such as workshops,
                                                   seminars or meetings; and the preparation
                                                                                                      Expected impact

                                                                                                      Research in science and technology between
                                                                                                      Brazil and Europe will be significantly improved
                                                                                                      with the BB.Bice project.

                                                                                                      The project will maintain and amplify the in-
                                                                                                      formation services supplied by the dedicated
international cooperation. Beyond the mere         of short studies/reports about specific            website, will implement the Brazil Search TI
identification of the research area, progress      thematic issues like biofuels, new materials,      data base, develop state-of-the-art studies
is needed in the specification of the Research     nanotechnology, etc.                               concerning the current capacity of the Bra-
topics for cooperation and appropriate instru-                                                        zilian scientific and technological structure in
ments should be then identified. This exercise      Improvement
                                                                 of the participation of            respect of the ten FP7 thematic areas, and de-
will be carried out in BB.BICE in coordination       Brazilian Technological Base enterprises         velop other mechanisms with the main objec-
with the EULARINET project.                          in FP7                                           tive of enhancing the international cooperation
                                                                                                      in ST&I between Brazil and Europe.
Another relevant aspect for advancing the          This activity is very relevant for BB.BICE, be-
international cooperation in ST&I between          cause it concerns the participation of the         Another considerable expected impact of the
Brazil and Europe that will be carefully taken     Brazilian technology-oriented enterprises in       project is the changes that the information plat-
into account in BB.BICE, is a well structured      FP7. The way these enterprises work and their      form could bring to current Brazilian scientific
exchange of knowledge between both sci-            perception of Research and Technological           and international cooperation practices. By pro-
entific communities. Although the existence        Development is quite different from that of the    moting better coordination, and a more exten-
of the Internet and other electronic forms of      public research institutions. Also issues such     sive information dissemination activity, BB.BICE
communication contribute to enhancing the          as Intellectual Property Rights, Technology        could effectively structure the cooperation
knowledge between researchers from dif-            Platforms and Joint Technology Initiatives are     channels supporting the individual scientists.
ferent countries and continents, nothing can       to be considered.

substitute direct contact.
                                                                  of the coordination
                                                     between BB.BICE and other
Implementation and                                   International Cooperation Partner
                                                     Countries (ICPC) Information Platforms
dissemination activities
In order to better disseminate information con-    Taking into account the results of the previ-
cerning the opportunities offered by FP7, the      ous coordination action between the four Latin
BB.BICE project will optimise the updating of      American information platforms (Argentina,
its web page, distribute its monthly electronic    Brazil, Chile and Mexico), BB.BICE will include
newsletter (in Portuguese, English and Span-       an activity aimed at keeping an active flow of
ish), and improve its institutional database       information between BB.BICE and other in-
to better facilitate partner searching (Brazil     formation platforms. Besides those of Latin
Search Technological Information (TI)).            America, links with other information platforms
                                                   need to be considered, in particular with those
Activities will also be developed by BB.BICE       in Australia and South Africa, which have de-
including the following.                           veloped relevant work.

              of studies, evaluations and         Implementation
                                                                      of events aimed at
  structured surveys                                 identifying priorities for collaboration
                                                     and enhancing the quality, quantity and
BB.BICE will develop an analytical function          visibility of future actions
regarding actions at the programme and pol-
icy levels. Examples of these studies are an       The objective of this activity in the context of
analysis of current scientific and technological   BB.BICE is the development of workshops and
cooperation between Brazil and Europe in all       meetings involving representatives of the sci-
10 thematic areas of the Seventh Framework         entific and technological communities of both
Programme (FP7). The analysis will include a       Brazil and Europe in order to promote a better
report on the most recent developments, a          knowledge of mutual research interests, and
list of research priorities and a survey of the    identify research themes and topics that should
                                                   be considered for cooperation activities.

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