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The reviews published in this guide are based on public opinion surveys,
with numerical ratings reflecting the average scores given by all survey
participants who voted on each establishment and text based on direct
quotes from, or fair paraphrasings of, participants’ comments. Phone
numbers, addresses and other factual information were correct to the
best of our knowledge when published in this guide; any subsequent
changes may not be reflected.

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            About This Survey
Here are the results of our 2006 Hamptons Nightlife Survey.
Our first look at the East End’s clubbing/bar-hopping land-
scape, it covers 53 establishments as sampled by 400 local
nightlife enthusiasts. To get a quick take on the survey
results, see our Top Ratings lists (page 5), which include
the Most Popular and highest-scoring establishments as
well as a rundown on the most visited nightspots by age
group. Note: some places are open only in season (and
many only on summer weekends), so call ahead if you’re
taking an off-peak trip.
This marks the 27th year that Zagat Survey has reported on
the shared experiences of critics like you. What started in
1979 as a hobby involving 200 of our friends rating NYC
restaurants has come a long way. Today we have over
250,000 active surveyors and now cover dining, nightlife,
entertaining, golf, hotels, resorts, spas, movies, music,
shopping, theater and tourist attractions. All of these
guides are based on consumer surveys. They are also
available by subscription at, and for use on
PDAs and cell phones.
By regularly surveying large numbers of avid customers,
we hope to have achieved a uniquely current and reliable
series of guides. More than a quarter-century of experi-
ence has verified this. Of the participants in this Survey,
53% are women, 47% men; the breakdown by age is 21% in
their 20s; 29%, 30s; 19%, 40s; 18%, 50s; and 13%, 60s or
above. Our editors have synopsized our surveyors’ opin-
ions, with their comments shown in quotation marks. We
sincerely appreciate the contributions of each of these
people; this guide is really “theirs.”
We would also like to thank our local nightlife expert, Ray
Rogers, a pop culture, travel and music writer who has
spent his past five summers in East Hampton.
Finally, we invite you to join any of our upcoming Surveys –
to do so, just register at Each participant will
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June 27, 2006                          Nina and Tim Zagat

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Ratings & Symbols
Name, Address, Phone Number & Web Site

                                            Zagat Ratings
                  Credit Cards
                                         A D S  C

    TIM & NINA’S X                      N|||\
                                         23 5 9 $5
    1 Divedown Ln. (Rock Salt Harbor), Montauk, 631-555-1212;
    “The frozen margaritas are killer” and “so are the
    sharks” (surrounding the bar, that is) at this docked
    “retro dinghy”, a “local legend” equipped with a
    “creaky sunset deck”, “a sunken dance floor” and a
    “nonstop blender”; many of the “post-beach partiers”
    peel down to their bikinis and “jump right into the bay”,
    so “expect to get drenched.”

        Review, with surveyors’ comments in quotes

Top Spots: Places with the highest overall ratings, popularity
and importance are listed in BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS.

Credit Cards: X no credit cards accepted

Ratings are on a scale of 0 to 30.

| Appeal | Decor
A        D                         | Service
                                   S                   \ Cost

23                |
                  5                |
                                   9                   \

 0–9 poor to fair       20–25 very good to excellent
10–15 fair to good      26–30 extraordinary to perfection
16–19 good to very good N low response/less reliable

Cost (C): Reflects our surveyors’ estimate of the price of a
typical single drink.

For newcomers or survey write-ins listed without ratings,
the price range is indicated as follows:

I      below $5                   E $9 to $11
M      $5 to $8                   VE more than $11

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                                 Top Ratings
                   Most Popular
 1.   American Hotel                  6.   Cyril’s Fish House
 2.   Stephen Talkhouse               7.   Blue Parrot
 3.   Palm                            8.   Rowdy Hall*
 4.   Bobby Van’s                     9.   Southampton Publick*
 5.   Sunset Beach                   10.   Pacific East

                     Top Appeal
24 Sunset Beach                      22 21 Water
   American Hotel                       Almondito
23 Palm                                 Bobby Van’s Steak
   Stephen Talkhouse                    Pacific East
   Montauket                            Savanna’s

                      Top Decor
23 American Hotel                       Madame Tong’s
22 JLX Bistro                           Legends
   Pacific East                         Palm
   Sunset Beach                      20 Bamboo Restaurant
21 red bar brasserie                    JL East

                     Top Service
24    Palm                                 Rowdy Hall
23    American Hotel                       Almond
22    Legends                              Buckley’s Irish Pub*
21    Almondito                            Saracen
20    Bobby Van’s                          Savanna’s*
      red bar brasserie

             Most Visited by Age
Twenties                             Forties
 1. JL East                            1. American Hotel
 2. Star Room                          2. Stephen Talkhouse
 3. Tavern*                            3. Bobby Van’s
 4. Beach Bar                          4. Cyril’s Fish House
 5. Boardy Barn                        5. Blue Parrot
                                       6. Boardy Barn*
                                       7. O’Mally’s*
Thirties                              Fifties
 1. Stephen Talkhouse                  1. American Hotel
 2. Palm                               2. Bobby Van’s
 3. Cyril’s Fish House                 3. Palm
 4. Blue Parrot                        4. Stephen Talkhouse
 5. Southampton Publick                5. Pacific East
 6. World Pie*                         6. Rowdy Hall*

* Indicates a tie with place above

vote at                                                 5
                                                 A D S C

Almond                                           |||\
                                                  21 17 20 $12
1970 Montauk Hwy. (bet. Newlight Ln. & Snake Hollow Rd.),
Bridgehampton, 631-537-8885;
Co-owner Eric Lemonides “makes everyone feel like a friend” at
his “tried-and-true” Bridgehampton bistro, which is “warm and
welcoming” with a pressed-tin ceiling, lambent light and a subtly
separated bar area; “jammed” and “lively”, it’s an “awesome spot
for gays” on Friday nights and “divorcées” on Saturdays, though
some say the nightlife is really at “sister restaurant Almondito.”
Almondito                                        |||\
                                                  22 19 21 $11
290 Montauk Hwy. (Bluff Rd.), Wainscott, 631-329-6700;
Fans of the original Almond call its nutty Wainscott sidekick “an-
other hit” that’s “popular with the early crowd”, who savor
Mexican dishes and “warm tortilla chips with killer margaritas” in
the unexpectedly spacious bar and multiple dining rooms; a
“friendly staff” and “comfortable yet upscale” atmosphere add to
the reasons why most say “olé!”
AMERICAN HOTEL, THE                              |||\
                                                  24 23 23 $15
The American Hotel, 49 Main St. (bet. Nassau & Washington Sts.),
Sag Harbor, 631-725-3535;
Voted Most Popular and tops for Decor among Hamptons night-
spots, this Sag Harbor “classic” draws a “cool, mature” crowd
with its “beautiful, historic” setting in the American Hotel (built in
1846), “stellar” 80-page-plus wine list and prime seating for mix-
ing with “beautful people”, whether on the porch, in the
“Parisian”-feeling dining rooms or by the “gorgeous mahogany
bar” and fireplace; a few find it a bit “stuffy” (bring “your par-
ents”) and it’s not “for the weak of wallet”, but most are “never
disappointed” by this “old local favorite.”
Bamboo Restaurant & Sushi Lounge |||\             20 20 18 $14
47 Montauk Hwy. (Buckskill Rd.), East Hampton, 631-329-9821
“Happy-hour sushi” (free on Thursdays), “late-night sake” and
“cute barmaids” making “fresh”, “interesting drinks” “from
scratch” draw a “hip, attractive crowd” to this “trendy” East
Hamptons lounge/restaurant complete with a back garden; it can
get “noisy on summer weekends” and reminds some of a “’70s
bachelor pad”, but most aren’t complaining.
Beach Bar                                        |||\
                                                  19 17 16 $13
58 Foster Ave. (bet. Lighthouse Rd. & Trynz Ln.), Hampton Bays,
“Get ready to party” at this Hampton Bays “frat-boy” “mecca” by
the beach, where the “great outdoor space”, DJs and daiquiris con-
spire to keep the scene “pumpin’”; it may get “sweaty” and “over-
crowded”, but that doesn’t diminish the “hook-up” possibilities.
Blue Parrot, The                                 |||\
                                                  20 14 19 $11
33A Main St. (The Circle), East Hampton, 631-324-3609
“Tucked away” behind the Main Street boutiques, this “East
Hampton institution run by surfers” makes locals swoon with
“killer margaritas” (“best in the world”), chips, salsa and other
Mexican grub, as well as karaoke nights; it’s a recipe for “sum-
mer fun”, as long as you don’t mind “the occasional line” – the
prized patio fills up fast.

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Boardy Barn X                                   |||\
                                                  15 9 13 $8
270 W. Montauk Hwy. (Bess Ln.), Hampton Bays, 631-728-9733;
“Don’t wear your good shoes” because you’re bound to “get
dirty” at this Sundays-only Hampton Bays “beer fest”, where a
“rowdy, young crowd” of “hard-core partiers” ducks “under the
‘big top’” for an afternoon bacchanalia that just might bring out
your inner “makeout machine”; the unamused call it “so ghetto”,
but this “standby” has been cranking out “wild times” for over
three decades – ’nuf said.
BOBBY VAN’S STEAKHOUSE                          |||\
                                                  22 19 20 $13
2393 Montauk Hwy. (bet. Ocean Rd. & School St.), Bridgehampton,
“Lots of action by the bar”, along with seafood and porterhouse
steaks, lure a “see-and-be-seen” crowd – “stars”, “politicians”,
“investment bankers”, “older singles” – to indulge in some “mar-
tini madness” at this “storied” “old-timer” in Bridgehampton; if
naysayers shrug “Truman Capote would be disappointed with his
old haunt” (since relocated), boosters think “time has only im-
proved” this “old-school beer and guys kind of place.”
BOUTIQUE                                      N|||\
                                                  21 18 20 $14
203 Sag Harbor Tpke. (Narrow Ln.), Bridgehampton, 631-537-5050;
“Solid DJs”, “good dancing” and a bit of media buzz attract
Bridgehampton’s stylish partiers to this “posh” nightspot, which
has sharpened its game this season with a crisp, all-white
redesign and hip-hop spinners; it’s “more of an upscale lounge
than a club”, appealing to those occasional “celebs” seeking
an “intimate space.”
Buckley’s Irish Pub                             |||\
                                                  18 14 20 $10
139 W. Montauk Hwy. (Springville Rd.), Hampton Bays,
76C Jobs Ln. (Main St.), Southampton, 631-283-4316
These “good ol’ Irish” twins in Hampton Bays and Southampton
boast “great bartenders”, “cheap beer” and fish ’n’ chips, as well as
DJs and “live music” nights, to appease both “locals” and party-
hopping “spoiled kids”; if some find them “divey”, most think they
“stand out as relaxed, friendly” bars “without all the hype.”
CAIN SOUTHAMPTON AT JET EAST |||\                 – – – VE
1181 North Sea Rd. (Gondola Gardens), Southampton,
This NYC export revamps the former Jet East space in Southampton
with white faux-palm trees, African masks and plenty of chichi low
tables for hire; the drum-pounding action starts late, drawing bands
of models, their admirers and other East End scenesters to party into
the wee hours; P.S. expect a steep charge for the cover and valet.
Canoe Place Inn                                 |||\
                                                  17 15 15 $12
(aka CPI)
239 E. Montauk Hwy. (Canoe Place Rd.), Hampton Bays, 631-728-4121;
The “younger crowd” favors this “huge”, multilevel, indoor/
outdoor Hampton Bays club known for its “hellacious” (in a good

vote at                                                  7
                                              A D S C

way) “happy hour” and “fabulous entertainment”; while “CPI
rocks” for those who groove to its “good DJs”, a less impressed
minority says this two-decade-old “staple” is “past its day” and
warn “no gold chains? no wife beater Ts? no go.”
Cigar Bar                                        |||\
                                                  17 15 18 $12
2 Main St. (Nassau St.), Sag Harbor, 631-725-2575;
Sag Harbor’s older set goes for the stogies, and whippersnappers
for cigs, at “the last legal place to smoke” in Suffolk County – an
“intimate”, “old-school” room accented with red velvet and a
granite-topped bar; the “great martinis” and cigars from a “walk-
in humidor” attract “extremely diverse” types, including a “late-
night waiter/waitress” clientele, but space-conscious sorts note
that it can get “overcrowded”, and those expecting a mature
scene may find it “way young.”
cittanuova                                       |||\
                                                  20 19 17 $14
29 Newtown Ln. (Pow/Mia Memorial Hwy.), East Hampton, 631-324-6300;
“Location, location, location” makes this Italian cafe arguably
“the best people-watching spot in all of East Hampton”, espe-
cially when the glass doors slide back to open onto the patio; its
clean “Milano” decor makes it a “very sleek” “pre- or post-
movie” stop for wine, espresso and homemade gelato, even if
some suggest the staff can be more gracious to “regulars.”
Cyril’s Fish House X                             |||\
                                                  20 12 15 $12
2167 Montauk Hwy. (Windmill Ln.), Amagansett, 631-267-7993;
“Cyril is a hoot and he keeps it lively” at this “classic”
Amagansett seafood shack “between the railroad tracks and
Montauk Highway”, where you “can’t beat the outdoor scene” –
namely the “giant singles happy hour on Saturdays” that “spills
out into the street”; fans salute the “best frozen drinks on the
planet” (the signature Baileys Banana Coolata “is a must”),
though some remain unbuzzed by the “drunken crowds” and say
“good luck” fighting your way to the bar.
Estia Cantina                                    |||\
                                                  18 13 18 $15
177 Main St. (Windmill Ln.), Amagansett, 631-267-6320;
The “best jazz for 50 miles” tops off a “fabulous selections of te-
quilas” (more than 100), “delicious margaritas” and “reasonably
priced” Mexican and American fare at this “upscale diner” in
Amagansett; some find it “especially nice off-season” but its “in-
formal”, “convivial” vibe appeals “year-round.”
JL East                                          |||\
                                                  19 20 15 $13
103 Montauk Hwy. (Cove Hollow Rd.), East Hampton, 631-324-1100;
Ed ‘Jean-Luc’ Kleefield’s East Hampton French bistro transforms
into a “jet-setter’s paradise” come nightfall, when the music gets
louder and the “uptight crowd lets loose and parties down”; mel-
low types find the patio and bar especially “appealing before the
scene heats up”, and if some remain unconvinced (“once sexy,
now a little over the hill”), the fact that it gets so “packed” you
“can’t move” suggests that many consider it “the place to be –
for now, anyway.”

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JLX Bistro                                          |||\
                                                     22 22 19 $12
16 Main St. (bet. Nassau & Water Sts.), Sag Harbor, 631-725-9100;
“After a long day on your boat”, this Sag Harbor sibling of JL East
and NYC’s Jean-Luc offers an “elegant bistro atmosphere” for
dinner and drinks; assets include a patio and “beautiful bar” with
a “great vibe”, plus views of Main Street, Long Wharf and the
“old windmill”, but some report servers with “snippy attitudes.”
Lakeside, The                                     N|||\
                                                     20 20 15 $13
183 Edgemere St. (Elwell St.), Montauk, 631-668-3455;
“Costa Rica surf shack meets the Hamptons” at this year-old,
double-decker destination for casual eating and tippling – “what
being in Montauk is all about”; it’s a “laid-back, fun” place to
watch the sun set over the bay while clinking tropical cocktails,
then dancing to the late-night DJ sets, even if some claim service
doesn’t always come “with a smile.”
La Superica                                         |||\
                                                     – – – M
2 Main St. (Long Island Ave.), Sag Harbor, 631-725-3388
On the very tip of town in Sag Harbor, this lively surf-themed
Mexican joint looks right out onto the water; you won’t spy any
boarders shredding it up outside – it is the bay after all – but the
locals and summer crowds happily hang 10 together over the
bar’s knockout, super-sized margaritas.
Legends                                             |||\
                                                     22 21 22 $11
835 First St. (New Suffolk Ave.), New Suffolk, 631-734-5123;
The “best draft beer selection on the NoFo” (running 200-strong),
plus a nifty list of wines by the glass, draw guests “a bit off the
beaten path” to this “casual”, sometimes “noisy”, “sports bar”
with a “quieter dining room” in New Suffolk; an “attentive, witty”
staff helps keep “locals and visitors” loyal.
Lori Restaurant & Wine Bar                        N|||\
                                                     21 19 21 $12
75 Main St. (bet. Cameron St. & Hampton Rd.), Southampton,
In the former home of James on Main, this “relaxing spot on a
busy street” in Southampton showcases a creative New
American menu, “nice selection of fine wines” and “fabulous”
cocktail list boasting “new twists on old favorites”, like the
blackberry-blended “Personal Jesus”; service can be “slow”,
but that’s apropos for a “low-key evening” with a date.
Madame Tong’s at the JL Beach Club |||\              20 21 17 $14
256 Elm St. (bet. Powell Ave. & Pulaski St.), Southampton, 631-204-0300;
The “gorgeous” “backyard bar with a fire pit” is the star at this
“happening” Southampton bar/restaurant, part of Ed ’Jean-Luc’
Kleefield’s stable, where “pretty people” come for a bite –
plus the likes of “huge double volcano drinks” – and stay for
dancing “after they clear away the tables”; the Buddha-adorned
interior might conjure up “your great aunt’s dining room after
that trip to China”, and some find it “overpriced” with “unim-
pressive” service, but it can be a “funky” “change of pace
from typical Hamptons bars.”

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Memory Motel                                     |||\
                                                  12 7 13 $9
692 Montauk Hwy. (E. Elmwood Ave.), Montauk, 631-668-2702
“Good in a bad-taste kind of way”, this “dingy” Montauk bar “of
Rolling Stones fame” is a “classic rock ’n’ roll dump at its best”
for catching “highly variable entertainment, from semi-name acts
to unknowns (sometimes deservedly so)”; it’s a “pure getaway”
from the “Gucci and Prada” crowd, yet this “scene from a film
noir movie” strikes some as “a memory to forget.”
MONTAUKET, THE                                   |||\
                                                  23 14 15 $15
The Montauket Hotel, 88 Firestone Rd. (Fleming Rd.), Montauk,
“Sunsets are a religious experience here” praises the Montauk
flock that gathers at this clifftop “secret” “after golf or pre-
dinner” to “count down” to dusk while “drinking cocktails in plas-
tic cups” on the deck; along with the bay view, it serves up “fast
food–style” eats in “authentic, unpretentious” fashion, though
that doesn’t matter much to those who prefer to “beat it after the
sun goes down.”
Murph’s Back Street Tavern                    N|||\
                                                  17 11 19 $9
64 Division St. (Rector St.), Sag Harbor, 631-725-9749
“Blue-collar Sag Harbor at its best” describes this tavern for “lo-
cals” who appreciate “cold beer, a good jukebox and great
darts”, especially in the “off-season”; “low ceilings and some
lowlifes as regulars” add extra character to this “barely stand-
ing”, “real deal of a young old man’s bar”, which can make for a
“chill night out” and “fun if you’re with a crowd.”
Nello Summertimes                             N|||\
                                                  20 18 21 $17
136 Main St. (Hampton Rd.), Southampton, 631-287-5500
“A friendly, well-heeled crowd” comes to sup on “pricey Italian”
fare and sip the “coldest martinis in town” on the patio of this
“charming” Southampton satellite of NYC’s Nello; refreshingly
“competent” service is another reason why devotees “love this
place”, but the big question for others is “who can afford it?”
Nick & Toni’s                                    |||\
                                                  – – – VE
136 N. Main St. (bet. Cedar St. & Miller Terr.), East Hampton,
On weekends, it’s more of an overcrowded waiting space for the
packed dining rooms, but midweek the bar at this East Hampton
mainstay is a happening little scene unto itself, where you might
spot the likes of Paul McCartney taking a nip; it’s a cozy place to
meet a friend over classic cocktails and excellent wine, and a full
menu is available at the bar too.
Nick’s                                           |||\
                                                  21 18 19 $13
148 S. Emerson Ave. (Edison St.), Montauk, 631-668-4800
“Beach, babes and beer” make this Montauk party spot “a sure
winner for a summer afternoon”; “great views of the ocean” from
the “outdoor bar” enhance the “fun times” during happy hour, flow-
ing into an “all-night scene” to the tune of “local bands” and DJs.
O’Mally’s                                        |||\
                                                  18 16 19 $10
44780 North Rd./Rte. 48 (Hortons Ln.), Southold, 631-765-2111
An “old favorite” and Southold “standby”, this “low-key burger
bar” has a “casual atmosphere” that appeals to a “mixed age
group”, including the “50s-plus crowd”; it’s a “comfortable, af-

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fordable” “throwback”, and if that can get “boring”, it’s one of
those rare places where the bartender “knows the locals by name.”
Pacific East                                        |||\
                                                     22 22 17 $14
415 Main St. (Indian Wells Hwy.), Amagansett, 631-267-7770
“Go for the sushi, stay for the party” say admirers of this “class act”
in Amagansett with an “Upper East Side” feel, offering “brilliant
sunset dining” as well as “a star sighting or two”; the “big circu-
lar bar” hosts some heady action by the “height of summer”, and
if some claim the staff can put on “airs”, there’s good “people-
watching” for distraction.
PALM                                                |||\
                                                     23 21 24 $15
The Huntting Inn, 94 Main St. (bet. Davids & Hunting Lns.), East Hampton,
It can be “impossible to get a table”, but “anyone can occupy a
stool at the bar” of this “classic” East Hampton link in the upscale
steakhouse chain, rated No. 1 for Service in this Survey and
deemed a “fabulous place for great wine” and meat; despite its
quaint locale (inside the three-century-old Huntting Inn), it’s “not
really for a romantic night out”, but “older singles flock to the old-
money scene” for a “good and loud” time.
PINK ELEPHANT SOUTHAMPTON                           |||\
                                                      – – – VE
The Capri Hotel, 281 County Rd. 39A/Rte. 27 (N. Main St.),
Southampton, 631-287-9888;
Long, low, rouge-backed banquettes and tiny tables topped with ice
buckets flank this new Manhattan import inside Southampton’s
Capri Hotel; past the throngs in thongs, a door-filtered cast of so-
cialites, tank-topped beach babes and over-groomed guys fill the
high-decibel dance floor, sometimes escaping to the sandy out-
door space, which boasts pagoda-shaped cabana tents and
smooch-ready beds.
Point Bar & Grill, The                              |||\
                                                     19 17 19 $13
697 Montauk Hwy. (bet. Emery & S. Embassy Sts.), Montauk,
Devotees “love the location” of this Montauk sports bar, largely
because “everyone knows to meet there at the end of the night”;
the seafood, wings and burgers – not to mention $2 drinks on
Sundays – help lure a crowd that’s “loud, messy and young”, so
“watch out for flying pool balls and overgrown frat boys.”
red bar brasserie                                   |||\
                                                     21 21 20 $12
210 Hampton Rd. (Lewis St.), Southampton, 631-283-0704
Most guests come for dinner at this “sophisticated” Southamptoner
resembling an “old house”, but those who “hang out a while” dis-
cover it’s “a hip place to grab a drink, catch up with friends” and
“feel like you never left the city”; while the bar can be “a little
tight” and “noisy” and service “less than helpful”, it’s “trendy
enough to be cool, but not overwhelming” when you’re seeking a
“great date” spot.
Resort                                           N|||\
                                                     19 19 18 $13
44 Three Mile Harbor Rd. (bet. Boat Yard Dr. & Fanyon Way),
East Hampton, 631-329-6000;
This multiroom East Hampton dance club (sister to the same-
named West Palm Beach nightspot) pleases a “diverse crowd”
with its Miami style and quickly booked cabanas; on the week-

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ends, it’s a “hot”, “loud”, “sometimes cheesy” go-to place for
“yummy drinks” and people, but remember to “grab your black
AmEx” and don’t be surprised if there’s a “long line.”
Rowdy Hall                                          |||\
                                                     19 17 20 $11
10 Main St. (Newtown Ln.), East Hampton, 631-324-8555;
“Hidden in a courtyard off Main Street”, “by the movie theater” in
East Hampton, this eatery’s often “squished” yet “laid-back” bar
is “good all year” for hoisting an Imperial pint with the “older cli-
entele”; raves go to the burgers as well as the bartender: he “re-
members your name, drink and who you slept with last Saturday,
unless you want to forget.”
Saracen                                             |||\
                                                     21 19 20 $14
108 Wainscott Stone Rd. (bet. Fernwood Rd. & Montauk Hwy.),
Wainscott, 631-537-6255
This “pretty” Italian restaurant in Wainscott “changes to a disco
at the drop of a hat”, making it a “fab place to dance after 11 PM”
on the weekends and possibly catch a glimpse of celebs (“saw
Bianca Jagger and Christie Brinkley”); it’s “always packed and
the staff handles it very well” – particularly the “big singles scene
by the bar area” – but look out for those “40- to 50-year-olds pre-
tending to be divorced.”
Savanna’s                                           |||\
                                                     22 19 20 $14
268 Elm St. (bet. Powell Ave. & Pulaski St.), Southampton, 631-283-0202
“Sexy” and “expensive”, this “airy” Southampton restaurant
appeals to “mature customers” with its “relaxed feel”, “garden
dining” and a bar that pours “great seasonal drinks”; it’s a “see-
and-be-seen” kind of scene, “assuming you can get through the
door” (“not worth the wait” say some), but “people-watchers
won’t be disappointed.”
Sen                                                 |||\
                                                     – – – VE
23 Main St. (bet. Bay & Madison Sts.), Sag Harbor, 631-725-1774;
Space is at a premium inside this top-tier Japanese restaurant in
Sag Harbor, and the tucked-away corner lounge is no exception;
only three silver stools stand in front of the black granite-topped
bar, but the young and the fabulous still squeeze into the chic little
room for specialty cocktails like litchi martinis and sake cosmos.
Shagwong                                            |||\
                                                     16 14 19 $12
774 Main St. (Edgemere St.), Montauk, 631-668-3050;
“The Stones hung out here with Warhol back in the day and it
hasn’t changed since”, which endears this “true-blue”, “old salty
hangout” (“if you have all your teeth, you’re way ahead of the
game”) to “the fishing set” and other “loud, boisterous”
Montaukers who come for seafood and suds; sure, the service and
decor strike some as “coarse”, but it’s “still inviting in its own way.”
Southampton Publick House                           |||\
                                                     20 17 19 $11
40 Bowden Sq. (N. Sea Rd.), Southampton, 631-283-2800;
“Easily the best brewery/pub on Long Island” say fans who insist
this Southamptoner on Bowden Square “gives Germany a run for its
money” with its “superb beer” (“the ales can’t be beat”), which

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now comes bottled too; it can be a “rowdy” spot for “hanging out
with the guys”, particulary during Friday’s all-night happy hour,
and a little “touristy” on peak-season weekends.
Star Room                                           |||\
                                                    20 19 14 $13
378 Montauk Hwy. (E. Gate Rd.), Wainscott, 631-537-3332
Aglimmer with “models, moguls” and a “young crowd”, this
Wainscott club stakes a claim for “hottest place to see and be
seen” – indoors and out, it’s “always a crazy, sweaty party” where
“the stars come out” to “sip bubbly and bump up and down” to
house music; though some call it a “wannabes meat market”
blocked by “obnoxious bouncers”, to others it’s “overdone but a lot
of fun”; P.S. the opening of the adjoining ‘FM at Star Room’ brings
hip-hop and rock, courtesy of the NYC team behind Stereo.
STEPHEN TALKHOUSE, THE                              |||\
                                                    23 15 18 $12
161 Main St. (Indian Wells Hwy.), Amagansett, 631-267-3117;
“Hands down” “the best place to see live music on the East End”
is how the majority views this “chill dive” in Amagansett, which
hosts “headliners and unknowns” ranging from cover bands to
Duncan Sheik and Suzanne Vega; “there’s not a bad seat in the
house” of this “unpretentious” “landmark”, and even if it’s “not
cheap” and “can be a fraternity scene”, the “first-rate entertain-
ment” and “great karaoke nights” mean it’s “worth it.”
SUNSET BEACH                                        |||\
                                                    24 22 18 $14
Sunset Beach Resort, 35 Shore Rd. (bet. Rocky Point Ave. &
Stearns Point Rd.), Shelter Island, 631-749-2001;
“Unreal sunset views”, a chic “bohemian atmosphere” and “even
some dancing on the deck” explain why this Shelter Island bistro
with a “Caribbean island feel” earns the Survey ’s top Appeal rating;
the setting and crowd are “beautiful”, so even if some cite the staff’s
“attitude”, “the scenery” makes up for it; P.S. “the ferry line can be
painful”, so “boat up if you can.”
Sunset Saloon                                       |||\
                                                     – – – M
16 Navy Rd. (Fort Pond Bay), Montauk, 631-668-6500;
The long, beautiful dark-wood bar is comfortably set off from a
family-friendly dining area, but the real action at this Montauker
is outside, overlooking the placid waters of Fort Pond Bay; sandy-
toed Ditch Plains surfers congregate here for cheap eats, cold
beer, frozen daiquiris and, of course, spectacular sunsets.
Tavern                                              |||\
                                                    15 13 13 $13
125 Tuckahoe Ln. (Pow/Mia Memorial Hwy.), Southampton, 631-287-2125;
“Young” clubbers flood this “Southampton staple” to “let loose and
dance the night away” to spinners like occasional drop-in DJ AM;
but while fans call it a good place to “have a drink” and groove to
“great music”, others knock “cheesy crowds and overpriced
drinks” and conclude there are “better options” in the area.
Tide Runners                                        |||\
                                                    19 19 17 $14
7 North Rd. (Montauk Hwy.), Hampton Bays, 631-728-7373;
Its “beautiful setting on the Shinnecock Canal” draws “families,
singles, young and old” (at least before sundown) to this Hampton

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Bays lobster house and late-night “hot spot”, which offers “DJs
on the weekends” in addition to an “outstanding view” from the
deck; it “fills up quick” (possibly flummoxing “inexperienced”
staffers), but you can “book in advance” for a table or just “meet
some cute guys at the bar” while “watching the boats pass.”
Turtle Bay East                                   |||\
                                                   18 18 19 $11
395 Montauk Hwy. (Lincoln Rd.), East Quogue, 631-653-9882;
After the beach, this sister club to the Manhattan happy-hour
den “is the place to party it up” and dance till morning with
East Quogue’s “beautiful babies”, or just “hang out and guzzle
some beers”; “the deck is nice and relaxed on a warm summer
night”, and if some cite “bridge and tunnel” types, more enjoy the
“fun” “mixed crowd.”
21 Water                                          |||\
                                                   22 20 18 $15
21 W. Water St. (Long Island Ave.), Sag Harbor, 631-725-4925;
Disembark from your “posh yacht at the marina” and step into
this “loud, young and loud!” Sag Harbor club, complete with an
Italian restaurant, blue-canopied patio and separate DJ rooms
for rock/hip-hop and Euro/house music; it offers “trendy drinks”
and a scene to match, but a few warn that “the level of preten-
tiousness is skyrocketing.”
27                                                |||\
                                                   – – – M
2095 Montauk Hwy. (Napeague Stretch, bet. Amagansett &
Montauk), Amagansett, 631-267-6980
A chic after-sun scene unfolds at this new surf-themed bar and
lounge in the former Napeague Stretch; multihued frozen drinks,
tiki torches and a pretty patio enhance the casual back-to-the-
beach vibe, though the thirtysomething crowd is more Biff and
Buffy than Frankie and Annette.
World Pie                                         |||\
                                                   19 15 19 $11
2402 Montauk Hwy. (Corwith Ave.), Bridgehampton, 631-537-7999
Since the kitchen serves till midnight, bar-hoppers like to sate
themselves with some of “the best pizza in the Hamptons” at this
“cozy” Bridgehamptoner that hosts, “quite surprisingly, a great
little bar scene”; it’s a “friendly”, “comfortable” place for “true lo-
cals and weekend locals”, and once the “family fun” is done, the
“late-night hard drinkers” swing by.

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