letter of authority by HC121107061418


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                    Customer Name:
                    Business Name:
                    Main Business

                    Account manager
                    contact info:

I confirm that the above company is acting on my behalf and I authorise you to action my accounts with them as follows:

        Request and receive current and historical account information including: - Consumption history, supply numbers,
         account numbers, pricing details and contract end dates.
        Issue termination notice with regard to existing supply contracts on my behalf.
        Obtain information from third party industry databases, for example metering details.
        To be able to contact my current supplier to resolve any objections or rejections regarding my transfer/renewal.
        Request and negotiate prices on my behalf.
        Request and receive ALL correspondence and billing information e.g. bills, debt information and payment terms.
        Authorise any adjustments, refunds or billing.
        Agree new supply contracts on my behalf.

                                                   Terms of Letter of Authority

This LOA is valid for ALL sites under the Company name provided and will be submitted again if any changes are made. There
will be no need to re-sign, however the validity of this LOA starts today.

This LOA will over-ride any existing LOAs held on file by the supplier and shall remain valid for a period of 12 months from the
date of signature or, if you have a fixed term contract; it will be valid for the duration of your fixed term period.

We reserve the right to contact the named account holder/site contact named on the account in the event that we deem it
necessary to ensure the correct running of your account.

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