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					Taking time-off to go on-line..

I enjoyed corporate life. There’s nothing like waking up in the wee hours to shower , put on my best
Armani suit ( mostly pastel colours ), some make up and smile to how crisp I look as I joined the
automobile jam of the weekday commute to office. Ten years down the road, I started hating myself for
just losing out at the simple joys of waiting for my husband to walk through the door of our home (
smelly and toasted from Malaysian heat ) and hugging him for just coming home to me. So after
discussing our options, I did the craziest thing of quitting work and enrolling into an online course for 16

Many women have opted to taking a sabbatical ( or longer ) to savour the joys of slowing down in life. I
know I made the right choice. During college days, I was already rushing in between jobs trying to make
ends meet. Until I stumbled upon the option of e-commerce. Just as Sinatra croons away.. “ Regrets I
had a few, but then again too few to mention..” it reminds me of how I wince at the memory of being
tired by 6pm and yet still thinking about my unfinished job back at the office. I was too busy climbing
the ladder and breaking invisible glass walls, that I missed out on what I love to do – travelling, reading
and writing. My life was my job, and my job was my life. Well, that was then.

I’m so thankful to people like Mark Zuckerberg whom paved the way for a new option to living. Yeah,
money isn’t everything. But we still need moolah to buy bread and soap and pay the utility bills. I’m still
a freshie to e-Bay and wordpress and the likes, but I’m taking one online lesson at a time to get the hang
of things. So what can one do to supplement their income or replace the monthly paychecks from a job
they hate? Well, here’s a few things you could do. Writing articles. Selling things online. Promote other
people’s products. And the list goes on and on. As a teenager, I love to travel. I’d save every sen I could
just to take a weekend to a new place and just experience the stillness of Mother Nature. My boyfriend
then, shared a common love for the outdoor. But as adulthood sets in ( and bills popping up the mailbox
every now and then ), I was forced to shelf that hobby and swim the corporate waves like my peers. But
now there’s a smart option to earning; by writing about my travels and selling them to Hubpages. I can
add pictures, videos of my travels and write about it.

Shopping is a great way of depleting one’s bank account. But like many lazy shoppers, I hate going
through the nasty traffic jam of Kuala Lumpur just to get to the mall. Thanks to the magnificent thing
called on-line malls, I can actually surf for the best deals on a new pair of sweater in the comfort of my
pyjamas at home. Just a few clicks away and key in your Paypal details, the wonderful postman will ring
my doorbell in 2-days’ time delivering my lovely goodies. Now I’m learning how to create an online store
and help other lazy shoppers like myself spend their money with ease. Good for me, as that takes care
of shop rental and getting out of my pyjamas at 5 am for the expressway rush hour. There’s alot more
wonderful things we can do on the internet. I’m about to learn more and will keep you posted. Have a
great day at the office to all you out there.