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									8 November 2005    By: Entertainment News Staff, -
                   Scarlett Johansson, The Amazon Warrior
                   The actress has secured funding from Moshe Diamant's Signature Pictures for
                   starring in the action-drama Amazon, which will be penned by Dirk Blackman and
                   Howard McCain
                   Scarlett Johansson is set to play an Amazon warrior, living in 200 B.C., who searches
                   vengeance on an army that had destroyed her native village.Moshe Diamant's Signature
                   Pictures has made a deal to finance Amazon, a starring vehicle for Johansson, according to
                   Variety. Apparently, the idea of the part came from the actress herself, who mentioned it to
                   screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci while they worked together on The Island. The
                   duo will produce with Melanie Johansson, Gilles Arondeau and Alexandra Milchan-Lambert.
                   Signature also worked with Johansson on The Black Dahlia, which she has recently filmed
                   for the famous director Brian De Palma. The actress also has recently starred in A Love
                   Song for Bobby Long, In Good Company and The Perfect Score. Dirk Blackman and
                   Howard McCain will write the script for Amazon. "This will be a movie that falls between
                   The Wild Bunch and The Seven Samurai", Blackman said.Blackman and McCain have just
                   written Outlander, a period Viking saga that McCain will direct for Ascendant Pictures and
                   The Weinstein Co.; production on that project starts next June in New Zealand.

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