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Scaling Enterprise Mobility Deployments with Integrated Mobile .pdf


									JULY 2004   WHITE PAPER

Scaling Enterprise Mobility Deployments with Integrated
Mobile Device and Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)
Management Solutions

                          Executive Summary                                    Introduction
                          This document is written for senior business         To win in today’s competitive business environment,
                          executives and technology executives who             companies must find new ways to innovate, optimize
                          have already conducted or are considering the        business processes, shorten cycle times and
                          deployment and management of enterprise              empower employees to better serve customers. To
                          mobility solutions for mission-critical components   achieve these benefits, chief information officers
                          of their business operations. The purpose of         (CIOs) are increasingly putting mobile technologies
                          this paper is to highlight the challenges            into the hands of front-line operations, customer
                          associated with developing, deploying and            service and distribution center/logistics personnel.
                          managing an enterprise mobility solution.            This enables greater customer satisfaction and
                          It discusses the benefits of the Mobility            enhanced product selection while maximizing
                          Services Platform, a powerful integrated mobility    supply chain efficiencies and accuracy—ultimately
                          management solution from Symbol Technologies,        increasing operating margins.
                          The Enterprise Mobility Company™.                      The promise of mobility is immense. However,
                            Mobility management systems enable                 realizing its full potential can introduce some
                          operations and IT groups to reduce the               significant IT challenges. Today’s typical mobility
                          complexity and total cost of ownership of            solutions are single purpose in nature and reside
                          deploying mobility solutions by advancing            on mobile devices that are connected to
                          from complex and difficult-to-manage                 corporate back-end systems via ad-hoc systems.
                          installations to high performing, reliable and       Management of these deployments is usually an
                          scalable solutions that are easy to develop,         afterthought. The result is a static, complex and
                          deploy and manage. Key benefits include              non-scalable mobility infrastructure that is unable
                          rapid development, accelerated deployment,           to expand in an efficient way to meet growing
                          end-to-end wireless network and mobile               business needs. The net effect is increased
                          device visibility, expedited problem resolution      deployment and support costs; brittle,
                          and system reliability, availability and             underperforming systems; and dramatically
                          scalability (RAS). Enterprise-class mobility         increased organizational risk.
                          management systems are powerful, integrated            Fortunately, technologies are rapidly being
                          tools that enable rapid scaling and total control    brought to market to address these challenges.
                          and visibility of enterprise mobility deployments.   The main elements of scalable and cost-effective
                                                                               enterprise mobility solutions are now available
                                                                               with the advent of standardized pervasive
                                                                               application architectures (.NET and J2EE),
                                                                               advanced mobile computing devices designed
                                                                               upon robust operating systems (Pocket PC,
                                                                               Palm OS® and Linux) and standardized wireless
                                                                               LAN infrastructure (IEEE® 802.11a/b/g).
    An important advancement is the introduction         functional. This process is either outsourced or       Reactive Monitoring—Lack of integrated
of centralized mobility management solutions             executed internally, but it’s an additional cost and   management tools puts enterprises in a reactive
that significantly reduce the risk and complexity        further delays deployment. The ability to rapidly      mode rather than proactive when it comes to
associated with mobile deployments. These                provision and configure mobile devices and             responding to problems encountered with the
systems provide the basis for rapid development,         wireless networks is of paramount importance.          wireless infrastructure or mobile devices.
deployment, management, support and control                                                                     Problem response includes dispatching a
of mobile devices and infrastructure in a focused,       Mixed Applications Deployed—Ensuring                   specialist to the site, which is an expensive
secure manner. At the same time, mobility                uniformity of software versions on mobile              proposition. A proactive monitoring solution is
management enables operations and IT groups              devices across hundreds or thousands of                needed so potential problems with the wireless
to contain support costs and maintain complete,          locations is a monumental task. The wrong              network or the devices are caught and
real-time visibility into the health and performance     version of an application on a mobile unit             addressed before an event occurs.
of the enterprise mobility systems.                      prevents certain business functions from being
                                                         performed or creates inaccurate results. Version       Managing Batch or Intermittent Connectivity—
Challenges                                               control of business applications, operating            A mobile device inherently has limited processing
A standard enterprise mobility deployment may            systems and firmware is necessary.                     power, battery life and memory. This makes
include several thousand mobile devices, wireless                                                               collecting performance data difficult. Intermittent
switches and access points. Large-scale deployments,     Continuous Manual Updating of Applications and         connectivity and bandwidth limitations
common in retail, transportation and logistics and       Networks—With new applications, device refreshes,      compound this problem. An optimal mobility
manufacturing industries, can be dramatically larger.    security and network settings constantly being         management solution operates with batch and
The complexity of these environments makes routine       pushed to devices and networks, operations and         intermittent connectivity and with configurable
tasks such as device and network component roll-outs,    IT teams often must work overtime to update            bandwidth usage.
updates and maintenance and support/problem              mobile devices and wireless infrastructure
resolution unduly difficult. Without a centralized       across hundreds of locations just to remain            Ensuring Security End-to-End—Wireless
mobility management solution, these routine tasks        current and consistent. Enterprise-class mobility      solutions are inherently less secure than
become a barrier to growth and leave the promise         management solutions provide centralized, remote       wired solutions. As a result, security risks are
of mobility unrealized.                                  configuration and provisioning capabilities to         compounded when mobile solutions are scaled
    While management of wired networks and               alleviate this manual IT dependency.                   across the enterprise. An optimal mobility
computing devices is a mature, standardized                                                                     management solution provides secure
industry, it’s challenging to extend these management    Problems are Hard to Isolate and Resolve—              transmission of data, detection of rogue
tools into the world of wireless networks and            Fault isolation is complicated and hard to             networked devices and remote authentication
mobile computing devices. Existing network               resolve. Common device problem reports,                and lock-down, among other important
management tools are unable to deal with roaming         such as “slow response time” could, in fact,           security functions.
devices, intermittent network connectivity or wireless   be the result of many different conditions—
security. Similarly, existing software distribution      an access point (AP) that is overloaded, bad           Application Development Issues—To-date, mobile
tools were not designed to deal with multi-user          radio frequency (RF) coverage or memory                application developers have relied on custom
mobile devices, offline and online device usage          leakage on the device. Rapid fault isolation           coding and point solutions to create one-off
and push-versus-pull distribution models.                capabilities are required.                             mobile applications relying mostly on older
    Key mobility challenges for the enterprise                                                                  technologies (such as DOS, Telnet, Batch) and
include:                                                 Increase in Support Calls—Hands-on technical           integrated with a single back-end system
                                                         staff required to support large-scale enterprise       (mainframe, database, etc.). This point-to-point
    Cumbersome Manual Processes for Device               deployments is expensive, both in the number           approach is now proving too hard to change and
    Rollouts—Newly purchased devices or systems          of and the cost per technician. The ability to         adapt with the advent of multi-application
    that are returned from the service center must       support remote diagnostics and remote problem          deployments, a proliferation of mobile devices,
    go through a staging process before they are         resolution is critical to reduce these expenses.       and multiple back-end systems to integrate with.

Introducing Symbol Mobility                              Expedited Problem Resolution—MSP                                  MSP Agents and MSP Studio. Comprehensive
Services Platform                                        dramatically reduces help desk costs by enabling                  wireless network management capabilities are
The Mobility Services Platform from Symbol is            your staff to rapidly diagnose and solve a full                   seamlessly integrated with advanced device
an extensible service-oriented mobile computing          range of network, device and infrastructure                       provisioning, monitoring and security functionalities.
foundation that enables Symbol’s customers               problems. Features include integrated device                      For example, device provisioning is policy-based so
and partners to advance from complex and                 and network fault isolation, remote diagnostics,                  that a mobile device is provisioned based on its
difficult-to-manage installations to high performing,    remote device control, remote configuration and                   type, user, location or any other attribute. In addition,
reliable and scalable solutions that are easy to         patch management.                                                 advanced device monitoring capabilities provide
develop, deploy and manage. MSP delivers                                                                                   visibility into key device metrics such as bandwidth
rapid development, accelerated deployment,               Extensible Platform Architecture—MSP offers                       consumption, battery status, RF status and
end-to-end visibility, expedited problem resolution      interoperable software components to develop                      scanner status. A secure, role-based console
and system reliability, availability and scalability     and deploy additional mobility management                         provides customizable views that are appropriate
(RAS). Symbol devices and wireless networks              applications and adds support for new mobile                      to different functional areas.
are enhanced and provide monitoring information          devices and wireless infrastructure. Features
in addition to executing administrative tasks            include a customizable portal framework,                           MSP Server—This provides server-side control of
initiated by MSP users.                                  standards-based architecture, centralized                          the enterprise mobility deployment. MSP server
                                                         event repository, value-added mobility                             features several enhanced management services
Key benefits of MSP include:                             management application programming                                 for mobile device and wireless LAN management
                                                         interfaces (APIs) and plug-in-based device                         and monitoring, including discovery, monitoring,
 Rapid Development—MSP enables application               agent architecture.                                                remote control, configuration, provisioning and
 developers to develop new and extend existing                                                                              trouble-shooting.
 back-end applications to a large variety of mobile     A Look Inside the Mobility
 computing devices with faster time to market           Services Platform                                                    Through a Web-based console, MSP server
 and 50% less cost than custom coding and               The Mobility Services Platform from Symbol                         provides network and mobile unit administrators
 point solutions.                                       consists of three components: MSP Server,                          and support personnel with a central mission

 Accelerated Deployment—MSP enables
                                                                 MSP Enterprise Mobility Deployment (Figure 1)
 rapid deployment of mobile devices, wireless
 networks and mobile applications. Features
                                                                                       MSP                 MSP
 include out-of-the-box provisioning and                                            Management          Management
                                                                                      Console            Console
 configuration of mobile devices plus remote
 provisioning and configuration of groups of
 access points and wireless switches.

 End-to-End Visibility into Health and Performance—
 MSP ensures that your enterprise mobility
 deployment is always available and stays within                   Integration

 preset performance baseline levels. MSP
 enables full visibility into your deployment while
 providing pro-active mobile device and network
 monitoring, comprehensive alerting and integration                               Mobility Services    Mobility Services            SNMP Agents         MSP Agents on
                                                                                 Platform–Enterprise    Platform– Lite           on Wireless Switches   Mobile Devices
 to enterprise management systems.                                                                                                and Access Points

control dashboard with role-based access to MSP         protocol (WNMP), extensible markup language             tree view presented in MSP Server console, the
management services. MSP Server console is              (XML) or simple network management protocol             user can “walk the network” to see the
utilized through standard Internet browsers such        (SNMP) and queries them for relevant information        associations between wireless switches, access
as MS Explorer and Netscape Navigator.                  through their management information base               ports, access points and mobile devices.
                                                        (MIB). MSP Server displays this information in the
    MSP Agent—Symbol devices and systems                MSP Server console, intermingled with the mobile        Device Monitoring—Operations and IT teams
    feature embedded mobility services agents           device information collected through MSA.               are able to focus on groups of mobile devices to
    (MSP Agents) that collect monitoring and              From the MSP Server console user’s point of           aid in problem resolution. This function allows
    asset information to enable the configuration,      view, the intermingling of switches/APs and             for the interrogation of various system functions
    provisioning, monitoring and troubleshooting        devices presents a single, cohesive view into the       and variables within large groups of mobile
    of your mobile units. In addition, MSP interacts    enterprise mobility deployment. Through the             devices, including RF signal strength, CPU
    with SNMP agents for control and visibility         console, users examine the state of the wireless        usage, software inventory and battery level.
    into wireless switches, access points and           network, generate reports, create notification
    access ports from Symbol. MSP Agents run            policies and, in general, manage the end-to-end         Device Provisioning—MSP users specify
    seamlessly in both offline and online mode,         enterprise mobility deployment.                         groups of devices onto which software
    taking into account the inherent unpredictability     With an integrated mobility management solution,      packages need to be deployed. As scheduled
    of wireless network coverage.                       these core management functions are available           by the MSP user, this automatically pushes
                                                        across all the areas of the mobility enterprise.        new applications and updates to mobile
    MSP Studio—MSP enables application                  Fault detection and isolation is resolved through       devices when they connect to the network.
    developers to develop new and extend                the wireless infrastructure into the mobile device
    existing back-end applications to a large           and down to a device application or registry setting.   Device Remote Control—Device administrators
    variety of mobile computing devices with            Configuration parameters are managed by policy          and help desk support personnel can get visibility
    faster time to market and 50% less cost than        and continuously monitored for exception. Network       into what is being viewed on the mobile user’s
    custom coding and point solutions. In addition      and device usage and performance data is collected      screen. Together, problems are diagnosed, and
    to offloading complex mobile run-time               into a centralized database, where it’s available for   experienced personnel train the mobile user as
    middleware to MSP, organizations can take           analytical processing to help determine performance     configuration problems are fixed.
    advantage of MSP Studio’s visual programming        issues, validate return on investment (ROI) of new
    environment to empower developers to focus          deployments and aid in capacity planning.               Asset/Inventory Management—The centralized
    on rich, transactional applications.                                                                        management collection capability of MSP
                                                        Value-Added Management Services                         provides a comprehensive database of all
How These Components Work Together                      Some of the key value-added management                  your wireless assets—both fixed infrastructure
Each MSP Agent is associated with an MSP                services provided by MSP include:                       and mobile devices. The MSP automatically
server appliance. As it is running, the MSP Agent                                                               discovers the contents of the wireless
collects information about the device on which it        Rapid Deployment—New mobile devices are                environment. Asset/Inventory information
resides—information such as remaining battery            rapidly and securely connected to the network          is reviewed with built-in reports.
strength, memory and CPU use, wireless signal            with minimal effort. Devices are then automatically
strength and more. Periodically, the MSP Agent           provisioned and ready for operational use. This        Network Discovery and Configuration—MSP
sends this collected information back to its MSP         tool significantly accelerates the deployment of       discovers all wireless infrastructures deployed
server (via a switch/AP), which displays the             mobile devices.                                        within defined Internet protocol (IP) address
information in the MSP console.                                                                                 ranges and enables configuration templates
    Over on the wireless switch/AP side, MSP Server      Device Discovery—This enables operations               to be predefined and applied to groups. This
automatically discovers wireless switches and            and IT staff to find all mobile devices that are       simplifies management and mass configuration
APs that support wireless network management             currently on the wireless network. Through a           of wireless switches and access point.

 Network Monitoring—Monitoring features
                                                                Mobility Services Platform for Integrated Network & Device
 provide system administrators with up-to-the-
                                                                Management (Figure 2)
 minute information on the status of all
 elements of the wireless network,automatically
 notifying administrators of any problem via
 email or pager.

All these value-added management services are
controlled through the MSP Server console,
shown in Figure 2. It enables users to tie these
value-added management services together to
solve specific business problems utilizing
concepts such as:

 Grouping—MSP provides value-added
 management services on large groups of large
 numbers of mobile devices, wireless switches
 and access points. This eliminates a lot of
 repetitive work that would otherwise need to
 be done device-by-device.
                                                       triggered—these programmed responses               Mobile Application Development
 Charting—MSP enables users to display health          include sending an email, setting the device’s     and Integration
 and performance data in numerous customized           health indicator or even telling the device to     MSP Studio software enables you to develop new
 ways. Charts can be used to map the history           modify its behavior.                               and extend existing back-end applications for your
 of a particular attribute over time, or to relate                                                        mobile devices faster and more cost effectively
 one attribute to another, and so on. In addition,     Integrated Fault Isolation and Diagnosis—With      than custom coding and point solutions.
 the user arranges the layout of the charts on         health and performance information being           Developers can exploit the visual business
 the screen, making it easy to compare and             collected from mobile devices and wireless         process modeling environment in MSP Studio to
 correlate the statistics from two or more             infrastructure, MSP users rapidly isolate faults   build rich, transactional applications. Component-
 managed devices.                                      down to a specific portion of their enterprise     based integration enables easy connection of
                                                       mobility deployment. With centralized              mobile applications with existing databases,
 Security—MSP provides a portal-style, highly          configuration and remote control, MSP users        applications and systems through pre-built
 customizable user interface with role-based and       rapidly fix the isolated faults to restore the     adapters to J2EE, JDBC, web services and more.
 rules-based security policies. Mobile devices are     enterprise mobility deployment back to peak        What’s more, integration and application
 secured with access control functions including       health and performance.                            components can be reused across multiple projects
 local and network user authentication and                                                                and applications, further reducing your development
 power-on passwords.                                   Integration with other Management                  costs. From middleware to database applications,
                                                       Systems—MSP provides the ability to                MSP Studio’s open integration framework delivers
 Events and Thresholds—MSP presents an                 forward any system traps to enterprise             features that enable you to reduce both time and
 interface that lets the user choose the device        management systems, such as IBM® Tivoli,           costs in the development process.
 events and construct the threshold expressions        Hewlett-Packard® OpenView and CA®                    With MSP Studio’s device-resident smart
 that are of interest. It also lets the user specify   Unicenter, providing further integration into      client, business logic and data are stored locally
 the appropriate response when an alert is             the existing network.                              on the mobile device. Applications transition

smoothly between offline and online states,
                                                                      MSP Studio’s Visual Business Process Modeling tools for rapid
seamlessly synching stored information either                         application development. (Figure 3)
wirelessly over WWAN or WLAN or via a cradle,
once the mobile device is reconnected to the
network. MSP Studio provides a rich set of
run-time components including transactional
store and forward synchronization, device-resident
smart client, session management, device
detection, alerts delivery, transcoding, scheduling
and security.
    For more information on MSP Studio, please
refer to separate whitepapers and datasheets on
MSP Studio.

Business Benefits of the Symbol
Mobility Services Platform

Increased Productivity
The Mobility Services Platform saves time by
automating a number of management activities
that were previously handled manually. By
defining compliance policies, an administrator         is the result of regular maintenance of                    By increasing the accuracy of problem diagnosis,
ensures that all wireless switches are running         infrastructure, proactive monitoring and quick time-       MSP reduces support and maintenance costs.
with the same security settings and the same           to-resolution whenever problems occur.                     Time spent sending mobile devices to the repair
software versions. The need to periodically              Scheduling features make maintenance activities          depot is reduced with a more accurate picture of
connect to switches to check the configuration         a standard and easy IT activity. Scheduling, with          the software usage on the device and its
is eliminated. If an operator inadvertently changes    advanced device management software, ensures               performance history. Tools such as remote control
a configuration to conflict with corporate             that software upgrades are pushed out in a timely          are used to troubleshoot the mobile device before
guidelines, the administrator is notified. In          manner and that the data transfer has little impact        sending it to a service center or requiring a
addition, a policy automatically sets the switch       on business operations.                                    technician visit.
back to its proper configuration.                        MSP also provides proactive visibility into your           Historical trending provides insight into the point
    Designed to improve productivity, another key      business operations. Statistical trending of performance   at which devices start to fail. This information
feature of MSP is automated rapid deployment to        and fault information helps to identify risk areas         leads to increased and more predictable device
new mobile devices. The complex and error-prone        before failures occur. By collecting performance           reliability, and reduces costs by dramatically
activity of manually entering security and network     and fault data for both mobile devices and the network     shrinking pools of spare equipment.
settings on each new device is now performed by        infrastructure, MSP makes troubleshooting easier.
simply scanning a sheet of paper.                      Network operators and support personnel have               Reduces Complexity
    Eliminating these manual steps improves            access to real-time statistics and alerts as well as       As the reliance on mobile solutions increases,
business productivity and reduces opportunities        historical trends. This information leads to faster        so does the size of the mobile deployments for
for operator error that lead to downtime.              and more accurate time-to-resolution.                      both mobile devices and wireless infrastructure.
                                                                                                                  Large, enterprise mobility deployments often
Increased Reliability                                  Lower Costs                                                include tens of thousands of mobile and
Increased reliability ensures that business-critical   Increased reliability and automation of management         wireless infrastructure devices. The sheer
transactions are always performed. High reliability    tasks helps to further drive down IT staff costs.          volume of these physical assets and their

particular firmware, operating system and                          enterprise network management solutions                          wireless LAN management solutions. With MSP,
application data overwhelms even the most                          such as IBM® Tivoli and Hewlett-Packard®                         IT and operations professionals can develop,
capable IT/network operations staffs.                              OpenView, supporting interaction through                         deploy and manage their end-to-end enterprise
  The Mobility Services Platform streamlines                       standard protocols.                                              mobility deployments in a comprehensive and
the complexity of managing large mobile                                 The Mobility Services Platform provides a                   complete manner. A number of unique,
environments by providing for the combination                      complete management solution and also                            differentiating features are described in Figure 4
of many elements into a group that is managed                      serves as a platform that is easy to extend by                   below.
and monitored as one element.                                      Symbol business partners. The modular platform
  Further complexities are removed with an                         approach and the use of standard interfaces                      Summary
automated detection and monitoring of all                          make it more convenient for the Symbol partner                   With the increasing proliferation of mobility
elements in the mobile enterprise and the                          community to provide additional mobility services                solutions throughout businesses of all sizes,
management of these devices with policy-based                      such as radio frequency identification (RFID),                   centralized management is a must. The Mobility
device provisioning. Policy-based management                       voice over IP (VoIP) or security. It’s this level                Services Platform from Symbol is an extensible
simplifies the management effort by setting                        of product extensibility, enabling future                        service-oriented mobile computing foundation
rules that establish and maintain the desired                      technologies, that ensures maximum                               that enables Symbol’s customers and partners
configurations for mobility devices.                               investment protection.                                           to advance from complex and difficult-to-manage
                                                                                                                                    installations to high performing, reliable and
Investment Protection                                              Mobility Services Platform—                                      scalable solutions that are easy to develop,
It’s important for any mobility solution to fit                    Differentiators                                                  deploy and manage.The Symbol approach to
into a corporation's existing IT infrastructure.                   The Mobility Services Platform from Symbol is                    mobility management reflects its long history
The Mobility Services Platform works well with                     one of the first integrated mobile device and                    of delivering business-critical solutions to meet
                                                                                                                                    the enterprise mobility needs of companies in a
                                                                                                                                    variety of industries. More than seven million
Features and Benefits (Figure 4)                                                                                                    Symbol scanners and mobile devices are in use
                                                                                                                                    worldwide in addition to wireless LAN installations
   Features                   Function                                           Benefits                                           at over 45,000 customer locations. With MSP,
   Rapid Deployment          New mobile devices are rapidly and securely          • Eliminates requirement for pre-staging          Symbol delivers an important element in your
                             connected to the network and provisioned               equipment
                                                                                                                                    ability to achieve total success in capturing,
                             with minimal effort                                  • Deployment cycles cut from months to days
                                                                                                                                    moving and managing information to and from
   Integrated monitoring,    End-to-end visibility and troubleshooting            • Fault resolution reduced from days to hours     the point of business activity.
   charting and analysis     of devices and WLAN networks
                                                                                                                                      For more information about MSP, contact
   Integrated management     Remote discovery, configuration and                  • Deployment of new settings and software         us at +1.800.722.6234, or visit us on the web
   of devices and networks   provisioning                                           reduced from months to days
                                                                                  • Reduction in support personnel required

   Rapid application         Rapid mobile application development and             • Reduce mobile application development time
   development tools         integration tools and middleware                       and cost dramatically
                                                                                  • Reduce ongoing application maintenance and
                                                                                    support costs

   Open, standards-based     Ability to develop and deploy additional             • Easily extensible to new applications, mobile
   platform                  mobility management applications and                   devices, wireless infrastructure and existing
                             add support for new mobile devices and                 management tools
                             wireless infrastructure

About Symbol Technologies

Symbol Technologies, Inc.,
The Enterprise Mobility Company™,
delivers solutions that capture,
move and manage information
in real time, from the point of
activity to the point of decision.
Symbol solutions integrate
advanced data capture technology,
ruggedized mobile computers,
wireless infrastructure, enabling
software and high-ROI applications
from our business partners and
Symbol Enterprise Mobility Services.
Symbol enterprise mobility
solutions increase business
productivity and velocity, reduce
costs and realize competitive
advantage for the world’s leading
retailers, transportation and
logistics companies and
manufacturers as well as
government agencies and providers
of healthcare, hospitality and
security. More information is
available at

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 notice. Symbol® is the registered trademark
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