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                                                 Santa Margarita Catholic School 
                                             Santa Margarita Catholic HighHigh School 

    VOL.21 NO.10
                                            THE BLUEPRINT
                                           THE BLUEPRINT                                                                                        

       INSIDE                   Congratulations to Valedictorian Kevin Jain
                                By Alyssa Wolpin
    Interview with
    Jordan Rodriguez                   Congratulations to                   president of the Junior                 an active member of Model                      1. What are some ac-
                                Kevin Jain for achieving the                St a t e s m a n o f A m e r i c a      United Nations for all of his            tivities/clubs you have
    Pg. 2                       title of Valedictorian of                   (JSA), the Santa Margarita              four years at SM. During                 been involved with?
                                Santa Margarita Catholic                                                                                                          MUN, JSA, CSF, NHS,
                                H i g h S c h o o l ’s C l a s s o f                                                                                         NFL, WTC, FRC, CC, FULL
                                2009. Kevin will be attend-                                                                                                  IB, MENSA, CHOC, FC,
    I Used to Hate You
                                ing Harvard next fall, and                                                                                                   FBLA, XC, AA, TCLL,
    Pg. 3                       has not yet decided on his                                                                                                   TWF, among others. I occa-
                                major.                                                                                                                       sionally enjoy tennis, golf,
                                       Kevin is an Interna-                                                                                                  and pitching. For baseball.
    Surviving Roommate          tional Baccalaureate Full                                                                                                          2. What do you like
                                Diploma Candidate and has                                                                                                    to do with your free time?
     Pg. 4                      been taking advanced                                                                                                              Recently, I subscribed
                                classes since freshman                                                                                                       to Netflix and watch several
                                year. Kevin’s involvement                                                                                                    movies a week. Also, ever
                                with AP classes has earned                                                                                                   since Rock for Peace, I’ve
Ross “Living With Women”        him the title of an AP                                                                                                       spent much time playing the
    Pg. 5                       scholar with Distinction.                                                                                                    guitar. Shout out to Mike
                                       Kevin is also involved                                                                                                Kim for donating the guitar.
                                with athletic programs at                                                                                                         3. What will you miss
    Stuck between               our school. He ran for the                                                                                                   most about SM?
                                Boys’ Track and Field team                                                                                                        The Diversity.
    Hello and Goodbye                                                       Picture of Kevin. Photo courtesy of Caroline Christ.
                                during his freshman and                                                                                                            4. What was your fa-
    Pg. 6                       sophomore years and ran                                                                                                      vorite Class at SM?
                                Cross Country his junior                    chapter. His influence in JSA           these four years he earned                    Mr. Baier’s period 1.
                                year.                                       is evident in the results from          fifteen gavels at confer-
    Letters to Teachers                                                     the mock-presidential elec-             ences on state, national, and
                                                                                                                                                                    5. Who was your
                                       Kevin has all types of                                                                                                most influential teacher?
     Pg. 7                      leadership positions here at                tion and debate. This event             international scales. Kevin                   The Bedouin. The No-
                                SM. He is the president of                  raised around $1,000 for the            is also a National Merit Fi-             mad. The Seafarer.
                                National Honors Society                     Third World First club and              nalist and Scholarship win-                    6. Any Advice for
    Emily and Olivia’s          and the California Scholar-                 600 pounds of food were col-            ner. I got the chance to ask             Future Seniors?
    Farewell to SM              ship Federation. Kevin                      lected for the Second Har-              Kevin some questions my-                      Think for yourself…
                                founded and is currently co-                vest organization. Kevin was            self.
    Pg. 8

                                Congratulations to Co-Salutatorians Jacob Kureh and Megan Michaels
    Cutest Couple,              By Julia Boyle and Caroline Christ
    Bachelor and Bachelorette
                                        Congratulations to Jacob            the Emergency Department.                      2.How do you think your ex-       speech to a giant crowd of my
    Pg. 9                       Kureh and Megan Michaels, who               Megan has shown through her aca-        periences here at Santa Margarita        peers.
                                have been named the Co-Saluta-              demic excellence and passion for        will help you in the future?                    Michaels: Honestly, I never
                                torians of the Class of 2009. They          volunteering the qualities of a salu-          Kureh: I think what’s been        thought I would be salutatorian. But
    Colleges                    have both accomplished many                 tatorian. So we sat down with           great about Santa Margarita spe-         now that I am, I am very excited
                                things throughout their four years          Megan and Jacob to ask them a few       cifically is that you really can find    and honored.
    Pg. 10, 11                                                              questions.
                                at Santa Margarita Catholic High                                                    someone to help if you look.                    4.What did it take to get to
                                School, and it has been well worth                 1.Do you have any advice for            Michaels: I feel the curricu-     where you are today?
                                all the hard work.                          the younger classmen to succeed?        lum at SM has prepared me for                   Kureh: Hard work and de-
    What to Bring to College            Jacob has achieved much                    Kureh: Set some goals for        college curriculum and has taught        termination are obvious keys to suc-
                                success in all of his AP classes            yourself that you really want. The      me to budget my time effectively.        cess, but to get to here it also takes
    Pg. 12                      graduating as an AP scholar along           idea that you can do anything if you           3.How does it feel to be sa-      sincerity.
                                with Honors. He is also an Inter-           put your mind to it must be premised    lutatorian of your class?                       Michaels: I don’t quite know
                                national Baccalaureate Full Di-             with genuine desire.                           Kureh: It’s an exciting posi-     how I got here, but I guess through
                                ploma Candidate. As well as suc-                   Michaels: Take advantage         tion to be in but it’s a little nerve-   hard work and very little sleep.
    Teacher’s Kids              ceeding in his studies, he also is in-      of every opportunity and always give    wrecking, and it’s not nerve-wreck-             5.Where are you going to
                                volved with the Model United Na-            your best effort.                       ing just because I have to deliver a     college?
    Pg. 13
                                tions, Mock Trial and Debate. He                                                                                                    Kureh: Harvard College
                                excels in school and extracurricu-                                                                                                  Michaels: Georgetown Uni-
                                lar activities and still has time to vol-                                                                                    versity
    10 Inspiring Quotes         unteer at Saddleback Community                                                                                                      6.What do you want to ma-
                                Hospital. He was also part of                                                                                                jor in/what profession are you in-
    Pg. 14                      “Save a Watt” where he was                                                                                                   terested in?
                                awarded for a proposal he wrote.                                                                                                    Kureh: In descending order
                                        Megan has been recognized                                                                                            of interest: Philosophy, Mathemat-
    Prayers from Teachers       as a National Merit Finalist as well                                                                                         ics, Law, Linguistics, and Chemi-
                                as an AP scholar with Distinction.                                                                                           cal Engineering.
    Pg. 15                      She was also the president of the                                                                                                   Michaels: I am undecided
                                Eagles for CHOC club during her                                                                                              right now, maybe business. I am
                                junior and senior year as well as                                                                                            just excited to take a lot of classes
                                being involved in Link Crew. For                                                                                             in different subject areas and go
    Senior Life
                                four years she has volunteered                                                                                               from there.
    Pg. 16                      countless hours at CHOC of Mis-
                                sion Viejo in the Pediatric Unit and        Picture of Jacob and Megan. Photo courtesy of Caroline Christ.
The Blueprint                                                The Student Newspaper of Santa Margarita Catholic High School                                        May 2009

                               Our ASB President
My Interview with the Lovely Jordan Rodriguez
By Lauren Rodriguez
     Jordan Rodriguez has                     Lauren: What in-                senior class?                                                         J: Can’t answer, finals
been the Student Body                    spired you to run for of-                 J: I would say making              L: What is your          have occurred yet. If I had
President for the past school            fice?                                videos with the A-TeamÓ and        dream job?                    to name one of the many, I
year, and I had a few ques-                   Jordan: I felt that I           meeting all the lovely faces at         J: Now this is a         would say Mr. Rhodes.
tions about his experience               was friends with a large             SM.                                tough one, I’d say either
not only as the President but            spectrum of students so I                                               have a Larry the Cable              L: What was your fa-
as a student at Santa                    believed I would be a good                L: What was your main         Guy spin off where I go to    vorite thing to buy for lunch?
Margarita. It is known that              voice for the class.                 goal in being a part of ASB?       work for him, but if that           J: I make my lunch….
Jordan has a very unique                                                           J: I wanted to try to get     doesn’t work than some-       Or my mom does…. Once
sense of humor and I was                      L: What was your fa-            a wider group of students to       thing in the film or music    my dad did… but that was
fortunate enough to have the             vorite part of leading the           attend games and functions.        industry.                     just once.
opportunity to interview him.
                                                                                    L: Do you plan on being           L: What is your fa-           L: What advice do you
                                                                              a part of ASB at the college       vorite memory of Santa        have for the underclassmen?
                                                                              you will attend?                   Margarita?                         J: SM is what you
                                                                                    J: Yes, I plan to try and         J: My favorite           make it, if you get involved
                                                                              be part of the CSUMB’s ASB         memory was either Tony        with things you like, SM can
                                                                              program. I do believe I could      or senior pictures… look      be the best experience.
                                                                              take what I’ve learned about       around they will be up        Other than that, try to avoid
                                                                              all of you as a student body and                                 Baier.
                                                                              make CSUMB spirit just as                L: Which ETV video
                                                                              strong… GO EAGLES!                 was your favorite to               L: What advice do you
                                                                                                                 make?                         have for the future President
                                                                                   L: What are your hopes              J: I’d say my favor-    and Vice President?
                                                                              for college?                       ite video to make was the          J: Publicize for all
                                                                                   J: I plan to make friends     talent show one. It was       events equally. That is the
                                                                              as well as create the first        just after I got elected so   one thing I regret I didn’t do.
                                                                              CSUMB campus television            I was pretty excited to be    I feel that I should have
                                                                              channel. It will be similar to     able to do something like     taken note more often of all
                                                                              ETV but will feature more          that.                         SM functions as well as
                                                                              programs such as weather an-                                     games and tried to do more
    Our beloved president, Jordan Rodriquez. Photo courtesy of Lauren         nouncements, on the field               L: Who was your fa-      to rally up the students to
    Rodriguez.                                                                sports’ coverage, plays, etc.      vorite teacher?               go.

The Tale of the R8
By Ryan McGuire
      For those car people out           ranks up there with the
there, listen up. If you know            Lamborghini Murcielago’s,
anything at all about cars,              the Ferrari F430’s, and the
you’ve heard of such cars                A s t o n M a r t i n V 1 2 Va n -
brands        as:       Ferrari,         quish.
Lamborghini, Maserati,                             Now, yes, this is the
A u d i , B M W, e t c . I f y o u       same Diwen Chen who has
were ever to walk through                that murdered out Escalade,
the senior lot, you would no-            but it’s not like he doesn’t
tice that we’ve got out share            deserve this monster of a
of Beamers, a couple Audis,              car. Diwen is ranked #2 in
and a bunch of 08’ or 09’                the state in junior golf, and
cars. But I am 100% sure                 instead of going to college,
you have never seen our new              he will be the first person
car to enter the lot. I’m talk-          of the Class of 2009, to go
ing about the $170,000 Audi              pro in a sport. That’s right,
R8 owned by our own golf-                he’s turning pro after we
ing prodigy, Diwen Chen.                 graduate. He already got a
Coming from a person who’s               qualifier for the U.S. Open
car costs $800 according to              during the summer. So look, this is a             for his name in the papers,
bigger thing than one would              because Diwen will be
think. The Audi R8 is the                reppin’ S.M. for years to
definition of super car. It              come.

Photo courtesy of google images

                                                            I Used
                                                           to Hate
                                                        The Tale of an Ironic Friendship
                                                                    By Gaby Duva and Lindsay Mortenson

      I used to hate                cation on the girls’ part         no snarling, BUT might as                To Lindsay: I never                thankful that over all those
you…well not exactly burn-          didn’t exactly help the           well have.                         thought I would say this but,            years, we could still come to-
ing hate, but pretty close.         blooming friendship. You                 Eventually something        I’m so glad we actually be-              gether in the end and be the
High school is a place to           would think that after years      changed, the girls matured         came friends over the                    best of friends. Thank you for
meet new people and start           of basically sitting with         a little bit more in their first   years. You are such a sweet              my Freshmen Letter! I will
new friendships, or is it….?        each other in utter silence,      semester in high school, and       girl and you truly balance               treasure it forever and remem-
Yes, it actually is. It is a        they would come around;           they started to warm up to         me out. Our numerous                     ber all our good times to-
place where you can start           not exactly. Countless rides      each other. Gaby shared            memories will always stay                gether. I love laughing with
off fresh, meet new people          home and endless home-            her delicious mints with           with me and are something                you, sitting in my car for hours
and rekindle old friendships.       work sessions all started         Lindsay, and Lindsay real-         I truly treasure. I know we              at a time and chatting, and run-
Here’s a little story about         and ended in silence. The         ized that Gaby was not so          will make new HAPPY                      ning random errands with you.
two girls who gave each             girls used as little words        mean after all. The next           memories in Hawaii this                  I wouldn’t want to do it with
other a second chance.              possible around each other.       year they decided to take          summer. Even though we                   anyone else. I love our adven-
      Once upon a time              However, around the age of        Journalism together.               may be on opposite sides of              tures to new places, attempt-
there were two cute, inno-          9, the worst possible thing              Sophomore          year     the country for college, I               ing to curl your hair, hanging
cent, angelic third grade           happened: Gaby, Lindsay,          started a whole new friend-        know we will always be                   out with Miguel (the baby liz-
girls named Gaby and Lind-          their families, and a couple      ship. Not only did they have       best friends. As we depart               ard), and late night movies
say who met through a com-          other friends all went on a       Journalism together with           I have a little word of ad-              where we get really good
mon family friend. Sur-             “vacation” to Hawaii. One         the wonderful Miss Rhodes,         vice from me as a fresh-                 parking and cuddle up with
rounded by older, mean,             pleasant day on a sunny           but they also sat next to          men, “Keep in touch and                  your giraffe print blanket! Just
ugly, immature boys, Gaby           beach in Hawaii, Gaby and         each other in Mr. Nielsen’s        stay safe out in the big                 remember if you ever need
                                                                      religion class. Spending all       world.” Love always,                     anything, or just want some-
                                                                      this time together helped the      Gaby.                                    one to push you in a wheel-
                                                                      girls to realize that they                                                  chair at Disneyland, do not
                                                                      were not so bad. Their dif-               To Gaby: So here is               hesitate to ask. I will always
                                                                      ferences brought them to-          w h a t ’s c u r r e n t l y g o i n g   be there for you!! (Exclama-
                                                                      gether and they discovered         down: I am so glad to have               tion point, exclamation point.)
                                                                      that sometimes opposites           your friendship. I’m so
                                                                      do attract. Imagine that.
                                                                             Over their high school
                                                                      years Gaby and Lindsay
                                                                      became very close and dis-
                                                                      missed their past. Trips to
                                                                      Disneyland, Knott’s, the
                                                                      beach, photo shoots at Tar-
                                                                      get and random late night
Lindsay is happy to be attending Seton Hall University this Fall.     rendezvous will forever be
Gaby is excited to attend Chapman University this Fall. Photo         remembered. The girls
courtesy of Gaby.                                                     have discovered that they
                                                                      balance each other out and
and Lindsay were the only           Lindsay’s family had the          bring out the best attributes
two girls in the three fami-        brilliant idea of forcing         of one another. As the girls
lies. Naturally their parents       them to play cards together.      go their separate ways for
thought they were destined          Needless to say, that was         college, Gaby to Chapman
to be BEST friends. Little          the last memory the girls         and Lindsay to Seton Hall,
did they know what they             had together until High           they will cherish their
were in for.                        School.                           memories and stay close
      The girls quickly dis-             Gaby and Lindsay             friends throughout the
covered that they were po-          went to school together for       years.
lar opposites; like oil and         the first time as freshmen               The moral of the story
water, cats and dogs, USC           at Santa Margarita. Of            is to be kind, (and give
and UCLA, they did not              course by fate, they were         mints!) because you never
mix. Gaby was very quiet            both placed in period 5 Con-      know what a small act of
and sarcastic while Lindsay         cepts in Science class. To        kindness can do. People
was very loud and rambunc-          add to that, they sat right       change and the person you
tious. Despite their lack of        next to each other in the         might hate today, you could
common ground, they were            back row of Mr. Cope’s            find the goodness in and be
forced to be in each others         class for the beginning of a      best friends with tomorrow.
presence because of their           very, VERY long semester.         Be open to change and you
families.                           The girls sat next to each        just may find a new friend-        A rare site to see, but Gaby and Lindsay are getting along. Photo
      The lack of communi-          other and snarled, ok maybe       ship in an old place.              courtesy of Lindsay.
The Blueprint                                         The Student Newspaper of Santa Margarita Catholic High School                                                         May 2009

 A Whole New World...Surviving Your Roomate!!
By Kenna Crouse and Alexis King
       As we prepare for our de- mate lacks showering skills.
                                                                      The roommate whose parents                       - Pigpen: The roommate                - Socialite: It’s possible
parture into a whole new world, Go to Bath and Body Works             practically live in your dorm with        who won’t pick up after him/her-     that this person will invite their
we anticipate meeting a pletho- and buy them tons of body
                                                                      you guys, and get involved with ab-       self. Do the same! Invade their      entire phonebook into your dorm
ra of new people right? Wrong. wash claiming it’s a “New
                                                                      solutely everything. Not much you         space with your clutter and they     at any given time! As if dorm
This very exciting transition usu- Roommate Gift.”
                                                                      can do with this one. Kids of this        will realize how truly annoying it   rooms weren’t small already…
ally results in happiness and in-        - Chatty Cathys: Peo-        distinction want to be Mama’s Boys        is to not pick up after yourself!    Lock the door! Invite all your
dependence, “no one to tell us ple who can’t seem to shutup.          and probably won’t change. Hang           If this doesn’t work, start pick-    friends over the night before their
no, or where to go, or say we’re This includes those who tell you
                                                                      out in the dorm next door.                ing up after them and put every-     final and see how he/she doesn’t
only dreaming!” (Aladdin). But, every little detail about their
                                                                             - The Fugitive: The room-          thing in the wrong spot. Haha.       like it.
if one ends up with an undesir- seemingly painful lives at your
                                                                      mate who could be involved in ille-              - WOW Enthusiast:                     Don’t worry. We’re sure
able roommate, this usually awe- first meeting. Create a story
                                                                      gal activities that you are unaware       Roommate who is unhealthily          that if you are paired up with an
some time of your life may turn that’s even worse and more
                                                                      of. Request new roommate imme-            obsessed with WOW (World of          undesirable, our sound advice
into disaster. Undesirable room- painful to listen to and they will
                                                                      diately!! You don’t wanna get             Warcraft) or other similar video     will guide you through it. Basi-
mates include, but are not limit- realize that A) they’re annoy-      dragged down in the case of a drug        games. This undesirable will in-     cally all our advice is giving your
ed to:                             ing or B) if they believe your     bust.                                     hibit your sleeping time and most    roommate a taste of his/her own
       - Nocturnals: These story, their life isn’t so bad.
                                                                             - The PartyAnimal: Beware          likely bring over his/her WOW        medicine. Stay calm and push
roommates never sleep. Either            - Debbie Downers:            of the Party Animal. If you intend        friends. If you can’t beat ‘em,      through it. Take some time to
buy earplugs and an eye mask, Those who always see the
                                                                      to sleep at all or graduate, you may      join ‘em. This seems like an un-     get to know your roommate; they
or bunk up with another friend negative in everything. Be
                                                                      wanna stay away from this unde-           breakable trait, so you’re most      could end up having some pret-
who sleeps normal hours.           overly optimistic to annoy the     sirable. Partying is fine in modera-      likely going to have to endure it,   ty amazing qualities that over-
       - Borrowers/ Stealers: bajeezus out of them. Maybe             tion, but the night before a final? Bad   so why not enjoy yourself?           power their faults. If there is no
These roommates assume that they’ll request a new room-
                                                                      idea.                                            - The Goody-Too-              getting past their annoying qual-
since you are now roommates, mate, or better yet stop being
                                                                             - The Creeper: Self-explan-        Shoes: We’re adults now. We          ities, it is not the end of the world.
you share closets. Some will be negative!!
                                                                      atory. Be extremely unattractive in       can watch PG-13 movies and           There are plenty of other people
more considerate than others             - Stage 5 Clinger: They      hopes that they will leave you alone      stay up past curfew without the      to hang out with and you can al-
and ask to borrow your things, wanna hang out with you 24/
                                                                      and stop creeping.                        parents’ permission. Say “okay       ways change your living situation
but others will just assume 7. Discover their pet peeves
                                                                             - Drama Queen: New gos-            Mom” or “okay Dad” every time        after a semester. Remember,
they’re entitled to your closet. and become a professional at
                                                                      sip/ problems everyday? Ignore.           he or she tries to control you.      college is “A whole new world,
Install locks on your drawers or annoying them. They will no          Use one word answers such as
make it crystal clear you are not longer cling to you like a para-                                              This will imply that he or she is    every turn a surprise, with new
                                                                      “cool” “sweet” or “awesome” very          overbearing and needs to chill       horizons to pursue” (Aladdin).
up for sharing.                    site.                              sarcastically in hopes they get the
       - “Hobo”: This room-                                                                                     out.                                 Hahahahahah. Literally.
                                         - The Mama’s Boy:            hint.
The Blueprint                                          The Student Newspaper of Santa Margarita Catholic High School                                                 May 2009

Living in the Land of Women
By RGK (AKA R-Boo)

          These last four years        music really loud, but it is           We have been through a              stead of doing detentions.
of high school have defi-                                                                                                                         there for me every time I
                                       totally cool if my mom or        lot together, whether good or             So thank you Mrs. Bien.         needed help with school or
nitely been the best times of          Blair (oh, she is my twin sis-   bad. I will always remember                     Finally, let’s not for-
my life. I couldn’t have                                                                                                                          college. I will certainly keep
                                       ter) blast John Mayer or Mi-     driving her everywhere and                get the best journalism         in touch with her while I am
asked for a better experience          nus the Bear.                    listening to music. I will defi-          teacher in the history of
and I believe I got a great                                                                                                                       away at college. Thank you,
                                             It is always about my      nitely remember when she sur-             journalism! Ms. Rhodes is       Ms. Rhodes for teaching
one. But this article is not           music. It gets even worse        prised me with my own page                one of the coolest teach-
going to be about how great                                                                                                                       here. Without you, I would
                                       when its time to go shop-        for the newspaper and asked               ers at this school. I have      have never joined journal-
my high school experience              ping. They are not really        me to winter formal using                 had her as a teacher for
was. You see, for the last                                                                                                                        ism.
                                       concerned about what your        Wall-E as the subject.                    all four years of high               All of these ladies have
four years, I have lived my            narrator needs or wants, it            We had many good times              school.
life which a certain type of                                                                                                                      made such an impact on my
                                       is always about the woman.       and I learned what it takes to                  She often threatened      four years of high school.
person that has helped me              I won’t even get into that       be a good boyfriend. I also               to call my mom if I misbe-
through everything, the good                                                                                                                      They will always be in the
                                       monthly occurrence.              learned the art of being a good           haved in class. One day, I      high school memories file lo-
times and the not-so-good                    Looking back, these        listener (girls like to talk) and         dialed my mom’s number
times.                                                                                                                                            cated in my brain. It is
                                       two ladies have shaped me        that flowers are always a good            for her. She was stunned        definently going to be hard
        I am talking about             into the person that I am to-    thing (Advice for guys: Get               to think that I would actu-
women. Yes, women. You                                                                                                                            next going to college and not
                                       day. They have taught me         something other than roses.               ally do that. For all four      seeing these amazing ladies.
are probably thinking why              basically all the things that    To o c l i c h e ) . We h a v e b e e n   years,we had a rivalry be-
would he be talking women?                                                                                                                        But that is why man invented
                                       you do not learn in school.      through so much and I will                tween colleges. She is a        cell phones and Facebook.
Well first of all, I am not just       How to treat a lady (which       never forget the experience.              USC fan and I am a Notre
talking about ordinary                                                                                                                            So thank you ladies. These
                                       I will come back to), what       Thank you, Sarah.                         Dame fan. We would ar-          have been the best years of
women. I am talking about a            fashion is in and what is not,         One of the coolest lunch            gue and fight over who
few really special ladies that                                                                                                                    my life and they probably
                                       how to treat everybody with      ladies that I have ever encoun-           was better (she won most        will be until I am 60 years
have made my high school               respect and kindness, and        tered has to be Betty. Fresh-             of the time).
experience the best possible.                                                                                                                     old. Oh no! I forgot to men-
                                       what to do and not do dur-       man year I thought she was                      Now, I am switching       tion my dog, Lucy.
      Living with my sister            ing a date. Every little femi-   going to be the mean lunch                my loyalty to support my
and mom during high school                                                                                                                             Note: And for the other
                                       nine nuance you can possi-       lady because she yelled at me             college choice, George          women I did not mention,
has been both a wonderful              bly imagine, they have           for cutting in line. But over the         Washington University.
and horrible experience.                                                                                                                          you know you made an im-
                                       taught me.                       last two years, I love coming             Ms. Rhodes has been             pact on me.
When I say horrible, I don’t                 I owe almost every-        up to Betty’s window and hav-
mean that it was the worst             thing to them. They have         ing small talk with her. And
thing in the world. If some            been with me through thick       whenever I would walk up to
of you guys who are reading            and thin. And not just in high   her window, I was greeted
the article live with only fe-         school, but for my whole         with a wave and a smile. And
males, then you will defi-             life. Scientifically speaking,   whenever I see her walking to
nitely understand. But for             my mother, Blair and I have      her car during water polo or
those who don’t, let me try            been with each other since       swim team practice, I
to give you a sneak peak.              day 1. It is a bond that could   wouldn’t hesitate to go and
       Living in a house with          never break apart, a loving      say hi to her. I saw her right
not enough testosterone can            bond. And that is why I love     before my race and she stayed
b e r e a l l y h a r d . Yo u c a n   them so much.                    to watch the race! How cool
rarely do things that you                    Another woman that is      is that! She is definently one
would do with the guys.                important to me is a young       of SM gems.
There was that random and              lady who came into my life             One lady that deserves
strange time when my mom               my junior year. Her name is      special recongintion would be
did shoot hoops with me. I             Sarah. She quickly became        Mrs. Bien. She has helped
digress.                               a really close friend to me.     everybody one time or another.
      And you can never get            Yeah, she was my girlfriend,     I always enjoyed little                     Above: Mrs. Rhodes, Bottom Left :Blair,
away with anything. I could            but most importantly, she is     converstations with getting a               Bottom Center: Mom, Bottom Right: Sarah
get in trouble for playing my          a best friend.                   re-admit or filing for her in-
The Blueprint                                         The Student Newspaper of Santa Margarita Catholic High School                                         May 2009

    Stuck Between Goodbye and Hello
Emotional Rollercoaster Via Newspaper Article
By Alex Worthen

      I am moving to San               more importantly, sharing a     Disclaimer to that statement-     the future.                      first heard “It’s a great day
Francisco. There’s a blunt             bathroom with almost fifty      I am going to miss the Blanc            The decision alone         to be an Eagle”. There are
and frightening statement              people.                         brothers and the swim team.       has made me face the             some days where I think it
to start my senior farewell.                 I am terrified about      For four years, they both have    quickly approaching real-        would really suck to be an
I am terrified. I am terri-            giving up swimming, my          provided me with comfort,         ity that my life will not be     eagle.
fied of so many things,                only true love in the past      love and support that is incom-   comfortable and conve-                 If taxidermy eagles
some of which would scare              eighteen years. I am terri-     parable to any other aspect of    nient anymore. I seem to         were shown as the ‘it’ inte-
anyone and some of which               fied about not having my        high school.                      have a negative outlook on       rior decorating item in Coast
would only scare me…                   dogs run to me when I walk           But, goodbye to Santa        this, but that’s just the fear   magazine, it would be a very
easily stressed and hates              in the door. I am terrified     Margarita’s fattening cookies     talking. Somewhere sup-          bad day to be in eagle. More
change Alex Worthen.                   about not walking on a pool     and horribly tailored uniforms.   pressed way down inside          than ninety percent of the
      I am terrified about             deck and feeling instantly at   Goodbye to the classrooms         of me right now is excite-       time, half of the new born
living in one of the busiest           home. I am terrified to leave   that are either arctic cold or    ment, determination and          eagles die within their first
cities in the world. I am              behind my family.               desert hot. Goodbye to Se-        acceptance. I just need to       year of life. Definitely NOT
terrified about having to                    I debated between         niors having the same sched-      find it.                         a great day to be an eagle.
time bus lines and BART                staying close to my comfort     ule as Freshmen... SO UN-               I can choose to be a       If President Obama decided
trains perfectly so that I             zone and attending LMU or       FAIR. Goodbye to being in         big baby about this (which       to make our nation’s symbol
can reach my destination               stepping completely out of      school for seven hours a day.     I will be doing until August     the hummingbird… it would
on time. I am terrified about          my self made box and at-        Goodbye to the back problems      22nd) or I can accept that       be a very depressing day to
being cold all the time…               tending University of San       I have developed due to endur-    life is changing and hope        be an eagle. As the endan-
yes, all the time. We Or-              Francisco. The decision         ing uncomfortable desks for       that it will be for the bet-     gered species list grows
ange County-ians get                   alone has been enough to        hours on end.                     ter.                             larger, the number of eagles
laughed at because we are              make me have arbitrary               Quick sidenote... Thank             I intended for this       grows smaller… horrible
so sensitive to weather.               outbursts of concern and        you to everyone who took the      entire article to be one big     day to be an eagle. It would
      I am anxious about               fear.                           time to read my articles          satirical piece of entertain-    be a lousy day to be an eagle
having a psycho roommate.                    In saying goodbye to      throughout the past three         ment, but when I sat down        if the New York Giants won
I am worried about eating              Santa Margarita’s annoying      years. I hope that I provided     to write, that isn’t what        the east coast NFL confer-
cafeteria food every day. I            bell schedule and sporadic      you some entertainment and a      came out.                        ence.
am wondering how I am                  late, early and Mass days, I    few laughs to brighten up your          However, there has               Sorry Mr. Dunne, but I
going to live in a tiny room           will never truely admit that    day. Stay tuned for the book I    been one thing I have been       couldn’t resist.
with another person and                I am going to miss it here.     plan to write... sometime... in   dying to get out since I

Studying Abroad in College
By Spencer Feldmann

       Seniors we’re finally           excavation projects.
done! When this article                      Robert Caraveo, an SM
comes out we will be in our            alumnus who is currently at-
last day of classes. Many of           tending USD, did an intern-
us plan to head off to col-            ship with Enterprise while in
leges all over the country at          Hong Kong. The fee addi-
the end of summer. As we               tional to USD costs was that
adjust to college life, we’ll          of a plane ticket. He enjoyed
soon feel as if we can con-            his trip and learned a lot
quer the world. As we go               while learning how to sur-
through college some people            vive in a business atmo-
may be ready to change                 sphere. His advice to stu-
things up a bit. A good solu-          dents hoping to enter a study
tion to this is to travel the          abroad program was to, “get
w o r l d . H o w e v e r, w h i l e   out of the OC bubble and
you’re in college you’re too           experience a whole new cul-
busy learning to travel,               ture. It really changed my
right? Well you can enter a            perspective on the business
study abroad program.                  world and what is required
           Many colleges have          to succeed.”
programs ranging from ar-                    These programs offer a
cheology in Greece or cook-            great experience in so many
ing classes in France. Some            ways. They immerse you in
schools even offer intern-             a new and different culture,
ships with businesses across           help you prepare for real
the world. Internships in              world jobs and saturations
China and Japan are easily             and greatly enhance your
available with companies               college experience. Next
eager to find new talent.              year make sure you take
Museums in Greece and                  time to talk to your college
Egypt offer grants to stu-             advisors and find a program
dents who will work with               doing something you love in
archeology programs and                a brand new setting.
The Blueprint                                            The Student Newspaper of Santa Margarita Catholic High School                                                            May 2009

Seniors Thank Their Favorite Teachers
       Mrs. Carita Garcia,                                                  teaching this year actually in Pe-        Smith was not only a math            had her for a teacher my junior
                                       thank you for believing in me and                                                                                   year of English and I have had
I just wanted to take the time to                                           riod 6 TOK. With it being one of          teacher; she was someone
                                       giving me recognition for my                                                                                        her for a counselor practically all
write this to say what a fabulous                                           my favorite classes that I have ever      who was always available to
                                       work. I have never been a great                                                                                     four years at Santa Margarita. If
time I have had in your class this                                          taken, it is only fair to say that she    help you both with math prob-
                                       fan of history, but you showed                                                                                      it were not for her advice and
year. I am sure that I tested your                                          is one of my favorite teachers that       lems and other life problems.
                                       me that “boring subjects” could                                                                                     positive suggestions, it would have
patience and your will to wake up                                           I have ever had. She is an alumna         You could always find her in
                                       be exciting with a good attitude.                                                                                   been more difficult to succeed in
in the morning to drive to school.                                          from Santa Margarita and her love         her classroom at 5:00 p.m. af-
                                       I know that we have a lot more                                                                                      high school.
That was partly my intention. As                                            for this high school can easily be        ter everyone has gone home,
                                       in common than just our names                                                                                              -Jamie Azdair
a new teacher at our school this                                            seen at an every day level. She and       holding a study session for one
                                       and I really look up to you for
year, I was not so sure what to                                             Mr. Schumacher were the chaper-           of her classes. It has been a
                                       your great organization and per-                                                                                           Mrs.                 Villa,
make of you at first. I had trouble                                         ones for the MUN China trip this          great joy being in her class and
                                       sistence. Thanks for the helpful                                                                                    The first week I spent in your
at the beginning, middle, and end                                           year. The small things such as            one of the many experiences
                                       advice with college and LMU. I                                                                                      honors biology class as a nervous
of the year, but you never gave                                             keeping the group’s travel funds          that I will cherish as I leave for
                                       know that I am going to find a                                                                                      freshman terrified me. You
up on me. You taught me more in                                             and always knowing where we               college.
                                       home for myself there and re-                                                                                       warned us about how difficult it
Spanish this year than I have                                               were traveling to added up to pro-               -Sahar Bagheri
                                       ally enjoy it. Thanks for every-                                                                                    would be, and it was tempting to
learned from any of my previous                                             vide us with the amazing memories
                                       thing Ms. Brown, I am going to                                                                                      drop the class. I decided that I
years. Your unbridled enthusiasm,                                           that were made while in China.                   Dear Mr. Baier,
                                       miss you a lot next year! I’m sure                                                                                  would stick it out, and I’m glad I
determination to make your stu-                                             Thank you very much Ms. Hoff. I           I want to say thank you for all
                                       I’ll be back to visit though. :)                                                                                    did because I ended up taking two
dents succeed, and varied ward-                                             greatly appreciate everything that        that you do! Your class has
                                       -Lauren Cullen                                                                                                      years with the best teacher I’ve
robe kept this year interesting. So                                         you have done for me and will never       been one of my favorites all
I wanted to thank you. You pro-                                             forget         any         of       it.   throughout high school. It was       ever had. You had a way of mo-
                                              Mr.        Schumacher,                                                                                       tivating us to work, even though
vided me with two of the most                                               -Jamie Azdair                             interesting and thought-provok-
                                       I do not even know where to be-                                                                                     I can’t recall a single time that
invaluable things I could ever re-                                                                                    ing, not to mention hilarious, and
                                       gin with Mr. Schumacher. He                                                                                         you even raised your voice. You
ceive from a teacher, knowledge                                                   Dear Mr. Schumacher,                I looked forward to it every-
                                       was my World History/MUN                                                                                            have always been there after
and candy. ¿Más puntos?                                                     Period 7 TOK alone was absolutely         day.
                                       teacher my sophomore year and                                                                                       class to give help or just to talk
       -Danny Whisnant                                                      amazing, but with you guiding the                -Courtney Pearl
                                       that is when I first got to know                                                                                    to. I’ve never had a teacher that
                                       him. Mr. Schumacher’s love for       class it made it that much better. I
       Mr. Daniel Trotter,                                                  am grateful you were there during               Dear Mr. Silberstein,          I felt legitimately cared the way
                                       his students is clearly shown                                                                                       you do about how your students
My time here at SM is coming to                                             our discussions to broaden our            You have been my english
                                       through his past actions. He is                                                                                     are doing, academically and oth-
an end, and I just wanted to thank                                          minds and I am happy you let us           teacher for two years now and
                                       the supervisor for almost all of                                                                                    erwise. I am so lucky to have
you for the 2 years I spent with                                            freely express ourselves everyday.        I wouldn’t have wanted it to
                                       the service clubs that focus on                                                                                     been in your class for two years.
you. I vividly remember freshman                                            Also, thank you for putting up with       be any other way. Throughout
                                       providing international aid and                                                                                     I appreciate everything you have
orientation, thinking, “What did I                                          us when we sometimes went a little        the years you have taught my
                                       relief. This fact alone shows the                                                                                   done for me, and I know all your
get myself into?!” Just kidding!                                            crazy. I don’t think my senior year       classmates and I how to be-
                                       inspiration that he has provided                                                                                    other students feel the same way.
English was my favorite class                                               would have been the same without          come not only writers but good
                                       to students at Santa Margarita.                                                                                     Thank you Mrs. Villa.
freshman year, and soon became                                              that class. I know I am speaking          people. We have learned from
                                       When I went to China with a                                                                                         -Andy Zettler
my favorite class for the rest of                                           for many people when I say that           you that there is always humor
                                       group of the MUN seniors and
my 4 years. It definitely helped                                            by simply being there for your stu-       in something serious and that
                                       Ms. Hoff, his compassion and                                                                                              Dear Mrs. Smith,
me fully indulge myself in every-                                           dents and constantly showing that         you can never get too many
                                       patience for others truly showed                                                                                    Your guidance since sophomore
thing that my following English                                             you care, you have made a huge            handouts. You have helped us
                                       when he and Ms. Hoff lead us                                                                                        year has been one of the most
classes had to offer. Your passion                                          impact on me. Thank you!                  grasp our own identities and
                                       through both Beijing and                                                                                            cherished things in my life. You
for literature made the class in-                                                 -Sammy Normandin                    taught us to embrace them. I
                                       Shnaghai (two of the largest cit-                                                                                   have been a role model to me,
credibly enjoyable. Thanks for be-                                                                                    know I don’t always show it
                                       ies in the world). Mr.                                                                                              who has shown me how to take
ing so supportive and an amazing                                                   Mrs. Smith,                        but I am very thankful for all
                                       Schumacher has opened my                                                                                            care of the rocks first. Thank you
teacher. I’m going to miss steal-                                                  In my four years at Santa          that you do. Thank you for ev-
                                       eyes to the world in the past and                                                                                   for this gift, as well as the gift of
ing candy from you before 7th                                               Margarita High School, I have been        e r y t h i n g .
                                       without him I would not have                                                                                        your knowledge, your teacher
period                 everyday!                                            granted the privilege to have Mrs.        -Natalie Hamill
                                       become both the student and                                                                                         recommendation, and your per-
-Chloe Manese                                                               Carol Smith as my math teacher.
                                       person that I am today.                                                                                             sistence on having me succeed
                                                                            Starting with geometry sophomore                Mrs.        Alexander,
                                              -Jamie             Azdair                                                                                    at whatever i try. Because of you,
       Ms.                 Brown,                                           year and continuing onward to cal-        Mrs. Alexander has always
After literally dying in AP Euro                                            culus senior year, there has not been     been the teacher who is there        i was accepted to my top thirteen
                                                M s . H o f f ,                                                                                            schools. Because of you, my
sophomore year, it was such a re-                                           one class that has been boring. Ev-       for others. Whether it is in an
                                       There is not enough room in this                                                                                    dreams are becoming my future.
lief and joy to be in your U.S. His-                                        ery lecture is bound to be interrupted    english class or it is as a coun-
                                       paper to explain my gratitude for                                                                                         -Tori Salvatore
tory class junior year. I want to                                           with an exciting funny story. Mrs.        selor, I have always felt that I
                                       Ms. Hoff. I first experienced her
                                                                                                                      can turn to her for anything. I

Steer Clear of the Infamous Fab 5
By Becca Caraveo

       Everyone knows the infa-              2. If you’re out of dress      wearing an illegal cardigan with                4. Befriending the             lunch and go straight to the
mous fab five that works so hard       code there is not much of an         her uniform. With the point of a          deans never hurt anyone. The         tables and do not move once
to capture the student body to         excuse to use if they have           finger Ace acknowledged her to            underclassmen are typically          you are seated. Avoid eye con-
the confines of a 45 minute de-        caught you. An extra uniform         come towards him to receive her           scared of the deans, yet there       tact with them and control your-
tention. The Fitzpatrick, the          that is always stored in your        detention. With a split second to         is no need to be. I have per-        self from having to use the
Byzewski, the Ace, the                 locker comes in handy in case        decide what to do, she ran up the         sonally had many conversa-           restroom. Once you seem a little
Holloway, and the Reyes are all        of this happening. Girls, do not     stairs and into the hallway, away         tions with each of them and          skittish they will be on you like
generous human beings when it          roll your skirts ... in fact don’t   from Ace. To this day she has not         they are all fun to talk to. A       flies. The deer in headlights look
comes to finding something             even purchase a skirt just rock      received anything for her illegal         good solution to distract them       is usually their tool for identify-
wrong with you to write on the         the pants all four years. This       black sweater. Note she was               from the fact that you don’t         ing a detention worthy student.
demerit slip.                          lessens the chance of the de-        probably a lot faster than a lot of       have a school shirt on is by         Just relax and stay confident,
       1. In the Beginning of the      tentions by 75%.                     you so do not attempt this. You           striking up a conversation           for all they know you are not
day there are not many chances               3. One of most re-             can try running but I have heard          about anything from football,        doing anything wrong.
to run into the fab five. Yet          nowned students when it              of many instances of them chas-           to softball, to KFC (for Ace).
sometimes Ace and Byzew like           comes to getting away from the       ing after you and/or if you are a               5. During lunch, the                 Good luck to all you un-
to set camp by the front railings      deans is our very own Ms.            detention veteran, they know you          freshmen and sophomore               derclassmen I hope you took
near the library. This is crucial      Krieg. Back in the spring of ’98,    by name and will have a deten-            tables are circled about five        my advice to heart because it
freshmen and sophomore anni-           Ms Krieg was spotted in-be-          tion personally sent to the class-        to ten times a lunch by each         truly will help you in the long
hilation zone. This goes the same      tween the C and G building for       room you are in.                          of the deans. Just grab your         run!
for ten minute passing.
The Blueprint                                           The Student Newspaper of Santa Margarita Catholic High School                                               May 2009

                                        Emily and Olivia
Emily and Olivia Bid You All Farewell
By Self explanitory
       Well, it’s been real. Our        completelyyy torn up about        cense plate and give you a de-
time of writing in the center           the fact that you will not be     tention.
fold of The Blueprint has               able to read our amazing ar-            - Do not hit your teacher
come to an end. Sadly, we are           ticles about our adventures       in the eye with a carrot by
not able to live at college and         anymore. So we wanted to          shooting it.
still have our Emily and Olivia         impart some words of wis-               - Do not run at your se-
page. We know, we know,                 dom on you and advice about       nior welcome dance, by your-
hearts are breaking across              life that we have learned in      self, and eat it in front of an au-
campus over the fact that we            the past 4 years through our      dience of underclassmen.
leave in less than three months.        experiences for our closing             - Do not wear a box
Olivia is headed to Harvard             statement.                        around your waist on senior
University and Emily is going                                             cruise: dancing is extremely dif-
to University of Kansas. We                   - Be careful of salad       ficult.
know you must all be                    lids on the ground in the lunch         - Do not sweat through a
                                        shelter that can make you         dress that will become see
                                        trip.                             through, and then proceed to go       Emily’s short. Olivia’s tall.
                                              - Your eyelids are a        up on stage until your friend         you are a freshman being        posed to come out, our stress
                                        part of your face and require     tells you to get down.                picked up by your friend.       rises to unbelievable levels and
                                        sun block just as much as the           - Do not stay out late the           - Do go on Kairos.         everyone gets a little on edge.
                                        rest of your face otherwise       night before the SAT/ACT.                  - Do make the most         With Ms. Rhodes, things can
                                        this thin skin will burn to a           - Do not ever wear a            of high school because it is    get INTENSE. We wouldn’t
                                        crisp.                            blonde Hannah Montana wig             over BEFORE YOU                 even trade THOSE times.
                                              - Do not sit cross-         (that doesn’t fit your head) if       KNOW IT.                        That says a lot about our love
                                        legged at the lunch tables…       you have brown hair. Not cute.                                        for this teacher. Ms. Rhodes,
                                        you will be in danger of fall-          - Please, don’t cry when              Here’s another thing.     not only do we love you as a
                                        ing straight back onto the        you get your first detention.         Ms. Elyse Rhodes is thee        teacher, but as a person.
                                        ground.                           They don’t care.                      best teacher anyone could       We’re going to the colleges of
                                              - Do not try to be                - Do not sit on the top of      be blessed to have. We          our choice next year and have
                                        sneaky by taking your junior      a desk. It may break.                 have been in journalism for     had the best 4 years of high
                                        lot sticker off your window             - Try your hardest to look      3 years with her, and hon-      school we could have had.
                                        and parking in the church lot     like a senior when you are, and       estly would not trade a         And for that, we thank you.
                                        when all the spots are gone.      save yourself from the embar-         single minute of it. Around     Little Liv and Little Em will
Emily’s attractive. Olivia’s shorter.   They will just look up your li-   rassment of a teacher thinking        the time the paper is sup-      miss you so much next year.

The Future Jobs of SMCHS Seniors of 2009
By Emily McCartney and Olivia Staffon
                                                                              Doug Blaalid- electric                 Courtney Allen- ac-             Paul Connor- motiva-
      This year’s senior class               Ryan Canty- chemist                                                tress (below)
                                                                          engineer (below)                                                      tional speaker (below)
is filled with students with                 Robert Tungate- politi-
promise to succeed in spe-              cian (below)
cific jobs later in their life.
      Diwen Chen- Pro
      Jordan Bellow- Broad-
way star
      Lindsay Giebel- politi-
cal activist (below)

                                                                                                                     Kate Powers- public
                                                                                                                     Trayce Thompson-
                                            Sean         Beever-                                                Pro baseball player (be-
                                                                                                                low)                                 Nella Abusamra- news
                                                                                                                                                anchor in foreign country
                                            Savannah Higgins-
                                        MTV star (below)                      Ryan Petersen- movie
                                                                          maker (below)
    A.J. Cruz – sports talk
show host (below)

                                                                                                                     Brad Pierson- body
                                                                                                                     Howard        Ahn-
                                                                                                                nuclear physicist
                                             Amanda Kiepe- music                                                     Mark Reese- theolo-
                                        manager                                                                 gian
                                             Mark Dally- political                                                   Jack Norris- Indian
                                        radio show host                                                         tribal dancer
The Blueprint                                                  The Student Newspaper of Santa Margarita Catholic High School                                                                    May 2009

                          Emily and Olivia
Thee Top Three Senior Cutest Couples
By Michelle Loftus
                                                                                                                                                                           BRITTNEY HERTEL
       Some days in journalism are        hesitated, smiled, hugged, looked at                                                                                      AND IAN DOYLE
jam packed with work and stress           each other and laughed, they gave                                                                                                Brittney and Ian met at a
trying to finish, proofread, or place     me some answers.                                                                                                          party on a random night, and have
articles, and some days we actually                                                                                                                                 now been together for a year and a
have some free time. During one              LAUREN DOHERTY                                                                                                         half. Their favorite traits in one
of these rare free time days, a few       AND CAMERON KILAR                                                                                                         another are, “her Mexican heri-
of us decided to count how many                                                                                                                                     tage” and “his bomb physique”.
couples we have in the senior class.             Another long term couple, at                                                                                       They enjoy spending their time to-
Although not infallible, we counted       almost two years, Lauren and                                                                                              gether doing yoga at the gym.
a grand total of 64 senior couples.       Cameron met in Spanish class                                                                                              When asked their favorite memory
That means 128 students are in a          sophomore year. They enjoy go-                                                                                            Ian took awhile to respond but even-
relationship. Pretty intense if you       ing to the beach called Strands in                                                                                        tually told a little anecdote. “We
ask me. We asked all our seniors to       their free time. Quick to respond      Alexis King and Danny Whisnant. Photo courtesy of Alexis KIng.                     went to vacation in Basslake and
vote for the cutest couples and we        when asked what their favorite fea-                                                                                       she tried to park the boat, and she
got our winners.                          ture in each other was Lauren said,    Preciouuuus. Their best memory was         year when he made her a picnic          crashed it. I had to re-park it and I
       I interviewed all the love birds   “he’s goofy” while Cameron             when he asked her out; it was in his       on the beach at sunset. They            don’t even own a boat.” This couple
with the same questions and as they:      looked at her and said, “her smile”.   car and it was really awkward. They        are going strong and staying to-        will also be staying together in col-
                                                                                 are staying together in college as well.   gether in college.                      lege.

                                                                                    DANNY WHISNANT AND
                                                                                 ALEXIS KING

                                                                                        Going on a solid two years to-
                                                                                 gether, they met freshman year in the
                                                                                 lunch shelter after school. You can
                                                                                 find this loving couple at the nearby
                                                                                 restaurant Celinda’s as it is their fa-
                                                                                 vorite hangout. They appear to be a
                                                                                 perfect match because when asked
                                                                                 “best feature in the other person”,
                                                                                 Alexis said, “his personality” and
                                                                                 Danny said, “her bubbly personality”.
Cameron Kilar and Lauren Doherty. Photo courtesy of Lauren Doherty.              Their favorite memory was their 1          Ian Doyle and Brittney Hertel. Photo courtesy of Brittney Hertel.

Bachelor and Bachelorette
By Michelle Loftus
                                                                                                                            Dear School Uniforms
                                                                                                                            By Amanda Kiepe, Melissa Merrill, Nicollette Fernandez
       Brad Pierson took the win in              M: How could a girl get your                                                      Let us be frank with you,               we can finally repair our old
bachelor of the senior class ’09. As      attention?                                                                        we will not miss you. We will           friendship and wear you again.
he was very flattered to win, he                 B: She would find a way.                                                   never miss being mistaken for an        Gone are the days of hiding you un-
agreed to answering some of my                   M: Favorite physical feature                                               Albertsons employee or a postal         derneath our backpacks during
questions.                                in a girl?                                                                        service worker. We wish we              class when we did successfully
       M: What do you like to do in              B: Legs                                                                    never had to waste our money            sneak you in.
your free time?                                  M: Fantasy celeb person?                                                   on you. We hated buying you in                    And Dress Code! It’s
       B: Work out.                              B: Stacey Keibler                                                          August just so that you could           over, we’re through. We’re tired
       M: What’s your ideal date?                Adryella Perez won                                                         shrink by October. Plus, you            of constantly having to avoid those
       B: I would take her to Venice      bachelorette for the senior                                                       never really fit me correctly to        Deans, and we always hated going
beach, the original Gold’s gym is         class’09. I asked her the same                                                    begin with. We also hated how           to get a readmit when we knew
there; we would stop by Muscle            questions to see how different our                                                we had to tailor our kilts so that      we were walking dress code viola-
beach.                                    bachelor and bachelorette may be.                                                 they would resemble skorts              tions. And we’ll never forget the
       M: Favorite personality traits            M: What do you like to do in                                               (girls). And let us not forget how      day we got detentions in Chemis-
in a girl?                                your free time?                                                                   our blue polo shirts never really       try for not having a uniform shirt
       B: Openness, fun, entertain-              A: Run track and go to the                                                 fit the same way as our white           underneath our sweatshirts on lab
ing, be able to communicate, witty,       beach                                                                             polo shirts. And don’t get us           days. Also, we’ve never under-
funny                                            M: What’s your ideal date?                                                 started with you, oxford shirts.        stood why we couldn’t sport our
       M: Looking for a relationship             A: The guy picks me up, go                                                 For three years of our lives we         awesome American Eagle
                                                                                 Your bachelorette, Adryella Perez. Photo                                           sweatshirts with the conveniently
or happy single?                          out to dinner by the beach, and then                                              avoided you just because we al-
                                                                                 courtesy of Adryella Perez.                                                        placed eagle mascot on the pocket.
       B: Undecided, I’m fine either      walk around on the beach after.        boy?                                       ways had to tuck you in.
way.                                             M: Personality traits in a                                                            Shoes! Yeah, we’re                     And what’s the deal with
                                                                                        A: Outgoing, confident, caring,
                                                                                                                            talking to you. We’re glad we will      free dress days? Err, I mean, “non-
                                                                                 likes to have a good time, not shy
                                                                                                                            never have to wear our dorky            uniform” dress days… and only
                                                                                        M: Looking for a relationship or
                                                                                                                            white socks with our all-black          being allowed to wear “blue” jeans.
                                                                                 happy single?
                                                                                                                            Vans. And what’s up with not            But it’s ok, we will be able to wear
                                                                                        A: Happy single, whatever
                                                                                                                            even being allowed to wear black        anything we want, starting May
                                                                                 comes my way
                                                                                                                            shoes for two years of our high         30th. We’ll finally be able to wear
                                                                                        M: How could a guy get your
                                                                                                                            school careers? Isn’t black the         our favorite hats, grow our hair out,
                                                                                                                            most common uniform color out           and not have to worry about our
                                                                                        A: If they make me laugh and
                                                                                                                            there? But no worries, black            facial hair (guys). We will finally
                                                                                 know how to charm me
                                                                                                                            shoes are back in, thankfully. And      have more options for our ward-
                                                                                        M: Favorite physical feature in
                                                                                                                            Uggs, we’ve missed you on all           robes. But wait, what are we
                                                                                 a boy?
                                                                                                                            the rainy days! We’re glad that         gonna wear…
                                                                                        A: Eyes, height, and smile
                                                                                                                                                                           With regards,
                                                                                        M: Fantasy celeb person?
                                                                                                                                                                              SMCHS Class of 2009
Your bachelor, Brad Pierson. Photo courtesy of Brad Pierson.                            A: Paul Walker
The Blueprint                                                The Student Newspaper of Santa Margarita Catholic High School                                                               May 2009

                Here is Where You Can
 JohnAbowd                                Cory Brenneman                         Jennifer Dapper                          Daniel Genthe
                                                                                 Saint Mary’s College of California                                             Julia Hoon
 Catholic University of America           Xavier University                                                               University of Texas at Austin
                                                                                 Jenna Dato-on                                                                  University of Oregon
 NuhaAbusamra                             Ashley Broderick                                                                Alexandra Georgy
                                                                                 Loyola Marymount University                                                    Savannah Horn
 University of California at Irvine       Marymount Manhattan College                                                     Saddleback College
                                                                                 Jake Daulton                                                                   Arizona State University
 Allison Acevedo                          Joshua Brumfield                                                                Juliette Gerardo
                                                                                 Saddleback College                                                             Aleksandra Hudson
 Boston University                        Art Center College of Design                                                    University of California at Los An-
                                                                                 Christina De Los Reyes                                                         Concordia University
 Michael Adame                            Morgan Brutocao                                                                 geles
                                                                                 University of San Francisco                                                    Irina Hudson
 Columbia University                      Texas Christian University                                                      Alexander Gianotas
                                                                                 Alexa DeSilva                                                                  Concordia University
 Supna Agrawal                            Cameron Budde                                                                   Southern Methodist University
                                                                                 University of California at Riverside                                          Austin Huebner
 University of Rhode Island               The University of Arizona                                                       Lindsay Giebel
                                                                                 Robert Deltondo                                                                Loyola Marymount University
 Samantha Ahmari                          Alex Burke                                                                      University of California at Santa
                                                                                 Saddleback College                                                             Haley Hurlbert
 Saddleback College                       Saddleback College                                                              Cruz
                                                                                 Matthew Devine                                                                 California State University, Chico
 HyunwookAhn                              Alexandra Bush                                                                  Spencer Gil-Kist
                                                                                 Saddleback College                                                             Thomas Husen
 University of California at Berkeley     California State University, Chico                                              University of New Orleans
                                                                                 Azaan Dhalla                                                                   The University of Arizona
 Courtney Allen                           Michael Butler                                                                  Daniel Glenn
                                                                                 Saddleback College                                                             Kristen Imperial
 Pepperdine University                    University of Notre Dame                                                        Loyola University at Chicago
                                                                                 Cory Diaz                                                                      Concordia University
 Gabrielle Ambrosanio                     Ashley Calderon                                                                 Claudio Gonzalez
                                                                                 Irvine Valley College                                                          Margaret Isaac
 Irvine Valley College                    Saddleback College                                                              University of Alabama at
                                                                                 Christopher Docherty                                                           University of Colorado at Boulder
 AmandaAnderson                           Adam Cameron                                                                    Tuscaloosa
                                                                                 Saddleback College                                                             Grant Iseley
 Undecided                                Undecided                                                                       Bethany Gorham
                                                                                 Lauren Doherty                                                                 University of Kentucky
 Jaclyn Anderson                          Allee Campbell                                                                  Texas Christian University
                                                                                 California Polytechnic State Univer-                                           Nicki Jacobucci
 Saddleback College                       Saddleback College                                                              Sarah Gould
                                                                                 sity, San Luis Obispo                                                          California State University, Chico
 Alexa Ankenman                           Elizabeth Campion                                                               Purdue University
                                                                                 Lauren Donaghy                                                                 Kevin Jain
 The University of Arizona                Washington State University                                                     Shainna Groom
                                                                                 University of California at Los An-                                            Harvard University
 Kevin Arca                               Ryan Canty                                                                      Concordia University
                                                                                 geles                                                                          Thomas Jankovich
 Saddleback College                       Saddleback College                                                              Kaelin Groon
                                                                                 Ian Doyle                                                                      Southern Methodist University
 Natalie Arellano                         Rebecca Caraveo                                                                 Undecided
                                                                                 The University of Arizona                                                      Tanner Jansen
 University of California at Irvine       Irvine Valley College                                                           Aniela Guyot
                                                                                 Mary Driscoll                                                                  University of Southern California
 Aisha Armer                              Danielle Carlson                                                                Franklin College at Switzerland
                                                                                 Gonzaga University                                                             Kelsey Jezierski
 Santa Barbara City College               University of Washington                                                        Erynn Hale
                                                                                 Carlie Duarte                                                                  Southern Methodist University
 AndrewArnold                             Kaitlin Carney                                                                  University of Nebraska at Lincoln
                                                                                 University of Colorado at Boulder                                              Christina Jimenez
 Irvine Valley College                    University of California at Santa                                               Kerri Hall
                                                                                 Ian Dufficy                                                                    California State University, San
 Conor Aspel                              Barbara                                                                         Hampton University
                                                                                 Saddleback College                                                             Marcos
 Saddleback College                       Kellie Caro                                                                     Natalie Hamill
                                                                                 Alex Dupre                                                                     Cody Johnson
 KathrynAzarvand                          University of Southern California                                               Point Loma Nazarene University
                                                                                 The University of Arizona                                                      Saddleback College
 University of California at Davis        Anthony Chanes                                                                  Stephanie Hammell
                                                                                 Gabriella Duva                                                                 Nicole Johnson
 Jamie Azdair                             Loyola Marymount University                                                     California State University, Ful-
                                                                                 Chapman University                                                             Orange Coast College
 Hamilton College at New York             Diwen Chen                                                                      lerton
                                                                                 Lauren Edwards                                                                 Quinn Johnson
 Aaron Babbitt                            Undecided                                                                       Marc Harding
                                                                                 Texas Christian University                                                     The University of Arizona
 Coe College                              Alyssa Choperena                                                                California State University, Ful-
                                                                                 Cassandra Ellis                                                                Charles Johnson IV
 Sahar Bagheri                            Saddleback College                                                              lerton
                                                                                 Suffolk University                                                             Washington State University
 University of California at Los An-      Matthew Chormann                                                                Erik Harnisch
                                                                                 Thomas Emanuele                                                                Austin Jones
 geles                                    The University of Arizona                                                       California Polytechnic State Uni-
                                                                                 University of California at Irvine                                             Chapman University
 Megan Bauer                              Bryan Christensen                                                               versity, San Luis Obispo
                                                                                 Michael English                                                                Joseph Kalb
 University of Colorado at Boulder        University of Oregon                                                            Brittany Hastings
                                                                                 The University of Arizona                                                      University of Puget Sound
 Crista Beach                             Stephen Ciauri                                                                  Saint Mary’s College of Califor-
                                                                                 Lara Enriquez                                                                  Saam Kavusi
 California State University, Fuller-     Saddleback College                                                              nia
                                                                                 Art Institute of California at Los An-                                         Saddleback College
 ton                                      Nolan Clark                                                                     Elisabeth Hawekotte
                                                                                 geles                                                                          Robert Kelly, III
 Gregory Beaudoin                         Loyola Marymount University                                                     Saddleback College
                                                                                 Gavin Escobar                                                                  Saint Anselm College
 University of Oregon                     Ellen Cobb                                                                      Amanda Haynes
                                                                                 San Diego State University                                                     Katherine Kennedy
 Sean Beever                              California State University, Fuller-                                            California State University, Ful-
                                                                                 Deeba Fahami                                                                   Santa Clara University
 California State Polytechnic Univer-     ton                                                                             lerton
                                                                                 Saddleback College                                                             Walter Keusder
 sity, Pomona                             Jessica Cone                                                                    Jessee Hazely
                                                                                 Isabela Farinella                                                              University of Southern California
 Jordan Bellow                            California State University, San                                                University of California at River-
                                                                                 Iona College                                                                   Amanda Kiepe
 Chapman University                       Marcos                                                                          side
                                                                                 Patrick Farley                                                                 California State University, Fullerton
 David Belz                               Paul Connor                                                                     Timothy Healy
                                                                                 University of San Francisco                                                    Cameron Kilar
 Saddleback College                       Georgetown University                                                           Saddleback College
                                                                                 Spencer Feldmann                                                               Purdue University
 Justin Bennett                           Madison Cornwell                                                                Sarah Hebner
                                                                                 Valparaiso University                                                          Mike Kim
 Arizona State University                 University of California at Santa                                               University of San Francisco
                                                                                 Nicollette Fernandez                                                           California Polytechnic State Univer-
 Gustavo Berga                            Barbara                                                                         Courtney Henson
                                                                                 Salve Regina University                                                        sity, San Luis Obispo
 University of California at Santa Bar-   Nicole Costa                                                                    Sonoma State University
                                                                                 Alyssa Ferraro                                                                 Alexis King
 bara                                     Saddleback College                                                              Brittney Hertel
                                                                                 University of California at Los An-                                            Pennsylvania State University
 Douglas Berlinski                        Renee Crane                                                                     Saddleback College
                                                                                 geles                                                                          Blair Kirkbaumer
 The University of Arizona                California State University, Chico                                              Riley Hewitt
                                                                                 Dominique Ferraro                                                              University of Colorado at Boulder
 Kiley Berlinski                          John Cranston                                                                   Saddleback College
                                                                                 California State University, Fullerton                                         Ross Kirkbaumer
 Point Loma Nazarene University           University of Vermont                                                           Courtney Hiatt
                                                                                 Alexandra Fiola                                                                George Washington University
 Christina Berry                          Cristin Croce                                                                   Humboldt State University
                                                                                 San Francisco State University                                                 Jacob Kureh
 Brown University                         California State University, Fuller-                                            Kaitlin Hickey
                                                                                 Lindsay Forbes                                                                 Harvard University
 Nicholas Bianchine                       ton                                                                             The University of Arizona
                                                                                 University of California at Berkeley                                           Derek Lane
 Saddleback College                       Kenna Crouse                                                                    Savannah Higgins
                                                                                 Justin Gabriel                                                                 Saddleback College
 Jacquelyn Biss                           Loyola Marymount University                                                     Arizona State University
                                                                                 The University of Arizona                                                      Cody Langan
 University of Oregon                     Alexander Cruz                                                                  Alexander Hoffman
                                                                                 Lauren Gallogly                                                                US Navy
 Douglas Blaalid                          Brown University                                                                Pepperdine University
                                                                                 California Polytechnic State Univer-                                           Kacie Latchford
 California Polytechnic State Univer-     Lauren Cullen                                                                   Madeline Holloway
                                                                                 sity, San Luis Obispo                                                          Pennsylvania State University
 sity, San Luis Obispo                    Loyola Marymount University                                                     Syracuse University
                                                                                 Enrique Garcia                                                                 Michael Lathrop
 Trey Block                               Ryan Curran                                                                     Summer Hollstein
                                                                                 Saddleback College                                                             Saddleback College
 Saddleback College                       Northern Arizona University                                                     Southern Methodist University
                                                                                 Ileana Garcia                                                                  Adam Lawicki
 Matthew Bock                             Brenna Cygan                                                                    Christina Holzmann
                                                                                 Saddleback College                                                             University of San Francisco
 Washington State University              California State University, Fuller-                                            Loyola Marymount University
                                                                                 Rachel Gardner                                                                 Brittany Lawson
 Nicolle Bray                             ton                                                                             Alyssa Hood
                                                                                 University of San Francisco                                                    California State University, Long
 Saddleback College                       Mark Dally                                                                      Linfield College
                                                                                 Jessica Gatfield                                                               Beach
 Melissa Breisacher                       Washington University at St. Louis                                              Patricia Hood
                                                                                 University of Texas at Austin                                                  Troy Lawson
 University of California at San Di-                                                                                      Arizona State University
                                                                                                                                                                Western Washington University

The Blueprint                                                The Student Newspaper of Santa Margarita Catholic High School                                                              May 2009

 Find Your Favorite Seniors
Kyle Layman                              David Mittelstein                        Jack Phillips                         Victoria Salvatore                     William Tomp
Saddleback College                       University of Southern California        Saddleback College                    Boston University                      San Diego State University
Blake Leyva                              Sarah Moon                               Bradley Pierson                       Alexis Sanchez                         Brandon Tonokawa
Santa Clara University                   Saddleback College                       Purdue University                     Saddleback College                     University of California at Davis
Jacqueline Lisinski                      Beatrice Mora                            Andrew Podruski                       Jordan Sandfer                         Samantha Toth
Emerson College                          Sarah Lawrence College                   California State University, San      Chapman University                     Seton Hall University
Michelle Loftus                          Patrick Moran                            Marcos                                Daria Sarraf                           Michael Tran
Arizona State University                 Irvine Valley College                    Stephanie Polito                      University of Southern California      Denison University
Stephanie Lu                             Remmington Morgan                        California State University,          Ryan Schaefer                          Oksana Tsichlis
University of California at Irvine       Saddleback College                       Monterey Bay                          California State University, Fuller-   Mount Holyoke College
Anne Lum                                 Kelsey Morris                            Dominique Pollett                     ton                                    Robert Tungate
University of California at Los An-      The University of Arizona                Baylor University                     Hailey Schellin                        College of William & Mary
geles                                    Lindsay Mortenson                        William Porter, IV                    The University of Arizona              Lauren Vargas
James Lyons                              Seton Hall University                    Saddleback College                    Samuel Schroeder                       University of California at Santa Cruz
California State University, Fullerton   Jessica Mumaugh                          Brandon Potter                        University of California at Santa      Morgan Viar
Jennifer Lyons                           Loyola Marymount University              Chapman University                    Cruz                                   University of California at Redlands
University of California at Irvine       Daniel Munoz                             Lindsey Potter                        Matthew Schumacher                     Andrea Villamar
Lauren MacKrell                          University of Southern California        Saddleback College                    Saddleback College                     Regis University
University of California at Davis        Alexander Muse                           Christine Powers                      Stephen Segura                         Nicholas Wagner
Ali Makmalchi                            Saddleback College                       Gonzaga University                    California State University, Fuller-   Undecided
University of California at San Di-      Vinay Mysoor                             Katelyn Powers                        ton                                    Maxwell Walters
ego                                      University of California at Riverside    Southern Methodist University         Callie Selchau                         Boston College
Lauren Manago                            Cristina Nadal                           Tanner Prevratil                      Texas Christian University             Hunter Warkentien
The University of Arizona                San Diego State University               California State University, Long     William Shaffer                        California State University, Chico
Chloe Manese                             Christopher Nawar                        Beach                                 Loyola Marymount University            Brooke Warren
University of San Diego                  Saddleback College                       Thomas Pryor                          Andrew Shenoi                          The University of Arizona
Jason Maney                              Michael Nazarian                         College of William & Mary             University of California at Los An-    Sean Watson
George Washington University             Chapman University                       Allison Pulley                        geles                                  University of California at Los Ange-
Andrew Manix                             Nicole Nelson                            Gonzaga University                    Jenna Shimokaji                        les
Indiana University at Bloomington        The American Music and Dramatic          Andreas Ramoska                       Seattle University                     Parris Wells
Nicole Marino                            Academy                                  California State University, San      Kyle Shimomura                         St. Louis University
California State University, San         Ryan Nelson                              Marcos                                University of California at Santa      Brandon Welsh
Marcos                                   Saddleback College                       Ashley Rasmusson                      Barbara                                Saddleback College
Anthony Marraccino                       Kelli Newton                             Orange Coast College                  Kevin Shipley                          Kristen Werlhof
State University of New York, Pur-       Saddleback College                       Laura Redmond                         Biola University                       Saddleback College
chase                                    Samantha Normandin                       University of California at Berke-    Andrea Shulenberger                    Melissa Werner
Eric Martin                              Clemson University                       ley                                   California State University, Fuller-   Saddleback College
California State University, San         Jack Norris                              Jeffrey Reese                         ton                                    Alyssa Wetmore
Marcos                                   California State University, Fullerton   Southern Methodist University         Donnovan Simms                         Concordia University
James Martin                             Lauren Nunez                             Patrick Regan                         California State University, Fresno    Daniel Whisnant
University of California at Santa Bar-   Orange Coast College                     Saddleback College                    Emily Sinderhoff                       Ohio State University
bara                                     Scott O’Brien                            Michael Reiss                         The University of Arizona              Mary White
Nicholas Matranga                        California Polytechnic State Univer-     Saddleback College                    Alexa Skonieczny                       Saddleback College
University of Michigan                   sity, San Luis Obispo                    Jake Reuter                           The University of Arizona              Elizabeth Wiekamp
Regan Matsukane                          Jake O’Connor                            Oregon State University               Kelly Smead                            Irvine Valley College
Saint Mary’s College at Notre Dame       Loyola Marymount University              Alexander Reyes                       California State University, Chan-     Spencer Wilhelm
Elizabeth Maxwell                        Mari Ohnemus                             West Virginia University              nel Islands                            Saddleback College
University of Colorado at Boulder        Irvine Valley College                    Andrew Richard                        Alexander Smithson                     Tyler Wilhelm
Cassandra Mazolewski                     Ashley Olsen                             Gonzaga University                    California State University, Fuller-   University of Oregon
San Diego State University               University of California at Los An-      Andrew Rieger                         ton                                    Christina Will
Austin McAnena                           geles                                    Trinity University                    Niran Somasundaram                     California State University, Fullerton
Ohio State University                    Alisa Olson                              Steven Rivera II                      University of California at Los An-    Sean Willet
Emily McCartney                          San Diego State University               Arizona State University              geles                                  The University of Arizona
University of Kansas                     Stefan Olson                             Christopher Roberts                   Katherine Spiliotis                    Ashley Wilson
Michael McFarland                        Columbia University                      Sonoma State University               New York University                    University of Portland
William Jewell College                   Christina Oram                           Jenna Robinson                        Olivia Staffon                         Alyssa Wolpin
Sean McFaul                              Saddleback College                       University of Oregon                  Harvard University                     Texas Christian University
AmeriCorps NCCC                          Karissa Paddie                           John Diego Rocha                      Christina Stege                        Ryan Woods
Megan McGannon                           Stanford University                      Saddleback College                    California State University,           San Francisco State University
Villanova University                     Marissa Padia                            Alexander Rodriguez                   Monterey Bay                           TylerWoodward
Peter McGinn                             The University of Arizona                California State University, San      Brianna Steinmetz                      Sonoma State University
University of Southern California        Riley Paone                              Marcos                                Creighton University                   Ryan World
Jamie McGraw                             University of Colorado at Boulder        Jordan Rodriguez                      Steven Steinmetz                       Western Carolina University
The University of Arizona                Ryan Parent                              California State University,          University of Connecticut              Alexandra Worthen
Megan McGrory                            Undecided                                Monterey Bay                          Caitlin Stelmar                        University of San Francisco
San Diego State University               Eddie Park                               Lauren Rodriguez                      University of San Diego                MonicaYap
Ryan McGuire                             Pepperdine University                    The University of Arizona             Christopher Stratford                  University of Southern California
University of Missouri at Columbia       Raymund Parpana                          Christopher Roteliu                   California State University, San       Alexandra Zanaboni
Kim McKelligan                           Saddleback College                       University of California at San Di-   Marcos                                 Clemson University
New York University                      Viraj Patel                              ego                                   Madeleine Sumner                       Andrew Zettler
Melissa Merrill                          University of Southern California        Nicholas Roux                         Saddleback College                     University of Notre Dame
California State University, Fullerton   Courtney Pearl                           Saddleback College                    Jacqueline Talpash
Michael Meyer                            The University of Arizona                Lawrence Roy                          University of Hawaii at Manoa
Orange Coast College                     Natasha Pearson                          California State Polytechnic Uni-     Danielle Tawtel
Nicholas Meyer                           Saddleback College                       versity, Pomona                       Concordia University
Embry-Riddle Aero University             Adryella Perez                           Natalie Russell                       Tarah Taylor                             This list was provided by the
Megan Michaels                           Saddleback College                       Saddleback College                    Wofford College
Georgetown University
                                                                                                                                                                 SMCHS Counseling
                                         Jennifer Perri                           Kayla Saadeh                          Trayce Thompson
Garrett Milster                          Xavier University                        California Polytechnic State Uni-     University of California at Los An-      Department as of May 20,
California Polytechnic State Univer-     Ryan Petersen                            versity, San Luis Obispo              geles                                    2009.
sity, San Luis Obispo                    New York University                      Michael Sahagian                      William Thompson
Robert Mino                              Mackenzie Pfund                          Azusa Pacific University              Loyola Marymount University
University of Vermont                    Arizona State University
The Blueprint                                         The Student Newspaper of Santa Margarita Catholic High School                           May 2009

                                                                                                                 Top 6 Necessities for your
  What to Bring to College!                                                                                      dorm room.
                                                                                                                 Plus a handy checklist.

                         Tips For What to Bring for Your Dorm Room
                                                                     By Parris Wells
       Some of you may be seri-      clothes as you can because the      hungry when studying for that
ously contemplating what you         last thing you want is to have      midterm or a huge exam (the
are going to bring to college. If    to do laundry runs every Fri-       night before the exam of course,
not, then maybe you should start.
We commence our first semes-
                                     day, when you could be doing
                                     other innocent college-student
                                                                         the majority of you procrastinate),
                                                                         do you really want to walk all the      Checklist for Your
                                                                         way to your local campus conve-
                                                                                                                 College Dorm:
ter in approximately four months,
therefore you need to compose                                            nient store? Of course not. Be
a list of what to bring so you
aren’t flustered and frantic a
week before you set out on this
wonderful journey commonly
known as “collegio”.                                                                                               __ Alarm Clock
       What you put in your dorm                                                                                   __ Towels (For Showertime)
your freshman year will essen-
tially determine how your first                                                                                    __ Hangers
year of college will be. So my
friends choose wisely, very
                                                                                                                   __ Laundry Basket (Or a pop up
wisely.                                                                                                         basket)
       The following text is the 5
items you should bring for your      activities.                                                                   __ Detergent
dorm room. Well, the smarter               3. Fan. Air conditioning in
thing to do would be to chat with    dorm rooms is slim to NONE.         smart.                                    __Stereo/iPod speakers
your roommate once you find          A fan is extremely important on           6. Warm bedding. I haven’t          __Surge Protectors
out who they are and split the       those humid days that are oh        seen the college commitment list
cost with them.                      so common in the Midwest. Or        yet, but if you are traveling out of      __ Air Fresheners
                                     if you are going to Arizona…        state, especially to the Midwest
                                                                         and the East coast, bring thick
                                                                                                                   __ Rug
                                                                         flannel bedding. The truth is, my         __ Digital Camera
                                                                         lovely orange county peers, that
                                                                         California’s weather is not any-          __ Plates/Cups/Plastic Containers
       1. A computer/laptop. Ask                                         where near the weather in other
for a laptop for your graduation                                                                                   __ Bulletin Board
present!! It is the most helpful                                                                                   __ Trashcan
tool you will ever have in col-
lege, hands down. It will be-                                                                                      __ First Aid Kit
hoove you to keep all of your
papers in a folder that you can                                                                                    __ DVD Player
easily access so you can refer       BRING A STUPID FAN.                                                           __ Desk Lamp
to them for tests. Also, taking             4. TV. A necessity. The
notes on your laptop during lec-     best way to fund this item is to
                                                                                                                   __ Iron
tures will speed up the process
and keep you organized. Note:
                                     split it with your roommate or                                                __ Calendar
                                     bring one from home. We all
I said taking NOTES during lec-      love our “relaxing” days where                                                __ Shower Shoes
tures, not going on “facebook”       we just stay home and watch         states. Crazy, I know.
or “myspace”.                        TV. Who wouldn’t want to
                                                                                                                   __ Robe
                                     keep up with the hit TV shows              The afore mentioned are just       __ USB Drive
                                     like “Gossip Girl” and “90210”?     the essentials for your dorm. How-
                                     OMG, what a crime if you            ever, I have included another list        __ Microwave
                                                                         of things to think about bringing,
                                                                         or who knows? It may be your
                                                                                                                   _ _ C o f f e e Maker
                                                                         checklist.                                __ Printer
                                                                                The items you bring to col-
                                                                         lege are all personal preference,         __ Tools
                                                                         according to your priorities. If you      __ Quarters
                                                                         need help, or you need a check-
                                                                         list you can type into “google”,          __ Clothes Hangers
                                                                         “What to bring to college” and you
                                                                         will find some good tips from cur-        __ Book Bag
      2. The majority of clothes
from your closet. What I’ve
                                                                         rent college students.                    __ Flashlight
                                     missed it!                                 Good luck in college guys,
heard from almost all of the col-          5. A Small Refrigerator.      and enjoy the rest of your life.          __ Lint Roller
lege students I’ve spoken to is      Food is expensive due to this
that doing your laundry is the ab-   economic recession. Food is              *All of the photos seen
                                                                                                                   __ Mouthwash
solute LAST thing on your mind       even more expensive on col-         above are from Google. images.            __ Sunglasses
with your hefty class schedule,      lege campuses. Buy in bulk at
of course it’s going to be hefty I   the local grocery store, prefer-                                              __ Suntan Lotion
mean who isn’t going to pack         ably a Costo-like store, and
their schedule with the maxi-        keep your refrigerator stocked.
mum credits? Bring as many           Plus, when you are extremely

                 Allison and Lauren   


      Class of ‘09 Favorite Moments
      By Allison Acevedo and Lauren Vargas
                                                                                 ”When Baier put on his
           Sound cliché? Well, let’s           ”The day I especially                                          Monster’s Inc.”
                                                                             homemade Halloween cos-              -Olivia Staffon
      face it… there were some             embarrassed myself by             tume.”
      pretty hilarious and… well,          dancing my heart out on               -Kerri Hall                                                          “Zipties in Ms. Johnson’s
      hard to forget moments here          ETV”                                                                      “Mrs. Smith’s podium rac-
      at our beloved SM. Laughing              -Jake O’Connor                                                 ing”
                                                                                   ”Jordan      Bellow’s                                              -Anne Lum
      at these memories will help                                                                                    -Lindsay Mortenson
                                                                             speech during the Junior year
      you forget those all-nighters             ”To all the football play-   elections.”                                                           “Freshman year in Dea-
      you pulled and remind you that       ers, my favorite memories                                                “John Micheal Davis at-
                                                                                   -Gaby Duva                                                con Lanes when Kevin Arca
      high school wasn’t sooo bad.         are any Coach Rodriguez                                            tacking Max Walters with an
                                                                                                                                             was climbing in the window
                                           moments”                                                           orange in the head”
                                                                                  ”When Aisha Armer                                          and Fitz and Holloway were
           “Mr. Baier singing the               -Mike Meyer                                                         -Matt Bock
                                                                             basically won the chubby                                        right behind him”
      Muppet song to his period 7
                                                                             bunny marshmallow eating                                              -Andrew Shenoi
      class”                                    ”The boys throwing                                                  “Kevin Arca’s remote
                                                                             contest.”                        control watch that controlled
           -Julia Hoon                     shoes during the battle of the         -Ross Kirkbaumer                                                 “When Tony Chanes got
                                           sexes rally”                                                       the TV and freaked the substi-
                                                                                                                                             his physics teacher to believe
           ”The day Mrs. Smith                  -Nick Meyer                                                   tute out”
                                                                                  When           Lauren                                      he was from Ecuador”
      found out that podium racing                                                                                  -Spencer Wilhelm
                                                                             Rodriguez fell off a bench                                            -Jordan Rodriguez
      was a terrible idea”                       ”Discussions in Krieg’s     and got a concussion in PE”           “When Mary Driscoll
           -Morgan Viar                    class with Cody, Steven, Jor-          -Cristin Croce                                                  “When Mary White
                                           dan, and Henry”                                                    fake cried in Senora Aloi’s
                                                                                                                                             called Mr. Hirschman ‘dad”
            ”The date my mom                     -Alexa Skoniezcny                                            class and Senora thought she
                                                                                   ”When Emily slipped in                                         -Jamie McGraw
      rally”                                                                                                  was serious and got angry at
                                                                             the lunch shelter on the salad   the whole class for laughing”
            -Paul Connor                         ”Nick Bennett chugging      lid and when she fell off the                                        “Washing my hair in Mr.
                                           a gallon of milk during a                                               -Brittney Hertel
                                                                             bench all within 2 days”                                        Baier’s class”
            ”In Mr. Gerlach’s class        rally”                                  -Erynn Hale                                                    -Nikki Nelson
      sophomore year. Mark Dally                 -David Belz                                                       “Once a month in Aloi’s
      fell asleep, and Anthony                                                                                class the blinds would fall on
                                                                                  “When Jake couldn’t                                             “Mr. Baier’s Halloween
      Nuccio woke him up by going                ”When Jack, Dupre,                                           Brittney’s head”
                                                                             pronounce daffodil”                                             costume”
      for a kiss”                          and Jordan Rodriguez did                                                -Alexis King
                                                                                  -Emily McCartney                                                -Edward Fernandez
             -Jacob Kureh                  Irish dancing at the spring
                                           rally.”                                                                 “When the podium almost
                                                                                  “Mrs. Barry’s class                                          “Being football team
               ”Gas leak day… enough             -Becca Caraveo                                               fell on Mr. Baier and he
                                                                             with Patrick Farley doing an                                  manager”
      said”                                                                                                   freaked out”
                                                                             impersonation of Roz from                                         -Amanda Anderson
               -Megan McGrory                                                                                      -Lauren Vargas

      Pictures of Teachers Kids: Who belongs to Who?
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              6.                                           7. 

1.             1. Carmer 2. Trotter 3. Gerlach 4. Waldrep 5. Ford 6. Miller 7. Stewart 8. Villa 9. Huerta
The Blueprint                                                  The Student Newspaper of Santa Margarita Catholic High School                                                       May 2009

10 Sayings That Will Help You Through Life
By Samantha Toth
        Everything hap-                    never completely alone;                  how to dance in the rain. The      in someone else’s life.             ized         your        potential,
pens for a reason. This say-               t h e r e ’s a l w a y s s o m e o n e   message I get from reading         Don’t live your life with           s t re n g t h , w i l l p o w e r, o r
ing impacts my life daily. Be-             thinking of you. Most of                 this saying is to make the most    any regrets. When some-             heart. Everything happens
fore I walk out of my room                 the people in this world, in-            out of difficult situations. Ev-   one asks you, “If you could         for a reason. Nothing hap-
to start my day, I read this               cluding myself unfortu-                  eryone is going to go through      go back and change one              pens by chance or by
sentence. I wrote this say-                nately, forget to be grateful            trying times, but how you          thing in your life, what            means of good luck. Ill-
ing on the back of my door                 for the simple things we                 separate the strong from the       would it be?” Respond               ness, injury, love, lost mo-
when I was thirteen and have               have been blessed with.                  weak is if they make the most      with “nothing” and walk             m e n t s o f t r u e g re a t n e s s ,
looked at it everyday since.               Life itself, breathing, is               out of those challenging cir-      away. Everything happens            and sheer stupidity all oc-
Throughout my day, I re-                   something to celebrate ev-               cumstances. When you go            for a reason and even if            cur to test the limits of
member this saying and re-                 eryday. Smiling is something             through hard times, try to stay    that so called “regret” did         your soul. Without these
alize that everything does                 to celebrate. Many plain,                positive. Don’t let life bring     not make you smile, just            small tests whatever they
happen for a reason. Noth-                 straightforward things are               you down. You aren’t here on       understand that everything          may be, life would be like
ing happens by coincidence                 overlooked. Don’t always                 this planet for long, so make      happens for a reason.               a         smoothly            paved,
                                                                                                                               Yo u h a v e t w o          straight, flat road to no-
We’ve got this amazing gift of love but love is like a                                                                 lives. The one you’re               w h e re . I t w o u l d b e s a f e
                                                                                                                       given and the one you               and comfortable, but dull
precious plant. You can’t just accept it and leave it in                                                               make. This is the saying            and utterly pointless. The
                                                                                                                       I have next to my senior
the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself.                                                             picture in the year book.
                                                                                                                                                           people you meet who af-
                                                                                                                                                           fect your life, and the suc-
You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it.                                                                     If you know me extremely            cess and downfalls you ex-
                                                                                                                       well, which only a couple           p e r i e n c e , h e l p t o c re a t e
or luck. Everything we ex-                 be so negative in your life.             the most of it. Life is incred-    can say they do, you know           who you are and who you
perience, from who we wave                 Try to look at the positive              ible and if you ask me, eighty     that this quote directly re-        become. Even the bad ex-
at in the hallway to life long             and be thankful for what you             to ninety years will not nearly    lates to my everyday life.          periences can be learned
friendships, happens for a                 do have.                                 be enough.                         Life is what you make of            f ro m . I n f a c t , t h e y a re
reason greater than we can                          We ’ v e g o t t h i s                  I build a wall. Not to     it. We live in a broken             probably the most touch-
perceive.                                  amazing gift of love but                 block anyone out, but to see       world. Everyone has                 ing and important ones. If
            Instead of writing a           love is like a precious                  who loves me enough to             flaws; no one is perfect.           someone hurts you, be-
sentimental, goodbye article               plant. You can’t just ac-                climb over it. Even though         So you are given a life, one        trays you, or breaks your
to this place I have called                cept it and leave it in the              you should love everyone un-       that will have obstacles,           h e a r t , f o rg i v e t h e m , f o r
home for the past four years,              cupboard or just think it’s              conditionally, you should still    but it’s what you do with           they have helped you learn
I have decided to leave you                going to get on by itself.               have that obstacle to see who      these obstacles that deter-         about trust and the impor-
with a few insightful                      You’ve got to really look                is willing to go to the ends of    mines who you are. Do               tance of being cautious to
thoughts to help those who                 after it and nurture it. Ba-             the earth for you. When a per-     you give up and drown in            whom you open your heart.
are struggling in life.                    sically, love in any relation-           son shows that he or she is        your own sorrow? Or do              If someone loves you, love
Throughout my high school                  ship (parents, friends, boy-             willing to do anything for you,    you conquer the obstacles           them back uncondition-
c a r e e r, I h a v e c o l l e c t e d   friend/girlfriend siblings,              you know that person is wor-       and make the most out of            ally, not only because they
quotes or sayings that stand               God) requires effort. If you             thy of your time. If a person      the circumstance?                   love you, but because in a
out to me. Some I have read,               are just going to sit back and           isn’t willing to put in the time           In conclusion, I            way, they are teaching you
while others have been read                do nothing about a relation-             and effort, then you know how
to me. My only goal in this
article is to lend a helping
hand to anyone who is going                  Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass;
through a difficult time.
            We only go through
the hard times so we can
                                             it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.
appreciate the good times.                 ship, you truly do not care
When I first heard this say-                                                        much you mean to that person       will leave you with a pas-
                                           about it. Just as a plant                (an insignificant amount).                                             to love and how to open
ing, I didn’t really compre-               needs effort to grow, such                                                  sage I recently found that          your heart and eyes to
hend it. I thought, “I do ap-                                                               Life is short, break       touched my heart. I hope
                                           as watering regularly, every             the rules, forgive quickly,                                            things. Make every day
preciate the good times in my              relationship needs effort in                                                it touches your heart too.          c o u n t . A p p re c i a t e e v e r y
life!” However, when I go                                                           kiss slowly, love truly, laugh               Sometimes people
                                           order to grow.                                                                                                  m o m e n t a n d t a k e f ro m
through a good period or                                                            unconditionally, and never         come into your life and
                                                   Fate determines                                                                                         those moments everything
even a good day, I recollect                                                        regret anything that once          you know right away that
                                           who walks into your life.                                                                                       that you possibly can for
on the bad times. After com-                                                        made you smile. Like I said        t h e y w e re m e a n t t o b e
                                           You decide who stays and                                                                                        you may never be able to
paring these good days and                                                          above, life is extremely short.    there, to serve some sort
                                           who walks out. In my opin-                                                                                      experience it again. Talk to
bad days, I realize how truly                                                       I hate to break it to you, but     of purpose, teach you a
                                           ion, there is a balance of                                                                                      people that you have never
amazing that good day was                                                           you’ll be lying on your death      lesson, or to help you
                                           destiny and free will in life.                                                                                  talked to before, and actu-
because now I have some-                                                            bed soon wondering where           figure out who you are
                                           Destiny will place certain                                                                                      ally listen. Let yourself fall
thing to compare it to. Also,                                                       your life went. Always forgive     or who you want to be-
                                           people in your path, but it’s                                                                                   in love, break free, and set
if we never suffer in life, we                                                      people! No matter what they        c o m e . Yo u n e v e r k n o w
                                           up to you to determine who                                                                                      your sights high. Hold
would never understand the                                                          do, human beings are called to     who these people may be
                                           becomes a part of your life.                                                                                    your head up because you
full affect of “good times”                                                         forgive everyday. It may not       but when you lock eyes
                                           So when making decisions                                                                                        h a v e e v e ry r i g h t t o . Te l l
because everything would be                                                         be easy in some situations;        with them, you know at
                                           on leaving people behind or                                                                                     yourself you are a great in-
“good”.                                                                             however, work on forgiving         that very moment they
                                                                                    people because everyone                                                dividual and believe in
                                                                                                                       will affect your life in            yourself, for if you don’t
You have two lives; the one                                                         makes mistakes no matter           s o m e p ro f o u n d w a y.       believe in yourself it will
                                                                                    how catastrophic. Love ev-         Sometimes things hap-
you’re given and the one you make.                                                  eryone truly, including your       pen to you that may seem
                                                                                                                                                           be hard for others to be-
                                                                                    enemies. Loving everyone                                               lieve in you. You can make
           Just stop for a mo-             continuing on, make sure                                                    horrible, painful, and              of your life anything you
                                                                                    through our differences is part    unfair at first, but in re-
ment to breathe, simply be-                you truly ponder about the                                                                                      wish. Create your own life
                                                                                    of maturing. Loving and ac-        flection you find that
cause you have breath in                   situation.                                                                                                      and then go out and live it
                                                                                    cepting everyone will help you     without        o v e rc o m i n g
your lungs to do so. Smile                         L i f e ’s n o t a b o u t                                                                              with absolutely no regrets.
                                                                                    find peace in your life and        those obstacles you
every hour of everyday, just               waiting for the storm to                 make an enormous difference        would have never real-
b e c a u s e y o u c a n . We ’ r e       pass; it’s about learning
The Blueprint                                       The Student Newspaper of Santa Margarita Catholic High School                                               May 2009

                   CAMPUS MINIS RY
Prayers For the ‘09 Graduating Class
By Kyle Richter and Lauren Giudice

 “My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,                                Class of 2009,
                                                                               As you go forth from SMCHS and venture into the world
 Your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small,
                                                                                                 of college, jobs and life,
 You never need to carry more than you can hold,                                            please take these words with you:
 And while you’re out there getting where you’re getting to,
 I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things                            The will of God will never lead you
 too”                                                                                 Where the grace of God cannot keep you.
 -Mr. Remmell                                                                                         Caritas Christi,
                                                                                                       -Mr. Dunne
 From the song “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts
                                                        “Always believe in yourself and that you can achieve your goals,
                                                        but you have to remember this: ‘Work hard and become a leader;
                                                         be lazy and never succeed. (Proverbs 12:24)’And, last but not
                                                        least: I pray that everyone will take a year off from college and
 “I pray that the Class of 2009 enters college study abroad to learn about new cultures and new languages.”
 with open minds and open hearts. Learn all -Mrs. Garcia
 that you can and enjoy every minute of the                                               Good and Gracious God, bless these seniors as they bring closure to this
 experience…these will be four of the                                                     chapter of their lives here at SM. May the knowledge of being your beloved
  most wonderful years of your lives! May God                                             Children penetrate their beings, to give them hope when they feel hopeless; to
 keep all of you in the palm of His hand!”                                                give them compassion when they feel hardhearted; to give them joy when they
 -Mrs. Barry                                                                              feel sadness; to give them peace when they feel anxious. As they go forth, help
                                                                                          them walk the Caritas Christi message, bringing Christ’s love and service to
 Dear Lord,                                                                               the world. And Lord, help them to remember…that all things are possible
 Please bless these seniors as they close this chapter of                                 when they keep God as the center of their lives.
 their lives and enter a new one. The road ahead is full                                                              In Jesus’ Name…..Amen
 of unknowns and challenges. Please be their strength,                                                      Know that you are so loved! Don’t forget
 comfort and guide in the many decisions they face in                                                        to stop by CM and give us all a big hug.
 the future. Help them to use their strong foundation of                                                                  I will miss you!!!!
 faith to draw courage and perseverance. May they                                                                          -Mrs. Hormuth
 be successful in all that they strive to do and be in this
                                                                                “My prayer for the Seniors is to find a bal-
                                                                                ance in your college life. Study and focus
                                                                                when it is time to study, Relax when it is
 -Mrs. Kretzmer
                                                                                time to relax. You will only get out of col-
 “I pray that you will call your parents every Friday night and                 lege what you put into it - so make it spe-
 say the following: I’m sorry, I love you, thank you. Let them                  cial. Branch out - take classes to enrich
 know how things are going, you owe them. I pray that you will                  your life - not because you have to. Col-
  be safe, lock your doors at night. Always walk with someone                   lege can be a really wonderful place - be
  at night. Parking structures are dangerous places. I pray that                safe, be smart and be balanced - and it will
  you won’t be too hard on yourself if you struggle in college.                 be the best years of your life!”
 It’s supposed to be hard. If college was easy, everyone would                  -Mrs. Villa
  do it. I pray that you will help others. I pray that you will always
                                                                                       “I pray that as you travel on your journey in life, that you allow yourself to expe-
  remember that you are representing SM, so do the right thing. I
                                                                                       rience God’s infinite love for you. Trust your life with God and let Him show you
 pray that in everything you do, you will try your best.”
                                                                                       the power of His love, His forgiveness, His compassion. Please remember to
 -Mr. Huerta
                                                                                       pray. Be aware of God’s presence in you, just like the Blessed Mother. Be
                                                                                       aware of God’s love for you, just like the Blessed Mother. Sit on His lap and feel
 “I pray our seniors have been given the guid-
                                                                                       His joy at having you there with Him. Feel how special you are to God.”
 ance throughout their years at SMCHS to be
                                                                                       -Mr. Nielsen
 successful on their next journey of life; that they
 always remember that God is with them no                                                “Work like you don’t need money, Love like you’ve never
 matter what. There will be amazing times as                                             been hurt, and Dance like nobody’s watching!!!!”
 well as challenging times, remember He is al-                                           -Mrs. Smith
 ways by your side and will never leave you. In
                                                                                                    the class of 2009 is of 2009 is their blessings, blessings, their
                                                                                      “I pray that“I pray that the classgrateful forgrateful for theirlearns fromlearns
 the words of Rascal Flats – ‘He ain’t the leavin’
                                                                                                   from trusts that God has a plan for that of them.”
                                                                                      misfortunes, and their misfortunes, and trustseach God has a plan for each of
                                                                                      -Ms. Mancini them.”
 -Mrs. Gatfield
                                                                                                   -Ms. Mancini

 Holy Wisdom,
 You give us the ability to perceive and make sense of our world. Help us never to be content only to see the surface of things, but give us the courage to ask tough
 questions, to challenge hidden injustices, and to speak truth at all times and in all places. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.
 -Dr. Vanderwilt

The Blueprint   The Official Student Newspaper of Santa Margarita Catholic High School   May 2009

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