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Mr. Hobbs                                    Bacteria WANTED! Poster
                                             Research Project RUBRIC
You are an investigator with the F.B.B.I. During this project, you will investigate one harmful
bacterial pathogen and produce a "Wanted Poster" to educate the Chavez Prep community. Your
final poster is to be on 8.5" x 11" paper.
Your final poster will be graded on the following guidelines:

CASE # ________ - ____________________________________
           Requirement                Points    Points
                                     Possible   Earned
“The mugshot” – a microscope picture or diagram of
your specific species of bacteria
(You may print up a picture or draw one, but the                      20
picture must fill up at least one third of the page)

A physical description of your bacteria - what
shape is it? Is it bumpy or smooth? Is it covered in                  20
cilia or flagella? How does it move around?
(Use LOTS of descriptive adjectives!)
The bacteria’s “M.O.” – How does your type of
bacteria attack its victim and spread to other victims?               15

“The victims” - the other organisms that your                         5
bacteria most commonly prey upon
The criminal’s “hide-out” – where is your bacteria
usually found?                                                        10

“Armed and dangerous” - rate how deadly your
bacteria is, from 1 – 10. (1 is totally harmless, 10                  5
means it will kill you quickly and easily)
“The statistics” - About how many people have been
affected by your bacteria?                                            5

“Fighting back” - What is the most effective way to
fight back against your type of bacteria?                             5

Overall neatness of WANTED! Poster                                    15

                        TOTAL                                       100

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