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					Soliciting savings accounts sample letter
Checking accounts - A letter soliciting a home account: GUARDIAN TRUST CO. POUGHKEEPSIE, N. Y. October 14, 1923. Mrs. Hester Wickes, 59 Market Street, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. Dear Madam: Do you ever have arguments over bills that you have paid in cash? Do you always remember to get a receipt? Do you find it a nuisance to carry cash? Do you know that it is dangerous to keep much cash in the house? There can be no dispute about an account if you pay it with a bank check. Your cancelled check is a perfect receipt. More than that, your bank book shows you when, how much, and to whom you have paid money. It is not only the easy way of paying bills but the safe way. You escape all the danger of carrying or having in the house more than mere pocket money. You will find by opening a checking account with us not only the advantages of paying by check but you will also discover many conveniences and services which we are able to offer to you without any charge whatsoever. I hope that you will call and let us explain our services. I enclose a folder telling you more about the bank than I have been able to tell in this letter. Very truly yours, (Handwritten) J. D. Wallace, Secretary. P.S. We have some very attractive styles in pocket check books that might interest you.

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