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									Sample sales letter - announcement of overcoats
Announcement of overcoats THE BARBOUR CLOTHING CO. 2249 WABASH AVENUE CHICAGO October 19, 1921. Mr. Charles Reid, Winnetka, Ill. My dear Sir: In a couple of weeks you are going to think a good deal about your overcoat. Why not start thinking now? We are offering this year the most complete line of overcoats that we have ever been able to buy. We have found that we could buy absolutely first-class coats at absolutely fair prices. We are selling them on the basis on which we bought them, and we bought a lot because we think the values will sell them. The prices are surprisingly low. They range from $20 to $70. At the lowest price we are selling a coat which, if you saw it on the back of a friend, you would think cost at least $50. The highest priced coat is as good as money can buy. If you expected to spend $50 for a coat, you may find that you can get what you want for $20 or $25, or you may find that you will want an even better coat than you had expected to buy. We think that it would be worth your while to look at this stock. Very truly yours, The Barbour Clothing Co.

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