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					Example Letters selling real estate
Sample letter - An agent asking for a list of property
JONES REALTY CO. HARRISBURG, PA. April 3, 1924. Mr. James Renwick, 126 Pelham Road, Westville, Pa. My dear Sir: I am constantly having inquiries from people who want to buy property in your immediate vicinity, and I am writing to learn whether you would give me the opportunity to dispose of your property for you, if I can obtain an entirely satisfactory price. If you will name the price and the terms at which you would sell, I should be glad to put the property on my list and I believe that I can make a sale. It would be helpful if I had a good description of the property and also one or two good photographs. Of course if you list the property with me that will not bar you from listing it with any other broker unless you might care to put it exclusively in my hands for disposal. My commission is 2-1/2%, the same as charged by other brokers in this vicinity, and I know from experience that I can give you satisfactory service. Very truly yours, Henry Jones.

Sample letter - From an owner instructing an agent to list property
126 Pelham Road, Westville, Pa., May 6, 1922. Mr. Henry Jones, Jones Realty Co., Harrisburg, Pa. My dear Sir: I have your letter of May 3rd and I am entirely willing that you should list my property for sale, although I do not want a "For Sale" sign displayed nor do I want the property inspected while I am in it unless by a previously arranged appointment. I enclose a description and a photograph. I will take $25,000 for the place, of which $10,000 has to be paid in cash. I am willing to hold a second mortgage of $5,000 and there is $10,000 already More Free Templates & Sample Letters at sample-letters.co.uk

ready against the place, which can remain. Very truly yours, James Renwick.

Sample letter - Selling a property by mail
1437 Lawrence Street, Greenville, N. Y., April 20, 1921. Mr. George A. Allen, 789 Fourth Avenue, Hillside, N. Y. My dear Sir: I have your letter of April 17th asking for further particulars on the property which I advertised for sale in last Sunday's Republic. I think that by inspecting this property you can gain a much clearer idea of its desirability than I can possibly convey to you in a letter. If you will telephone to me, I will arrange any appointment that suits your convenience. The house is ten years old—that is, it was built when materials and workmanship were first-class. It has been kept up by the owner, has never been rented, and is to-day a more valuable house than when it was originally constructed. It is three stories in height, contains fifteen rooms, four bathrooms, breakfast porch, sun porch, children's breakfast porch, a laundry, butler's pantry, a storage pantry, and a refrigerator pantry. It stands on a plot of ground 150 x 200 feet, which has been laid out in lawn and gardens, and in fact there are several thousand dollars' worth of wellchosen and well-placed plants, including many evergreens and rhododendrons. The trim of the house, including the floors, is hard wood throughout, and the decorations are such that nothing whatsoever would have to be done before occupancy. I enclose two photographs. The owner's price is $60,000, and I know that he would be willing to arrange terms. Very truly yours, R. A. Smith. (Note—Essentially the same letter could be written offering the house for rental, furnished or unfurnished, as the case might be.) 49 Main Street, Albany, N. Y., October 8, 1924. Mr. Henry Grimes, More Free Templates & Sample Letters at sample-letters.co.uk

Catskill, N. Y. Dear Sir: The business property that I offered for sale in yesterday's Republic and concerning which I have a letter from you this morning is particularly well suited for a specialty shop or any kind of a store that would be benefited by the passing of large numbers of people before its show windows. It is located at the corner of Third and Main Streets with a frontage of thirty feet on Main Street and runs back seventy feet on Third Street. There is one large show window on Main Street and two on Third Street. It is a three-story brick structure, solidly built, and the upper floors, if they could not be used for your own purposes, will as they stand bring a rental of $200 a month each, and with a few changes could probably be leased at a higher amount. They are at present leased at the above figures, but the leases will expire on January 1st. Both tenants are willing to renew. By actual count this property is on the third busiest corner in town. If you are interested, I should like to discuss the price and terms with you. Very truly yours, Henry Eltinge.

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