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									                                  C U R R I C U L U M              V I T A E

Surname:         RICE                                         Forenames:         David William

Date of birth:   9 October 1952
Nationality:     British
Address:         Home                                         19 Blenheim Mews,
                                                              Sheffield S11 9PR

                 Work                                         Dept. of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
                                                              Firth Court
                                                              University of Sheffield
                                                              Sheffield S10 2TN
                                                              Tel. No. + 44 114 282 4242
                                                              Fax No. + 44 114 272 8697
Education and Career Development

1971-75          B.A. Honours degree in Chemistry, Class II, at St. Catherine's College, Oxford.
1979             D.Phil. awarded for thesis entitled 'X-ray crystallographic studies on the sequence, structure and
                 activity of horse muscle phosphoglycerate kinase'. St. Catherine's College, Oxford.
1979-81          MRC Postdoctoral research assistant, with Dr C.C.F.Blake Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics,
                 Oxford for work on phosphoglycerate kinase.
1980-84          Elected to a Junior Research Fellowship at Linacre College, Oxford
1984-87          Awarded a Science and Engineering Research Council special replacement lectureship, Dept. of
                 Biochemistry, University of Sheffield
1988-93          Awarded a Research Fellowship of the Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine
1997             Awarded a Wellcome visiting Professorship in Basic Medical Sciences at the University of
1993-2007        Directorship of the Krebs Institute for Biomolecular Research.
1996-2007        Chairman of the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Current University appointment:

Harrison Chair in Structural Biology

Membership of External Bodies:

1.    Chairman of Working Group II and member of Working Group 1 of the Science & Engineering Research
      Council (SERC) collaborative Computing Project in Protein Crystallography, CCP4. 1985-96
2.    Consultant for the EEC directorate for Science Research and Development for a project study on Advanced
      Computational Support for Biotechnology Research 1985
3.    Consultant for the EEC directorate for Science Research and Development for a project study on
      Instrumentation in Biotechnology 1986
4.    Member of the Peptide and Protein Group Committee of the Biochemical Society 1987-1993
5.    Member of the Protein Engineering Initiative grants committee of the SERC 1990-92.
6.    Member of the Biological Structure Group Committee for the British Crystallographic Association.
7.    Member of the Biophysics and Biochemistry grants committee of SERC 1990-92.
8.    Member of Cell Board B grants committee of the Medical Research Council (MRC) 1991-95
9.    Member of the Agricultural & Food Research Council (AFRC) ISIS panel 1992-93.
10.   Member of the Biological Synchrotron Experimental Selection Subcommittee.
11.   Member of the Food Research grants board of the AFRC 1992-94.
12.   Member of the BBSRC working party to direct research in Protein Science. 1993-94
13.   BBSRC representative on the BBSRC/MRC review panel of Synchrotron radiation in the Biological Sciences.
14.   MRC representative on the Programme Management Committee of the Joint Research Council/Dept of Trade
      and Industry LINK Programme in Protein Engineering 1993-96
15.   Member of the assessment panel of grants for the European Community.
16.   Member of the Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine. 1993-
17.   Member of The Biochemical Society Travel Committee 1993-1999
18.   Member of the Biochemistry and Cell Biology Committee of the BBSRC. 1994-96
19.   Member of the MRC review panel of EMBL 1995-96
20.   Member of the Higher Education Funding Council Research Assessment Panel in Biochemistry for RAE 1996
21.   Member of the BBSRC Cells and Molecules Realising our Potential Awards Panel. 1995-97
22.   Member of the BBSRC Industrial Case Studentships Training Awards Panel. 1996
23.   Member of the BBSRC Technology Foresight Junior Research Fellowship Panel. 1996
24.   Member of the BBSRC Molecular Sciences Q S Panel for the Assessment of Research Council Institutes. 1996
25.   Member of MRC Advisory Board 1997-2000
26.   Chairman of The Biochemical Society Travel Grants Committee 1999-2004
27.   Member of the BBSRC Advanced Fellowship Selection Panel 1999-2000
28.   Member of the Higher Education Funding Council Research Assessment Panel in Biological Sciences for RAE
29.   Member of the BBSRC Studentships and Fellowships Strategy Panel. 1999-2005
30.   Member of the Editorial Board of The Chemical Record - 2000-
31.   Member of the Editorial Board of Structure - 2000-
32.   Member of the Alliance: Franco-British Partnership Programme - 2000-2001
33.   Member of the Management Board of the Cambridge and East Anglia Centre for Structural Biology - 2000-
34.   Consultant for Pfizer - 1997-2000
35.   Consultant for Zeneca Agrochemicals - 1996-1999
36.   Consultant for Aventis Hoechst-Marion-Roussel- 1999-2000
37.   Consultant for Parke Davis Warner Lambert - 2000
38.   Consultant for British Biotechnology - 1999 - 2003
39.   Consultant for Genetix - 2001
40.   Chairman of the Molecular Sciences Panel for the BBSRC Institute Assessment Exercise 2001
41.   Member of the visiting panel for a site visit to the Institute of Cancer Research for CRC October 2001
42.   Appointed to a Research Assessment Review panel in Biosciences, University of Kent. 2002
43.   Appointed to the Advisory Committee to oversee MRC Investment on its Harwell campus. 2002-2003
44.   Appointed to the CRC visiting panel for the Institute of Cancer Research 2002
45.   External assessor for new appointments at Warwick and Dublin 2002
46.   Panel Member on the Wellcome Trust Senior Fellowship Programme 2003
47.   Chairman of the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation Grant Evaluation Panel for Structural
      Biology 2004
48.   Consultant for Prolysis 2003-
49.   Member of the Lister Institute's Scientific Advisory Committee 2005-
50.   Member of the Executive Committee of the Heads of University of Biological Sciences Organisations 2006-
51.   Elected member of the Executive Working Group 1 for Collaborative Computing Project in Protein
      Crystallography, CCP4 2008-
52.   SEMTA Bioscience Sector Strategy Group 2008 -
53.   Member of the Policy Committee of the Biochemistry Society 2008-

                                          SELECTED PUBLICATIONS

Over 200 publications including the following selected highlights:

1.       Molecular basis of triclosan activity. C.W. Levy, A. Roujeinikova, S. Sedelnikova, P.J. Baker, A.R. Stuitje,
         A.R. Slabas, D.W. Rice and J.B. Rafferty. Nature (1999) 398, 383-384
2.       Delivery of antimicrobials into parasites. B.U. Samuel, B. Hearn, D. Mack, P. Wender, J. Rothbard, M.J.
         Kirisits, E. Mui, S Wernimont, C.W. Roberts, S.P. Muench, D.W. Rice, S.T Prigge and R. McLeod. PNAS
         (2003), 100, 14281-14286.
3.       Substrate induced conformation changes in Bacillus subtilis glutamate racemase and their implications for
         drug discovery. S. Ruzheinikov, M.A. Taal, S.E. Sedelnikova, P.J. Baker and D.W. Rice. Structure (2005)
         13, 1707-1713.
4.       Structure and mechanism of imidazoleglycerol-phosphate dehydratase. Glynn SE, Baker PJ, Sedelnikova
         SE, Davies CL, Eadsforth TC, Levy CW, Rodgers HF, Blackburn GM, Hawkes TR, Viner R, Rice DW.
         Structure (2005) 13, 1809-1817.
5.       Analysis of protein solvent interactions in Glucose Dehydrogenase from the extreme halophile Haloferax
         mediterranei. K Britton, P Baker, M Fisher, S Ruzheinikov, D J Gilmour, M Bonete, J Ferrer, C Pire, J
         Esclapez, D W Rice. PNAS (2006) 103, 4846-4851.
6.       The essential GTPase YphC displays a major domain rearrangement associated with nucleotide binding.
         SP Muench, L Xu, SE Sedelnikova, DW Rice. PNAS (2006), 103 (33), 12359-12364.
7.       An Inhibitor of FtsZ with Potent and Selective Anti-Staphylococcal Activity. David J. Haydon, Neil R.
         Stokes, Rebecca Ure, Greta Galbraith, James M. Bennett, David R. Brown, Patrick J. Baker, Vladimir V.
         Barynin, David W. Rice, Sveta E. Sedelnikova, Jonathan R. Heal, Joseph M. Sheridan, Sachin T. Aiwale,
         Pramod K. Chauhan, Anil Srivastava, Amit Taneja, Ian Collins, Jeff Errington, and Lloyd G. Czaplewski
         Science, 2008 321: 1673-1675.
8.       Active site dynamics in the zinc-dependent medium chain alcohol dehydrogenase superfamily. Baker, PJ;
         Britton, KL; Fisher, M; Esclapez, J; Pire, C; Bonete, MJ; Ferrer, J; Rice, DW. PNAS, 106 (3): 779-784,
9.    Catalysis by Glomerella cingulata Cutinase Requires Conformational Cycling between the Active and
      Inactive States of Its Catalytic Triad. Nyon, MP; Rice, DW; Berrisford, JM; Hounslow, AM; Moir, AJG;
      Huang, HZ; Nathan, S; Mahadi, NM; Abu Bakar, FD; Craven, CJ. Journal Of Molecular Biology, 2009,
      385 (1): 226-235
10.   The Single-domain Globin from the Pathogenic Bacterium Campylobacter jejuni novel D-helix
      conformation, proximal hydrogen bonding that influences ligand binding, and peroxidase-like redox
      properties. Shepherd, M; Barynin, V; Lu, CY; Bernhardt, PV; Wu, GH; Yeh, SR; Egawa, T; Sedelnikova,
      SE; Rice, DW; Wilson, JL; Poole, RK. JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY, 2010, 285 (17):
11.   A Burkholderia pseudomallei Toxin Inhibits Helicase Activity of Translation Factor eIF4A. Hautbergue,
      GM, Artymiuk, PJ; Baker, PJ; Bokori-Brown, M ; Chang, CT ; Dickman, MJ ; Essex-Lopresti, A Harding,
      SV; Mahadi, NM; Marshall, LE ; Mobbs, GW ; Mohamed, R; Nathan, S (; Ngugi, SA ; Ong, C; Ooi, WF ;
      Partridge, LJ; Phillips, HL ; Raih, MF; Ruzheinikov, S; Sarkar-Tyson, M ; Sedelnikova, SE; Smither, SJ (;
      Tan, P ; Titball, RW ; Wilson, SA; Rice, DW. SCIENCE, 2011, 334, 821-824

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