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    Song Of The Day                                                 Pearl Jam opens up on 20 years of rock fame
                                                                         TORONTO: Cameron Crowe’s documen-                                                                                                                   avoid its trappings.
                                                                    tary “pearl Jam twenty” takes viewers on a                                                                                                                    “We’ve kept it all pretty tight,” Gossard
                                                                    20-year behind-the-scenes journey with a                                                                                                                 said, adding that at this point, “it’s good to not
                                                                    band that has reached the top of the rock ‘n’                                                                                                            be afraid to kind of let out some stuff and let
                                                                    roll pantheon while refusing to embrace the                                                                                                              people in to see how the process works and
                                                                    spotlight.                                                                                                                                               what the personalities are like.”
                                                                         “It’s more than just a rock documentary,”                                                                                                                In the film, Cameron interviews the band
                                                                    Academy Award winner Crowe said of the                                                                                                                   members in their homes, and Gossard has a
                                                                    film he pieced together from over 1,200 hours                                                                                                            hard time finding any pearl Jam parapher-
                                                                    of archived footage and recent interviews.                                                                                                               nalia. All of the band members have side
                                                                         Highs like pearl Jam front man eddie                                                                                                                projects that keep them busy, from Vedder’s
                                                                    Vedder slow-dancing with nirvana’s Kurt                                                                                                                  ukulele album, to Cameron’s work on a new
                                                                    Cobain beneath a stage while eric Clapton                                                                                                                soundgarden CD, and Ament’s new band tres
                                                                    plays “tears in Heaven” above intersect lows                                                                                                             mts.
                                                                    like the suffocation deaths of nine fans at the                                                                                                               “When we do put on the shoes that we
                                                                    band’s roskilde, Denmark concert in 2000,                                                                                                                wear in this band, it’s such a treat,” Ament
                                                                    throughout the two-hour film.                                                                                                                            said. “We’re not always under the lights and
                                                                         “I’m still emotionally coming down from                                                                                                             when we played montreal the other night, I
                                                                    parts of it,” guitarist mike mcCready said in                                                                                                            was like, ‘Oh my God, wow! this is the most
                                                                    an interview along with the rest of the band                                                                                                             insane thing ever!’”
                                                                    and Crowe following the premier of the doc-                                                                                                                   the band squeezed in tIFF just days into
                                                                    umentary at the toronto International Film                                                                                                               a 22-date tour.
Fahad AlSabah                                                       Festival (tIFF).                                                                                                                                              they played a two-and-a-half hour set in
Staff Writer
                                                                         “I had to sit down a while ago because I                                                                                                            toronto on sunday to a sold-out arena that
                                                                    was overwhelmed ... much like a concert, but       FILE-Pearl Jam. Cameron Crowe’s documentary “Pearl Jam Twenty” takes viewers on a                     ended with an epic version of neil Young’s
Song: Love me to pieces                                                                                                20-year behind-the-scenes journey with a band that has reached the top of the rock ‘n’
Artist: erik Hassle                                                 even more so.”                                                                                                                                           “rockin’ in the Free World,” featuring “uncle
                                                                         Crowe, director of “Jerry maguire” and        roll pantheon while refusing to embrace the spotlight. (Agencies)                                     neil” himself wailing away with the band to
Album: Hassle
Genre: pop                                                          a rock journalist in seattle in the ‘80s, spent                                                                                                          the thrill of the crowd.
In short: One of the most exciting swedish imports in the           three years making the film. It hits movie         ing part of watching the film.                      Jeff Ament later hooked up with mcCready               pearl Jam has worked with Young in the
past years, erik Hassle managed to stand out from the flood         screens worldwide on september 20 for a                “but it’s an important part of our story        and soundgarden’s Cameron. together they          past and credits the nearly 66-year-old with
of up and coming pop artists by infusing soul into his crisp        one-night showing, and then runs for a week        too, of our survival, because we could have         brought in Vedder, a surfer from san Diego,       being a major inspiration. Vedder attended
pop sound; “Love me to pieces” and “Hurtful” are both               in select markets starting on september 23.        easily thrown in the towel,” he said. “It brings    to sing. pearl Jam played their first show six    Young’s premier before dashing off for pearl
songs of a pop superstar caliber.                                        the seattle-based group is also releasing     memories to the front by sort of reliving it        days later.                                       Jam’s second sold-out toronto concert on
                                                                    a 384-page book and a 29-song soundtrack           with an audience. that catharsis was very real          Fame came quickly, but the band turned        monday.
  To listen to the song visit                  to mark its first two decades. A DVD of the        with all of us.”                                    their backs on it. Vedder did not want to              back in 1991, when the band played their
  E-mail your feedback to                 documentary with extra footage will follow.                                                            make videos, and in his acceptance speech         first show, they had eight songs.
                                                                         there are points in the film where the                     Twenty years of fame                   for best hard rock performance at the 1996             “now we can play, literally, almost 140
                                                                    band appears near collapse, such as during             the birth of pearl Jam followed the drug        Grammy Awards, he said, “this doesn’t mean        songs at any given time,” Vedder said. And do
                                                                    its battle against ticketmaster in the mid-90’s,   overdose of Andrew Wood, the charismatic            anything.”                                        they have another 20 years in them? “I dare
                                                                    or the roskilde tragedy, which drummer matt        singer of mother Love bone, in 1990. that               twenty years on, pearl Jam is ready to        you to come up and try to keep up with me,
The Buzz                                                            Cameron said was for him the most wrench-          group’s guitarist stone Gossard and bassist         open up about its rise to fame and struggle to    matt, or any of us,” Vedder said.-reuters

Cliff Robertson
remembered in NY as family man
Cliff robertson was remembered Friday as much more than
                                                                    Contract reveals Beatles’ anti-segregation stance                                                                                    Artest’s name change to
a movie star who won an Academy Award and spent a life-
time appearing on the silver screen, television and broad-
                                                                                                                                                                                                         ‘Metta World Peace’ approved
way stages. nearly 100 friends and relatives paid tribute to a
generous, kind-hearted and devoted family man and an ac-                                                                                                                                                      LOS ANGELES: ron Artest’s bid to become mr. World
complished aviator and writer whose missives to them often                                                                                                                                               peace was delayed, but not denied.
ended up as cherished mementos kept in frames and hung in                                                                                                                                                     A court commissioner granted the Lakers forward’s re-
places of honor in their homes.-Ap                                                                                                                                                                       quest to officially change his name to metta World peace on
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Friday, three weeks after the bid was blocked because Artest
                                                                                                                                                                                                         had unpaid traffic tickets.
Plimpton scores                                                                                                                                                                                               Artest, 31, did not attend a brief hearing Friday.
TV success with Raising Hope                                                                                                                                                                                  superior court spokeswoman patricia Kelly said that Art-
                                                                                                                                                                                                         est’s new last name will be World peace.
martha plimpton waited 28 years after launching her acting                                                                                                                                                    His publicist, Courtney barnes, said the player chose
career to sign on for a regular sitcom gig — and she instantly                                                                                                                                           metta because it is a traditional buddhist word that means
earned an emmy nomination. the 40-year-old is nominated                                                                                                                                                  loving and kindness toward all.
for lead actress in a comedy for her work on Fox’s “rais-                                                                                                                                                     “Changing my name was meant to inspire and bring
ing Hope.” plimpton said she had pretty much given up on                                                                                                                                                 youth together all around the world,” World peace said in a
connecting with a part in a comedy series when she read                                                                                                                                                  statement released after the hearing. “After this short delay,
the script for “Hope.” the timing was right and the character                                                                                                                                            my tickets have been paid and I’m glad that it is now offi-
“just immediately clicked for me.” “I just want to be clear,                                                                                                                                             cial.” He requested the change in June, citing only personal
I am a very dark and bitter person, but I think on some lev-                                                                                                                                             reasons. He is scheduled to appear on the next season of
el, everything really does come when it’s meant to come,”
she said during a recent interview. “things come to you in                                                                                                                                               “Dancing With the stars.”
life when you’re prepared for them, when you’re ready for                                                                                                                                                     barnes wrote in an email that World peace will now have
them.” “As an actress for most of my life, I am profoundly                                                                                                                                               to get a new driver’s license to reflect his new name, but the
familiar with poverty,” she said. “I was nominated for my                                                                                                                                                switch won’t affect his contracts with the Lakers or any en-
third tony, which could not have been more thrilling for me,                                                                                                                                             dorsement deals.
and not two weeks later, I had to ask friends if they needed a                                                                                                                                                Artest helped the Lakers win an nbA title in 2010 and in
baby sitter because I had no money.”-Ap                                                  FILE-The Beatles wave to fans at San Francisco airport, in 1964. (Agencies)                                     April he received an award for outstanding service and dedi-
                                                                                                                                                                                                         cation to the community. He has testified before Congress to
                                                                        LOS ANGELES: A soon-to-be-auctioned beatles con-                  the Cow palace concert was part of the beatles’ third          support mental health legislation. Artest isn’t the first athlete
Oprah, Rosie unveil                                                 tract for a 1965 California concert reveals that the Fab Four     major tour of the united states.                                   to adopt an unusual name. Lloyd bernard Free, a profession-
sign outside Chicago studio                                         took a firm stand in support of the era’s civil rights move-          signed on march 24, 1965, the contract guaranteed              al basketball player who played in the league from 1975-88,
                                                                    ment, refusing to play before a segregated audience.              the band $40,000 against gross box office receipts of more         had his first name legally changed to World in 1981. A friend
Oprah Winfrey and rosie O’Donnell unveiled a sign thurs-                the contact, which is signed by the Liverpool group’s         than $77,000.                                                      had given him the nickname because of his 44-inch vertical
day in front of Chicago’s Harpo studios. It reads: “Harpo           manager, brian epstein, specifies that they “not be required          the requirements for their accommodation appear                leaps and 360-degree dunks.
studios. the rosie show. Former Home of the Oprah Win-              to perform in front of a segregated audience” for their Au-       much less demanding than many modern artists. the                       In the nFL, wide receiver Chad Johnson legally changed
frey show.” O’Donnell has started work in the same studio           gust 31, 1965, show at the Cow palace in Daly City, Cali-         band’s trailer “is to have electricity and water”, the rider       his last name to Ochocinco in August 2008 to reflect his jersey
where Winfrey taped her talk show until it ended in may after       fornia. the document will be auctioned on september 20            says, adding: “In all dressing rooms for the beatles, the          number. the name means “eight five” in spanish. Ochocinco
25 years. “top billing for you girl,” Winfrey told O’Donnell.       by nate D. sanders in Los Angeles.                                purchaser must provide four cots, mirrors, an ice cooler,          is now with the new england patriots. - Ap
O’Donnell’s one-hour talk show debuts next month on the                 the beatles took a public stand on civil rights in 1964,      portable tV set and clean towels.”
Oprah Winfrey network. “not a lot of people get a second
shot and this is a second shot that is even bigger than the first   during their first American tour, when they refused to per-           In addition to the desegregation requirement, the
shot,” said O’Donnell, who won emmy awards for her talk             form at a segregated concert at the Gator bowl in Jackson-        agreement called for at least 150 uniformed police officers
show of six years that ended in may 2002. Winfrey said there
was much discussion about the future of Harpo studios, on
                                                                    ville, Florida. City officials relented, allowing the stadium
                                                                    to be integrated, and the band did take the stage for that
                                                                                                                                      for protection and a special drumming platform for ringo.
                                                                                                                                          the contract is estimated to sell between $3,000 and        Nicolas Cage
                                                                    show.                                                             $5,000.-reuters
                                                                                                                                                                                                      ‘Vampire’ photo for sale on eBay
Chicago’s west side, when her talk show ended. “It’s wonder-
ing that it gets to rise up and be passed up in the name of
entertainment,” Winfrey said. O’Donnell says she’s bought
a Chicago home, and Winfrey says she still keeps an office
at Harpo studios. Winfrey said the pair “collaborates on ev-
erything.” Does that mean Winfrey be the first guest when
O’Donnell’s show debuts? “I mean really, please,” Winfrey
                                                                    Hollywood rolls out red carpet for X Factor
said. “We’re more creative than that.”-Ap
                                                                        LOS ANGELES: there aren’t many reality tV shows               Abdul. Former pussycat Dolls lead singer nicole scher-
Sheryl Crow car                                                     that stage their own world premiere.                              zinger and record producer Antonio “L.A, “ reid complete
buyers give Joplin schools $130K
                                                                        but this is simon Cowell and his much-hyped new sing-         the judging panel.
                                                                    ing contest “the X Factor”, which rolled out the red carpet            “paula can be a bit wacky at times, but nicole isn’t
                                                                    in Hollywood on Wednesday night ahead of his return to            far behind,” Cowell quipped, going on to describe working
A charity says a couple who bought the vintage mercedes             us television next week.                                          with Abdul as “like getting an old dog back from the rescue
singer sheryl Crow donated to benefit the schools in torna-             A year after walking away from his job as a judge on          pound. It’s kind of grateful to see you, and the relationship
do-ravaged Joplin, mo., has also donated $130,000 to the
district’s recovery fund. the top bid for Crow’s 1959 mer-          “American Idol” -- the most watched show on us tV -- the          is back intact.”
cedes convertible at the August auction in California was           brash briton has lost none of his self-confidence. His new             Cowell has set the bar high for the “X Factor”, call-
$143,000. the auction company kept $13,000 in fees and              venture, in which he is creator and executive producer as         ing it a “game-changer” for tV that he says will thrash the
the remaining $130,000 went to the Joplin schools recovery          well as a judge, is promoted with the simple tagline “He’s        competition and beat “American Idol” -- also on Fox -- as
Fund. missouri’s Community Foundation for the Ozarks re-            back.”                                                            the most popular show in America.
ported thursday that the couple who bought the car matched              “I am feeling excited now. there are always nerves be-             Fox and advertisers are also looking for results. Adver-
the $130,000. the donors wanted to remain anonymous. A              fore a launch but it is good nerves...I have always wanted to     tisers have spent up to $400,000 for a 30 second spot, and
may 22 tornado destroyed three Joplin schools and seriously         have, not a film premiere, but a tV premiere in the cinema.       Fox hopes that it will help reverse the network’s tradition-    FILE- The seller claims the photo, which does bear an uncanny
damaged seven others. Crow is a missouri native and was a           I think it is brilliant”, Cowell said of Wednesday’s splashy      ally patchy showing in the fall tV ratings.                     resemblance to the ‘Ghost Rider’ star, is completely authentic
teacher before she achieved fame. she said in a statement           event at one of Hollywood’s top cinemas.                               According to Cowell, Fox was nervous about taking          and shows a man who lived in Bristol, TN around the time of the
that she was touched by the couple’s generosity.-Ap                     Americans get their first look at “the X Factor” on           the leap. “the network would initially have been happier        Civil War. (Reuters)
                                                                    september 21. but a pumped-up audience of hundreds                if we had all stayed on ‘Idol’ for the rest of our lives and
Spartacus                                                           of twitter fans and competition winners from across the           there wouldn’t be another show,” he said ahead of the pre-          LONDON: nicolas Cage has generated his share of strange news
                                                                    united states, were invited to the premiere to see just what      miere.                                                          items, including one just this week, when he told reporters in toron-
marathon will honor late actor                                      the fuss was all about.                                                but Cowell said Fox later accepted that, given the         to about the time a man broke into his home, entered his bedroom
                                                                        “I’ve never been to a premiere of a tV show where this        show’s success in the uK, a competitor might come along.        while he was sleeping, put on Cage’s jacket and ate a Fudgesicle.
the starz network has scheduled a special marathon of               many people came out,” said mike Darnell, head of reality         “they didn’t have to be dragged kicking and screaming to            but the photo currently on sale on ebay may top them all. De-
“spartacus: blood and sand” to honor the series’ breakout           tV programming at Fox, as Cowell and his fellow judges            it in the end. but these are expensive shows to produce,”       scribed by its seller as a photo of a tennessee man circa 1870, the
star, 39-year-old Andy Whitfield, who died on september 11
after a battle with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Five episodes,            entered the movie theater to the booming soundtrack of            he said.                                                        headline on the sale is “nicolas Cage is a Vampire.”
including the first episode and the first season finale, will air   “Live and Let Die.”                                                    Getting the show off the ground in the us hasn’t been          the seller, located in seattle, is asking $1 million for the photo.
at 9 p.m. on October 2. the entire first season will air on De-         “X Factor,” already a huge hit in the uK offers an un-        without challenges. Cowell made a rare misstep earlier this     He says the photo is “showing a man who looks exactly like nick
cember 16. Whitfield, who was cast as the titular warrior af-       precedented $5 million prize for the winner. Judges com-          year when he chose british singer Cheryl Cole -- unknown        Cage. personally, I believe it’s him and that he is some sort of walking
ter a lengthy talent search by producers, starred in the entire     pete with each other as mentors to singers and to groups of       in the united states -- as a judge and then swiftly removed     undead / vampire, et cetera, who quickens / reinvents himself once
first season and was preparing to film season two when he           performers aged 12 and up who audition in arenas packed           her when she underperformed in early tapings.                   every 75 years or so. 150 years from now, he might be a politician,
was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in march 2010.              with thousands of people.                                              In the version Americans will see next week, Cole is on    the leader of a cult, or a talk show host.”
the network postponed production and planned to resume                                                                                the first show, but not on the second -- a change introduced        the seller claims the photo, which does bear an uncanny resem-
the series once Whitfield recovered, and he was believed to                         Cowell, Abdul reunited                            merely with the line “a new city, and a new judge”.             blance to the ‘Ghost rider’ star, is completely authentic and shows a
be in remission in June, but the disease returned, and by sep-         the show brings Cowell’s cutting sarcasm back to                    “Lots of things went wrong along the way,” Cowell said     man who lived in bristol, tn around the time of the Civil War.
tember, he was forced to drop out of the project.-reuters           primetime television and reunites him with his old “Ameri-        of the Cole saga. “bad things happen when you make real-            As of sept. 16, the seller had received 78 offers on the photo, all
                                                                    can Idol” sparring partner, the erratic but endearing paula       ity shows, but you’ve just got to deal with it.”-reuters        of which have been declined.-reuters

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