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									                                                          Bristol City Council
                                           Local Crisis and Prevention Fund Award Criteria

   General information
   Method statement questions are weighted, a higher mark is given where the response and evidence satisfies expectations and
   gives additional benefits, a lower score if the response satisfies expectations. No marks will be given if the response does not
   match expectations. This forms the quality evaluation for the contract which is 50% of the overall weighting. The administrative cost
   of the service and value for money in the pricings statement will inform the value for money assessment which is the other 50% of
   the decision

Weighting   Criteria        Qu                                                                                             Total score
   10       Information     1       How comprehensive is the overall promotion and marketing plan?                         4
            on the                       Service User Guide, multi-access, referral systems, early identification of
            service                         ineligible applications, engaging with hard to reach
            marketing                    Does the plan offer anything over and above the spec
            and                     Plans to meet the outcomes
            promotion               Plans to meet the targets
                            1a      How realistic are the plans to meet the anticipated volumes, is there reference to     2
                                    call handling?
                            1b      How practical are the plans for work with stakeholders to manage expectations? Is      2
                                    the timeline achievable
                            1c      How realistic are the plans to validate information? Is there sufficient risk          2
   12       Supporting      2       How comprehensive is the application process,                                          5
            people to                     does it cover all the requirements in the specification?
            make                          Is there sufficient mitigation to ensure a wide range of vulnerable people
            applications                     can apply independently
                            2a      Is there sufficient arrangements for affordable calls, is this realistic within the    2
                            2b      Are the call handling arrangements robust enough to meet the targets                   3
                            2c      ? Will the solution be sufficient to meet the outcome                                  2
Weighting   Criteria         Qu                                                                                              Total score
   12       Prioritising     3    Do you anticipate the plan offers a workable assessment process?                           4
            needs to                   Is it sufficient to compare the needs of very different groups?
            allocate                   Is it robust enough to be trusted by Service Users, Referrral Agencies
            awards                     Is there sufficient plans for financial management of the budget?
                             3a   Is there sufficient fraud management?                                                      2
                             3b   Is there a systematic pricing system                                                       2
                             3c   Is there sufficient future proofing?                                                       2
                             3d   Is there an innovative and workable solution?                                              2
   12       Arranging        4    Do the plans represent good value for money?                                               6
            delivery of           Are the plans realistic to be able to meet or exceed targets
            goods and        4a   Do the plans represent good value for money                                                4
            emergency        4b   Do you anticipate the plans will meet the emergency needs of vulnerable people             2
   8        Signposting      5    Do the plans incorporate sufficient understanding of service users’ information            4
            for additional        needs and preferences?
            support          5a   Are the plans sufficient to engage with end users?                                         2
                             5b   To what degree is there protection against worker assumptions?                             2
   3        Partnership      6    Is the organisation sufficiently open to reflection on its practice and willing to learn   3
            working               from an objective evaluator? Can you be confident that the organisation will change
                                  processes as a result of reviews
   3        Added value      7a   Does the organisation’s broader remit have systems, service users, information,            2
                                  support or anything else which could benefit the Service Users?.
                             7b   Recognise additional value if any of the social enterprise examples would benefit          1
                                  people who apply to the Crisis and Prevention Fund
   10       Employment       8a   Are the skill sets sufficient to meet the complexities for some parts of delivery? Can     3
            issues                this be achieved within the budget
                             8b   Is the organisation reflective about any skills or knowledge deficiencies and has it       2
                                  plan to address these if relevant
Weighting   Criteria     Qu                                                                                          Total score
                         8c    Is there a reasonable timeframe for delivering skilled staff within a reasonable      3
                               period. Is sufficient consideration being given to health and safety issues?
                         8d    Are sub-contracting or partnership arrangements sufficiently robust and quality       2
   7        Financial  9a      Are the systems sufficient to manage larger sums of money effectively?                2
            management 9b      Is this reasonable given staffing costs above?                                        1
                       9c      Is the organisation administratively adept to act as an agent on behalf of the        2
                         9d    Is the overall budget plan reasonable?                                                2
   10       Business     10a   Does the organisation have sufficient infrastructure to manage a service with the     2
            management         anticipated number of transactions
                         10b   Do the ICT systems planned offer any additional benefits to running the project or    1
                               staffing savings automated processing)
                         10c   Are arrangements sufficient to enable sharing of confidential data?                   2
                         10d   Are arrangements sufficient to enable sharing of confidential data?                   2
                         10e   Are the plans sufficient to sustain quality standards across all contract elements?   3
   7        Service      11    How comprehensive are the plans for monitoring?                                       2
            monitoring   11a   Does the organisation demonstrate it is a learning organisation                       3
                         11b   Are the plans for the customer survey sufficiently robust to get returns from a       2
                               relatively hard to reach Service User group
   6        Service      12a   How realistic is the implementation plan and how well can it deal with any problems   4
            transition         which may arise?
                         12b   Will the handover create minimal disruption for Service Users                         2
  100       total                                                                                                    100

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