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    Volume 38 issue 4
    May 2011                                                                           1951 - 2011

                    Peace officer
                MeMorial events
                    L.A. County PeACe offiCer MeMoriAL CereMony, MAy 25
                      PeACe offiCer MeMoriAL GoLf tournAMent, June 13

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                                                                                                             may 2011 | Star&Shield                3
                                A Tragic Day in the Life of
                                America’s Peace Officers
                                          ormally, my article in the May issue of    Baptist Memorial Hospital, where he died from
                                          Star & Shield takes a somber, if not       his wounds. Patrolman Schmidt had served with
                                          peaceful, tone as it relates to National   the Trumann Police Department for four years.
                                          Police Week (May 15-21) and the            He is survived by his wife and three children.
                                corresponding memorial ceremonies. But this             And there you have it — two fine officers,
                                time I felt compelled to tell the stories of two     gone in an instant. They left for work earlier that
    Brian Moriguchi             of our brethren, both of whom lost their lives
                                tragically in separate incidents hours apart on
                                                                                     morning and never returned home. Two widows
                                                                                     and five children were left behind.
                                April 12, 2011, the very day I sat down to pen          I know that I’m preaching to the choir here, but
              PPOa President    this column.                                         tragic stories like these will continue regardless
            lieutenant, laSd       At a time when many news articles about cops      of how many precautions we take. Some will hit
                                tend to delve into a debate about pensions and       closer to home than others. In fact, a total of 38
                                benefits, I would be remiss if I did not share the   PPOA members have died in the line of duty
                                accounts of the following two individuals:           since our inception in 1951. All of their names are
                                   Correctional Officer Ronald Johnson (South        inscribed on a plaque in the PPOA boardroom,
                                Dakota Department of Corrections) was killed         and we have recently added that list to the PPOA
                                by two inmates who were attempting to escape         website. Please go to and take a
                                from the South Dakota State Penitentiary in          look, particularly if you are unable to attend the
                                Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The inmates attacked      memorial ceremony at STARS Center.
                                Officer Johnson, beat him with a metal pipe             Something that very few of our members know
       i consider attendance    and then wrapped his head in plastic wrap. One       is that PPOA’s forefathers played a role in the
                                of the inmates then put on Officer Johnson’s         inception of America’s tribute to fallen officers.
    at these events to be an    uniform. As the uniformed inmate wheeled out         According to a 1957 issue of the membership
                                a large box with the other inmate inside, another    newsletter, PPOA was represented at the National
       honor and a privilege,   officer didn’t recognize him as a fellow officer     Conference of Police Associations held in San
     and i encourage you to     and confronted him. The officer was attacked,        Francisco. It was there that officers from around
                                but was assisted by other officers who witnessed     the nation “went on record as having a National
    experience each of them     the attack on surveillance cameras. Both inmates     Police Week instituted, and having all police
               at least once.   were subdued before being able to escape. One        agencies going all-out in making it a huge success.”
                                of the inmates who murdered Officer Johnson          Then, in 1962, President John F. Kennedy signed
                                had been involved in several attempted escapes       a proclamation designating May 15 as National
                                before. Officer Johnson was transported to           Peace Officers’ Memorial Day and the week in
                                a local hospital where he succumbed to his           which that date falls as National Police Week.
                                injuries a short time later. He had served with      Now sponsored by our friends at the Fraternal
                                the South Dakota Department of Corrections for       Order of Police, National Police Week events
                                23 years and was murdered on his 63rd birthday.      in Washington, D.C. draw more than 25,000
                                He is survived by his wife, two children and six     attendees annually.
                                grandchildren.                                          Ceremonies closer to home include one at
                                   Patrolman Jonathan Schmidt (Trumann               the California Capitol on May 2 and another at
                                Police Department, Arkansas) was shot and killed     STARS Center in Whittier on May 25. I consider
                                as he and his sergeant made a traffic stop. The      attendance at these events to be an honor and a
                                officers stopped a vehicle occupied by three         privilege, and I encourage you to experience each
                                individuals and removed the driver to place him      of them at least once.
                                under arrest on a failure to appear warrant. As         We owe it to Officer Johnson, Patrolman
                                Patrolman Schmidt opened the rear passenger          Schmidt and all of our fallen brethren to
                                door to remove the second male passenger, the        honor their sacrifices this month, particularly
                                man lunged at him and immediately opened             on National Peace Officers’ Memorial Day and
                                fire. Patrolman Schmidt, who was shot in the         during National Police Week. Some members of
                                neck, turned and pushed his sergeant out of          the public may pay their respects to fallen officers
                                the way before returning fire. The suspect was       and others may not. But I believe that as peace
                                wounded by the return gunfire and taken into         officers, we are obligated to salute those who gave
                                custody. Patrolman Schmidt was taken to NEA          everything. It is the very least we can do.
4     Star&Shield | may 2011
                           Fitting Tributes During Peace
                           Officer Memorial Month
                                   very year in May, peace officers killed in the   •	   Sergeant Ira Essoe Jr., Orange County Sheriff ’s
                                   line of duty are honored at the local, state          Dept., EOW 2/4/2010
                                   and national levels. These brave officers        •	   Deputy Joel Wahlenmaier, Fresno County
                                   and public servants are recognized by their           Sheriff ’s Dept., EOW 2/25/2010
                           agencies, families, friends, coworkers, the public       •	   Deputy Kenneth Collier, San Diego Sheriff ’s
                           and our elected leaders for giving everything they            Dept., EOW 2/28/2010

     Paul K. roller        had to protect the public that they served. When
                           each of these brave men and women woke up on
                                                                                    •	   Officer Javier Bejar, Reedley Police Dept.,
                                                                                         EOW 3/1/2010
                           the morning of their deaths, they did not know           •	   Officer Daniel Benavides, CHP Border
 PPOa executive director   what awaited them on that day — they only knew                Division, EOW 5/7/2010   they had a job to do, and they would do that job         •	   Officer Thomas Coleman, CHP San
                           no matter what the consequences were. That is                 Bernardino, EOW 6/11/2010
                           why we honor them. Each officer killed performed         •	   Officer Phillip Ortiz, CHP West Los Angeles,
                           their duty, without pause, in defense of our way of           EOW 6/22/2010
                           life in America. That kind of courage and sacrifice      •	   Officer Justin McGrory, CHP Barstow, EOW
                           demands our respect and attendance at the yearly              6/27/2010
                           memorials.                                               •	   Officer Brett Oswald, CHP Templeton, EOW
                               The California Peace Officers’ Memorial was               6/27/2010
                           held May 1-2 in Sacramento and was organized and         •	   Officer Christopher Wilson, San Diego Police
                           officiated by the Memorial Foundation, California             Dept., EOW 10/28/2010
 that kind of courage      Attorney General Kamala D. Harris and Governor           •	   Officer Ryan Bonaminio, Riverside Police
                           Jerry Brown. PPOA has a long history with the                 Dept., EOW 11/7/2010
and sacrifice demands      Foundation. In fact, PPOA is included among the
      our respect and      original sponsors. And two of our members, Jim              As you can see, the California Highway Patrol
                           Vogts and the late Al LeBas, were counted among          had a horrible couple of months last year! Five
    attendance at the      founders of the Memorial Foundation.                     of the California officer deaths were related to
                               The National Peace Officers’ Memorial was            gunshot wounds, five were related to traffic stops
     yearly memorials.     held this year in Washington, D.C. during Police         or pursuits and one was caused by an aircraft
                           Week from May 15-21, with Attorney General               crash. These numbers are similar to the national
                           Eric Holder and President Barack Obama expected          statistics.
                           to participate. There is still time to attend the           On a national level, 162 officers were killed in
                           Los Angeles County Peace Officers’ Memorial              the line of duty last year. That was a 40 percent
                           Ceremony at STARS center on May 25 at 10:00 a.m.         increase from 2009 when 117 officers were killed.
                           Sheriff Lee Baca will host and speak at the event.       Traffic fatalities were up 43 percent last year to 73
                               We have been blessed that no Los Angeles             deaths (note: This is the 13th straight year that
                           County deputies have been killed in the line of duty     traffic fatalities were the leading cause of death).
                           for several years. Here is the list of the 11 officers
                           that were killed in California in 2010:                                                   continued on page 9

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                                                                                                    may 2011 | Star&Shield             5
                              Weathering a Month of Highs
                              and Lows
                                      adies and gentleman, I have some sad             I want to commend the LASD teams that
                                      news: We lost a member of the PPOA            competed in the Baker-to-Vegas run. It was
                                      family. Security Officer Brian Cabral lost    great to see a lot of personnel either running or
                                      his battle with leukemia last month. You      supporting a team. The PPOA staff was there at
                              may remember that I mentioned Brian’s diagnosis       the beginning of the race selling their wares. I
                              last December. Shortly after, we had a blood          hope you got your B2V shirt, and if you didn’t,

       Gerry Garcia           drive for him. Hopefully, many of you came by to
                              support the cause that day.
                                                                                    you can always stop by the PPOA office or call
                                                                                    them at (800) 747-PPOA.
                                 Brian was hired in 2010, and I had the pleasure       I had the pleasure of being asked to help a
     PPOa Board member        of attending his Sheriff ’s Officer Orientation.      support team. I was ecstatic at the thought of
     Security Officer, laSd   His first assignment was College Bureau, where        being a part of the event, so I said yes and the
                              he got a chance to work with fine personnel. He       next thing I knew, I was attending meetings and      was also fortunate enough to attend numerous          helping with fundraisers. Then the time came and
                              trainings at various colleges where he met more       I was in Baker assisting with the first leg. I saw the
                              fine personnel within the Department. I was           camaraderie from the runners and even how other
                              assigned to College Bureau while Brian was            teams were helping the competition when the
                              there and we developed a great rapport, since         need arose. It was very much the same mentality
                              he reminded me of my brother. When the Parks          we have here in the Sheriff ’s Department: Help a
                              Bureau was being formed, he showed a lot of           fellow employee and a fellow employee will help
                              interest and was regularly asking about it. Then      you. If any of you are ever given the opportunity
         it was very much     the transfer list came out and I immediately got a    to help with a B2V team as a runner or a support
                              call from Brian: “I’m coming over, sir.” As soon as   team, I recommend jumping at the chance. Think
       the same mentality     I saw him at the Parks Bureau orientation, I gave     of it as washing your hands — you need the help
      we have here in the     him a big bear hug. (Imagine a lighter bear and a     of one hand to wash the other, and vice versa.
                              darker bear hugging. I have been working out in          On to other business … If you get a chance, I
     Sheriff’s department:    the sun, that’s why I am the darker one, haha.) He    would like to gather information on how things are
                              went to South Parks Zone and for the next couple      coming along at your respective unit of assignment.
              help a fellow   of months he worked with a lot of great people,       I occasionally get a chance to talk to academy staff,
          employee and a      each one of them special in their own way. I know     and when I do, I like to refer to specific incidents
                              that a lot of fellow personnel would like to say      and how they were handled with the training
     fellow employee will     to Brian: “I am privileged to have met you and        taught at the academy. Please let me know if you
                  help you.   worked with you. Until our paths cross again, my      have anything helpful to convey.
                              brother …”

                                                     Be a PPOA Delegate.
                                                       Be in the Know.
                                     Attend quarterly dinner meetings • Receive monthly mailings
                                                    Keep your coworkers updated
                                            If your unit needs a voice and you're ready to
                                           join more than 150 PPOA delegates throughout
                                               the County, call Greg at (800) 747-PPOA.

6   Star&Shield | may 2011
                          Custody Assistant News

                              would like to start off by asking you to forgive         take away from us. For those of you who have the years
                              me for not being able to come to the last                on, decisions will have to be made regarding whether
                              delegates meeting; I had to work. Like many of           retirement is the best option during these uncertain
                              you, I have to complete my work in less time due         times. For those of us who don’t have the years on, just
                          to CARPing. I hope the department is taking notice           hang on. I am sure you have read and heard just about
                          of how the employees are playing an important role           everything there is to know about medical, retirement,
                          in this budget crisis.                                       etc. The truth is that very few people really know
   Danya Hazen                                                                         what’s going to happen, and they aren't exactly sharing
                          BAKER TO VEGAS                                               that information with the rest of us. I think that is
 PPOa Board member          We had custody assistants participating as                 because they don’t want everyone to jump ship at once.
                          runners and as members of the support team. It               Everyone should educate themselves as to what is going
Custody assistant, laSd   was a good feeling to see members of the Sheriff ’s          on and make the best decision based on their individual       Department not only working together, but also               circumstances.
                          competing together.                                               
                                                                                       RECLASS FOR CUSTODY ASSISTANTS
                          THE ROAD AHEAD                                                   Nothing is happening. No meetings. I keep asking.
                             I wish I could tell you that wonderful things are in      They just tell me that it’s not the right time.
                          store for our future, but I don’t see a yellow brick road.         Be careful and safe. If we get the state prisoners,
                          If anything, we must really pay attention during the         you’ll need to watch yourself and your partners. We are
                          next year to see what the County will want to try and        living in a different world.
 it was a good feeling
to see members of the
  Sheriff’s department
      not only working
     together, but also
   competing together.

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                                                                                         Political Action: Call Sandi Bryant

                                                             (323) 261-3010
                                                                                                         may 2011 | Star&Shield               7
                               Remembering Absent Friends

                                       arks Bureau recently lost a member of our       been taken from us too early, inside and outside the
                                       family to cancer. Security Officer Brian        line of duty and due to illness. I explained to our
                                       Cabral was taken from his family and friends    security officer that while this is the first loss he
                                       too early in life. He fought the fight, but     has experienced, unfortunately it won’t be the last.
                               eventually the dreaded disease won out. While           But I also added that the hurt we feel when we lose
                               I didn’t know Brian personally, I was pulling for       a member is only so strong because the bonds we

      Jim Schallert            him, as were all of us in Parks Bureau and the
                               Department. After his passing, I was the bearer of
                                                                                       share are so strong. We say it time and time again —
                                                                                       we are family. I will keep this article short and ask
                               the sad news to some of our local security officers.    you to do two things: First, take the three or four
     PPOa Board member         About an hour later, I noticed one of our officers      minutes you would have used to read my normal-
         Sergeant, laSd        standing alone, off to the side in the parking lot. I   length article and use that time to remember your
                               wanted to make sure he was ok, so I asked him how       lost friends and their families. Second, if you notice      he was feeling.  He said this was the first time he     someone having a hard time with such a loss, take a
                               experienced the loss of a coworker. “Sarge, he was      moment and speak to them about it. It’s what family
                               one of us. It’s just sad.” I spent about five minutes   does.
                               talking with our security officer about it. While we         Thanks again for the e-mails, and please keep
                               spoke, floods of memories came back to me about         them coming.
                               other LASD family members of all ranks who have

    the hurt we feel when
      we lose a member is                                     PPOA Member in Need
    only so strong because
                                                        Leave Donations Request for Custody Assistant
       the bonds we share                                     Vicky Bennett (Grubbs) #444385
              are so strong.
                                        Custody Assistant Vicky Bennett (Grubbs), assigned to Pitchess Detention
                                       Center — South Facility, has been off work due to medical reasons. She will
                                      soon exhaust all of her time. In an effort to ensure her medical benefits, leave
                                                             donations are being requested.

                                            If you are a represented employee and are able to donate vacation or
                                       sick time, please complete the “authorization to donate leave — represented
                                        employee form,” which is located in outlook/public folders/all forms. Sheriff
                                        personnel may submit the forms to their respective supervisor or directly to
                                                                   their unit’s timekeeper.

                                         Personnel may only donate sick leave time if they have an excess of 160
                                      hours on the books. Donating sick leave will not adversely affect your eligibility
                                                       to be compensated for sick leave buyback.

                                         Should you have any questions, please contact Custody Assistant Corinne
                                                             Mahoney at (661) 294-6343.

8   Star&Shield | may 2011

                                                                                  Moriguchi Acknowledged
continued from page 5

Firearm fatalities rose 24 percent last year to 61 deaths. Many of these
were multiple fatality shootings and 12 of those shootings were ambush-
style attacks! There was also a troubling rise in the number of officers
                                                                                   for 25 Years of Service
being struck and killed while outside of their vehicles. Sixteen of these          Assistant Sheriff Marv Cavanaugh stopped by the
types of incidents were recorded nationally — a trio in California alone.          PPOA Board meeting last month to present PPOA
Obviously more drivers are driving distracted, putting officers involved         President Brian Moriguchi with his 25-year service pin.
in traffic stops at a higher risk than ever before.
   Texas, California and Florida again led the list with the highest
number of deaths, along with Illinois. These four states had 49 fatalities
among them. There were 155 males and 7 females killed last year in the
nation. The average age was 41 years old and they had been on the job
for an average of 12 years. Indeed, this is a dangerous profession!
   These statistics are never pleasant to recount, but they are absolutely
necessary to pass on to the general public, who all too often don’t
realize (or worse, who discount) the sacrifices made every year by law
enforcement personnel. These days, when all public employees are
under attack, including cops, it is essential that we first honor those
who have given the ultimate sacrifice to keep us all safe and, second,
let ALL taxpayers know that you are all willing to pay whatever price is
necessary to keep them safe.
   The 11 Californians and 162 Americans in 2010, along with 38 full
PPOA members since 1955, who have given their lives in the line of
duty deserve our thanks, our gratitude and our undying loyalty for their
sacrifice. They deserve no less!

                                                        The town of Laughlin, Nevada, had
                                                        its hands full last month as more
                                                        than 700 retirees gathered for the
                                                        annual LASD Retiree Roundup. As
                                                        usual, PPOA was on hand to visit
                                                        with friends, listen to war stories
                                                        and take a few photos. We are
                                                        grateful to Moon Mullen and all of
                                                        the volunteers who coordinate this
                                                        event year after year, making each
                                                        one more memorable than the last.
                                                        The photos on this page are just
                                                        a few of the pics snapped at the
                                                        Roundup. More will be printed in
                                                        PPOA's annual Retiree Report this

                                               R e t i R e e Ro u n d u p 2 0 1 1
                                                                                                              may 2011 | Star&Shield       9
     Retiree Events
Former L.A. Deputy Sheriffs in Texas Luncheon                       The Motherlode Loafers
May 21, 2011                                                        Second Wednesday of each month
At the home of Jan and Marshal Priest in Waskom, Texas              Location varies among Grass Valley restaurants
11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.                                             Info:
RSVP to Dan Castillo at
                                                                    Retired Deputies in Las Vegas
Retired Marshals Luncheons                                          Third Wednesday of each month
June 1, 2011, Hoff’s Hut, Buena Park                                Blue Ox Tavern on Sahara
                                                                    12:00 p.m.
30th Annual McArthur Reunion                                        Info: Tony Silas, (702) 251-8088
June 19-25, 2011
Inter-Mountain Fairgrounds, McArthur
                                                                    Compton Alumni Association
Info: Richard & Judi Smith, (626) 444-0686
                                                                    Third Wednesday of each month
Walter McClure, (541) 245-1590 or         Crystal Hotel & Casino
Tom Sargent, (530) 243-8982 or                  12:00 p.m.

Lakewood ROMEOs Luncheons                                           Santa Clarita Area Retired Sheriff's Personnel Quarterly Luncheon
Second Monday of each month                                         Second Thursday in February, May, August and November
                                                                    Tournament Players Club restaurant, Valencia
Los Angeles Retired Deputy Sheriffs (LARDS)                         11:30 a.m.
Second Monday of each month                                         Info:
Bella Italia Restaurant, San Gabriel (across from Northwoods Inn)
11:30 a.m./$10.00                                                   Firestone Station Retirees Lunch (Others Welcome, Too)
                                                                    Fourth Thursday of each month
                                                                    11:00 a.m.
Wuzz Fuzz/Victor Valley
                                                                    Maggie’s Pub, Santa Fe Springs
Second Tuesday of each month
                                                                    Info: or Jack at
Hometown Buffet, Victorville
7:30 a.m.
                                                                    Antelope Valley Retirees
                                                                    Last Friday of every month
Retired D.A. Investigators Lunch
                                                                    Carrows on Avenue K, Lancaster
First Wednesday of each month
                                                                    7:00 a.m.
Frantone’s, 10808 Alondra Boulevard, Cerritos
                                                                    Info: Carlos Valdez, (661) 943-0125 or
11:00 a.m.
Info: Wes English, (714) 962-5862
                                                                    Fuzz That Wuzz/Central California
                                                                    Occasional reunion for LASD retirees
Inland Empire Old Guys
                                                                    Info: Walt Scheuerell, (559) 683-6320 or
First Wednesday of each month
B.C. Café, Rancho Cucamonga
11:30 a.m.                                                          Northern Sierra Retirees
Info: Dock Parnell, (909) 981-6217                                  Occasional reunion for LASD retirees
                                                                    Info: Drake Robles,
L.A. County Retired Deputies
First Wednesday of each month                                       Deputies-On-The-Go Travel Group
Carrows, Hesperia                                                   Info: Pete Moreno, (909) 941-4416 or
11:00 a.m.

Desert Heat Lunch
Second Wednesday of each month
Elks Club, Lake Havasu

10   Star&Shield | may 2011
Calendar of Events                                                                     Global Rings
 May 21:                           June 4:                                                                 J E W E L R Y
 LASAA Shotgun Tournament          Stars and Stripes BBQ and
 Location: Triple B Clays, South Salsa Showdown
 El Monte                          Jack Bones Equestrian Center,
                                                                                  We have all your fine jewelry needs.
 Info: Manuel Muñoz, (323)         Castaic                                                 All jewelry priced with integrity.
 260-8559 or         11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
                                   Games, kids zone, vendors.                       Visit our store before you leave the building!
 May 25:                           Proceeds support 999 for
 42nd Annual L.A. County           Kids, Soldiers’ Angels and                                                              Owned and operated by
 Peace Officers’ Memorial          more. Info: (661) 294-6309 or                                                   active LASD Reserve Deputy Billy Lulo
 STARS Center, Whittier 10:00 a.m.                                                                                   40 -70% Discount to Loose Diamonds
                                   June 11:                                                                          All Law Enforcement     available
 May 25:                           LASD CycleFest                                                                          Personnel        in all sizes
 PPOA Delegates Dinner             Lost Hills Station
 Meeting                           Long route: 100 miles
 Location: L.A. Zoo                Short route: 17 miles                                                                    550 South Hill St.
 Discovery Center                                                                                 Suite 920
 5:00 p.m. dinner/5:30 p.m.                                                                                               Los Angeles CA 90013
 mtg.                              June 13:                                                                                 1-888-77-4-GEMS
                                   PPOA 5th Annual Peace                                                                     (213) 623-3313
 May 28:                           Officer Memorial Golf                             Working with members                  Fax: (213) 623-1274
 L.A. County Annual Veterans’ Tournament (see page 15)                            from Sheriffs’ Relief, LAPPL,
 Event                             Friendly Hills Country Club                                              
                                                                                       PPOA & LAAPOA
“Remembering Veterans &            Whittier
 Their Families, Past, Present &
 Arcadia County Park
                                                                                                Safe and secure online ordering
 (626) 967-1441

Maher Al-Bouz, D.D.S.
                                                                 In Honor of the Men and Women Who Serve and Protect our Cities
                                                                 • Biodentistry                                   • Root Canal Therapy
                                                                 • Comprehensive Dental                           • Dentures & Partials
                                                                  & Emergency Care                                • Crowns & Bridges
                                                                 • Lumineer & Traditional Veneers                 • Orthodontics
                                                                 • Invisalign                                     • Pediatric Dentistry
                                                                 • Bonding & Tooth-Colored Fillings               • Dental Implants
                                                          • All dental specialists under one roof
639 E. Foothill Blvd., Suite A          22062 Ventura Blvd.
San Dimas, CA 91773                     Woodland Hills, CA 91364
(909) 599-2029                          (818) 676-1485                                                              FREE
                                                                                                            Teeth Whitening for
Delta, Anthem Blue Cross and Most Insurance Plans Accepted.
*Special pricing for all services not covered under insurance.                                               Law Enforcement
Financing Available                                                                                           personnel and
                                                                                                               their families.

                                                                                                             (one per household)

                                                                                                                        may 2011 | Star&Shield             11
Facebook: Being Social and Safe
  By Mark Vidal, PPOA Staff Member

         y now you have been made well aware of the ever-growing social            1.   Keep your personal information off your Facebook profile. You
         media giant: Facebook. Like it or not, it’s here to stay. There                do not have to put your address, phone number, date of birth or
         are currently more than 500 million active users, and Facebook                 any other personal information on your profile that your bank, for
         claims its users spend a collective 700 billion minutes per month              example, would ask of you. This is common sense, but it’s worth
engaging in some sort of Facebook activity. It’s no wonder why celebrities,             mentioning if it can prevent one person from exposing himself to all
businesses, government organizations and now law enforcement agencies                   the cyber identity thieves out there.
and organizations (including PPOA!) are increasingly capitalizing on
Facebook’s free platform for instantly communicating with the masses.              2.   Set and maintain your privacy settings. When logged onto
   In January 2011, approximately 100 law enforcement professionals from                Facebook, if you click on “Account” and then “Privacy Settings,”
five countries gathered in Santa Monica for the Social Media the Internet               you can select who gets to see certain items on your page. Your
and Law Enforcement (SMILE) Conference. Attendees were coached on the                   options are: “Everyone,” “Friends of Friends,” “Friends Only,”
technical and practical uses of social media to learn how to improve their              “Recommended” or “Customize.” This gives you control over who
communication strategies with their citizens.                                           sees what on your page. Bear in mind that the best security is to
   As you can see, social media is a big deal. But with every great new                 avoid posting anything you wouldn’t want everyone to see, because
invention comes a few hurdles. And with Facebook, there are certainly a                 just like gossip, information spreads fast. Also keep in mind that
lot of hurdles to deal with, especially when it comes to privacy. Facebook              Facebook is always adding new features, and if you haven’t selected
updates its privacy settings almost routinely, and it’s safe to say that the            your privacy settings for that feature, Facebook will do it for you.
majority of its users do not take the time to click on the little “Privacy”
link located on the bottom right of their profile pages to read up on those        3.   Add only friends you know. Every once in a while, you might
changes. This can be dangerous.                                                         receive a friend request from a stranger. If you do not have any
   You may ask, “Why even use Facebook if there is potential for harm?”                 mutual friends with this stranger, then chances may be that this
Simply stated, the benefits of Facebook outweigh the risks:                             isn’t a legitimate friend request. It might just be someone’s sneaky
                                                                                        ploy to view content that was only meant to be viewed by your
 1.    It provides 24/7 access to people and information: At any given                  real family and friends, such as pictures and status updates. There
       second, millions of people are connected in one place. It’s an                   may be instances of private investigators, sex offenders and the like
       effective and time-efficient method to share important information               creating fake accounts to gain access to your online profile.
       with your public with the click of a button. It’s the one platform that
       allows people to willingly do your marketing for you.                       4.   Maintain your integrity. If you’re a professional, your Facebook
                                                                                        profile should reflect that, even if you use it for fun. Your online
 2.    It allows voices to be heard: Expressed opinions can seamlessly                  legacy is shaped by the things you say and share. Don’t say or share
       be heard by millions, shared to promote awareness and potentially                anything that could potentially come back to haunt you in the
       bring about change.                                                              future. If you delete something hours or even minutes after it was
                                                                                        posted, there’s still no telling who has seen your content and shared
 3.    It can save lives: Whether it’s used to help find a missing child or             it with others.
       a murderer on the loose, Facebook is a practical tool for tracking
       people down.                                                                5.   Keep an eye out on your wall. Your wall is the area on your page
                                                                                        that shows “what’s happening” in terms of your latest activity, such
 4.    It promotes your organization/cause for free: You can present your               as status updates, links you’ve shared or links that have been shared
       organization or cause to millions by creating a page and allowing it             with you. Don’t allow your family and friends to post embarrassing
       to gain popularity through viral sharing.                                        photos of you or ask you personal questions for everyone to see;
                                                                                        that’s what e-mail is for. These personal items have the potential to
 5.    It maintains relationships: In our fast-paced society, keeping                   be quite damaging to your professional and personal life. Be sure
       in touch can be a challenge. Facebook allows you to always be                    to regularly monitor your profile to make sure nobody has posted
       connected to your public.                                                        anything undesirable.

   Most people want to be heard, and that’s why Facebook is successful.             If you have not connected with PPOA on Facebook (www.facebook.
However, if you choose to partake in this social media movement, which you        com/lappoa), please do so! You’ll find plenty of news, photos, links and
should, it is important to know how to play it safe. Here are some tips for you   special offers.
to follow so you can practice safe social networking:

12    Star&Shield | may 2011

Road to Retirement Workshop Set for May 25-26
By Reza Bahari-Mehr, Senior Wealth Management Group
   Dear PPOA members:                                                               Other than the above topics, we will also cover:
   We are having our annual Road to Retirement Workshop at 10:00 a.m.                 •	     Income and Expenses
and 6:00 p.m. May 25-26. The event will be at PPOA offices at 188 E. Arrow            •	     Current State of Our Economy
Highway in San Dimas. If you are planning on retiring soon, we encourage              •	     IRA and Roth IRA Conversions
you to be there. This workshop is designed to enhance your retirement years,          •	     Retirement Planning
and it is for everyone, including recent retirees. We will provide you with an        •	     Income Planning
understanding of the three financial phases of life: Wealth Accumulation,             •	     Necessary Steps with LACERA
Wealth Distribution and Wealth Conservation. All three phases should be
reviewed and analyzed throughout your lifetime in order to achieve results.            If you are married, we encourage you to bring your spouse. For reservations,
   Wealth Accumulation — The phase in which you begin to build, accumulate          please call (909) 480-3063. We hope to see you there.
and save wealth for future use.
   Wealth Distribution — The phase in which your assets are spent or used for                           PPOA Road to Retirement Workshop
income, needs, wants or desires.                                                                                  May 25-26, 2011
   Wealth Conservation — The phase in which you plan for the transfer of                                 PPOA Conference Center, San Dimas
wealth to others, including family members.                                                                       Choose a session:
   It is never too late to start the process. In order to achieve and maintain                  Morning 10:00 a.m.-1 p.m. or Evening 6:00 p.m.-9 p.m.
healthy finances, we need to have a true financial plan. This process starts with       Join Senior Wealth Management Group for an informative presentation
taking a snapshot of your current financial situation and creating a written plan    and discussion. Free for PPOA members and spouses. Call (909) 480-3063
that is flexible and works for you and your family during the retirement years.      to RSVP.

     Law Firm of Yolanda V. Torres, APLC
     Certified Family Law Specialist
     State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization

                   Divorce    Guardianships
             Child Custody    Conservatorships
                 Visitation   Wills & Trusts
                   Support    Pre-Nuptial Agreements

                 Free Consultation
              575 Anton Blvd., Suite 300, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
        (714) 432-6526 | fax: (714) 242-7416 |

                                                                                                                            may 2011 | Star&Shield              13
           Captain Berner
     All Set to Enjoy the Good Life                                                       PPOA congratulates
                                                                                       the following members on
                                                                                        their recent promotions:

                                                                                             Captain Kelly Fraser           Commander Karyn
                                                                                               (West Hollywood                    Mannis
                                                                                                   Station)                 (Custody Operations
 Congratulations to Captain Arlene Berner, who retired last
 month after 31 years of service. Best wishes for a long, enjoyable
 retirement! (Photo: PPOA Board Member Tony Romo presents
 Captain Berner with a PPOA plaque at her retirement dinner.)

                        Here Are 500 Reasons
                         Why It Pays to Read

                                                                      Cash is great, but our giveaways aren’t
     Five $100 prizes
                                                                      the only reasons to read Star & Shield.
     Members who find the hidden symbol in Star

     & Shield and register through our website by                        Each issue gives you the latest information on
     the end of this month will be entered                              • Contract negotiations                         • Hot topics on the job
     into a drawing for one of five $100
                                                                        • Benefit changes                               • Association news
     prizes. The hidden symbol is:
                                                                        • Retirement considerations                     • Upcoming events

                                          This giveaway is open to PPOA members only. You must be 18 or older to win.

14   Star&Shield | may 2011
    5th Annual
        Welcome, New PPOA Members 20, 2011
                       Registration deadline: May
  Peace Officer Memorial
 Golf Tournament                                                       Name _______________________________________

                                                                       Organization __________________________________
     Presented by Lewis, Marenstein, Wicke,
                Sherwin & Lee, LLP
  Hosted by L.A. County PPOA and the Professional                      Address _____________________________________
       Peace Officers Charitable Foundation
                                                                       Phone _______________________________________

            June 13, 2011                                              E-mail _______________________________________

Friendly Hills Country Club                                            Shirt size (circle one):         S   M     L   XL

            8500 Villaverde Drive                                      ADDitiONAL PLAyeRs
                                                                       Name ___________________________shirt size ____
             Whittier, CA 90605
                                                                       Name ___________________________shirt size ____
                                                                       Name ___________________________shirt size ____
9:00 Registration
10:30 Shotgun Start
4:00 Banquet, Awards, Raffle, Auction
Statistics tell us that somewhere in the United States, a peace        ___ Tournament $20,000 (12 golfers)*
officer is killed in the line of duty every 53 hours. And no state     ___ Gold $10,000 (8 golfers)*
has laid to rest more officers than our very own — California.
                                                                       ___ Silver $5,000 (4 golfers)*
That’s a distinction none of us want, but it’s the reality peace of-
ficers face every day.                                                 ___ Bronze $1,000 (2 golfers)*
                                                                       ___ Golf shirt $7,500 (4 golfers)*
The Professional Peace Officers Charitable Foundation (PPOCF)
was established in 1999 to provide assistance to members of            ___ Food $1,000
the law enforcement community in need, most notably the fami-          ___ Memorial T-shirt $5,000 (4 golfers)*
lies of peace officers killed in the line of duty.
                                                                       ___ Dinner banquet $7,500 (4 golfers)*

The proceeds from the Peace Officer Memorial Golf Tournament           ___ In Their Honor $1,000 (1 golfer)*
support law enforcement personnel and their families in times          ___ Pin flag $2,500 (2 golfers)*
of crisis.
                                                                       ___ Golf cart $2,500 (2 golfers)*
Financial assistance from PPOCF also helps surviving family            ___ Beverage $1,500 (2 golfers)*
members attend annual memorial ceremonies in Los Angeles               ___ Hole-in-one $1,000
County, Sacramento and Washington, D.C.
                                                                       ___ Contest $1,000
The Professional Peace Officers Charitable Foundation is grate-        ___ Tee $250
ful for the support from our many tournament sponsors and par-
ticipants. Your generosity goes a long way in honoring the sac-
rifices made by peace officers and their loved ones left behind.       GOLFeRs
                                                                       ___ Individual golfer $250
The cost to support this cause as a golfer is $250. If you would
like to participate as a sponsor, auction/raffle-item donor or         *Additional golfers are only $200 each when added by
event volunteer, please call the PPOA office at (800) 747-PPOA.        sponsors marked with asterisks above.
All donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law under        ___ I cannot participate, but I would like to support such
501(c) tax ID #95-4752410. Checks can be made payable to               a worthy event. Enclosed is my tax-deductible donation in
“PPOCF” and sent to PPOA, 188 E. Arrow Highway, San Dimas,
                                                                       the amount of $ ___________.
CA, 91773.
                                                                       Total enclosed (payable to “PPOCF”): $ __________.

        Tournament brochure is available at                                  Please call PPOA with any questions:
                                                                 (800) 747-PPOA.

                                                                                                               may 2011 | Star&Shield   15
                              Dust off Your Rod and Reel
                              for the PPOA Fishing Trip
                                         By Tim Coomes, Retired PPOA Member

        It’s time to dust off your rod and reel and load some fresh line as PPOA members will be fishing aboard the 85-foot Enterprise
        next month. We’ll leave the dock at 6:00 a.m. sharp. (If you’re late, we cannot come back to pick you up.) Our boat is docked at the
        marina between Long Beach and Seal Beach at 180 Marina Drive (Seaport Village). The phone number is (562) 598-6649. The trip
        is limited to 40 anglers, and as of April 20, we have very few spots left. Cost is only $30 each.

        Please call to reserve your spot as soon as possible. Note that each PPOA member may bring one guest at an additional $30. Make
        your check payable to “PPOA” and send it to:

                         Attn: Maricela Villegas
                          188 E. Arrow Highway
                       San Dimas, California 91773

        PPOA provides lunch (burger, chips, soda). Breakfast,
        snacks and drinks can be purchased separately. Fish
        cleaning is available for a nominal charge.

        We will fish local waters for sand bass, calico bass,
        barracuda and halibut. Hopefully, a stray yellowtail or
        white sea bass might wander into our radar. If you need
        a fishing license or rod rental, make sure you arrive by
        5:30 a.m.

        I recommend bringing 15-, 20- and 25-pound lines for
        better success. Don’t forget your squid jigs. It’s going to
        be another great day on the water!

                PPOA 11th Annual
                  Fishing Trip
               Friday, June 17, 2011
          Marina Sportfishing, Long Beach
                5:45 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

16   Star&Shield | may 2011
   60 Seconds with a PPOA Delegate
Name: John Bowman                                                    Pet peeve?
Title: Custody Assistant                                             Stupid people.
Assignment: NCCF
Years of County Service: 20                                          If you won the lottery, your first
                                                                     purchase would be?
Best part of your job?                                               A very good bodyguard.
It’s close to home.
                                                                     Little-known fact about yourself?

If you had to choose another career, what would that                 I’m old.
Retirement.                                                          What makes you laugh?
                                                                     This form.
What do you prefer to do with your spare time?
What spare time?                                                     PPOA has more than 160 delegates at units
                                                                     throughout the County. Responsibilities are few,
If you were offered an all-expenses-paid vacation                    but important: Attend quarterly dinner meetings; share/discuss work-related
anywhere in the world, where would you go?                           issues with union reps and fellow PPOA members; and receive monthly info
Pacoima.                                                             packets from PPOA to disseminate among coworkers. Do you want more
                                                                     from your PPOA membership? Join us at the next delegates’ dinner on
If a movie was made about your life, which actor would               May 25 at the L.A. Zoo Discovery Center. Call PPOA for more info:
you choose to portray you?                                           (800) 747-PPOA.
Sean Connery.

Master the
leader in you.
The Master of Science in Management
and Leadership

The Pepperdine Advantage
· 16-month, part-time program for business professionals
· Engaging, collaborative classes taught by our highly
 distinguished faculty

· Specifically designed to help bring forth your true inner leader
Learn more about our program by attending an upcoming
Information Session close to your work or home.
West LA Campus: Wednesday, May 11

                                                                      Irvine and West LA Graduate Campuses

                                                                                                               may 2011 | Star&Shield              17
                    071385.05_PEPUNI_MSML_Ad_Star_and_Shield_MECH               Date: 04/25/11       MECHANICAL #: 01
“In the Know” with POPA Federal Credit Union:
Online Shopping Safety Tips
  By Melinda Quan, POPA Federal Credit Union

       or many, the ease, convenience and potential to save money by                information directly to sellers — use a legitimate payment service such as
       purchasing gifts through e-retailers makes online shopping more              PayPal.
       attractive than heading out to the mall, where you have to fight the            • Phony gift cards: As with merchandise, be cautious about buying gift
       crowds. If you enjoy the convenience of shopping from home, keep in          cards through classifieds or auctions. Tip: Buy directly from a merchant or
mind that although most online retail sites are safe, you must always be vigilant   authorized retailer. Counterfeit cards won’t be honored.
and cautious when purchasing anything over the Internet. That’s because                • Phishing: These scams arrive by e-mail or text message, directing
cyber criminals are constantly finding new ways to deceive people and steal         recipients to follow a link or call a number to correct or update their
their money and personal information. The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s         account information. Tip: POPA Federal Credit Union will contact
Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) says it receives more than 30,000             you directly if there is any concern about your account. Please protect
complaints each month through their website Here are some of           your privacy and do not give any information to anyone you do not
the most common scams to watch out for and some tips on how to avoid them:          know. Don’t respond to unsolicited e-mail. Don’t click on e-mail links or
   • Bogus online classified ads and auctions: Criminals post products              download attachments from unknown senders. Contact the organization
they don’t have or auction stolen merchandise. Tip: Don’t provide financial         impersonated in the e-mail or text message.

     Delegates Meeting
     PPOA delegates gathered for dinner and a meeting
     at the Quiet Cannon on March 15. Topics discussed
     included pension attacks, the state budget, salary
     contracts and more. Are you ready to get more
     from your PPOA membership? Join delegates at
     the next dinner meeting on May 25 at the L.A. Zoo
     Discovery Center. Call PPOA for more info: (800)

18     Star&Shield | may 2011
Winners Announced in the PPOA Fitness

           ongratulations to Custody Assistant Sherry Lane (14% body                   Charitable Foundation, and improved your health in the process. We are
           weight loss), Custody Assistant Julie Molano (13% loss) and                 also extremely thankful to three of our County Supervisors who generously
           Deputy Gordon Gray (12% loss). PPOA is grateful to everyone                 sponsored the event. They are: Mike Antonovich (5th District), Mark Ridley-
           who participated — you supported a good cause, the PPOA                     Thomas (2nd District) and Zev Yaroslavsky (3rd District).

The top two finishers Sherry Lane (left) and Julie Molano (right) pose shortly after
the final weigh-in at the PPOA office.

                           Leonard PLotkin, attorney at Law
                                       FamiLy & Probate Law
                                    FamiLy                       Probate
                            Divorce:                     Wills & Trusts
                            • Property Issues            Estate Adminstration
                            • QDRO’s                     Will Contests &
                            • Custody-Visitation         Trust Litigation
  37 years Experience       • Domestic Violence &
  Convenient Location          Restraining Orders
                            • Child & Spousal
   301 E. Colorado Blvd.       Support
    Pasadena, CA 91101

                 (626)792-0239 •

                                                                                                                             may 2011 | Star&Shield            19
     Welcome New Members
     Altman, Richard         Security Officer/Sheriff’s Dept.         Ramirez, Vanessa       Security Officer/Sheriff’s Dept.
     Arinwine, Diane         Court Serv. Specialist/Sheriff’s Dept.   Redondo, Alejandra     Crime Analyst/Sheriff’s Dept.
     Barnard, Vanessa        Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.                 Roam, Christine        Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.
     Basso, Stephen          Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.                 Rodriguez, Lester      Security Officer/Sheriff’s Dept.
     Bates, Jason            Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.                 Sandoval Jr., Jose     Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.
     Becerra Jr., Salvador   Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.                 Shigo, Paul            Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.
     Bisaha, Steven          Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.                 Simmons III, Charles   Security Officer/Sheriff’s Dept.
     Braden Jr., James       Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.                 Skikas, John           Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.
     Britt, Lauren           Security Officer/Sheriff’s Dept.         Sneed, Shaun           Security Officer/Sheriff’s Dept.
     Carter, John            Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.                 Soto, Robert           Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.
     Castillo, Maricela      Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.                 Subler, Donald         Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.
     Clayton, Caren          LET/Sheriff’s Dept.                      Terry, Clyde           Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.
     Dodd, Diane             Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.                 Vizcarra, Daniel       Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.
     Earnest, John           Security Officer/Sheriff’s Dept.         Waterman, Wayne        Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.
     Ewell, Nona             Custody Assistant/Sheriff’s Dept.        Wyatt, Steve           Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.
     Fitzpatrick, Donald     Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.                 Juarez, Vernon         Retired
     Fournouzian, Boghos     Security Officer/Sheriff’s Dept.         Michaelis, Jane        Retired
     Garcia, Julie           LET/Sheriff’s Dept.
     Gilinets, Alexander     Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.                 Service Members
     Gonzalez, Cindy         Security Officer/Sheriff’s Dept.         Archer, Stella         Professional Staff
     Gostel, Andrew          Security Officer/Sheriff’s Dept.         Baham, Tammie          Professional Staff
     Guerrero, Rico Javier   Custody Assistant/Sheriff’s Dept.        Coronado, Carlos       Professional Staff
     Hackett, Clipper        Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.                 Diaz, Adelina          Professional Staff
     Henkenius, Joshua       Security Officer/Sheriff’s Dept.         Gomez, Jimmy           Professional Staff
     Hernandez, Eric         Security Officer/Sheriff’s Dept.         Gonzalez, Deniece      Professional Staff
     Hoeft, Taylor           Security Officer/Sheriff’s Dept.         Haro, Consuelo         Professional Staff
     Johnson, Eric           Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.                 Lopez, Connie          Professional Staff
     Kasabyan, Vardan        Security Officer/Sheriff’s Dept.         Moore, Keith           Professional Staff
     Korngold, Krista        Security Officer/Sheriff’s Dept.         Peralta, Nora          Professional Staff
     Liu, Alan               Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.                 Peraza, Lorena         Professional Staff
     Lowe, Julie             Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.                 Rico, Audrey           Professional Staff
     Lyall, Cory             Security Officer/Sheriff’s Dept.         Rios, Albert           Deputy/Sheriff's Dept.
     Mackenzie, Edward       Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.                 Samaniego, Elsa        Professional Staff
     Martin, Jeffrey         Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.                 Seo, Deborah           Professional Staff
     Mcminn Jr., Donald      Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.                 Warren, Aquesha        Professional Staff
     Medina, Elsie           Security Officer/Sheriff’s Dept.         Williams, Meyosha      Professional Staff
     Montoya, Geradette      Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.                 Williams, Angela       Professional Staff
     Nguyen, Phong           LET/Sheriff’s Dept.                      Williams, Gregory      Professional Staff
     Ortiz, Jorge            Security Assistant/Sheriff’s Dept.       Yepez, Carmen          Professional Staff
     Parada, Melissa         Security Officer/Sheriff’s Dept.         Yoon, Soon             Professional Staff
     Partida, Pablo          Sergeant/Sheriff’s Dept.

20     Star&Shield | may 2011
                                Mystery Photo

The first PPOA member to identify at least five of the nine men in this photo will receive a free PPOA hat/shirt combo.
(Hint: All men in this photo from 1996 are past PPOA presidents.) By the way, did you know that PPOA's Facebook
followers get first crack at identifying the mystery photo each month? That's just one more reason to check out

                                                                 KRISTOF & KRISTOF
                                                                              Attorneys At Law
                                                                   626-535-9445 or 800-535-5715

                                                                                  1122 East Green Street
                                                                                   Pasadena, CA 91106

                                                                                    Our Practice Areas:
                                                                    Estate, Trust & Tax                     Will & Trust
                                                                         Planning                            Litigation

                                                                      Conservatorships                 Powers of Attorney
                                                                        Guardianships                        Fiduciary
                                                                      Probate & Trust                     Protection From
                                                                      Administration                        Elder Abuse

                                                                                                     may 2011 | Star&Shield   21
           An ExcErpt from thE novEmbEr 1957 issuE of
           thE ppoA mEmbErship nEwslEttEr
           (Editor’s note: Keep in mind that this was only SIX years into PPOA’s existence.)

           This Association has been instrumental in the following:

           •	 Salaries have been raised for deputies from $319 per month in 1950 to $516
              per month in 1957.

           •	 A shorter work week.

           •	 Full pay for time off up to one year for injuries incurred in the line of

           •	 Increase of accumulated sick time from 30 to 90 days.

           •	 Charging sick-time off to working days instead of calendar days.

           •	 Having the State recognize Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as a
              police agency, whereby we were excluded under the Federal Law from being
              members of Social Security.

           •	 Having numerous laws passed in Sacramento amending our Retirement Act.

           •	 Getting legislation passed to raise the salaries of the Marshal’s Department.

22   Star&Shield | may 2011
PPOA Monthly Dues
as of Jan. 1, 2011
(based on 1% of top step salary)

Unit 612 (Sheriff, D.A.)
Sergeant & Above                     $79.71
Supv. Inv. D.A. & Above              $79.71

Unit 614 (Coroner/Sheriff)
Criminalist                          $60.62
Criminalist Lab Tech.                $40.76
Forensic ID Spec. I                  $57.42
Forensic ID Spec. II                 $69.43
Senior Criminalist                   $79.71

Unit 621 (Sheriff)
Civilian Investigator                $58.57
Court Services Spec.                 $37.89
Crime Analyst                        $57.14
Custody Assistant                    $46.34
Law Enforcement Tech.                $41.98
Public Response Dispatcher I         $41.88
Public Response Dispatcher II        $49.28
Public Resp. Dispatcher Specialist   $53.33
Security Assistant                   $22.08
Security Officer                     $35.04
Supv. Public Resp. Dispatcher        $54.93

Unit 631 (Coroner)
Coroner Investigator Trainee         $55.20
Coroner Investigator                 $61.52

Unit 632 (Coroner)
Supv. Coroner’s Investigator I       $66.74
Supv. Coroner’s Investigator II      $72.93

Service Members                      $10.00
Retired prior to 1/1/80               $2.50
Retired after 1/1/80                 $10.00

     may 2011 | Star&Shield              23
Letters to PPOA

                                     retirement Parties
           Advertise                 Captain Bondell Golden

                                     May 26, 2011
                                     Angeles National Golf Club, Sunland
                                     11:00 a.m./$35
                                     Contact: Sergeant McCorkle (661) 294-6341

                  Call for           Commander Bob Lindsey
                                     June 11, 2011

             pricing and             Sheraton Fairplex, Pomona
                                     6:30 p.m./$40
                                     Contact: Ofelia Holguin, (626) 300-3112; Audrey Ortiz, (213)

                                     373-1049; or Maria Louisa Valle, (626) 300-3064

                                          Connect with
                                       "L.A. County PPOA"
                                ®        on Facebook for
                                        news, updates and
                                          special offers.

24   Star&Shield | may 2011
The following is a partial list of breaking news links posted at last month. Visit the PPOA website to stay up to date on the news
                                                                 affecting your career.

April 28: LASD Air 5 Team Rescues Injured Hiker                          April 25: LASD Employees Posted in Hotel to Collect Taxes

April 28: Who Pays for Hurt Suspects? Law or Hospitals?                  April 25: Baker-to-Vegas Three-Peat for LASD

April 28: Teen Accused of Shining Laser at LASD Helicopter in Pico       April 25: Five People Charged with Attempting to Smuggle
Rivera                                                                   Narcotics into the LA Co Jail - Brothers, Mother, Others

April 27: First Port Security Training Center Unveiled in Los Angeles    April 24: Man Fires Rifle at Police Helicopter, Forcing it to Make an
                                                                         Emergency Landing
April 27: Deputy Injured in Motorcycle Accident While Responding
to Train Crash                                                           April 21: Tattoo of 2004 Murder Scene on Chest of Pico Rivera Gang
                                                                         Member Leads to 2011 Conviction
April 27: DNA Lab on Tap for Coroner's Office
                                                                         April 21: LA Sheriff’s Deputies Discover Mom Allegedly Hid Heroin
April 27: L.A. County Fiscal Restraint Now Paying Off                    in Teenage Son’s Pants

April 27: Deputies Say Calabasas High Students Were Behind Anti-         April 20: Sheriff Baca, Chief Beck and L.A. Officials Meet with
Semitic Graffiti                                                         President Obama for Immigration Meeting

April 26: LiLo to Lay Low at L.A. County Coroner's Office                April 20: SCV Deputies Arrest Mother with Drugs and Sons in Car

April 26: LASD Chief Honored for Leadership                              April 20: Judge Orders Largest Gang Injunction in County History
                                                                         for LASD-Patrolled La Puente Area
April 26: Attempted Murder Charges Filed in LAPD Helicopter
Shooting                                                                 April 19: LA County Budget: No Furloughs, No Layoffs

April 25: Deputies Arrest Graffiti Vandal As He Attempts to Leave        April 19: Calif. Cuts Inmate Numbers as it Awaits High Court
                                                                         April 18: Saying Goodbye to the Crown Victoria Police Car
April 25: Police Tap Technology to Compensate for Fewer Officers
                                                                         April 18: Sheriff’s Norwalk Station and Goodwill to Host Donation
April 25: Palmdale, South L.A. and Crescenta Valley Stations             Drive
Receive International Awards

                                                                            California Family Law Options, LLC
                                                                             Do you need help or guidance with a family law matter?

                                                                                  • Divorce • Legal Separation • Paternity • Child Custody
                                                                            •   Child or Spousal Support • Domestic Violence • Name Change

                                                                                   FREE TELEPHONE CONSULTATION
                                                                                  CALL (877) 335-8781 or (626) 335-8781
                                                                                     1150-1152 East Route 66, Glendora, CA 91740

                                                                                                              may 2011 | Star&Shield              25
     Discounted Ticket Prices
                                                                PPOA Member Price

     Venue                                              Adult                                 Child

Adventure City (Anaheim)                                 9.75                                   9.75

Disneyland or California Adventure                      72.00                                 65.50

Disney/Calif. Adven. One-Day Hopper                     92.00                                 83.50

Disney Annual Passports
• SoCal Select (valid 170 days)                         177.00                                177.00
• SoCal (valid 215 days)                                229.00                                229.00
• Deluxe (valid 315 days)                               315.00                                315.00
• Premium (valid 365 days w/ parking)                   438.00                                438.00

Huntington Library                                      12.00                                 12.00

Knott's Berry Farm                                      31.00                                 21.50

L.A. Zoo                                                11.50                                 8.25
Legoland Three-Park (Aquarium/Legoland/
                                                        64.00                                 64.00
Waterpark) (Two-Day Ticket)
Legoland (Two-Day Ticket)                               54.00                                 54.00

Long Beach Aquarium                                     18.00                                 10.50

Magic Mountain                                          27.00                                 18.00

Medieval Times                                          42.50                                 30.75

Movie Tix (UA, Krik, AMC, Edwards, Regal)               Range 6.25-7.75

Pirates Dinner Theatre                                  37.00                                 28.00

San Diego Zoo                                           34.50                                 25.50

San Diego Wild Animal Park                              34.50                                 25.50

Scandia Amusement Park/Ontario                          14.00                                 14.00

Sea World (Two-Day Ticket)                              56.00                                 48.50
Universal Studios (Plus Six Months Free)                64.00 (credit card only)              64.00 (credit card only)
Universal Studios 12-Month Pass w/ Blackouts            74.00 (credit card only)              74.00 (credit card only)
Universal Studios 12-Month Pass w/o Blackouts           94.00 (credit card only)              94.00 (credit card only)
Universal Premium Star Pass                             134.00 (credit card only)             134.00 (credit card only)
Universal Front of the Line Pass                        119.00 (credit card only)             119.00 (credit card only)

Movie Theater                                           Restricted                            Unrestricted
AMC Theatres                                            6.25                                  7.75
Harkins Theatre (Chino Hills)                           6.25                                  7.75
Krikorian                                               n/a                                   6.75
Pacific                                                 6.25                                  n/a
Regal/Edwards/UA                                        6.75                                  7.75
Cinemark                                                7.75                                  7.75

     All ticket sales are final. Prices and details on the PPOA website are subject to change. Always call first to confirm prices and availability.
                 Limited to six (6) tickets per member, per venue. Please call the PPOA office at (323) 261-3010 for more information.

26    Star&Shield | may 2011
                              PPOA Classifieds
  CAnCUn ReSORT AT lAS VeGAS                             1971 RS CheVy CAMARO                                       MOTORCyCle FOR SAle
2 Bed room with two bath at Cancun resorts of          Split Bumper, factory yellow, Silver stripes, Z28          2009 Yamaha 395cc Majesty Scooter. Gets 58-60
Las Vegas. Dates available are May 28-30 for 3         wheels, 383 stroker, much more, $20K call or txt           miles per gallon. Freeway legal. Top end 120 mph.
nights. Beautiful resorts with classic swimming        Allen (909) 532-9294 (0111)                                Excellent condition. Offered at $4,100. Call Ed at
pool, Billiard room, Children play room and other                                                                 951.218.9394 (0211)
facilities. Contact: 323-895-3927
                                                         CeMeTeRy lOTS
                                                       Four lots in Forest Lawn Memorial Park, section              2004 PACe ARROW MOTORhOMe
  2006 nISSAn MURAnO S                                 Exaltation, Hollywood Hills for sale. Current prop-        RV in immaculate condition, with tow bar package
Very good condition, well maintained with 60,000       erty value is $5,400 per lot. Will sell for $4,000 each.   ($3500 value) and other upgrades. Under 11,000
mile service just done. Price includes an extended     Call (213) 364-1813. (0111)                                miles. Sleeps six. $78,000. Pictures available on
warranty Asking $15,000-has 61,634 miles. Please       Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, “Abiding Love”. Lot           request. Contact 626 616-5000 (0411)
call Ric (909) 946-1056. (1110)                        #3 A & B, Block 4803. Value $11,000 for both, will
                                                       sell both for $9,500. Call (818) 363-3816. (0411)            2004 nISSAn 350Z
  MOlOKAI COnDO FOR SAle                               Two lots in Forest Lawn Covina Hills. Section:             Silver exterior with blk interior. Mint condition
Hawaii travel bargain! Beautiful 1 BR (sleeps 4),      Serenity. Current value $2300 per lot. Will sell for
                                                                                                                  always garaged, only 10K miles. See to appreciate.
ocean view condo. Full kitchen. Wavecrest Resort       $1300 each plus transfer fee. Call Gary (818) 362-
                                                                                                                  $18,000.00. Call Joe @ 323-605-7955 (0411)
unit #C-313.  $247,500. Call (800) 600-4158. Ask       4477. (0411)
for Eme.
                                                         neW MIChelIn TIReS                                         2008 BUGABOO STROlleR FOR SAle
  CAMPGROUnD MeMBeRShIP                                                                                 New and never been used 2008 Bugaboo Bee stroll-
                                                       (235/65, R17 / Luxury Performance) Only
                                                                                                        er. Stroller sun canopy is Blue. $550.00 or best offer.
Pismo Coast Village, walk to beach. $24,750. Well      $495  obo (Original cost - $214 each) Contact:
                                                                                                        Call Marie or Billie (562) 447-6867 (0411)
below market value. Call Ken 805-584-6520.             Fred Owens Sr. (Ret. LASD Dep. Sheriff) (323)
                                                       777-0418 Or  Terri Owens (Lakewood Sheriff)         BIG ISlAnD hAWAII COnDO FOR RenT
  1994 MeRCeDeS S-320                         [message (310) 210-9485]
                                                                                                        One week rental 5/6-5/13/2011. 1 b/d, 1/bath, sleeps
Fab fake. Badged as a 15K 99S600. V-12. A truly
impressive car. 130 kmi. White/grey. $7.5K. Contact
                                                          2006 hARley DAVIDSOn                          4, full kitchen. Located in town of Kailua-Kona. w/
Barry (760) 831-0138.                                  Street Glide - Maroon in color and chrome - Like view of Kailua-Bay. $850.00. E-mail MadKen842@
                                                       new 107 miles - 16k OBO - Runs very well. Call (0411)
  1988 hARley DAVIDSOn                                 Don at 323-296-4267
Softtail custom, lots of chrome, all braided lines.                                                                 1984 CheVy VAn
Only 16K miles. Weekend bike, like new. 12K OBO.         8 FOOT CUSTOM POOl TABle                                 1984 All White Chevy C-30 Step Van less than
Contact Rich (951) 415-9457.                           8 foot 3 piece slate custom pool table made by             6500 miiles Very good condition, runs great asking
                                                       Winner’s Choice, with all accessories. In excellent        price $10,000.00 OBO. 951-892-4309 or chawablk@
  MAUI COnDO RenTAl                                    condition. Tan felt, dark brown trim. $1200. Call Email me for photos! (0411)
Spectacular oceanfront, view of Molokai/Lanai, 1       Jim, 714-420-6878. (0111)
bedroom 1 bath, sleeps 4, full kitchen, W & D in
unit, sandy beach. Pictures available. Call (626)        ROSSI 357 MAGnUM 2"
964-2578 or email (1010)                                                                             PPOA classified ads are free and
                                                       New condition in box w/ holster & lock. $250. Call
                                                       Jim at (626) 335-8196 or 862-8196 (0211)                     available only to PPOA members (one
                                                                                                                    per month, 25 words max). Private party
Enjoy specatacular views from the beachfront             RV & TOW VehICle
condo in Poipu. To view photos and ammenities
                                                                                                                    only, no business ads allowed. Send your
                                                       2007 28’ Cougar, Model 268rls, Excellent Cond.
go to (#321128), or email owner direct        2005 Chev Suburban, 3/4 Ton, tow pkg, 81,000 mi.
                                                                                                                    ad to: Star & Shield Editor, 188 E. Arrow
at (1110)                                                                                   Highway, San Dimas, CA 91773 or
                                                       $30,000 together, or sell separately. Al (714) 887-
  ARROWBeAR CABIn RenTAl                               9926. (0411)                                                 e-mail to
Weekend rental, cozy 3 bdrm, 2 bth, 3 miles from         BeAUTIFUl AKC GeRMAn                                          New submissions are added on first
Snow Valley. Call (909) 827-1374 for details. (1110)     ShePheRD PUPPIeS                                           come-first served basis, each issue. Please
  lAGUnA nIGUel hOMe FOR RenT                          Parents police trained. Dogs guaranteed, no health           send within first week of each month to
                                                       problems. $600 w/ papers. $400 w/o papers. 10%               insure timely inclusion. No work num-
Single Story 4 bd/2 ba home in great neighborhood      discount to police personnel. Call Cami: (909) 644-
in award-winning public school district. 4 miles                                                                    bers may be used in ads. Submissions
                                                       7215. (0211)
from beach! $2700 per month. Ron or Jess (949)
275.2111. (0111)                                                                                                    must be in writing, not over the phone.
                                                                                                                    Ads run for 3 months.

                                                                                                                              may 2011 | Star&Shield            27
    P.O.P.A., Inc.                                                                                            NoN-Profit org.
                                                                                                               U.S. PoStage
    188 E. Arrow Highway                                                                                              PaiD
    San Dimas, CA 91773                                                                                            tUcSoN, az
                                                                                                                   Permit #271


  Our firm of 15 attorneys and over 50 support staff are dedicated to professional, personal service.

       WORKERS                              DISABILITY                         PERSONAL INJURY
     COMPENSATION                        RETIREMENT FOR
 State Bar Certified Specialist          SAFETY MEMBERS
We have successfully represented      We have a pension department of        Our personal injury department
over 35,000 safety members. Our       3 attorneys who specialize in this    has successfully litigated or tried
  representation continues long           area and have successfully        over 5000 claims for automobile
after your case is concluded since     obtained disability pensions for    injuries, products liability, medical
your right to lifetime medical care     thousands of safety personnel       malpractice and other negligence
    may always be challenged.             under PERS, County 1937                         areas.
                                      Retirement Act and other county
                                               and city systems.

                                      (818) 703-6000
                                   20750 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 400
                                       Woodland Hills, CA 91364
                            Serving Ventura, Los Angeles and Orange Counties

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