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									Prestige 2.0 Commercial Thermostat with Internet Connectivity
 Worlds BEST Commercial Thermostat system
Flexible Configurations:
• Single and 2-piece / 2-wire models
• REDLINK wireless enabled
• Heat pump or Conventional up to 4 Cool
• Humidify and Dehumidification cycles              Single Piece
• Internal and/or remote sensors
• Differential Temperature Diagnostics / contact    Model (3H/2C)
   monitoring inputs on Equipment Interface
Easy to install, configure and operate:
• High Definition Color Touch Screen
• Operation & Setup wizards
• On-board context-sensitive
Commercial Feature Save Energy:
• Built-in US Holiday & special event calendar         2-Wire
• Secure keypad & override options
• Outside Air Heating and cooling lockouts         Thermostat +
• Economizer/Occupancy control relay
• Commercial optimized recovery ramps
• Override time limits                               Interface
• Title-24 compliant / ventilation control
REDLINK Communication
• REDLINK Communication with
  Remote Outside Air
  temperature/humidity Sensor
• REDLINK Communication with
  up to 6 remote space
  temperature/humidity sensors      Wireless
                                 Outdoor Sensor      Portable
• REDLINK Communication with                      Comfort Control
  Portable Comfort Control
  desktop module

• REDLINK Communication with
  RIG Internet Gateway
  (4 systems max)

                            Wireless Space
                                Sensor                 REDLINK
                                                   Internet Gateway
 REDLINK Communication Features
• 900 MHZ Frequency hopping
  spread spectrum to avoid
• Single outside air sensor &
  Portable Comfort Control may
  communicate with up to 16
  thermostats                                  Wireless
                                            Outdoor Sensor      Portable
• Reliable 2-way transmissions                               Comfort Control
  with acknowledgement
• ~ 2 month warning for battery
   - (2) AA Lithium batteries
       required for outside air sensor
       ~ 5 year battery life
   -   (2) AAA Alkaline batteries
       required for space sensor
       ~ 1 year battery life
   -   (3) AA Alkaline batteries      Wireless Space
       required for Portable Comfort                              REDLINK
       Control                                                Internet Gateway
       ~ 1 year battery life
 Operational Thermostat Features
• Thermostat identification on
  Commercial home screen

• Plain language schedule
  configuration “occupied /
  unoccupied “
• Plain language override

• Plain language alerts and
• Contractor information and
  LOGO display
    Thermostat Configuration & Diagnostic Features
•   Plain-language configuration
•   Context-sensitive Help
•   Delta-T alarm setup wizard
•   Dry-contact monitoring and
    alarming with pre-defined and
    custom text

• Data logging of selected user
  interactions (last 25)
• Data logging of system alarms
  and faults with details (last 25)

• USB Memory Stick interface
    - Parameter Download
    - Data Log Download
    - Parameter Upload
    - Contractor Logo Upload
PRESTIGE 2.0 Commercial –3 unit system with Delta-T

 QTY (1) YTHX9421R5069
 2 piece / 2-wire thermostat and
  EIM with duct sensors and
  wireless outside air sensor

 QTY (2) YTHX9421R5051
 2 piece / 2-wire thermostat and
  EIM with duct sensors

 QTY (1) THM6000R1002
 REDLINK Internet Gateway
Prestige 2.0 ZONE configurations
Residential HZ432 / HZ332 with
  THM400R Redlink Adapter
• Maximum (4) thermostats / system
• Maximum (4) THM4000Rs / RIG
 Redlink Internet Connectivity Features
•FREE user account at
  - WEB browser / smart phone access
  - Monitor temperature and humidity
  - Change setpoints, operating mode,
      initiate overrides
  -   Receive e-mail alerts
• Connection via MAC
  - No firewall/port/TCP-IP issues
  - Fixed IP address NOT required

• User account may have multiple RIGs
• User account may have multiple sub-
  users with assignable privileges
Total Connect Comfort User Screen
Total Connect Comfort User Screen
Smart Phone App (residential mode shown)
Prestige 2.0 Future Enhancements
 • Edit Schedules via Internet
 • REDLINK remote commercial
   override switch
   (3 max / thermostat)

                            Residential Override shown
Prestige 2.0 Commercial Thermostat Summary

 Flexible / Full featured
 • 1 thermostat fits most commercial applications
 • Commercial features with Holiday scheduling

 Lowest Cost to Install
 • 2-piece / 2-wire installation for retrofit applications
 • REDLINK wireless communication eliminates bus wiring

 Best Service
 • Easy to use plain English installation, operation and alerts
 • Predictive diagnostics with Delta-T configuration and/or custom
   dry-contact monitoring

 Lowest Cost Internet Connectivity
 • Honeywell hosted server with no access fees
 • Simple internet connection with no need to dedicate IP address

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