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                                                          By Nick Babel           other legislators had de-           however, does not like the                                    ning for reelection, some-
                                                                                  clared their intentions to          idea of rotating leadership                                   one else can be elected. We
                                                  Tompkins County Legisla-        seek leadership positions in        positions. “There’s proba-                                    should always strive to have
                                                  tor Mike Lane, of Dryden,       the legislature. “Not yet,          bly no perfect system, but I                                  the best person in the office
                                                  has asked the legislature to    but I would encourage those         don’t think taking turns or                                   based on their qualifica-
                                                  change the process in           interested in the chair or          rotating the job for the sake                                 tions, not on how long
                                                  which the legislature chair-    vice chair positions to pub-        of rotating makes sense,”                                     they've served,” Robertson
                                                  person and vice chairper-       licly declare themselves.           she says. “The choice of                                      says.
                                                  son are selected, requesting    Let’s not have just another         chair and vice chair are                                         She cited a flaw in Lane’s
 Town seeks protections                           more transparency and less      surprise at the organiza-           annual elections, so there is                                 idea for changing the selec-
 from truck traffic 2                  secrecy Lane, who says he
                                                          .                       tional meeting in January,”         a great deal of accountabili-                                 tion process. “The way that
                                                  would pursue the chair-         Lane says.                          ty built into our system. If                                  we, and virtually every
                                                  manship, offered a pre-            Current legislature chair-       there is dissatisfaction with                                 other political body around
                                                  pared statement to his fel-     woman Martha Robertson,             a chair or vice chair run-                                    the world, choose our lead-
 Drilling impacts on                              low lawmakers at their Dec.                                                                                                       ership results in that lead-
 farmland 3                      6 meeting.
                                                       “The time in which we
                                                                                  Holiday Shopper                                                                                   ership reflecting the will of
                                                                                                                                                                                    the people in the last elec-
                                                  annually elect leaders of                                                                                                         tion,” she says. “For exam-
                                                  the legislature is close at                                                                                                       ple, in the last Congress-
 County to expand solar                           hand. In the 14 years that I                                                                                                      ional election the Repub-
                                                  have served, proposed lead-                                                                                                       licans won more seats, so
 energy usage 3            ers have been vetted in a                                                                                                         their     leader     became
                                                  private process and the vote                                                                                                      Speaker, the head of the
                                                  at the organizational meet-                                                                                                       whole House. It makes
                                                  ing was pretty much prede-                                                                                                        sense that the leadership of
                                                  termined. For next year, I                                                                                                        the body as a whole should
                                                  would like to propose that                                                                                                        go to the party that the vot-
                                                  we use a more publicly                                                                                                            ers preferred as a whole.
                                                  transparent selection pro-                                                                                                        Essentially what Mike is
                                                  cess,” the statement says.                                                                                                        suggesting would ignore

                                                                                                                                                            Photo by Kathy Morris
                                                      Lane also urged that the                                                                                                      the voters’ statement about
                                                  elections “be a free vote of                                                                                                      which should be the majori-
                                                  each legislator at our orga-                                                                                                      ty political party. I don't
 Design students put les-                         nizational     meeting     in                                                                                                     think that would be an
 sons to work 4            January. I would further                                                                                                          improvement.”
                                                  propose that those interest-                                                                                                          Robertson would like to
                                                  ed in either position                                                                                                             continue serving as chair-
                                                  announce themselves pub-                                                                                                          woman for 2012. “I believe I
 Study shows need for                             licly well in advance and be                                                                                                      have the skill, energy,
 health care reform 5                      willing to discuss their can-   Ella McGrogan, 2, shows the contents of her shopping basket at the                                vision and experience to
                                                  didacies with their fellow      annual Trumansburg Craft Sale on Dec 4. The juried fair, set up gallery                           continue to lead the legisla-
                                                  legislators, and with mem-      style at the T-burg elementary school, showcased handmade items by                                ture. I feel I’ve been an
                                                  bers of the public.”            area artisans. This year the featured artist was guitarist Scott Adams,                           effective spokesperson here
 Letters, opinion 6                      As of Wednesday, no       whose CDs provided musical ambiance for the weekend event.                                                 Please turn to page 14

 Immigrants’ poetry col-
 lected in new book 8
                                                  County Cashes in on State Grants
                                                              By Eric Banford                       Aside from housing, Tompkins               Project will provide more than $11
                                                                                              County was awarded $1 million to                 million to support economic develop-
                                                  On Dec. 8, Governor Andrew Cuomo            develop the Regional Sustainability              ment initiatives that strengthen the
                                                  announced awards totaling $6 million        Plan for the Southern Tier. Ed Marx,             region’s economy  .
                                                  for Tompkins County projects                commissioner of the Tompkins                         Martha Roberson, chairwoman of
                                                  through the Regional Economic De-           County Planning Department, helped               the Tompkins County Legislature, is
                                                  velopment Council. Tompkins County          develop the plan.                                excited about the money that supports
                                                  is part of the Southern Tier Region,           “This is a NYSERDA grant to devel-            affordable     housing.       “Tompkins
                                                  which received $49.4 million across         op a plan for eight counties in the              County has been able to keep up with
                                                  eight counties. In all, some $785 mil-      Southern Tier,” Marx explains. “We'll            high-end housing,” she says, “but over
                                                  lion was awarded to 10 regions in New       be working with planning boards, as              the past 10 years or so, it is not provid-
                                                  York State.                                 well as a yet-to-be-determined consult-          ing for moderate- to low-income lev-
 ‘Spartacus’ returns, to                               The biggest winner in Tompkins         ant team. A large part is looking at             els. Embedded in these housing proj-
 the small screen 9                  County is housing, with $5 million          energy issues, quantifying green-                                      .
                                                                                                                                               ects is affordability Safe, affordable
                                                  going to housing projects—either new        house-gas emissions for the entire               housing is one of those things that
                                                  home construction or rehabilitation         region and identifying long-term                 has such a ripple effect. If you're
                                                  of existing housing, mostly for low-        strategies to reduce emissions in                bouncing from home to home, kids
 In Business Weekly:                              income          residents.       Ithaca     accordance with state goals. It will be          don't do as well in school; it makes
 Home care firm focues                            Neighborhood Housing Service will           a comprehensive look at feasible                 everything more difficult. So this is a
                                                  receive more than $1.3 million in state     renewable-energy options. We'll look             long-term investment,” Robertson
 on interaction with                              funds for the Holly Creek Townhouses        for ways that options can be integrat-           concluded. 10   in the Town of Ithaca. This project         ed into overall strategies, revitalizing               She’s also optimistic about the
                                                  features 22 LEED-certified townhous-        the regional economy at the same                 Regional      Sustainability         Plan.
                                                  es for sale to low- to moderate-income      time.”                                           “Tompkins County is assuming lead-
                                                  buyers, some of them first-time own-            The theme, according to Marx, is             ership in this, but what’s exciting is
 TCAT budget, service                             ers.                                        “affordable living.” “We're looking at           that all of the other counties have
 changes approved 11                          The Poet’s Landing affordable-hous-      how using alternative energy can                 bought into this idea, and we're going
                                                  ing project in the Village of Dryden        make cost of living more sustainable             to move ahead together. This will
                                                  received $2.4 million, and the              for families and for businesses,” he             hopefully be a game-changer,”
                                                  Tompkins          County      Housing       says. “Hopefully we can have an inte-            Robertson says.
                                                  Rehabilitation program, $400,000. The       grated plan that reduces greenhouse-                 Another boon to Tompkins County
                                                  County Office for the Aging received        gas emissions while creating econom-             is the $1 million grant to be managed
                                                  $75,000 to conduct emergency housing        ic opportunity  .”                               by Blue Hill Partners, which will
                                                  repairs for elderly homeowners who               In addition, the Rural Initiative           develop and implement energy effi-
                                                  may also have physical disabilities, be     Venture Fund, Shovel Ready Site                  ciency and renewable-energy projects
                                                  on     public    assistance    or    be     Development Project and Southern                 in the region. Peter Bardaglio, coordi-
                                                  mentally/developmentally disabled.          Tier    Community        Revitalization                                                         Please turn to page 14
Town Mulls New Weight Limits for Roads
           By Patricia Brhel                                                                                                                              requiring carriers to be bonded we
                                                                                                                                                          have to determine what the normal
The Town of Caroline, like many                                                                                                                           road capacity is. Also, loads must
other towns in Tompkins County                                                                                                                            be reduced depending on what time
concerned about the condition of                                                                                                                          of year it is and what the weather is
local roads and about the damage                                                                                                                          like. In spring and during the
caused by heavy trucks hauling                                                                                                                            recent flooding we had to post
numerous big loads across them,                                                                                                                           reduced weight limits on our
plans to hirie an engineering firm                                                                                                                        roads.”
to advise officials on the issue.                                                                                                                               Regarding setting the 30-ton
They hope that the result will be a                                                                                                                       weight limit, she says, ”When we
road preservation law that will con-                                                                                                                      haul sand and gravel to stockpile
trol town taxes and that will hold                                                                                                                        for winter use we get about 200
up in court.                                                                                                                                              loads each weighing 15 tons. We
   Heavy trucks can destroy a road                                                                                                                        also hear complaints about the
in a hurry, especially in the spring

                                                                                                                                Photo by Patricia Brhel
                                                                                                                                                          extra traffic, noise and dust.
when the ground is wet. While the                                                                                                                         Imagine if we did loads that were
town posts weight limits during                                                                                                                           twice as big and five times as
bad weather, the county Sheriff ’s                                                                                                                        often.”
Department is spread thin and it                                                                                                                              Whittaker explans that is costs
can be tough to find someone to                                                                                                                           $80,000 to lay the asphalt for one
enforce those limits. Truckers, hop-                                                                                                                      mile of town road. That figure
ing to save time and mileage, will                                                                                                                        does not include the excavation
sometimes avoid the county, state                                                                                                                         work, gravel or other materials,
and Interstate roads that are                                                                                                                             just the asphalt. And prices keep
                                       Increased traffic from trucks with heavy loads has contributed to the deterioration of
designed for heavier loads, local
                                       Speed Hill Road, and other roads, in the Town of Caroline.                                                         climbing. Whittaker says that 10
officials say.                                                                                                                                            years ago the town paid $.75 per
       One criteria suggested as a     contractors say is too low and town            Cindy Whittaker, highway super-
                                                                                                                                                          gallon of oil; now it’s over $2.
threshold for permits is to reuire     officials, realizing that this means        intendent for the Town of Caroline,
                                                                                                                                                          When a truck is so heavy that it
trucking companies to post a bond      a total of 60 million pounds of             points out, “Most people don’t real-
                                                                                                                                                          triggers the state permit process,
and/or pay extra for 1,000 loads of    material hauled, think may be too           ize how complex this job is, but
                                                                                                                                                          the state gets all the money from
30 tons or more. It’s a number some    high.                                       before we start issuing permits and
                                                                                                                                                          the permit, even when the trucks
                                                                                                                                                          are using town or county roads,
                                                                                                                                                          she adds.
                                                                                                                                                              Whittaker and other area high-
                                                                                                                                                          way superintendents have been
                                                                                                                                                          meeting to coordinate their efforts
                                                                                                                                                          and create a uniform weight limit
                                                                                                                                                          standard for truckers. Highway
                                                                                                                                                          superintendents also participate
                                                                                                                                                          in training sessions that allow
                                                                                                                                                          them to recognize potential over-
                                                                                                                                                          weight issues relating to different
                                                                                                                                                             The Town of Caroline has a road
                                                                                                                                                          classification system with desig-
                                                                                                                                                          nations such as low-volume collec-
                                                                                                                                                          tor, residential access, farm
                                                                                                                                                          access, resource/industrial access,
                                                                                                                                                          agricultural land access, recre-
                                                                                                                                                          ational access and minimum
                                                                                                                                                          maintenance. The roads are
                                                                                                                                                          designed and maintained to
                                                                                                                                                          accommodate the normal needs of
                                                                                                                                                          residents, including farmers and
                                                                                                                                                          the occasional logging truck or
                                                                                                                                                          truck hauling sand and gravel for
                                                                                                                                                          landscaping and construction.
                                                                                                                                                             Roads designed to accommodate
                                                                                                                                                          bigger trucks cost much more to
                                                                                                                                                          build and maintain. For one lane
                                                                                                                                                          in one mile of interstate highway,
                                                                                                                                                          for instance, costs start at $1.3 mil-
                                                                                                                                                          lion. Most contractors would not
                                                                                                                                                          be affected by a 30-ton limit. The
                                                                                                                                                          average large load coming out of
                                                                                                                                                          University Sand and Gravel, a
                                                                                                                                                          local business, is 22 tons.
                                                                                                                                                                 “We’ll use this engineering
                                                                                                                                                          study to determine the current
                                                                                                                                                          condition of the roads and the
                                                                                                                                                          thresholds for triggering when a
                                                                                                                                                          policy or the law would apply in
                                                                                                                                                          various seasons,” Don Barber,
                                                                                                                                                          Caroline Town Supervisor and
                                                                                                                                                          chairman of Tompkins County
                                                                                                                                                          Council of Gov-ernments, says.
                                                                                                                                                          “We in Caroline have to protect
                                                                                                                                                          ourselves. Danby and Dryden have
                                                                                                                                                          laws in place and if Caroline does
                                                                                                                                                          not, we will have no recourse when
                                                                                                                                                          damage is done. It will be our
                                                                                                                                                          roads that contractors use with
                                                                                                                                                          their big trucks and our taxpayers
                                                                                                                                                          left footing the bill for repairs.
                                                                                                                                                                 “Requiring that contractors
                                                                                                                                                          transporting heavy loads secure
                                                                                                                                                          bonding or to put up a deposit will
                                                                                                                                                          make those who are benefitting
                                                                                                                                                          commercially from our roads, and
                                                                                                                                                          also responsible for doing the most
                                                                                                                                                          damage, also responsible for the
                                                                                                                                                          cost of repairs,” Barber says.

2      Tompkins Weekly   December 19
Drilling Impacts on Agriculture Outlined
       By Sue Smith-Heavenrich          know no more than New York             drilling does affect farmers in that     Another issue is how consumers
                                        respondents about how Marcellus        region.                                  perceive the safety of food raised
Landowners who do their research        would eventually play out.                 While there are many anecdotal       near gas wells.
before signing a gas lease get a bet-      The people in Pennsylvania seem     stories, there isn’t the sort of data       Kelsey’s most recent data shows
ter deal. That was just one of the      to have more trust in what the gas     that can show the change in num-         that landowners who spent time
points made during a panel discus-      industry tells them, though, while     bers of farmers due to drilling. One     learning about leases, who spoke
sion of the implications of shale       New York residents tend to trust       question that continually comes up       with more than one gas company
drilling on agriculture during last     information from scientists and        is whether farmers who cease             and consulted attorneys, ended up
week’s Agribusiness Economic            local environmental groups.            farming are leaving by choice or         with better lease terms and higher
Outlook Conference at Cornell.             Most respondents agreed that the    whether they are forced out.             signing bonuses.
   The event, hosted by the Charles     environment and quality of drink-            A more important question,            David Kay, senior extension asso-
H. Dyson School of Applied Econ-        ing water would probably get worse     Kelsey said, is what is the impact       ciate for the Department of Devel-
omics and Management, drew              in drilling areas. While there was a   on remaining farmers? If farmers         opment Sociology at Cornell,
about 150 academicians, econo-          lot of uncertainty in those respons-   choose to give up dairy or other         wound up the panel with a discus-
mists and others.                       es, Stedman noted that New             agricultural ventures due to             sion about what New York has
   A three-member panel discussed       Yorkers responded more negatively      drilling, will feed mills and other      learned from Pennsylvania’s expe-
how drilling in Pennsylvania’s          about environmental effects and        infrastructure remain viable?            riences with Marcellus drilling.
Marcellus shale has affected rural      potential overall benefits. This       “We’ve heard a lot about competi-        The number of jobs turned out to
economies and farmers. Richard          could be a reaction to seeing things   tion for labor,” Kelsey said. Drivers    be about half of what was predict-
Stedman, from the Department of         go wrong in Pennsylvania and won-      with commercial licenses (CDL) are       ed, he said. He then touched on the
Natural Resources at Cornell,           dering “what can New York learn        being hired away from milk haulers       most critical factors affecting rural
opened the discussion with a look       from this.”                            and other support services, such as      economic       development       with
at how New York and Pennsylvania             Stedman said that the biggest     agricultural-input suppliers.            respect to drilling: pace, scale and
residents view drilling.                failing of the draft Supplemental          The number of wells in an area       geography  .
   “Perceived [drilling] impacts are    Generic Environmental Impact           has an impact on farming. Kelsey            Towns, counties and states need
drivers of behavior,” Stedman said.     Statement (SGEIS) is the lack of       reported that areas where there          to better understand when and
The northern tier of Pennsylvania       assessments        of    cumulative    were 150 or more gas wells lost 19       where companies plan to drill.
and southern tier of New York,          impacts. The New York State De-        percent of their dairy herd, while       They also need to know more about
both situated over the Marcellus        partment of Environmental Con-         areas with no wells experienced          the economic behavior of landown-
reservoir, are alike in many ways.      servation (DEC) must consider the      only a 1 percent loss. “Dairy farm-      ers and the long-term and short-
This region, caught in socioeco-        combined effects of multiple wells     ers are choosing to leave agricul-       term economic prospects for
nomic malaise, is “hungry for the       and how gas wells could fit in with    ture,” he said.                          regions that depend on natural-
next big thing,” Stedman said. That     other energy-generating technolo-          Another issue facing farmers is      resource extraction.
big thing is the Marcellus shale        gy (such as wind turbines), he said.   the lack of availability of rental           “Pace, scale and the pattern of
play.                                        Tim Kelsey, Penn State Univer-    land. Landowners who used to             drilling drive all other impacts,”
      He conducted a study of resi-     sity professor of agricultural eco-    lease fields to farmers are now rent-    Kay said. Experience in Bradford
dents in eight New York counties        nomics and rural sociology, pre-       ing their land for other uses related    County indicates that drilling
and 21 Pennsylvania counties along      sented data from his most recent       to drilling, such as water-withdraw-     begins broadly and then, very
the Marcellus region. Although          study of Bradford and Tioga coun-      al sites. Large impoundments also        quickly, focuses on core areas. This
Pennsylvania has seen nearly a          ties in Pennsylvania. Bradford         take land out of production, and         points to a more concentrated pat-
decade of drilling activity, respon-    County is one of the top 10 agricul-   crop yields show decline in              tern of development than expected,
dents from that state seemed to         tural counties in the state, so        reclaimed pipeline right-of-ways.        he said.

County Contracts for Solar Energy Upgrades
            By Lori Sonken              Solar Liberty, a Buffalo-based com-         Under the terms of a 15-year        profit organizations. In exchange
                                        pany .                                 lease, Solar Liberty will install and    for installing and maintaining the
At a time when budget cuts are the           The county plans to place the     maintain the panels at a cost of         panels, Solar Liberty retains own-
norm and governments every-             panels on the Public Safety,           $10,260 per year. At the end of the      ership of the renewable energy
where are strapped for resources,       Emergency Communications and           lease, the county may opt to have        credits, which the company can sell
the Tompkins County Legislature         Health Department buildings, as        the panels removed, purchase the         to other electrical energy genera-
has found a way to finance the          well as at the Human Services          panels for fair market value or con-     tors that exceed their emission
installation and maintenance of         Annex, Annex Building C and the        tinue the lease.                         allowances.
solar panels on seven county-                                 .
                                        Public Works facility It is unclear        “While in the long run we will             The company is able to take
owned buildings in Ithaca.              how many panels will be installed      prefer to install and own this kind      advantage of the 1603 program
    “We are happy this opportunity      on the buildings, but experts are      of equipment ourselves, at this          within the American Recovery and
showed up on our doorstep to            expected to assess the needs and       point in time the cost of purchasing     Reinvestment Act which reimburs-
implement our goals of increasing       install the requisite panels, says     solar panels is still too high and the   es eligible applicants for a portion
the use of renewable energy and         Chock.                                 budget problems that we are experi-      of the cost of installing specified
reducing our greenhouse-gas emis-              Manufactured in the United      encing because of changes at the         energy property used in a trade or
sions at no cost to the taxpayers and   States by Evergreen Solar of           state level are too drastic for us to    business.
at an energy savings for the taxpay-    Marlboro, Mass., the panels will be    do this on our own,” Chock says.            Under the agreement, “We do not
er,” legislator Carol I. Chock          placed on the buildings sometime       Nevertheless, “it is exciting that we    get to use this deal to count against
(D–Ithaca) says. As chairman of         next year. The aggregate savings       are moving forward with renew-           our reductions. The company gets
the Facilities and Infrastructure       for the seven installations is esti-   ables,” she says.                        to,” Chock says, noting the county’s
Committee, Chock offered a motion       mated to exceed the lease expenses         Solar Liberty put together the       ambitious greenhouse-gas emis-
that unanimously passed the legis-      by approximately $9,000 per year       package, using federal tax credits       sion goals. In 2008, the county com-
lature on Dec. 6: it authorizes the     based on current energy costs and      and grants from New York State           prehensive plan was amended to set
county to lease the 25-kilowatt pho-    consumption patterns, according to     Energy Research and Development          the goal of reducing its greenhouse
tovoltaic-cell solar panels from        the resolution the county adopted.     Authority for public and not-for-                              Please turn to page 14

                                                                                                                            Tompkins Weekly    December 19         3
Design Students Put Knowledge to Work
       By Anne Marie Cummings                                                                                                                                      tionships among team members.
                                                                                                                                                                   “There are points of tension,
A group of 32 students from                                                                                                                                        inevitably, but then the students
Cornell University’s design and                                                                                                                                    learn how to live with that tension
environmental analysis class,                                                                                                                                      and keep their eyes on the bigger
taught by Paul Eshelman, and from                                                                                                                                  picture,” Eshelman says.
the environmental psychology                                                                                                                                          Uchita Vaid, a second-year mas-
class, taught by Gary Evans, recent-                                                                                                                               ter’s student in human environ-
ly improved the interiors of                                                                                                                                       mental relations and a teaching
Tompkins Community Action’s                                                                                                                                        assistant for Eshelman and Evans,
(TCA) rented facility, the TC3 Farm
                                                                                                                                                                   served as the link between the two
House, for their nine-month Head
Start program for preschoolers.                                                                                                                                    classes. She explains that the
    Eshelman and Evans have been                                                                                                                                   design consultants, for each team,
bringing their two classes together                                                                                                                                created 120-page design guidelines

                                                                                                                                    Photo by Anne Marie Cummings
for these kinds of projects for 15                                                                                                                                 regarding the kinds of behaviors
years. The professors approach                                                                                                                                     the design should support or
not-for-profit organizations that                                                                                                                                  inhibit. Their research included
have a facility, or portion of a facil-                                                                                                                            creating an entry area that would
ity, that needs to be redesigned. In                                                                                                                               support self-esteem and an
exchange for funding, they and                                                                                                                                     increased sense of control for the
their     students     service     the                                                                                                                             children, designing a space that
redesigning needs of each local                                                                                                                                    encourages social interactions and
organization over a period of three                                                                                                                                focusing on perspective play for
years. Shared Journeys sponsored
                                                                                                                                                                   cognitive gross, motor and emo-
Eshelman and Evans’ classes as
                                                                                                                                                                   tional development.
their     students    assisted     the
Alzheimer population; the Boys                                                                                                                                        “When all was said and done, it
                                          Cornell students Phillip Youakim, Jennifer Rosenthal and Kaitlyn Francis at work build-                                  was fascinating to watch the chil-
and Girls Club of America spon-
sored the work that enabled the
                                          ing the interiors for Head Start.                                                                                        dren use the space. They behaved
students to provide for at-risk                Eshelman and Evans believe              feedback before finalizing the con-                                         in ways we didn’t expect; they
youth; and Kendal at Ithaca spon-         that their students learn best when          struction drawings.                                                         were much more involved,” Vaid
sored the students’ design contri-        applying their knowledge to oppor-                “It’s a rich exchange, and it’s                                        says. Eshelman agrees, adding that
butions to the elderly population.        tunities in the community. For the           unusual to have this kind of col-                                           the children were like “bees
      For a second time, Eshelman         14-week project, students from               laboration in an academic context                                           buzzing around honey” the first
and Evans asked TCA if the stu-           both classes were divided into               where collaborators are bringing                                            time they played in the newly
dents could make life a little more       three teams: transition, nourish-            different ideas to the table; it’s sim-                                     designed space.
enjoyable for the children from           ment and enrichment. The transi-             ilar to the consultant and designer                                              “This process provides more
low-income families, which TCA            tion team focused on the design of           relationship in the real world,”                                            motivation for the students
services. However, this year              the entry and cubby, the nourish-            Eshelman says.                                                              because they know that what they
Eshelman and Evans used their             ment team focused on design of                   When the designs for the TCA
own funds to make the project hap-                                                                                                                                 are designing will actually be used
                                          the central room and the enrich-             Farm House were completed, stu-                                             and enjoyed by a group of people
pen. “TCA has enough demands at           ment team focused on design of               dents purchased locally the neces-
their doors financially,” says                                                                                                                                     at the end of the semester. And
                                          the multiple-room activity space.            sary materials to build what they
Eshelman, “so we spent $5,000 for                                                                                                                                  they get to see what works and
                                              Evans’ students (referred to as          envisioned on paper: plywood from
this year’s project—money we’ve                                                                                                                                    what doesn’t,” Eshelman says.
                                          behavioral consultants) generated            Cayuga Lumber, Plexiglass from
received from awards and grants.”         in-depth design guidelines that                                                                                             Carrie Jubran, a Head Start pre-
                                                                                       Ithaca Plastics, flooring from
    Lee Dillon, executive director of     addressed the behavioral, social             Danby Hardwoods and hardware                                                school teacher for eight years, says
TCA, recalls the interior design          and cognitive needs of the chil-             from Lowe’s and Home Depot. The                                             the children love the loft that was
work that Eshelman and Evans’                                                                                                                                      created, which she described as an
                                          dren and then passed those guide-            materials were then brought to the
students did for his organization                                                                                                                                  indoor playground. “What we had
                                          lines onto Eshelman’s design stu-            shop at Cornell’s Human Ecology
last year. “Their students created a                                                                                                                               before wasn’t as useful, but now
wonderful child-friendly entryway         dents. The design students then              building, where all the students
                                          created drawings and models                  assembled the parts.                                                        the children are making this their
for the Casey Center on Union                                                                                                                                      own playful space,” she says, “and
Street in Dryden,” Dillon says.           based on the design guidelines.                 Eshelman and Evans conducted
                                          Once Eshelman’s students had pre-            a team-building exercise for stu-                                           parents have also commented, stat-
“And in the classroom they created
a mobile climbing structure that          liminary designs, they presented             dents, for this kind of deadline-                                           ing that their children stay active
could be pulled apart. It was just        them to Head Start staff and to              driven project brings with it the                                           mentally and physically busy all
wonderful.”                               Evans’ students and then received            challenge of interpersonal rela-                                            day long. We love it!”

                                                                                        K e e p C h r i s t m a s C l o s e t o H o m e.

                                                                                        Find Fun-filled
                                                                                       Ideas from Local
                                                                                          in Our Area
                                                                                                     N ow
                                                                                             o n n ew s s t a n d s
                                                                                              a n d o n l i n e at
                                                                                        t o m p k i n sw e e k ly. c o m
4      Tompkins Weekly   December 19
Study Sheds Light on Health Care Act
                By Rebecca Potter                   during periods of high unemployment, or hav-        the impact of the unemployment rate on health
                                                    ing a harder time finding a new job offer after     insurance coverage worsened for men, became
Study Sheds Light on Health Care Reform Act         being laid off.”                                    less severe for women, and improved for chil-
A national study conducted by researchers at           Regardless of whether a man is employed or       dren during the recession. Average percentages
Cornell, Indiana and Carnegie Mellon universi-      not, the study finds that men were more likely      of those insured through any source between
ties posits hope in the Patient Protection and      to lose insurance during the recent recession.      2004 and 2010 were: 78.6 percent for men, 83 per-
Affordable Care Act (PPACA).                        Researchers suggest that this could be a result     cent for women, and 85.5 percent for children.
   The study is noteworthy, says former Cornell     of “employers dropping coverage, employers             During the recession of late 2007 to mid-2009,
professor and coauthor, Kosali Simon, because       cutting hours such that some men no longer          the national unemployment rate rose to 9.5 per-
“the method tied the drop in health insurance       qualify for health insurance, employers raising     cent from 5 percent. The authors of the study
coverage to the increase in the unemployment        workers’ share of the overall premium so more       estimate that roughly 9.3 million adult
rate,” instead of allowing the drop in coverage     male workers decline coverage, or lower             Americans lost health insurance during this
to appear as “just part of the natural decline”     incomes that result in fewer purchases of indi-     time. This includes 7.1 million men and 2.2 mil-
that started before the recession due to rising     vidual coverage.”                                   lion women. During this period, 4.2 million
health insurance costs and fewer employers              In contrast, among women, the unemploy-         children gained health insurance.
offering health insurance.                          ment rate is in almost no case significantly cor-         The authors postulate that the reforms
      The paper, entitled “The Impact of the        related with the probability of coverage.           passed by the U.S. Congress in the 2010 Patient
Macro-economy on Health Insurance Coverage:         “Maybe women are insulated because they tend        Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)
Evidence from the Great Recession,” examines        to be the secondary earner [in a household].        “will likely moderate the impact of the unem-
panel data from the Survey of Income and            She would have access to spousal health insur-      ployment rate on the probability of insurance
Program Participation (SIPP) for the years 2004     ance,” Simon suggests. Another possibility          coverage. The PPACA offers incentives for
through 2010. The SIPP data allowed                 Simon notes is that the pattern of industries       employers to offer, and individuals to take up,
researchers to document relationships between       that were hit by the recession were populated       coverage; provides subsidies for coverage of
unemployment rates and the probability of           by men; however, the study did not find evi-
                                                                                                        low-income families through public and private
men, women and children, each identified by         dence to support either possibility.
                                                                                                        policies; and changes the regulation of health
race, being covered by insurance from an               The study goes on to state that “findings for
                                                                                                        insurance prices in the individual market.
employer, whether one’s own employer or that        children confirm that government health
                                                                                                        Many features of the law are expected to cush-
of one’s spouse or partner, or government           insurance programs work countercyclically to
                                                    protect children from losing health insurance       ion the impact of future recessions on health
health-insurance programs.
                                                    during macroeconomic downturns.” Simon              insurance coverage, particularly for adults.”
    What was noteworthy about the study, says
                                                    calls children’s coverage “the silver lining in            A thought experiment with which the
Simon, “isn’t that the recent recession affected
health insurance. You would think that it           the cloud.”                                         authors conclude shows that if all those eligi-
would affect people equally, but we found that         More children tend to be insured by govern-      ble take advantage of the provisions of the
there are subsets of people who were affected       ment health insurance programs during a             PPACA, the impact of the unemployment rate
much more than others.”                             downturn, thanks to programs expanded in the        on health insurance coverage for men is not
   The study concludes that roughly nine times      late 1990s, so that the number of children          statistically significant.
the number of people lost health insurance cov-     insured does not fluctuate significantly with          Coauthors of the paper were John Cawley of
erage during the Great Recession (2007–09)          changes in the unemployment rate, Simon says.       Cornell University, Asako S. Moriya, Ph.D. can-
than in the previous recession (2001), and the      The unemployment rate was found to be the           didate at Carnegie Mellon University, and
vast majority of those who lost health insur-       most sensitive indicator for health insurance       Kosali I. Simon of Indiana University. Simon
ance coverage were white men, the greatest          coverage for white children, not for African-       taught at Cornell until 2010. The study was pub-
impact being for those who were college educat-     American and Hispanic children.                     lished by the National Bureau of Economic
ed and 50 to 64 years old.                              An earlier study using SIPP data from the       Research as part of its working paper series
   The paper states, “The age effect may be due     years 1990 through 2000 was offered as a com-       and can be viewed at
to older workers being more likely to be laid off   parison to the current study and indicates that     /w176000.

                                                                                                                         Tompkins Weekly   December 19   5
Be Smart, Safe When Shopping Online
               By Tom O’Mara                                                                                                                               reports after an identity theft has

Cyber Monday, the day after the tra-
                                                                                        Opinion                                                            occurred, according to the federal
                                                                                                                                                           General       Accounting         Office.
ditional Thanksgiving weekend                                                                                                                              Additionally, identity theft victims
start to the holiday shopping sea-                    economy   .                                           to the overriding reality that we              have been subject to other compli-
son, begins a flurry of online pur-                       It’s been reported that identity                  have to update our laws as frequent-           cations, including denial of loan
chasing which, according to                           theft costs some eight million                        ly as cybercriminals update their              applications, false arrest and crimi-
reports, generated more than $1.25                    American consumers an estimated                       ability to break them. It’s no easy            nal records.
billion this year—the heaviest day                                           .
                                                      $40 billion annually According to                     task.                                              In short, it’s costly and it’s time-
of online spending in history.                        the      Identity      Theft      Data                   One important new law approved              consuming. So the first line of
     One thing we know for certain                    Clearinghouse, in 2009 New York                       a few years ago enables consumers              defense is for every consumer to be
about our rapid, global march into                    State ranked eighth in the nation in                  to place a security freeze on their            aware of identity theft, how it’s
the world of e-commerce is that it’s                  per capita identity theft com-                        credit reports if they suspect they            committed and ways to protect
become big, big business. But we                      plaints. It’s clear that the availabili-              are victims of identity theft. A               against it. The Federal Trade
also recognize that there’s an                        ty of information in computer data-                   security freeze prevents an identity           Commission, the nation’s lead con-
unprecedented exchange of online                      bases and the rapid growth of                         thief from taking out new loans                sumer protection agency, operates a
information occurring, which com-                     Internet commerce have produced                       and credit under their victim’s                website to promote online safety Go  .
pels this reminder: Don’t overlook                    a new breed of criminals who                          name. We’ve also strengthened New              to (click on “Identity
the privacy and other public policy                   abuse technologies to steal con-                      York’s identity theft protections by           Theft” in the Quick Finder box
issues raised by our ongoing leap                     sumer information and ruin con-                       enacting new laws to restrict the              located on the right hand column of
into this age of modern technology .                  sumer credit. Indeed, identity theft                  ability of employers to use an                 the home page) to access a range of
    The New York State Senate has                     is considered the No. 1 and fastest-                  employee’s personal information                tips and information to guard
held a number of legislative hear-                    growing financial and consumer                        and to allow identity theft victims            against Internet fraud, better pro-
ings over the years to give credi-                    crimes of this era.                                   to obtain restitution equal to the             tect personal information and
tors, law enforcement officials,                         The tactics of today’s cybercrim-                  value of the time they spend fixing            secure computers.
computer security experts and oth-                    inals change as fast as our technol-                  the damage, which is substantial.                 Information can also be found on
ers the opportunity to share their                    ogy, often faster. It all serves to                       In fact, it takes an average of 14         the New York State Division of
thoughts on mapping out more                          highlight the ongoing challenge to                    months for an identity theft victim            Consumer Protection’s web-site at
effective strategies to address a                     keep identity theft laws ahead of                     to discover that his or her personal 
host of privacy concerns. These                       identity thieves. New York became                     data have been stolen. Identity theft          tion/identity_theft/index.htm.
concerns include identity theft,                      the 43rd state in the nation to enact                 victims then spend at least $800 and                Tom O’Mara represents the 53rd
arguably the overriding fear under-                   an identity theft law in 2002. But                    devote more than 175 hours of their            District in the New York State
lying our caution in today’s online                   security studies continually point                    own time to clean up their credit              Senate.

TCAT Disputes Charge                                                                                                                                          Indeed, Cornell buys the passes
of Control by Cornell                                                                       Letters                                                        at the discounted rate, but one no
                                                                                                                                                           lower than is enjoyed by anyone
                                                                                                                                                           who buys a monthly or yearly pass.
Picture this: It is 4:15 a.m.                         called in sick—“TCAT was more                         ees and students, its community
                                                                                                                                                           Furthermore, Cornell will pay
Thursday, Nov. 10, just minutes                       focused on getting Cornell serviced                   accounts for 70 percent of all TCAT
                                                                                                                                                           extra for that rural fare increase to
before rural-bound TCAT buses are                     than the other riders elsewhere                       rides.
                                                                                                                                                           the tune of $30,000. The perception
scheduled to leave the garage. The                                        .”
                                                      within the county Nothing could                           The TCAT Board of Directors,
                                                      be further from the truth.                            comprised of three representatives             that TCAT and its board are some-
lone dispatcher is on the phone
                                                         For one thing, many people who                     each from the county, city and                 how puppets to Cornell is a flat out
with bus operators calling in sick.
The number of sick calls keeps                        work at Cornell live in rural areas                   Cornell, voted to raise rural fares            distortion, and unfortunately, one
coming in. The dispatcher must                        and they too were negatively                          because rural routes are far more              that persists. If a passenger with a
make a quick decision with no crys-                                     .
                                                      impacted that day The dispatcher’s                    expensive to operate. In fact, the             valid fare wants to use our system,
tal ball to tell him how many more                    decision was not based on Cornell                     higher ridership on urban and/or               we will transport that passenger
will call in sick before the day is                   and non-Cornell passengers. It was                    campus routes helps to offset the              within the perimeters of our sys-
done. He knows it would be disas-                     based on geography and the awful                      cost of rural routes.                          tem. We don’t ask who they are or
trous to transport rural passengers                   specter of stranded passengers.                           Simply put: there would be far             where they are going.
inbound without knowing there                            Rae makes the erroneous assum-                     less rural service without the                     On that early morning on Nov.
would be any buses to take them                       ption that TCAT separates its pas-                    urban/campus routes. Cornell’s                 10, a lone TCAT dispatcher made
home that night. He chooses the                       sengers into two camps: Cornell                       financial support for TCAT                     the best decision possible with lim-
lesser of two evils and cancels                       and non-Cornell. Again, nothing                       amounts to about $800,000 per year.            ited      information,       limited
rural service.                                        could be further from the truth. To                   In addition, Cornell makes an                  resources and with only minutes
    Nancy Rae’s Dec. 12 letter to the                 be sure, because Cornell is the                       annual bulk purchase of those                  to deliberate.
editor in Tompkins Weekly asserts                     largest employer in Tompkins                          rides at a cost of nearly $2.6 million         Joe Turcotte
that on that day—when one-third of                    County, and one that happens to                       this fiscal year, for a total annual           General Manager
UAW employees scheduled to work                       subsidize bus fares for its employ-                   contribution of $3.4 million.                  TCAT

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6         Tompkins Weekly    December 19
  Street Beat
       The word on the street from around
              Tompkins County    .
                                 By Kathy Morris
    Question: What problem did you solve

                                            “I’m working on it.”

                                            - Eileen Hagerty, Ithaca

    “I have not fixed the anti-
    matter converter.”

              - Charlie Strohman, Ithaca

                                            “Health issues (I hope).”

                                            - Mike Miller, Ithaca

    “Finding a doctor in the
    Ithaca area for my son.”

              - Denise Millito-Stockwell,

Submit your question to S t re e t B e at . If we choose your question, you’ll
receive a gift certificate to GreenStar Cooperative Market. Go to
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                                                Tompkins Weekly     December 19   7
Thoughts of Home from Recent Arrivals
          By Pamela Goddard            have already moved to new homes.        himself English and earned suc-           about trying to find a pair of shoes.
                                       This anthology is, therefore, a         cess as a government contractor.          “The Shoes don’t fit, she cried,”
Gail Holst-Warhaft, Tompkins           snapshot of some of the refugees             Holst-Warhaft read his mythic        after visiting, “… the ninth store on
County Poet Laureate, hosted an        who moved through Tompkins              poem “Frog,” which describes              the fifth street/but none fit as they
intimate reading of immigrant          County  .                               being washed up on a strange shore        should.” Sayegh writes about her
poets on a recent Thursday at the         A few poets in the anthology had     and “… because she couldn’t find          frustration in not being able to fit,
Community Arts Partnership Arts        been previously published. For oth-     brothers with human warmth, she           wanting to feel comfortable, natu-
Space in Center Ithaca. It was a       ers, this was the first time they had   decided to sing her life alone.”          rally without straining to adjust.
cozy setting for the book launch of    written a poem in any language.             Jackie Sayegh of Liberia intro-       The poem ends, “Dare I tell her the
“Far from Home,” an anthology of       These immigrants might have lim-        duced her poem “Refusal”: “I want         shoes fit—The feet refuse to con-
poetry by Ithaca’s recent arrivals,    ited skills in English, but their       to say something about belonging.         form, to change, to adjust, to FIT.
including seven poets representing                                                                                       Dare I tell her, my feet shout what I
places as diverse as Soviet Georgia,    Poet Laureate Gail Holst-Warhaft has provid-                                     dare not?”
Iraq, Liberia, Greece, Cambodia, El                                                                                           A similar sentiment is found in
Salvador and Niger, West Africa.        ed a rare forum giving voice to those who sel-                                   “Lament,” a poem by Aseel Nasser
   The poems for “Far from Home”                                                                                         of Iraq. Nasser writes, “I have a
were collected during the past year     dom have the opportunity to share their expe-                                    country but I keep missing it./What
by Holst-Warhaft. “Through vari-                                                                                         sorrow, when you can’t reach your
ous organizations I have been           riences.                                                                         loved ones!/They deprive me of my
involved with in Ithaca, including                                                                                                ,                    ./I
                                                                                                                         country they have no mercy long
the Bosnian Student Project and        poems prove that there are no lim-      All of the years I’ve been here, I feel   to go back. I can’t go back.”
Ithaca City of Asylum, I knew that     its to their ability to powerfully      like I’ve been in exile. I’ve always             Gail Holst-Warhaft is unique
Ithaca was a place of refuge for       express what is in their hearts and     said, ‘When the war is ended I will       among Tompkins County Poets
many people from all over the          minds.                                  go home.’ I went home this                Laureate in that she is an immi-
world,” she says. “When I was elect-       The book opens with four docu-      September. But the people there           grant herself. She assisted some
ed Poet Laureate of Tompkins           mentary poems by Ngim Mao of            kept asking me when I was going           poets in translating their works into
County for 2011, I thought how         Cambodia. A refugee from the Pol        back home … but I felt that I was         English. During the reading, she
much I would like to have them         Pot atrocities, her writing relates     home. So, this sense of longing for       shared three of her own poems
write about their experiences in       experiences that touched her fami-      belonging, it’s when the soul and         relating her impressions in moving
the form of poetry .”                  ly—which she had never previous-        the body is not in synch. I think         from Australia to Ithaca.
   Through visits to adult English     ly shared with anyone. Poetry, and      that sometimes when we’re not                The position of poet laureate was
as Second Language classes in          particularly poetry in a second lan-    home, we’re in this constant state        established by the county legisla-
downtown Ithaca, Holst-Warhaft         guage, gave her the ability to          of conflict. There comes a time           ture in 2001 to honor local outstand-
worked with teachers to inspire        release powerful memories.              when you can tolerate it, but there’s     ing poets, integrate poetry into the
and encourage a number of immi-           Each poet in this collection has a   not complete harmony    .                              ,
                                                                                                                         community enrich the education of
grants. “When I was looking for        remarkable life story. Holst-                “As someone in exile, you go         our young people and enhance the
immigrant poets in this town, ESL      Warhaft read a poem by Nicholas         through stages,” Sayegh explained.        County's position as a cultural cen-
classes seemed like a good place to    Capous, who was unable to attend        “First is of learning. Then, one of       ter. Since then, the Community Arts
look,” she says.                       because he now lives in Manhattan.      questioning. When you get those           Partnership has coordinated the
     Holst-Warhaft has provided a      Capous has been a “closet poet”         answers, one of two things hap-           selection process.
rare forum, giving voice to those      much of his life, writing in Greek.     pens: You either accept those                  “Far from Home” is available at
who seldom have an opportunity to      Born in 1936 on the island of Paros,    answers, unquestioningly, or there        Buffalo Street Books at $5 per copy   .
share their words about what           he completed high school in Athens      is total alienation. I’m still in the     The fee is just enough to offset print-
they’ve experienced. Some poets        and then worked for two years as a      stage of questioning, and this is the     ing costs while giving voice to some
were not able to attend the book       seaman. Capous jumped ship in the       state in which I wrote this poem.”        of the hidden immigrant poets in
launch for a simple reason: they       United States; he remained, taught            On the surface, “Refusal” is        our community    .

8      Tompkins Weekly   December 19
Of Blood, Sand and Man-Scaping
             By Nicholas Nicastro                      but to the legacy of Stanley
                                                       Kubrick’s Spartacus. As we all
# # # S p a rt a c u s : B l o o d a n d               know, Spartacus was a real person,
S a n d a n d S p a rt a c u s : G o d s o f t he      a Thracian gladiator who led a seri-
Are n a. C r e at e d by S t e p h e n S.              ous uprising against Rome in the
D e K n i g h t . Ava i l a b l e o n N e t fl i x .   late days of the Republic. Kubrick’s
( S p a rt a c u s :      Ve n ge a n c e p r e -      film, like its dogged and methodical
m i e re s o n S TA R Z o n Ja n 2 7 . )
                                                       hero, has earned classic status in
                                                       the half-century since its release.
Of all the stylistic spawn of Zach
                                                          Indeed, with the brutal elegance
Snyder's 300, the best may be
STARZ’s Spartacus. Now entering                        of its action and the intelligence of
its third season (or more precisely,                   its chief players (Kirk Douglas,
its second-and-a-half—see explana-                     Laurence         Olivier,     Charles
tion below), the series has every-                     Laughton, Peter Ustinov), it actual-
thing      Snyder's     testosterone-                  ly left some of us (OK, maybe just
pumped sandal epic had, and then                       me) yearning for more. Just who
some. For not only do spurts of                        are those guys sharing Spartacus’
                                                       formative days in the ludus (gladia-

                                                                                                Photo provided
blood and lopped limbs arc through
the air in tender, loving slow                         torial school) of Gnaeus Lentulus
motion, and the bronzed sides of                       Batiatus? We hear their names
masculine beef glisten in the simu-                    (Crixus, Galleno, et al.), but who
lated sun, but this Spartacus                          are they, and what are their stories?
breaks new ground in its unapolo-                      We know Spartacus has a thing for
getic, full-frontal sexuality.                         the sweet-faced Varinia (Jean
                                                       Simmons), but do loves and pas-                           The late Andy Whitfield in Spartacus.
    Classic Hollywood always made
the pagan Romans a decadent                            sions drive his comrades in arms?                         that Spartacus may be the champi-        when     circumstances      dictate.
bunch, but this show leaves virtual-                   True, these may be questions                              on and cash-cow he’s always want-        Playing his wife Lucretia, Lucy
ly nothing to the imagination,                         nobody asked. But this new                                ed—if he can be properly motivat-        Lawless would also pretend to be
including the question: When does                      Spartacus hurtles at maximum                              ed. The bargain is struck: If            without scruple, except for her
a busy gladiator have time to do all                   warp toward the answers, driving                          Spartacus will play the obedient         devotion to Crixus (Manu Bennett),
that man-scaping down there? You                       all before it with its pure, pulpy                        slave, Batiatus will reunite him         the school’s champion before
won’t get the answer in the first two                  momentum.                                                 with his wife. Spoiler alert:            Spartacus. There’s no question who
seasons (available on Netflix until                       At a time when the craft of poli-                      Batiatus keeps his end of the bar-       wears the pants in their affair (her
February), and I'm guessing you                        tics has a bad odor, it’s not surpris-                    gain, but not in the way Spartacus       most frequent command to him
won't get it in Spartacus:                             ing     that    the    contemporary                       expects.                                 seems to be “strip”), but for all its
Vengeance, starting on Jan. 27. But                    Spartacus (Andy Whitfield) is no                               For a show that pretends to be      frank portrayal of female lust, this
what you do get is eye-opening                         ideologue, no fighter for principle.                      about nothing else but blood and         is more femdom than feminism.
enough. It’s a fair bet that, like in                  Instead, he’s just a barbarian chief-                     sand and cocks (with a little girl-on-                          Please turn to page 14
the previous seasons, you’ll have                      tain out for revenge. Betrayed dur-                       girl action mixed in), Spartacus fea-
ample occasion to watch this show                      ing a joint expedition with the                           tures better performances than it                     TV Ratings

                                                                                                                                                          #   ####
slack-jawed, wondering, Did I real-                    Roman army, Spartacus and his                             has any right to. Hannah is a social
                                                                                                                                                          #   ###
ly just see what I thought I saw?                      wife (Erin Cummings) are cast into                        climber of DeNiro-esque intensity,
                                                                                                                                                          #   ##
   The show’s maximalist aesthetic                     slavery, with the former consigned                        a kaleidoscope of venality relish-
is not all that makes it compelling                    to the brutal training regimen of                         ing the twist of every knife he can      #   #             Fair
television. To get at that we have to                  Batiatus (John Hannah). A shrewd                          stick in his adversaries. Yet he also    #                 Poor
go back not just to Synder’s movie,                    judge of character, Batiatus knows                        shows a conditional sort of honor

                                                                                                                                                               Tompkins Weekly      December 19       9
Home Care with an Interactive Approach
            By Patricia Brhel           transportation for shopping and                                                                            important, and if a client and
                                        doctor appointments or other                                                                               worker enjoy each other’s compa-
Life is changing for baby boomers,      assistance.                                                                                                ny, we try to make sure that we
and it can be tough for the “sand-           Teresa Nix and her husband                                                                            maintain the schedule,” Teresa
wich generation” to care for mom        Jeffrey     purchased       Comfort                                                                        says.
or dad, or themselves, because of a     Keepers in August. “I’m really                                                                                 Comfort Keepers requires that
temporary or permanent disabili-        excited about our approach. It’s a                                                                         employees call from the clients’
ty while maintaining independ-          new concept of interactive care,”                                                                          home phone when they arrive. The
ence. It may be a physical problem,     Teresa says. “Instead of coming in                                                                         company’s computer system will
or it might be the beginning of         and focusing on the tasks, such as                                                                         issue an alert if a worker fails to
dementia, but if the individual         housework, we train our employ-                                                                            show up on time. At $20 per hour,

                                                                                                                         Photo by Patricia Brhel
isn’t sick enough to qualify for        ees to talk to the clients, find out                                                                       with a two-hour minimum, the
medical care, finding the right         what they need and ask their opin-                                                                         service is more expensive than
caregiver can be difficult.             ions on how they prefer to have                                                                            some other solutions, but Teresa
    For family members who work         things done.”                                                                                              notes that the company is licensed,
during the day or who live out of          Caregivers work with clients on                                                                         bonded and insured, and it con-
town, having someone stay with or       projects such as baking muffins or                                                                         ducts background checks on all
check in on a relative can be a real    doing puzzles and playing games                                                                            employees, who undergo an exten-
relief. While some families are         to keep them involved, to keep                                                                             sive training program.
large enough and have flexible          them mentally and physically                                                                                   Services range from a weekly
schedules, others depend on some-       active and socially engaged.           Teresa Nix, owner of Comfort Keepers in                             two-hour check to 24-hour care for
one hired from a newspaper ad or        “We’re even putting together a         Ithaca.                                                             $480 per day. Respite care is avail-
word of mouth. Comfort Keepers          cookbook with recipes supplied by                                                                          able at $250 per day. Comfort
                                                                               instance, if a client likes to knit,
may be the solution when medical        our clients,” Teresa says. “We tai-                                                                        Keepers also offers a personal
                                                                               she or he is linked to an employee
care isn’t necessary, but the need is   lor our services to the individual                                                                         emergency       response    system
                                                                               that shares that interest, knows
to have someone come by the home        client and their needs and what                                                                            (PERS) so that clients can get
                                                                               what the client needs and can help
to help with food preparation,          the family needs.”                                                                                         immediate help if they are alone
                                                                               with a project. “We also try to
medication      reminders,      light         Workers are matched with                                                                             and fall. A client who is frail and
                                                                               match personalities and are usual-
housekeeping, grooming help,            clients    when    possible.     For                                                                       in danger of falling or leaving his
                                                                               ly successful. Consistency is
                                                                                                                                                   or her bed can also have fall mats.
                                                                                                                                                   Door and window alerts can be

                                                                                                        VA W A
                                                                                                        F L C I LA
                                                                                                                                                   installed if a patient might be
                      Celebrating 35 years, a cornerstone of

                                                                                                           C VAI
                                                                                                           U N E BLE
                                                                                                                                                   inclined to wander, and a GPS
                      Ithaca and surrounding communities                                                                                           device can be worn if the client
                                                                                                                                                   might be in danger of wandering
                                                                                                                                                   away from home and becoming
           Family Medicine Associates                                                                                                              lost.
                                                                                                                                                         Teresa has been in the home-
                                                                                                                                                   care business since she was 15,
                 of Ithaca LLP                                                                                                                     except for a stint in the military
                                                                                                                                                   and a year as a property manager.
                                                                                                                                                   She has worked for Bridges Cornell

     Announcing Laurel Edmundson, MD                                                                                                               Heights as an administrator and
                                                                                                                                                   executive director, and she man-
                                                                                                                                                   aged Comfort Keepers until pur-
                                New Patients Welcome                                                                                               chasing the company.
                                                                                                                                                      I’m really happy to be home and
        Same Day Sick Visit Appointments plus Evening & Saturday Lab Appointments!                                                                 serving my community. I think
                                                                                                                                                   that we have a number of options
                                                                                                                                                   that will make life easier and safer
                                                                                                                                                   for our clients, and we can work
                                                                                                                                                   with people to make sure that they
                                                                                                                                                   know about and can access other
                                                                                                                                                   services,” she says.
                                                                                                                                                        Comfort Keepers is a national
                                                                                                                                                   organization with some 600 inde-
                                                                                                                                                   pendently owned franchises. Each
                                                                                                                                                   franchise owner receives training
                                                                                                                                                   and is backed by company support,
                                                                                                                                                   subject to inspection and audit,
                                                                                                                                                   and must follow safety regulations.
                                                                                                                                                   For more information, contact
                                                                                                                                                   Teresa at 272-0444 or at tere-
                                                                                                                                                   website is www.comfortkeepers.

       Robert J. Breiman, MD; Neil F. Shallish, MD; Alan T. Midura, MD; Lloyd A. Darlow, MD;
                  Wallace A. Baker, MD; Karen M. LaFace, MD; Sharon Ziegler, MD.
                                        Nurse Practitioners:
                Tina Hilsdorf, RN, NP-C; Debra LaVigne, RN, NP-C; Judy Scherer, RN, FNP
                    We Welcome: Excellus Blue Shield, HealthNow, Aetna,
                       Cornell Program for Healthy Living, RMSCO
     J Board Certified American Academy of Family Physicians J FMA Physician always on call
           J Minor surgeries performed in office J Accredited diagnostic laboratory
                              We take your family’s health to heart!
                     Mon. - Thurs. 8 am - 9 pm • Fri. 8 am - 5 pm • Sat. 9 am - 2 pm
                Call 277-4341 or visit
      Two Ithaca locations: Downtown: 209 W. State St., just off The Commons
                  Northeast: 8 Brentwood Dr., just off Warren Rd.
10      Tompkins Weekly   December 19
TCAT Approves Budget, Service Changes
       By Tompkins Weekly Staff            Dullea and other board members        expensive travel option for rural        top priority is to focus on finding
                                        said the budget seriously erodes         commuters.”                              ways to bolstering TCAT’s financial
The Tompkins Consolidated Area          TCAT’s fund balance, and reduces             “The rural service is the most       situation.
Transit (TCAT) Board of Directors       funding for capital projects needed      expensive to run, and we realize its        Mackesey also said TCAT passen-
has approved a nearly $12.8 million     to adequately serve a community          importance. We are well aware that       gers should prepare for another
spending plan for 2012, along with a    that is increasingly reliant on pub-     there are transit-dependent riders       potential across-the-board fare
stark warning that tougher times        lic transit.                             in these outlying communities that       increase in 2013, as well as the pos-
lie ahead. The budget, approved              The vote on the service reduc-      are facing economic challenges; we       sibility of additional service reduc-
Dec. 1, includes service reductions     tions and fare increase come after       realize, too, that there are urban       tions.
and increases in fares that origi-      TCAT held 13 information sessions        residents who face the same chal-           The 2012 service reductions were
nate in rural areas (Zone 2) outside    and one public hearing with the          lenges,” Lieb said. “We believe it is    proposed by TCAT’s service devel-
the greater Ithaca rea to $2.50 from    board on Nov. 3. TCAT board mem-         equitable to charge more for long        opment staff, which examined ways
$1.50.                                  ber David Lieb, a member of the          trips that are costly to run, than for   to curb service based on unfunded,
   “For the third straight year state   Transit Service Committee, said          short, highly-efficient trips in the     poor performing and duplicative
aid—TCAT’s largest single source        his committee wrestled over the          urbanized area.”                         routes that would have the least
of financial support—has been sig-      impact the changes will have on                 In August, TCAT began the         detrimental effect on passengers.
nificantly reduced and there is         riders.                                  process of cutting costs, reducing           They include:
every indication there will be addi-       “We considered the fare proposal      operating expenses and increasing          Discontinuing out-of-county serv-
tional cuts in state and federal        extensively, did a lot of soul search-   revenues in order to absorb antici-      ice on route 52 as Tioga County
assistance in 2012 and 2013,” TCAT      ing, and after impassioned, empa-        pated budget cuts.                       does not contribute to the service;
board chairman Henrik Dullea said       thetic, and well-thought-out discus-        “It was painful and 2013 could be         Discontinuing route 68 as a por-
in a statement. “In addition,           sions over the past couple of            worse,” warned TCAT board mem-           tion of it duplicates route 15 serv-
TCAT’s three local funders,             months, decided to advise the full       ber     and    Tompkins        County    ice and there is low ridership on
Tompkins County, the City of            board to consider the increase,”         Legislator Frank Proto, who heads        the route 13/Elmira corridor;
Ithaca and Cornell University, are      Lieb said in a statement.                the TCAT board’s budget commit-                Discontinuing special Tower
facing their own financial con-            The fare for a trip that originates   tee. Proto noted that the county         Road trips on route 83.
straints.”                              in Zone 1, traveling to Zone 2, will     recently went through its own                Combining routes 53 and 54 in a
    The 2012 budget includes inter-     remain at $1.50. Rural trips at $2.50    painful process in approving its         way that will still enable coverage
nal measures aimed at cutting           inbound and $1.50 outbound, result       2012 budget, which included cuts in      for the majority of riders.
employee health care costs, zero or     in $4 round trips, up from the cur-      health and human services pro-              The vote was unanimous among
minimal wage increases and hiring       rent $3. Lieb noted that four years      grams and the elimination of             the seven board members who
freezes. TCAT in 2012 will still face   ago, rural round trips were reduced      vacant positions.                        attended. The budget is effective
a $530,000 deficit, which board         from $6 to current levels, so the $4          To that end, TCAT’s incoming        Jan. 1, and fare increases and serv-
members described as “unsustain-        per round trip remains an “extraor-      2012 board chairman and county           ice reductions go into effect Jan.
able” going forward.                    dinary value, and among the least        legislator Pam Mackesey said her         15.

Recognizing the New Signs of Sustainability
           By Marian Brown              raise awareness by showing a rep-        profit organizations supporting          find these “signs,” we scour web-
                                        resentative sampling of the great        some aspect of sustainable develop-      sites, clip news items from regional
This is the latest installment in our   efforts of players in different sec-     ment; and new sustainable activi-        publications and organizational
Signs of Sustainability series,                                  .
                                        tors of our community We were            ties or programs unveiled by exist-      reports, watch for listserve
organized        by       Sustainable   taken aback by the overwhelmingly        ing businesses or nonprofit organi-      announcements and sometimes
Tompkins. Visit them online at          positive reaction people had to both     zations. This year, we added two         just notice something new happen-            being recognized publicly and            new categories: milestones, that is,     ing in a store. We also enlist the
   Sustainable Tompkins continual-      learning that they were not labor-       recognizing organizations or pro-        help of the community to make
ly watches for the newest “Signs of     ing alone in the shadows. We were        grams that have been in place for a      sure we are made aware of all the
Sustainability” in our community    .   all heartened to know how many           period of time; and recognition,         new Signs of Sustainability that
For the past five years, we have        kindred spirits were working in          acknowledging activities that were       joined the local movement each
turned the spotlight on individuals     our community to cocreate a better       awarded for their effort by other        year.
and organizations doing their part      future.                                  entities.                                   And did you all deliver this year!
to help advance community sus-             We also, however, received some            Since 2007, we have announced       It took four volunteers to comb
tainability. We highlight these         gentle criticism for not mentioning      all the new Signs of Sustainability      through and organize all the col-
efforts in order to demonstrate         some great efforts that first year.      at a formal event in December and        lected material and help write the
what is possible and to help new        So, for 2007, we created a more for-     issued award certificates to each        citations. This year we are
activists connect with others           mal program to recognize examples        honoree. We have noted with              acknowledging over 300 new Signs
engaged in similar endeavors.           of individuals and entities whose        delight that a significant number of                        .
                                                                                                                          of Sustainability Even so, we are
    With all of us working together     work during the prior year was           those certificates awarded in years      fully aware that we still didn’t see
in different ways to resolve our        supportive of our organizational         past now proudly grace the walls of      or hear about all the efforts of the
shared sustainability challenges,       mission to promote the long-term         some of the businesses and organi-       activists hard at work to create a
we spur faster and deeper forward       well-being of our communities and        zations we recognized.                                                 .
                                                                                                                          more sustainable community It’s a
motion of this most necessary           region by integrating social equity,         Remember, we’re always watch-        great problem to have—there are so
social movement.                        economic vitality, ecological stew-                                     .
                                                                                 ing for Signs of Sustainability To                            Please turn to page 14
    When we first offered this con-     ardship, and personal and civic
cept of signs of sustainability in      responsibility .
2006, we envisioned it simply as an          Each year, between Dec. 1 and
entertaining interlude during our       Nov. 30, we watch for and acknowl-
Sustainable Tompkins holiday            edge three categories of new Signs
party Our aim with the PowerPoint
     .                                  of Sustainability: new sustainable
presentation that year was just to      enterprises; new programs or non-

                                                                                                                             Tompkins Weekly    December 19        11
Tompkins County Community Calendar...                                                                                       reduced monthly payment options available through             Ithaca; 7–8:30PM, Tai Chi for Wellness; Info., 273-
                   19 Monday                                                     20 Tuesday                                 Lifelong - 607-273-1511 - and the          1511 or
                                                                                                                            Lansing Library).                                             Loaves & Fishes Community Kitchen, 12 Noon, St.
All Saints Bingo, 6pm, All Saints Church, 347 Ridge           Adult Karate, Seishi Honbu, 15 Catherwood Road,               Toddler Storytime, 10:30-11am, October-April,                 John's Church, 210 N Cayuga St., Open to all, no lim-
Rd., Lansing, 533-7344.                                       Ithaca. Formal, traditional, japanese discipline,             Tompkins County Library, Thaler/Howell Programming            itations or requirements. Info.,
Baby Storytime, 10:30-11am, Tompkins Co. Public               Progressive noon time classes for men and women.              Room, Toddlers (16 months to 2 years) and their care          Men’s Group, 5-6:30pm, 612 W. State St. Ithaca, open to
Library, Caregivers and newborns up to 15 months old          Info., (607) 277-1047 Email           givers are invited to join us for rhythmic stories and rol-   men with prostate cancer & their spouses/partners.
are invited to join us each Monday in the Thaler/Howell       Al-Anon, 12noon, 518 W. Seneca St., Ithaca, Meeting           licking fun, Info., 272-4557 ext. 275.                        Meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month.
Programming Room for stories, songs, and together-            open to anyone affected by another person’s drinking.         Toddler Time Storytime, 10am, Groton Public Library,          Mindfulness Practice, 7:30-9pm, Hospicare, 172 E.
ness. For more info, 272-4557 ext. 275.                       Info., 387-5701.                                              Enjoy stories with Mrs. Radford, Info., 898-5055.             King Rd., Ithaca, In times of stress, the present
Breastfeeding: Plan for Success, Every 3rd                    Amnesty International Group 73, Kahin Center,                 Tot Spot, 9:30-11:30am, Ithaca Youth Bureau, Mid              moment can seem anything but wonderful. The group
Monday, Cayuga Medical Center, For new and experi-            Cornell University, 640 Stewart Ave., 3rd Tuesday of          October thru Late April. Indoor stay and play for chil-       meets each Wednesday to practice mindfulness as
enced moms and their partners. Fee $15 per family.            each month. Info 273-3009.                                    dren 5 months to 5 years & grown-ups of any age.              taught by Vietnamese Zen monk, Thich Nhat Hanh. This
Info., 274-4408 or                         Animal Time: Best Bug Parade, 10:30am,                        Children ages 5 months to 1 year: $2; Children ages 1         group is open to everyone, regardless of experience or
Continuing        Beginning         Ballet  for    Adults,    Sciencenter, 601 First St., Ithaca. Toddlers and              year to 5 years: $4; Adults always FREE! Frequent Visit       spiritual affiliation. For more information, contact
5:30–7:30pm, CSMA, 330 E. Martin Luther King Jr./State        preschoolers are invited to hear the story "Best Bug          Discount Passes Available for Recreation Partnership          Pamela Goddard at 607-273-8678 or Dr. Nancy
St., drop-ins welcome, Nathanielsz Dance Studio,              Parade" by Stuart J. Murphy and make their own lady-          Residents, Info., 273-8364.                                   Stewart at 607-277-0260.
Instructor, Miranda Strichartz.                               bugs. Sciencenter admission is always free to children        Tuesday Morning Art Classes for Children, 9:15-               Open Computer Lab for On-line Application Help,
Cortland Youth Center, Open from 12-9pm. Info:                under age 3.                                                  11:30am, Dryden Community Cafe, Main St., Dryden,             10-12noon, Workforce NY, 171 E. State Street, Center or call 753-0872.                      Belly Dancing, 7:30-8:30pm, CSMA, 330 E. Martin               Please come by to sign up, or email Leslie at robert-         Ithaca Building, Room 241, Ithaca, Info., Phone: (607)
Creating an Effective Cover Letter Workshop, 1-               Luther King Jr./State St., Nathanielsz Dance        , or leave a note at the Cafe.            272-7570 ext. 126.
2pm, Workforce NY, 171 E. State Street, Center Ithaca         StudioDrop-ins welcome, Katharyn Howd Machan.                 Women's Barbershop Chorus, 6:45-9:15PM, prac-                 Parkinson’s Support Group, Cornell Cooperative
Building, Room 241, Ithaca, Info., Phone: (607) 272-          Candor Library Story Hour, 10:15am, Candor Free               tices Tuesday evenings at Boynton Middle School, New          Extension, 615 Willow Ave., 2-3:30pm. Meets every
7570 ext. 126.                                                Library, Bank and Main St., Info. ,659-7258.                  voices welcome.                                               3rd Wed. For those with Parkinson’s and/or their care-
Drawing through Time, 2pm, Museum of the Earth,               Cayuga Chimes Annual Holiday Chorus, 6:45pm,                  Yoga for Women in Midlife, 6-7:15pm, 132                      givers. Info., 274-5492 Office for the Aging.
Trumansburg Rd., Ithaca. Cool down with drawing               Boynton Middle School Music Room, Ithaca, Women of            Northview Road, Ithaca, Explore the possibilities for         Qigong for Breast Wellness, Every Wednesday from
through times ice age series. Info., www.museu-               all ages invited. No experience necessary. Info.,             renewed strength and aliveness, calm and alert mind,          1-2pm at Ahimsa Studio, behind the DeWitt Mall in                                              (607)273-2324 or                        with acceptance and compassionate awareness.                  Ithaca. No class 11/23. For more information call
Emergency Food Pantry, 1-3:30pm, Tompkins                     Cayuga Club Toastmasters, 6-7pm, meets every                  Information 319-4138 or                   Shawn at (607) 279-6543.
Community Action, 701 Spencer Rd., Ithaca. Provides           Tuesday, 6th floor of Rhodes Hall, Conference Room                                                                          Qigong for Health, 6pm, Ithaca Karate Harmony with
individuals and families with 2-3 days worth of nutri-        #655, Cornell University, Ithaca.                    Info.,
tious food and personal care items. Info. 273-8816.                                                21 Wednesday                                  Nature School, 120 E. King Rd., ancient energy prac-
                                                                                                                                                                                          tices, 273-8980.
Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous, 7-8:30pm,                 Comic Book Club of Ithaca, 7pm, Tompkins County                                                                             Seidaiko “Taiko” Japanese Drum Classes, 7-
Cayuga Medical Center, 301 Dates Dr., Ithaca, Fourth          Public Library, Club meetings are the 1st and 3rd             Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional                8:30pm, World Seishi Karate, 15 Catherwood Rd.,
Floor North Conference Room. Food Addicts in Recovery         Tuesday of the month. Info.,           Families Group, ACA Meets every Wednesday 7:30-               Ithaca, For beginning students. Info www.seishihon-
Anonymous (FA) is a free Twelve Step recovery pro-            Cortland Youth Center, 12noon-9pm, www.cort-                  8:30 pm at The Ithaca Community Recovery Bldg. 2nd   or 277-1047.
gram for anyone suffering from food obsession, overeat-, 753-3021.                                     floor of 518 W. Seneca St Ithaca, NY for more info:           Story Time, 3pm, Newfield Library, Main St., Newfield.
ing, under-eating and bulimia. Call FA at 781-321-9118 or     Crown City Toastmasters Club, meets on the 1st                                               Info., 564-3594,
toll free 1-866-931-6932. Visit our website at                and 3rd Tuesdays from 6:30-7:45pm, Caring Hospice             Babies, Books, and Bounce Time, 11:30-12noon,                 Town of Ithaca Planning Board Meeting, 7pm, 215                                          Center of Cortland, 11 Kennedy Parkway. Info.,                Tompkins County Library, Thaler/Howell Room.                  N. Tioga St., Ithaca.
GIAC Teen Program 4-7pm, 318 N. Albany St., Ithaca,                        Bread of Life Food Pantry in Candor, Rt 96, across            Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Classes, Wednesdays 7-
Game Room, Video Games, Open Gym & Field Trips.               Cuba Friendship Group of Greater Ithaca                       from Post Office, 3-6pm.                                      8:15 pm, Moonlight Dance Studios 407 taughnnock
Groton Library Book Club, 6pm, Groton Public                  Meeting, Unitarian Church Annex, 208 E. Buffalo St.,          “Caregiver Conversations”, 7-8:30pm, Lifelong,                Blvd., Ithaca, Info.,
Library, meets every 2nd Monday of the month. Info.,          Meets the 3rd Tues of every month. Info 387-9830 or           119 W. Court St., Ithaca, Open to those caring for par-       Waffle Wednesdays, 8:30-11am, Dryden Community
898-5055.                                                     email                                     ents, nearby of from a distance, or other elderly rela-       Cafe, Main St., Dryden, Serving hot, fresh waffle from
Harmony Falls Women's A Cappella Chorus,                      Dryden Community Garden's Grow Your Own                       tives/friends. Meets the 3rd Wed of every month. Info.,       scratch, served with either real New York maple syrup
rehearsals 7- 9pm every Monday at TBurg Seneca Rd             Classes, Come dig more deeply into the opportunities          274-5488 or                         or fresh strawberries and cream.
Baptist Church. Women of all ages and singing ability         provided by the Dryden Community Gardens team, or             Community HU Song, 7-7:30pm, Women’s                          Wednesday Breakfast Club, 8:30am, Royal Court
invited to their special Summer Sing program.                 just come to learn. Classes take place on the 3rd             Community Bldg., Ithaca.                                      Restaurant, 529 S. Meadow St., Ithaca, An informal                                   Tuesday of every month, from 6:30-8pm, in the Dryden          Consumer Issues Education Program, Cornell                    breakfast get-together for bereaved adults.
Hatha Yoga in the Svaroopa® Style, 10:15-                     Cafe. Please contact Kerra Quinn with any questions,          Cooperative Extension, 3rd Wed every month. A                 Participants pay for their own breakfast. Info.,
11:45am, Finger Lakes Fitness Center, taught by               at 844-3006 or                          Representative of the NYS Attorney General’s Office           Hospicare and Palliative Care Services email dge-
Shelley Clark, Every Monday, Non-members welcome.             Eating Disorders Family & Friends Support                     will conduct a brief presentation and will be available or 272-0212.
Jazz Dance Classes with Nancy Gaspar, 7:15pm,                 Network, 6:30-8:30pm, Cooperative Ext., 615 Willow            until 1pm to consult. Info.,,        Zen Meditation Practice, Every Wednesday 5:30-
Finger Lakes Fitness Center, 171 E. State St., Center         Ave., Ithaca, every 3rd Tuesday, interactive videoconfer-     272-2292.                                                     6:30pm, Anabel Taylor Hall, Cornell, founders Room.
Ithaca, Non-members & drop-ins welcome. Info 256-3532.        ence with local connections. Info., 272-2292.                 Cortland Youth Center, Open from 12-9pm. Info.,               Sponsored by the Ithaca Zen Center. Prior sitting experi-
Jazzercise, 5:45 & 6:45pm, 119 W Court St., Ithaca.           Emergency Food Pantry, 11:30am-2pm, Tompkins        , 753-3021.                             ence or attendance of an orientation session required to
Jazzercise combines dance, resistance training,               Community Action, 701 Spencer Rd., Ithaca. Provides           Dryden       High       School      Band/Chorus/Jazz          participate.For information or to schedule an orientation,
pilates, yoga, kickboxing and more to create programs         individuals and families with 2-3 days worth of nutri-        Band/BYM, 7pm, Dryden High School Auditorium.                 contact Tony @ 277-1158 or Marissa @ 272-1419.
for people of every age and fitness level. More info.         tious food and personal care items. Info. 273-8816.           Evening Bereavement Support Group, 5:30-7pm,
288-4040 or                               Finger Lakes Gymnastics Unstructured Play-
Knowledge is Power, 6pm, group for those who have             Time, 10:30-11:30am, Sept.-June, 215 Commercial
                                                                                                                            Nina K. Miller Hospicare Center, 172 East King Road,                            22 Thursday
                                                                                                                            Ithaca. 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month, Free
been in abusive relationships, For info., 277-3203.           Avenue, Ithaca, Ages 6mo-5yrs, Cost: 6 Mths - 1 Year          and open to adults who have experienced the loss of a
Kundalini Yoga Classes, 7:30-9pm,               Fine Spirit   - $3. 1 Year - 5 Years Old - $5 for current members,          loved one. For information, contact 272-0212 or               5th Annual "Communities that Care" Blood Drive,
Yoga Studio, 201 Dey St., Ithaca. Info., 760-5386.            $7 for non-members; Info., 273-5187,                     or           visit    Proudly Hosted by the Ithaca Ramada - 2310 North
Lifelong Schedule, 8:30–9:30AM, Enhance                       Free GED classes, GIAC- 9:00am-12pm; TST BOCES,                            Triphammer Road, Ithaca. Join us on December 22
Fitness®, Lifelong, 119 W. Court Street, Ithaca;              5:30pm-8:30pm; TC3- 10am-1pm; Newfield Elem.-                 Family Storytime, 11:30-12noon, October-May,                  from 12-7pm. All donors will receive a special gift.
9–10AM, Enhance Fitness®, Juniper Manor I, 24 Elm             9:00am-12pm; South Seneca Elem. -9:00am-12pm; Call            Tompkins County Public Library, Thayler/Howell Room,          Adult Karate, Seishi Honbu, 15 Catherwood Road,
St., Trumansburg; 9–10AM, Enhance Fitness®, Kendal            257-1561 to register.                                         Free for everyone.                                            Ithaca. Formal, traditional, japanese discipline,
at Ithaca, 2230 North Triphammer Road;                        GIAC Teen Program, 7-9pm, BJM, 318 N. Albany St.,             Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous, 7-8:30pm,                 Progressive noon time classes for men and women.
9:30–10:30AM, Enhance Fitness®, Newfield Garden               Ithaca, Game Room, Video Games, Open Gym & Field              The 1st Congregational Church, 309 Highland Rd.,              Info., (607) 277-1047 Email
Apartments, 261 Main St.; 10–11AM, Tai Chi Class, Titus       Trips, 272-3622.                                              Ithaca, Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) is a          AL-ANON Hope for Today, 7:30pm, 518 West Seneca
Towers Apartments, 800 South Plain St.,; 10–12Noon,           Harmony UMC Helping Hands Pantry, for residents               free Twelve Step recovery program for anyone suffering        St., Ithaca, main floor, Meeting open to anyone affected by
Clay Class; 10:15–11:15AM, Enhance Fitness, Dryden            of Harford from 3:30-6pm, Harford, "Neighbors help-           from food obsession, overeating, under-eating and bulim-      another person’s drinking, Info., 844-4210.
Fire Hall, 26 North Street; 12:30–1:30PM, Strength            ing neighbors".                                               ia. Info., toll free 866-931-6932 or 718-321-9118 or          Anorexia Nervosa & Associated Disorders, 7pm,
Training; 1:45–3PM, Off-Site Senior Chorus; 2–3PM,            Immaculate Conception Church Food Pantry, 1-                  www.                                         Cooperative Extension, 614 W. State St., for those in
Enhance Fitness® -McGraw House Annex, 211 S.                  1:45pm, Seneca near Geneva St., Ithaca, Free, fresh           Free GED classes, TST BOCES, 5:30pm-8:30pm;                   need of help & recovery. Info., 272-2292.
Geneva St.; 2–4PM, Current Events/World Affairs;              produce, breads, desserts, dairy and deli. For low to         Candor HS, 5:00pm-8:00pm; South Seneca Elem.,                 Asperger's Support Group Meeting, 7pm, base-
7–9PM, International Folk Dancing; Info., 273-1511 or         moderate incomes, limit 1 pantry per week.                    9:00am-12pm; Call 257-1561 to register.                       ment of St. Luke Lutheran Church at 109 Oak Avenue                                                                   Hanukkah Celebrations in Center Ithaca, The                   in Collegetown. If you have questions, please contact
Loaves & Fishes Community Kitchen, 12 Noon, St.               J-Ville Jazzy Jumble Thrift Shop, 4:30-7:30pm,                Roitman Chabad Center at Cornell University and the           Robin L. Booth at
John's Church, 210 N Cayuga St., Open to all, no lim-         Jacksonville Church on Rte. 96, Our prices can’t be           Downtown Ithaca Alliance would like to invite the com-        Cancer Resource Center Yoga Class, 9:30am-
itations or requirements. Info.,              beat. Info. 277-1216.                                         munity to participate in Hanukkah celebrations taking         11am, Island Health and Fitness, The classes are free
New York State Senator Tom O’Mara, 5:30pm,                    Jazzercise, 5:45pm, 119 W Court St., Ithaca.                  place in Center Ithaca in the coming weeks. A large           to anyone with a cancer diagnosis, but registration is
Newfield Town Hall, 166 Main St.,informal and open to         Jazzercise combines dance, resistance training,               menorah in the upper atrium of Center Ithaca will first       required. To do so, call the Cancer Resource Center at
the public. They’re aimed at giving local residents an        pilates, yoga, kickboxing and more to create programs         be lit at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, December 20 to cele-            277-0960 or contact
opportunity to directly share their concerns, opinions        for people of every age and fitness level. More info.         brate the beginning of Hanukkah. Subsequent lightings         Community Police Board Meeting, 4th Thursday of
and suggestions for better government. O’Mara’s               288-4040.                                                     will take place at 5pm on Wednesday, December 21,             the month at 3:30pm on the third floor of City Hall.
Elmira district office can be contacted at 607-735-           Joint Policy & Planning Committee Meeting, 2-4pm,             Thursday, December 22, Monday, December 26, and               The public is always welcome to attend. Minutes can
9671. He can also be contacted by e-mail at                   Ithaca-Tompkins Transit Center, 737 Willow Ave., Ithaca.      Tuesday, December 27. On Monday, December 26,                 be found on the City of Ithaca website.                                           Karate, 5:30-6:30, Kwon's Champion School, 123                the menorah lighting at 5:00 pm will also include food        Cortland Youth Center, Open from 12-9pm, Info.,
Out Loud Chorus, 7-8:30pm, Briar Patch Vet, 706               Ithaca Commons, Martial arts classes for all ages, chil-      and music. If you have any questions, please contact, 753-3021.
Elmira Rd., Ithaca, Urban Choral Music. No auditions,         dren and adults, Never too old or too young. Info.,           the Roitman Chabad Center at Cornell University:              Creative Movement for ages 2-4yrs, Thursdays at
no experience necessary. Looking for new singers. All                                             (607) 227-4082.                                               11:30-12noon, Ithaca YMCA,
genders and sexual expressions welcome. Find out              Knowledge is Power, 6pm, group for those who have             Ithaca Community Police Board Drop-In Hours, 2-               Depression Support Group, 5:30-7pm, Finger Lakes
more at Email outloudchorus-           been in abusive relationships, For info., 277-3203.           5pm, GIAC, 301 West Court Street, Ithaca, you can             Independence Center, 215 Fifth Street, Ithaca. Every, or call 607-280-0374.                             Lifelong Schedule, 9–11AM, Blood Pressure Clinic,             also make an appointment. To leave a private mes-             Thurs. The group is free, confidential and organized by
Overeaters Anonymous, 7:30-8:30pm, Henry St. John             FREE; 9–12PM, Morning Watercolor Studio;                      sage or make an appointment, call 275-0799.                   people who have personal experience with depres-
Building, 301 S. Geneva St., #103, corner W. Clinton St.,     9:30–11:30AM, Football: The 2011 College and                  Ithaca Veterans Acupuncture Clinic, 5pm, Ithaca               sion. Info., 272-2433.
Speakers/Literature meeting, Meetings are free, confiden-     Professional Seasons; 10–12noon, Extra Class---               Community Acupuncture, free "ear" acupuncture for all         Digital Download Drop-In Tutorials, 5-6pm,
tial, no weigh-ins or diets, Info., 387-8253.                 Family History Safari; 10–12PM, Open Computer                 US Veterans and their families. IVAC takes place every        Tompkins County Public Library, Ithaca. Join our refer-
Personal Defense, 7:30-8:30pm, World Seishi                   Lab/Discussion; 11:30–12:30PM, Tai Chi, Lansing               Wednesday evening. Info., www.ithacacommunity-                ence librarians for free, drop-in tutorials on using the
Karate, Catherwood Road, Ithaca, Info., www.seishi-           Community Library, Auburn Road; 1:30–4:30PM,         or call 607-319-5454.                         OverDrive Digital Download service for downloading or 277-1047.                                Sensual Seniors; 1–4PM, Confidential HIV Testing and          Jazz Dance Classes with Nancy Gaspar, 5:45pm,                 eBooks and audiobooks to Kindles, Nooks, iPads,
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Meeting, PTSD                  Counseling, by appt, Call 274-6683; 1–4PM,                    Finger Lakes Fitness Center,171 E. State St., Center          smartphones or other app-based devices. Participants
Ithaca is a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder support            Afternoon Art Studio; 2:15–4:30PM, Open Computer              Ithaca, lower level, Non-members & drop-ins welcome,          will need a valid Library card and password to down-
group for individuals in and around Ithaca, NY who have       Lab; Info., 273-1511 or                   Info., 256-3532.                                              load items to their devices. Nook users who own lap-
been diagnosed with (or think they may have) Post             Loaves & Fishes Community Kitchen, 6pm, St.                   Jazzercise, 5:45pm, 119 W Court St., Ithaca, Jazzercise       tops are also asked to bring their laptops along. Info.,
Traumatic Stress Disorder. Meetings are every                 John's Church, 210 N Cayuga St., Open to all, no lim-         combines dance, resistance training, pilates, yoga, kick-
Monday at 6:30 p.m. Please call 607-279-0772 for              itations or requirements. Info.,              boxing and more to create programs for people of every        "Eldercare and Minfulness", 6:30pm, Lifelong, 119
more information.                                             Meditation at Rasa Spa. 7:30-8:30pm. Tranquility              age and fitness level. Info., 288-4040.                       W. Court St., Ithaca. The meeting is open to anyone
Pre-School Story Hour and Craft, 10am, The                    Room, Shamatha, or “calm abiding”, meditation. $5             Kundalini Yoga Classes, 6:30-8PM, Pure and Simple             caring for an elderly spouse, parent, other relative or
SPCA Annex at The Shops at Ithaca Mall.                       donation. Info., 273-1740, visit             Yoga Studio, Cortland.                                        friend. The group meets every week. For more infor-
Shakuhachi Flute w/Senpai Kim, 6:30-7:30pm,                   Overeaters Anonymous, 12:15-1:15pm, Henry St.                 Lansing Writers' Group, 7PM, Lansing Community                mation on the group, please contact Robert Levine at
World Seishi Karate, 15 Catherwood Rd., Ithaca, Info.,        John Building, 301 S. Geneva St., #103, corner W.             Library, 27 Auburn Road, Lansing, Meetings are open           the Office for the Aging at (607) 274-5482 or at or 277-1047.                      Clinton St., 12 Steps & 12 Traditions meeting; 7-8pm,         to adults and focused, mature minors who strive to   or view a flyer about the
Story Time: Best Bug Parade, 10:30am,                         Watkins Glen Library; Meetings are free, confidential,        improve their writing skills and learn from each other.       group on the Office for the Aging website: www.tomp-
Sciencenter, 601 First St., Ithaca. Toddlers and              no weigh-ins or diets. Info., 387-8253.                       All genres, skill levels, and writing types are welcome.
preschoolers are invited to hear the story Best Bug           Sexual Compulsives Anonymous, 5:30pm, This is                 Additional info.,            Foster Parent and Adoption Informational
Parade by Stuart J. Murphy and make their own lady-           an anonymous 12-Step Group of men and women                   ingwritersgroup. Free and open to the public.                 Meeting, 12noon, Human Services Building, Ithaca.
bugs. Info.,                             whose purpose is to recover from sexual compulsion.           “Let’s take a walk” 8-9am, A low key walk for men and         Please come if you are interested in making a positive
Ulysses Historical Society Museum, 9-11am, 39                 Info., or           women with any type of cancer; enjoy a weekly walk and        difference in the lives of children. Call 274-5266 for
South St., Trumansburg, Genealogical research. Info.,         Stress Management Group, 11am, Starlight Center,              good conversation. Meets inside entrance to Border’s,         more information.
387-6666.                                                     301 S. Geneva St., Ithaca, Suite 110, 277-7337.               The Shops at Ithaca Mall. Info, Cancer Resource Center        Free GED classes, GIAC, 9:00am-12pm; Candor Elem-
VOICES Multicultural Chorus Rehearsal, 7-9pm,                 Tai Chi Yang Long Form, 7-8pm, Abovoagogo Art                 of the Finger Lakes. 612 W State St. 277-0960.                9:00am-12pm; Groton Elem- 9:00am-12pm; TC3- 10am-
Ithaca Unitarian Church Annex, 2nd floor, 208 E.              Studio, 409 W. Seneca St., Ithaca, with Anthony Fazio         Lifelong Schedule, 8:30–9:30AM, Enhance                       1pm; TST BOCES- 1pm-4pm ; Call 257-1561 to register.
Buffalo St., Ithaca, VOICES is a NO AUDITION choral           LAC, CA, Fees: $10 per class; $30 for the month;              Fitness®, Lifelong, 119 W. Court Street, Ithaca;              GIAC Teen Program, 4-7pm, 318 N. Albany St.,
project of the Ithaca Community Choruses singing              Info., 272-0114.                                              9–10AM, Enhance Fitness®, Juniper Manor I, 24 Elm             Ithaca, Game Room, Video Games, Open Gym & Field
songs from diverse & ethnic choral traditions. Come           T'ai Chi Classes at Lansing Library, 11:30AM-                 St., Trumansburg; 9–10AM, Enhance Fitness®, Kendal            Trips, Info., 272-3622.
at 6:30 to register or on line at http://ithacacommuni-       12:30PM, Lansing Community Library, 27 Auburn                 at Ithaca, 2230 North Triphammer Road; 9–10:30AM,             Halsey Valley Pantry, 4–4:45pm, GAR building,                                      Road, Lansing, John Burger - Instructor. T'ai Chi pro-        Lace Knitting class #1; 9–12Noon, HIICAP Health               Hamilton Rd, Halsey Valley,         Free, fresh produce,
Yoga Classes, 5-6:15pm, Mindful Movement in                   motes balance, flexibility, coordination and can reduce       Insurance Counseling, by appointment. Call 273-               breads, desserts, dairy and deli. For low to moderate
Community Corners, 903 Hanshaw Rd., Suite 201,                pain. T'ai Chi is also been shown to lower the risk of        1511; 9:30–10:30AM, Enhance Fitness®, Newfield                incomes, limit 1 pantry per week, Info., www.friend-
Info., 607-592-5493.                                          falls, increase energy levels, enhance sleep, and             Garden Apartments, 261 Main St.; 10:15–11:15AM,     
Zen Meditation Practice, Every Monday 5:30-6:30pm,            reduce stress and anxiety. Using precise, fluid move-         Enhance Fitness, Dryden Fire Hall, 26 North Street;           Karate, 5:30-6:30, Kwon's Champion School, 123
Anabel Taylor Hall, Cornell, founders Room. Sponsored by      ments, T'ai Chi can dissolve tension, increase your           1–3PM, German Class; 1–3:30PM, Crafting Circle-               Ithaca Commons, Martial arts classes for all ages, chil-
the Ithaca Zen Center. Prior sitting experience or atten-     strength and cardiovascular fitness, and leave you with       Needlework and Quilting; 2–3PM, Enhance Fitness®,             dren and adults, Never too old or too young. Info.,
dance of an orientation session required to participate.For   a greater awareness, calmness, and overall sense of           McGraw House Annex, 211 S. Geneva St.; 5–7PM, Off-  
information or to schedule an orientation, contact Tony @     wholeness. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.           Site, Man-to-Man Prostate Cancer Support Group,               Lifelong Schedule, 9–10:30AM, Cancelled-, Lace
277-1158 or Marissa @ 272-1419.                               REGISTRATION & COST: $5/class (Scholarships and               Cancer Resource Center, 612 West State Street,                Knitting class #2 ; 10–11:30AM, Asking the Right

12          Tompkins Weekly        December 19
Questions; 10–11:30AM, How the Earth Works;                   Cornell, These viewing nights are run by the Cornell
12:30–1:30PM, Strength Training Class; 2–3PM, Senior          Astronomical Society. Call 255-3557 to find out if we                             26 Monday                                                         Everyday
Theatre Troupe; 2:15–4PM, Open Computer Lab;                  are open on a given night. Open to Everyone, Free
6:30–8PM, Caregiver Conversations Support Group; Call         Story Time, 10:30am, Edith B. Ford Memorial Library,          All Saints Bingo, 6pm, All Saints Church, 347 Ridge             A Closer Look – Plant Photography by Susan
274-5482 for information; 6–8PM, Discussion Group:            Ovid, Children enjoy stories, hands-on arts and crafts,       Rd., Lansing, 533-7344.                                         Larkin, November 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011,
Windows/Linux; 7:15-9PM, Toastmasters Meeting; Info.,         science activities, and songs.           Baby Storytime, 10:30-11am, Tompkins Co. Public                 The Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center, Cornell
273-1511 or                               Taiiko Drumming, Seishi Honbu, 15 Catherwood                  Library, Caregivers and newborns up to 15 months old            Plantations. Info.,
Live Music, Autumn Leaves, the Commons, 7-9pm.                Road, Ithaca. "Seidaiko" Taiko classes for adults and         are invited to join us each Monday in the Thaler/Howell         After School Care and Enrichment, Monday-Friday,
Info., 229-4825.                                              children. Pre-registration now open. Pleasure and or          Programming Room for stories, songs, and together-              3PM, Seishi Juku Karate, 15 Catherwood Rd., Ithaca,
Loaves & Fishes Community Kitchen, 6pm, Loaves                performance training. Info., 607-277-1047 Email               ness. For more info, 272-4557 ext. 275.                         Youth programs, ages 4 thru teens, register for recre-
& Fishes, 210 N Cayuga St., Open to all, no limitations                                       Continuing        Beginning         Ballet    for    Adults,    ation and/or instruction daily , guitar, vocals, drum-
or requirements. Info.,                       Take a Tour of the Museum, 11:30am, Museum of the             5:30–7:30pm, CSMA, 330 E. Martin Luther King Jr./State          ming, karate/judo, dendo, tumbling. Tuition rates for
Men’s Breakfast Group, 8–9am, location TBD, for               Earth, 1259 Trumansburg Rd., The Museum of the Earth          St., drop-ins welcome, Nathanielsz Dance Studio,                members and non-members. For information contact:
men with any type/stage of cancer, Every Thursday,            is pleased to offer exhibit tours included with admission.    Instructor, Miranda Strichartz.                                 277-1047
Call 277-0960.                                                The tour is of the Museum’s permanent exhibition hall, A      Cortland Youth Center, Open from 12-9pm. Info:                  Birkram's Yoga Classes, ;Bikram's Yoga is 26 postures
"New to Cancer" Support Group, 12noon-1pm,                    Journey through Time, share the story of the Earth and its or call 753-0872.                        with two breathing exercises, 90 minutes in a VERY warm
Cancer Resource Room (In Cayuga Medical Center's              life. Info., 273-6623.                                        Drawing through Time, 2pm, Museum of the Earth,                 room. Classes every day. Info., (607) 269-9642 or
Medical Office Building, immediately adjacent to the          Tales for Tots Storytime, 11am, Barnes & Noble,               Trumansburg Rd., Ithaca. Cool down with drawing       
infusion suite of Drs. Garbo and Bael. This is a drop-in      we read fantastic and imaginative stories for young           through times ice age series. Info., www.museu-                 Cass Park Rink Open Skate, 701 Taughannock Blvd.,
group - come as often as is helpful. Ask questions, find      readers. Info., 273-6784 or                                                             Ithaca, Hours: M-F 8:30am-11:30am, 11:45am-2:15pm,
resources, and make connections. For information,             Technology 'R Us, Read Forever with Nook, 5-                  Emergency Food Pantry, 1-3:30pm, Tompkins                       2:30pm-5pm, Friday Evenings: 7:30--10:15pm, Saturday
contact Kerry Quinn at or               7pm, Barnes & Noble , 614 S. Meadow St., Ithaca,              Community Action, 701 Spencer Rd., Ithaca. Provides             Evenings 1-10pm, Sat & Sun afternoons 2:30pm-5:15pm,
277-0960.                                                     Curious about the new technology of ebooks?                   individuals and families with 2-3 days worth of nutri-          $3 skate rental, Info., 273-1090,,
Out of Bounds Radio Show, hosted by TISH PEARLMAN             Interested but unsure where to start? Join us and let us      tious food and personal care items. Info. 273-8816.             Open Oct.-April.
will feature poet SARAH JEFFERIS. 7pm: WEOS-FM ( 90.3         show you Nook can work for you. Learn about the               Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous, 7-8:30pm,                   Freeskool Classes, Calendars with complete class
& 89.7 Geneva region), Live Stream:                 affordability of a modern and portable library with us        Cayuga Medical Center, 301 Dates Dr., Ithaca, Fourth            descriptions are being distributed throughout Ithaca and
Overeaters Anonymous, 6:15-7pm, Henry St. John                and we’ll cover all the basics, answer any questions          Floor North Conference Room. Food Addicts in Recovery           are              available              online              at
Building, 301 S. Geneva St., #103, corner W. Clinton St.,     you have and even demonstrate exciting extras like            Anonymous (FA) is a free Twelve Step recovery pro-    
Just for Today/open sharing meeting. Meetings are free,       using Nook with your library card or playing Angry            gram for anyone suffering from food obsession, overeat-         Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell
confidential, no weigh-ins or diets. Info., 387-8253.         Birds. Info., 274-6784.                                       ing, under-eating and bulimia. Call FA at 781-321-9118 or       University, Ithaca, Tuesdays to Sundays, 10am-
Prenatal Yoga Classes 5:30-7pm. Diane Fine. Info.,            Ulysses Historical Society Museum, 39 South St.,              toll free 1-866-931-6932. Visit our website at                  5pm, Always free admission,, 564-3690 or             Trumansburg, 2-4pm. Genealogical research. Info.,                                     
Preschool Storytime. Tompkins County Public                   387-6666.                                                     GIAC Teen Program 4-7pm, 318 N. Albany St., Ithaca,             Jazzercise, Dance exercise program in Lansing and
Library, 3-3:30pm, Thaler/Howell Programming Room.            West Village Apartments Food Pantry, 12:30-                   Game Room, Video Games, Open Gym & Field Trips.                 Cortland. Cardio, strength and stretch choreo-
Pre-school-aged children (3-5years) are invited to join       1:30pm, Every 3rd Friday, parking lot in front of apt         Grandparent’s Group, 6:30-8:30pm, Family &                      graphed to a variety of music. 3-5 classes daily a.m.
us for stories, songs, activities and fun, Info., 272-        #637, Ithaca.                                                 Children’s Service, 127 West State Street. Supportive           and p.m. Visit for class times or call
4557 ext. 275.                                                Yoga for People with Cancer, 10:30am-12noon, Island           and educational support group for grandparents who              288-4040.
ReUse Volunteer Evening, Triphammer Marketplace               Health & Fitness. Gentle stretching, relaxation exercises,    are raising their preschool & school-aged grandchil-            J.M. McDonald Sports Complex Ice Skating,
from 5:30-8PM, every Thursday, throughout the winter          healing visualizations, and meditation. For information,      dren. Free of charge. Meet’s 4th Monday of the month.           4292 Fairgrounds Dr, Cortland, come for Open skat-
months. Meet great people and help make donated               contact instructor Nick Boyar at 272-2062 or Sharon           Childcare can be provided, register 273-7494. Groton            ing, Skate n Shoot, Freestyle skating, Adult and youth
items ready for sale: we’ll clean, sort and organize          Kaplan at 277-0960 $10 per class. Scholarship available       Library Book Club, 6pm, Groton Public Library, meets            hockey, Lunch skate and Rock n Skate sessions.
loads of really cool stuff! Help us improve retail dis-       through the Cancer Resource Center.                           every 2nd Monday of the month. Info., 898-5055.                 Visit for full list of times.
plays, and other tasks that will help us manage the                                                                         Groton Womens Community Center, 112 McKinley                    Lights on the Lake, 5-10pm, Onondaga Lake Park,
huge flow of incoming donations. We’d like to know                                                                          Ave., Groton. Mon. 10am-2pm & 5-7pm; Tues. 10am-2pm,            Liverpool, Nov. 17th-January 8, Lights on the lake is a
you’re coming, so please RSVP to Louise Henrie,
                                                                                24 Saturday                                 evenings appointment only; Thurs. 10am-2pm; 5-7pm; Sat          two mile long drive-thru show. Info., http://lightsonthe-, or call (607) 257-9699.                                                                        by appointment only. Offering hope and help to all women
Additional information can be found online at www.fin-        Animal Feeding, Cayuga Nature Center. Noon. Feel              in need. Call or stop by and see what we have to offer you      Museum of Science and Technology, 500 S.                                            free to visit CNC as our animal volunteers feed our           for your need. Info 898-4904 or 898-3854.                       Franklin St., Syracuse, science and technology center,
Separated and Divorced Men's Group, 7pm, facili-              many animals, then hike one of our trails or visit the        Harmony Falls Women's A Cappella Chorus,                        inspiring all generations through hands-on education
tated by Dr. Jerry Feist, Info., 277-4131.                    tree house. Free for members, low cost to visitors.           rehearsals 7- 9pm every Monday at TBurg Seneca Rd               and entertainment. Info., (315)425-9068 or visit
Spinknitters, 1pm, Ulysses Philomathic Library, 74 E          Info                              Baptist Church. Women of all ages and singing ability 
Main Street, Trumansburg, A active, friendly cama-            Dickens Christmas in Skaneateles, 12noon-3pm,                 invited to their special Summer Sing program.                   Museum of the Earth, Trumansburg Rd., Ithaca,
raderie of stitch savvy knitters. Open to all skill levels,   Village of Skaneateles, Charles Dickens and his cast of                                     Hours: Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10am-
beginning knitters welcome. Info., 607-387-5623.              characters, directed by Jim Greene of Scarlett Rat            Hatha Yoga in the Svaroopa® Style, 10:15-                       5pm, Sunday 11am-5pm, Closed Tuesday and
Storytime with Ms. Susie, 10:30am, Lansing                    Entertainment, will interact with residents and visitors      11:45am, Finger Lakes Fitness Center, taught by                 Wednesday from Labor Day to Memorial Day, Closed
Community Library, 29 Auburn Road, Lansing, Join us for       in the streets, stores and restaurants.              Info.,   Shelley Clark, Every Monday, Non-members welcome.               Thanksgiving Day. Visit us on the web at www.museu-
stories, songs, and fun, Different theme each week, all                                          Holiday Break, Corning Museum of Glass, December      
ages welcome, Free.                                           Family Storytime, Tompkins County Public Library,             26 – 31, School’s out! Bring the kids to the Museum for         Tai Chi Classes, Monday-Saturday, Taoist Tai Chi
Taiiko Drumming, Seishi Honbu, 15 Catherwood                  11:30am-Noon, Thaler/Howell Programming Room.                 a great day’s outing and enjoy special activities, includ-      Society 1201 N. Tioga St. (old Fall Creek Cinema build-
Road, Ithaca. "Seidaiko" Taiko classes for adults and         Saturdays. Children of all ages and their caregivers          ing extended Make Your Own Glass hours and special              ing). For health, healing and fullness of life try Taoist Tai
children. Pre-registration now open. Pleasure and or          are invited to join us for exciting stories, lively music     Hot Glass Show features (“You Design It; We Make it!”).         Chi.     For listing of class times visit us at
performance training. Info., 607-277-1047 Email               and family-friendly fun. Info., 272-4557 ext. 275.            Included in Museum admission. Adult admission is $14.00,                    e-mail                                       GIAC Teen Program After Hours Spot 4-midnight.                (discounts apply); kids and teens, 19 and under, free. or call 277-5491.
Thursday Night Spaghetti Special,                  Dryden     318 N. Albany St.. Ithaca, Music, movies, open gym,           Contact (800) 732-6845 for more information.                    Taiko Drum Lessons, Seishi Karate, 15 Catherwood
Community Cafe, 1 West Main St., Dryden, Our                  game room, video games, computers, skating & more.            Jazz Dance Classes with Nancy Gaspar, 7:15pm,                   Rd., Ithaca, with "SeiDaiko". Introduction through
Thursday spaghetti dinner comes with a side salad and         Info., 272-3622.                                              Finger Lakes Fitness Center, 171 E. State St., Center           Advance Traditional Taiko Drumming and More!
Tuscan bread for $4.95 with meatballs just a little bit       Guided Bird Walk, 7:30am, Cornell Lab of                      Ithaca, Non-members & drop-ins welcome. Info 256-3532.          Registration now open., Call
extra. Info., 844-8166.                                       Ornithology, 159 Sapsucker Woods Road, Ithaca, April-         Jazzercise, 5:45 & 6:45pm, 119 W Court St., Ithaca.             (607) 277-1047, email:
Toddler & Pre-School Storytime, 10:30-11AM                    September, Meet in front of the Visitor Center, Info.,        Jazzercise combines dance, resistance training,                 T-Burg Entertainment Center Winter Operations,
every Thursday, Cortland Free Library, 32 Church St,          (800) 843-BIRD,                        pilates, yoga, kickboxing and more to create programs           1966 Route 96, 7 miles north of Ithaca and 3 miles south
Cortland, Info., 753-1042.                                    Hand Drumming for Humans Classes, 3-4pm, Soma                 for people of every age and fitness level. More info.           of Trumansburg. T-Burg Entertainment Center is pleased
Tot Spot, 9:30-11:30am, Ithaca Youth Bureau, Mid              Yoga & Living Arts, 409 West State St., Ithaca, Info.,        288-4040 or                                 to announce the addition of ice skating and indoor arcade
October thru Late April. Indoor stay and play for chil-                                       Knowledge is Power, 6pm, group for those who have               birthday parties to their line up of entertainment activities.
dren 5 months to 5 years & grown-ups of any age.              J-Ville Jazzy Jumble Thrift Shop, Jacksonville                been in abusive relationships, For info., 277-3203.             Opening weekends throughout the winter months starting
Children ages 5 months to 1 year: $2; Children ages 1         Church on Rte. 96. 10am-1pm Saturdays. Info. call             Kundalini Yoga Classes, 7:30-9pm,                 Fine Spirit   December 3rd, the facility will offer outdoor ice skating
year to 5 years: $4; Adults always FREE! Frequent Visit       277-1216.                                                     Yoga Studio, 201 Dey St., Ithaca. Info., 760-5386.              (weather permitting), indoor arcade play, indoor birthday
Discount Passes Available for Recreation Partnership          Jazz Dance Class, 11am, Finger Lakes Fitness                  Loaves & Fishes Community Kitchen, 12 Noon, St.                 parties, food and outdoor miniature golf (weather permit-
Residents, Info., 273-8364.                                   Center, 171 E. State St., Center Ithaca, lower level,         John's Church, 210 N Cayuga St., Open to all, no lim-           ting). The facility will open other days upon request. For
                                                              Beginners. Non-members & drop-ins welcome. Info.,             itations or requirements. Info.,                additional information on T-Burg Entertainment Center's
                                                              256-3532.                                                     Out Loud Chorus, 7-8:30pm, Briar Patch Vet, 706                 attractions, contact Michael or Melinda Cirri at
                     23 Friday                                Karate, 5:30-6:30, Kwon's Champion School, 123                Elmira Rd., Ithaca, Urban Choral Music. No auditions,           607.387.PUTT (7888) or visit
                                                              Ithaca Commons, Martial arts classes for all ages, chil-      no experience necessary. Looking for new singers. All           The Discovery Center, 60 Morgan Rd, Binghamton, Lots
Al-Anon, Meeting open to anyone affected by                   dren and adults, Never too old or too young. Info.,           genders and sexual expressions welcome. Find out                of things to see and do. Free weekend programs and
another person’s drinking. 7pm. Dryden Methodist                                                 more at Email outloudchorus-             Tuesday's Tales and Tunes also Tremendous Thursday's
Church, Park in Rite-Aid lot. Info., 387-5701.                Lifelong Schedule, 9–12PM, Men’s Group, Newcomers   , or call 607-280-0374.                               and many more learning activities. See schedules for
Aqua Zumba, 4:45-6pm, Cortland YMCA, Tompkins                 Welcome; Info., 273-1511 or               Overeaters Anonymous, 7:30-8:30pm, Henry St. John               exact times, Info.,
St., Cortland.                                                McLean Community Church Food Pantry: Church                   Building, 301 S. Geneva St., #103, corner W. Clinton St.,       The Mini-Sub, Sciencenter, Tues-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun
Birthday Parties, Seishi Honbu, 15 Catherwood Road,           St., McLean. 1:30-2:15. 4th Saturday of the month. Free,      Speakers/Literature meeting, Meetings are free, confiden-       Noon-5pm. Come play inside this immersion theater and
Ithaca. Karate, Taiko Drums or your own Theme. Info.,         fresh produce, breads, desserts, dairy and deli. For low      tial, no weigh-ins or diets, Info., 387-8253.                   take a peak at ocean life. A permanent exhibit developed
607-277-1047 Email                    to moderate incomes,             Personal Defense, 7:30-8:30pm, World Seishi                     as part of the museum's Connect to the Ocean exhibition.
"Brown Bag Lunch" 12noon-1pm, Cancer Resource                 Morning Story Time 10am. Caroline Community                   Karate, Catherwood Road, Ithaca, Info., www.seishi-             272-0600 or 601 First St.
Center, 612 W. State St.; open to women with any              Library 2670 Slaterville Rd. Slaterville Springs.    or 277-1047.                                  Ulysses Historical Society Museum, 9-11am, 39
type/stage of cancer, Info., 277-0960.                                                               Photo and Photoshop, √2:30-4pm, Abovoagogo Art                  South St., Trumansburg, Genealogical research. Info.,
Finger Lakes Gymnastics Unstructured Play-                    “Our Brothers, Our Sisters’ Table” hot cooked                 Studio, 409 W. Seneca St., Ithaca, with Gwen Bullock,           387-6666.
Time, 10:30-11:30am, Sept.-June, 215 Commercial               community meal, 12noon, served at the Salvation               Info., 262-6562 or visit                        United Way of Tompkins County Volunteers Needed,
Avenue, Ithaca, Ages 6mo-5yrs, Cost: 6 Mths - 1 Year          Army, 150 N. Albany St. Ithaca. All welcome, No               Portfolio Development for Adults, 7:30-9:30pm,                  community volunteers needed to serve on its Fund
- $3. 1 Year - 5 Years Old - $5 for current members,          income guidelines.                                            Abovoagogo Art Studio, 409 W. Seneca St., Ithaca,               Distribution and Evaluation Review Teams. These volun-
$7 for non-members; Info., 273-5187,            Overeaters Anonymous, 11am-12:15pm, Henry St.                 $25 per session, by apptmt., Info., 262-6562 or visit           teers will evaluate local health and human services organi-
GIAC Teen Program After Hours Spot 4-midnight,                John Building, 301 S. Geneva St., #103, corner W.                                                    zations’ program outcomes and help to award the dona-
318 N. Albany St., Ithaca. Movies, open gym, game             Clinton St., 12 Steps & 12 Traditions meeting; 8-9am,         Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Meeting, PTSD                    tions received during the UWTC Community Campaign.
room, video games, snacks, computers, skating &               Cortland Memorial Nursing Facility; Meetings are free,        Ithaca is a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder support              Please see the attached news release. Questions can be
more, Info., 272-3622.                                        confidential, no weigh-ins or diets. Newcomers always         group for individuals in and around Ithaca, NY who have         directed to Meg Cole at or by calling
Holiday      Family      Stargazing         at   Fuertes      welcome. Info 387-8253.                                       been diagnosed with (or think they may have) Post               607.272.6286.
Observatory, The Cornell Astronomical Society, a              Qigong for Health, 10am, Ithaca Karate Harmony                Traumatic Stress Disorder. Meetings are every                   Vital Self-Defense For Moms and Teen Daughters,
group of student and staff volunteers, holds public           with Nature School, 120 E. King Rd., ancient energy           Monday at 6:30 p.m. Please call 607-279-0772 for                Seishi Karate, 15 Catherwood Rd., Ithaca, Beginner -
viewing hours at the Fuertes Observatory on Cornell's         practices, 273-8980.                                          more information.                                               Intermediate, Private and Group Lessons. Seishi Karate
North Campus every clear Friday evening year-round. If        Secular Organizations for Sobriety Meeting, 2pm,              Pre-School Story Hour and Craft, 10am, The                      Honbu. Registration now open., Call:
the weather permits, on the three Fridays and                 Unitarian Church Offices, Basement at Aurora and              SPCA Annex at The Shops at Ithaca Mall.                         (607) 277-1047. email:
Saturdays closest to Christmas (Dec, 16-17, 23-24,            Buffalo Streets, S.O.S offers a secular approach to           Shakuhachi Flute w/Senpai Kim, 6:30-7:30pm,                     Volunteers Needed, Salvation Army, Ithaca, volun-
and 30-31), we will open for special early-evening fam-       recovery based on self-empowerment and individual             World Seishi Karate, 15 Catherwood Rd., Ithaca, Info.,          teers needed for the holiday Fund Drive, Info., 273-
ily viewing hours from 5:30-10:30pm. Fuertes is locat-        responsibility for one's sobriety.                   or 277-1047.                        2400 or visit
ed on Cradit Farm Dr. immediately north of Beebe              Seidaiko “Taiko” Japanese Drum Classes, 4pm,                  Tompkins County Water Resources Council                         Women’s Opportunity Center Retail Training
Lake, between Thurston Ave and Pleasant Grove Rd.;            World Seishi Karate, 15 Catherwood Rd., Ithaca, Info.,        Meeting, 4:15pm, 121 East Court Street, Ithaca,                 Program and women’s clothing boutique at 110 West
parking is available in the Appel Commons lot across or 277-1047.                      Meeting are every 3rd Monday, Info., You can learn              Court St. Check us out for great prices on new and
the street from the observatory. You can call the             Taiiko Drumming, Seishi Honbu, 15 Catherwood                  more       about      WRC        from      their    website:    used clothing. Shop local, shop green, support your
Fuertes hotline, 255-3557, to see if we are open any          Road, Ithaca. "Seidaiko" Taiko classes for adults and click Advisory             community and our program! Call 256-9957, www.sec-
given evening.                                                children. Pre-registration now open. Pleasure and or          Boards and select Water Resources Council.            
Lights on the Lake, 5-10pm daily, Onondaga Lake               performance training. Info., 607-277-1047 Email               Trinkets and Treasures, December 26-30, 11am-                   Note: Please check with your venue to be
Park, Liverpool, Nov. 17th-January 8, Lights on the                                        12pm, Join us at the Museum of the Earth on Monday,             certain the scheduled event is still on. We
lake is a two mile long drive-thru show. Info.,               Take a Tour of the Museum, Museum of the Earth,               Wednesday, and Thursday and the Cayuga Nature
                                                                                                                            Center on Tuesday and Thursday to learn all about collect-
                                                                                                                                                                                            here at Tompkins Weekly wish you all a                                   11am. The Museum of the Earth is pleased to offer                                                                             Happy Holiday Season!
Loaves & Fishes Community Kitchen, 12 Noon,                   exhibit tours included with admission. The tour is of the     ing and preserving your treasures. Make some trinkets to
Loaves and Fishes, 210 N. Cayuga St., Open to all, no         Museum’s permanent exhibition hall, A Journey through         take home. Explore the Museum and see all of the animals
limitations or requirements. Info.,           Time, share the story of the Earth and its life. Info 273-    at the Nature Center. Included with regular admission.
Men's Breakfast Club, 8-9am, Royal Court
Restaurant, for men with any type of cancer and at any
                                                              6623. 1259 Trumansburg Rd.
                                                              Toddlers Yoga, Namasts Montessori School, 1-
                                                                                                                            VOICES Multicultural Chorus Rehearsal, 7-9pm,
                                                                                                                            Ithaca Unitarian Church Annex, 2nd floor, 208 E.                      Submit Your
stage of treatment or recovery. Call 277-0960.                1:45pm. Walkers-3. Info 273-1673 or littlebuddhasyo-          Buffalo St., Ithaca, VOICES is a NO AUDITION choral
                                                                                                                            project of the Ithaca Community Choruses singing
New England Contra and Square Dance, 8-11pm,
Bethel Grove Community Center, NYS Rt. 79, about 4
                                                     1608 Trumansburg Rd.
                                                              Tot Spot, 9:30-11:30am, Ithaca Youth Bureau, Mid              songs from diverse & ethnic choral traditions. Come
                                                                                                                            at 6:30 to register or on line at http://ithacacommuni-
                                                                                                                                                                                                Calendar Listing:
miles east of Ithaca. For more information: Ted Crane,        October thru Late April. Indoor stay and play for chil-
607-273-8678 or visit                  dren 5 months to 5 years & grown-ups of any age.                                                • visit
Night Hikes, 7:30pm, Cayuga Nature Center. 1st                Children ages 5 months to 1 year: $2; Children ages 1         Yoga Classes, 5-6:15pm, Mindful Movement in
Friday of the month, Hike our wooded trails, under the        year to 5 years: $4; Adults always FREE! Frequent Visit       Community Corners, 903 Hanshaw Rd., Suite 201,
big sky of our back fields or around our ponds. No            Discount Passes Available for Recreation Partnership          Info., 607-592-5493.                                                 and click on submissions
need for a flashlight. Donations appreciated. Info.           Residents, Info., 273-8364.                                   Zen Meditation Practice, Every Monday 5:30-                                   Ulysses Historical Society Museum, 2-4pm, 39                  6:30pm, Anabel Taylor Hall, Cornell, founders Room.               • email:
Pay What You Can Yoga Classes, 5-6pm, Fine Spirit             South St., Trumansburg, Genealogical research. Info           Sponsored by the Ithaca Zen Center. Prior sitting experi-
Studio, Dey, St., above Hickey’s Music, All welcome, Bring    387-6666.                                                     ence or attendance of an orientation session required to                • fax 607-347-4302
a mat or rent one for $1. Recommended to bring a bottle                                                                     participate.For information or to schedule an orientation,
of water and a small towel. More info about class and                            25 Sunday                                  contact Tony @ 277-1158 or Marissa @ 272-1419.
teacher:                                                                                      Zumba, 6:30-7:30pm, Enfield Elementary School, 20                    • write: Tompkins Weekly
Preschool Story Time, 10am, Southworth Library,               Out of Bounds Radio Show, hosted by TISH PEARLMAN             Enfield Main Road, Ithaca, A fusion of Latin and internation-
Dryden, For preschoolers and their caregivers. Come           will feature poet SARAH JEFFERIS. 11:30am: WSKG-FM            al music that creates a dynamic, exciting and effective fit-                PO Box 6404,
for stories, crafts and snacks. Info. 844-4782.               (89.3       Binghamton,       90.9     Ithaca 91.7            ness system. The cost is $4. For information call
Public Viewing Night at the Fuertes Observatory,              Cooperstown/Oneonta, 91.1 Corning/Elmira, 88.7                Nichole at 227-9818.                                                          Ithaca, NY 14851
9PM-12AM, Fuertes Observatory on north campus,                Hornell/Alfred) Live Stream:

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Tompkins Weekly           December 19              13
                                         tive process for chair and vice chair   government can be out front letting     were too-expensive commodities to
Lane                                     of the Tompkins County Legisla-
                                         ture will, in the long run, be an
                                                                                 people know that renewable energy
                                                                                 can work even in our cold climate,”
                                                                                                                         risk losing every time they stepped
                                                                                                                         into the arena. Like modern per-
Continued from page 1                    important step forward.”                Chock says.                             formers for the WWE, gladiators
                                                                                                                         knew how to put on a good show
at home and around the state, and
have worked well with my col-
                                         Grants                                  Blood                                   without necessarily killing each
                                                                                                                         other. Many, if not most, gladiators
leagues to serve all the residents of                                                                                    survived their combats if they
our county I hope my fellow legisla-     Continued from page 1                   Continued from page 9
                                                                                                                         fought well. It was actually the
tors will decide again that I’m the      nator for the Tompkins County           The stakes rise further when            Christians, who made much propa-
best person for the job, and that        Climate     Protection    Initiative    Crixus conceives an unwise love         ganda out of the execution of
together we can be productive in         (TCCPI), worked with the Energy         with Naevia (Lesley-Ann Brandt),        Christians in the arena, and who
2012,” she says.                         Working Group to develop this           Lucretia’s personal servant.            had an interest in making pagan
   Lane also recommends a rotation       effort.                                      Under the guise of big-screen      institutions seem as barbaric as
of committee leaders as well.                “The idea came from work with       spectacle, Dalton Trumbo’s script       possible.
“Those in place have served well.        Blue Hill on the Pennsylvania cam-      for the celluloid Spartacus was a cri       Yet some thought has obviously
Changing committee chair posi-           pus energy-efficiency fund. It’s the    de coeur against the Hollywood          gone into the show. Its clunky, stilt-
tions does not mean those legisla-       same concept but across more sec-       blacklist. The TV show’s original       ed dialog seems laughable at first,
tors have to leave their committees.     tors: schools, government build-        Spartacus, Andy Whitfield, seems a      until you realize that the writers
On the contrary, their continued         ings, universities, hospitals and       diminished figure compared to           are trying to approximate the
input can strengthen us and be a         airports. It makes an attractive        Kirk Douglas, both in the modesty       sound of spoken Latin. (For exam-
real asset,” he says. “Rotation of       investment because these institu-       of his style and the limits of his      ple, since the equivalents of com-
chairs is not term limits. We all        tions think long term. They’re will-    motivation. The series’ first season    mon English terms like “thanks”
continue in our elected terms as         ing to look ten years ahead,”           ends just as the gladiators rise up     and “sorry” would have sounded
usual. Term limits is when the vot-      Bardaglio says.                         against Batiatus; how it would con-     more formal in Latin, the charac-
ers do not reelect incumbents to               Loans from the program will       trive to make Whitfield into the        ters here say “gratitude” and
office,” said Lane.                      work as managed energy-service          plausible leader of a universal         “apologies.”) Next to the frequent
     Robertson also has her doubts       agreements (MESA). “Blue Hill           slave revolt would have been inter-     beheadings, this is a small thing,
about this proposal. “On the issue       lines up private investors and          esting. Alas, the actor was diag-       but as a show like Deadwood
of rotating positions for the sake of    brings in a project manager,”           nosed with non-Hodgkins lym-            proved, there can be universes in
rotation—for legislative leadership      explains Bardaglio. “They imple-        phoma after the first season and        small things.
and for committee chairs—I don’t         ment the upgrade and then manage        passed away in September. The               The universe of Spartacus is a
believe in arbitrary time limits.        it for around 10 years. At the end,     transition from self-motivated glad-    coarse place, but it comes by its
While I often encourage people to        the building owners take over equi-     iator to crusader for freedom will      coarseness honestly, with no apolo-
try different roles (e.g., committee     ty and manage it going forward.         now rest on the thin shoulders of                                      .
                                                                                                                         gies or (gods help us) irony For
and liaison roles), sometimes the        Most equipment has a 20-year life.      Liam McIntyre, who faintly resem-       that, it deserves its fair share of
loss in institutional memory, for        With an ESCO, the burden of the         bles Whitfield and got his blessing     gratias.
example, is more detrimental to the      loan is on the owner, and it affects    to take his role.
organization than the benefit of
trying someone new. These things
                                         their credit rating. The advantage
                                         with MESA is energy prices are at
                                                                                    Spartacus is a show with few pre-
                                                                                 tensions, but the context of tragedy
should be considered on a case-by-       or below historic rates, there's no     surrounding it (Whitfield was only      Continued from page 11
case basis. When people feel there's     up-front capital and no credit rat-     39 when he died) lends it a faint
a need for a change, it's very easy to   ing impact. And it’s a stable, pre-     wistfulness that humanizes it in a      many great things going on in our
make it,” she says.                      dictable revenue for investors.”        way some much better-written            community that we cannot keep
    There will likely be further dis-                                            shows rarely achieve. Indeed, in        track of them all. Please make sure
cussion of the issue by the legisla-
                                         Solar                                   case Whitfield improved enough to
                                                                                 return, the show took a detour for
                                                                                                                         we know about “signs” that you see:
                                                                                                                         send us an email at sos@sustain-
    “For elected officials, good gov-                                            its second (half) season, telling the
                                         Continued from page 3
ernment changes are usually                                                      backstory of Batiatus and Lucretia        It is truly astonishing how far this
accepted only very slowly In that
                             .                                                                                           community has come in a relatively
                                         gas emissions by at least 80 percent    and their school before Spartacus’
regard they are often well behind                                                                                        short period of time. The entire
                                         by 2050. Then, in 2010, the legisla-    arrival. Spartacus: Gods of the
those who elected them to office.                                                                                        region is waking up. We invite you
                                         ture endorsed the 2020 Energy           Arena, as the six- episode prequel      to visit our website and check out
Witness the current opposition to        Strategy to reduce greenhouse-gas       was called, is as much guilty fun as
independent redistricting at the                                                                                         the list of award winners for 2011
                                         emissions by at least 20 percent by     the first season. It is worth watch-    (
state level by our state Senators and    2020.                                   ing first for those who want to get
members of Assembly,” Lane says.                                                                                         gns-of-sustain        ability/annual-
                                             “Here’s something that we can       up to speed before the next season      awards/).
“But elected officials are there to      accomplish that is new and part of      begins in late January  .                         ,
                                                                                                                            Truly the Signs of Sustainability
act in the best interest of the peo-     our long-range goals and that is a          Purists find much to object to in   are emerging everywhere in our
ple. Doing so more openly and in         positive energy-related step, partic-   the show’s portrayal of antiquity’s                  .
                                                                                                                         community Have you seen one? Will
the eye of the public keeps things       ularly in this area where people are    “peculiar institution.” Though          you be one in 2012?
above board, and encourages trust        jumping on hydrofracking. We            Spartacus (and Gladiator, for that         Marian Brown is a member of the
and confidence from the electorate.      want to show that renewable ener-       matter) present their fights as         board of directors at Sustainable
Turning more sunlight on the elec-       gy can work. This is an area that       always life or death, real gladiators   Tompkins.

14     Tompkins Weekly   December 19
Employment                                              Legal Services                                                                    Shortstop Deli Open 24/7 at 204 W.

                                                        Resolving Disputes
Problems at work? Know Your
                                                                                                            Ithaca Antique                Seneca    St.,    Ithaca  273-1030
Rights! Contact     607-269-0409                                                                                Center          

                                                                 by Negotiation,                                                                                                                   Two Locations to Serve You Best
                                                                                                        The Best Little Gift Shop         GreenStar 701 W. Buffalo St. 273-
                                                          Collaborative Law or Lawsuit.         On The West Side Of The Lake              9392 & 215 N. Cayuga St 273-8210
 Property Manager/
                                                                                                                                           R&M Contracting
    Handyman                                             Ward & Murphy                           1607 Trumansburg Rd • 607-272-3611
Full Time and Part Time Year Round Employment.

                                                                                                                                              Free Estimates
Must work scheduled hours, lift 60 pounds, self-
                                                                  Liam G.B. Murphy,
starting, reliable. Carpentry skills required. Duties               170 Main St., Groton

                                                                                                                                                Roofing • Painting
may include: repair of fences and farm buildings;

operation, maintenance and repair of farm vehi-
                                                                  109 E. Seneca St., Ithaca

                                                                                                                                                Pressure Washing
cles/equipment; vineyard work. Good salary.
                                                                                                              Cleanouts & Hauling
  LPNs, Lab Techs,                                                                                                                           Foundations • Sheetrock
                                                                                                                                            Fully Insured • References

    Front Office                                        The Collection Antiques
    Receptionist                                           One of the largest selections
 Full-Time. Benefits include:                                   of quality antiques
 Blue Sheild Medical, Dental,                                  in the Finger Lakes                                                        Entertainment
                                                             Tues-Sun 1-5 • 387-6579
 Vision 401K plan, Long Term                            9 W. Main St., Rt. 96, Trumansburg
 Disability and Life Insurance.
 Generous vacation and personal
 time! Come join our growing team
 serving Ithaca and the surround-
 ing area for 35 years. Family
                                                            18th & 19th Century
 Medicine Associates of Ithaca.
                                                             Country & Formal                 Education                                   Wanted to Buy
   Please fax resume and cover                             Furniture & Accessories
      letter attention: Human
                                                            RESTORATION                        Wiles Guitar Studio
  Resources Fax # 607-216-0587.
      No phone calls please.                                                                     Suzuki Guitar Lessons                      $$$ Logging $$$
                                                              AVAILABLE                           Children thru Adults
Youth Executive Applicants wanted to
                                                                 • Refinishings
                                                                 • Repair Work
                                                                                               Community Corners Ithaca
serve as the local executive of a values-
based youth organization serving
Cortland, Tompkins & southeast Seneca
                                                                 • New & Old
counties. Responsible for the organiza-                  Paul and Connie Polce                                                                     Timber
tion and operation of all aspects of the                    9838 Congress St., Ext.
local program to achieve fundraising,                      Trumansburg, NY 14886                                                                 Cell 607-345-8015
membership recruiting and manpower                       607-387-5248 Open Daily 9-5
goals. Serves as the executive officer of
                                                                                                                Office 315-668-3786
the district giving guidance to cultivating,
recruiting, training and inspiring key vol-                                                                                               Insulation
unteer personnel. Recruits manpower
to run finance campaigns, fundraising
dinners, special events and activities.
Collaborates with schools, churches
and other organizations to set up recruit-
ment events and activities. The position
requires 55+ hours work per week
including numerous nights and week-                                                           Wildlife Control
ends. Applicant must be a self-starter,
with a Bachelors degree, be over age                                                                  Jack Ryan’s
21, have the ability to work a non-tradi-                                                              Wildlife
tional work schedule and have reliable
transportation. All candidates will be                                                                 Removal
subject to background and credit checks                                                                 Service
and must be willing to relocate to the                                                        We remove wildlife such as Skunks,
Ithaca area. Starting salary of $35,000                                                       Raccoons, Squirrels, Woodchucks, etc.
plus benefits.       E-mail resumes to                                                        Live trapped & removed. 20+ yrs exp                                                                              Call 607-257-9396
                                                                                               Licensed by NYS Dept of Environmental
For Rent                                                                                       Conservation Division of Fish & Wildlife   Photography
Ithaca Rentals & Renovations, Inc.                                                                                                        Book your Family Portrait. Also wed-
Apartments - All Kinds! All Sizes!                                                            Typewriters
Office: 323 N Tioga St., Ithaca 273-                                                                                                      ding and Resume Photos. Call Studio 97
1654                                                                   Manley Typewriter sales and serv-           Photography by Kathy Morris 277-5656.
                                                                                              ice. IBM, Panasonic, Cannon, Brother,
Martial Arts                                                                                  Electronic Typewriters 607-273-3967.        Calendar Submissions:
Beginner’s Special 3 months $99
Discipline,   Concentration, Self-
                                                                                              Food & Drink                                Event Listings: Email details to
                                                                                              Lunch Delivery - Free Lunch Delivery The deadline
Defense. Kwon's Champion School,                                                              from the Ithaca Bakery M-F 11am-            to submit items is each Wednesday at
Ithaca 607-227-6932                                                                           2pm. Call 27-BAGEL.                         1pm for the next Monday’s paper.

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16   Tompkins Weekly   December 19

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