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									                          Sudden Cardiac Arrest
                          Association Congress passed a resolution declaring
                          October as Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Awareness Month. SCA
                          can strike persons of any age, gender, race and even those who
                          seem in good health. To help commemorate this first-ever SCA
                          Awareness initiative, the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association invites
                          you to take two minutes to watch our new public service
                          announcement (PSA) with Tom Brokaw of NBC News, view a
                          normal and abnormal heartbeat and download these fact sheets to
                          increase your knowledge about SCA and learn how you can help
                          save a life.

         Watch our New PSA with
              Tom Brokaw

                                                   Watch a Normal Heartbeat (WMV)

                                                   Watch a Heartbeat with Ventricular
                                                   Fibrillation (WMV)

                                                   SCA vs. Heart Attacks Factsheet

                                                   SCA Fact Sheet (PDF)

                                                   Automated External Defilbrillators
                                                   (AEDs) (PDF)
 Download Flash
                                                   Implantable Cardioverter
                                                   Defibrillators (SCDs) (PDF)

                                                   How an AED Works (PDF)

                For more information visit

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association
1133 Connecticut Avenue, NW
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11th Floor
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Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (866) 972-SCAA

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