Power Press Training Remarks by HC121107052813


									                                                                                                        Received by:

                                           Request For Consultation Assistance
Date:                                                                                                                             Onsite

   Establishment:                                                                                             # of Employees:
   Contact Person:                                                              Title:
   Type of Business:                                     GI     Const.          SIC:                    NAICS
   Address:                                                                              County:
   City:                                                                                    Zip:
   Phone #                                                        Fax #
   Cell Phone #                                                  E-Mail
   Citation #

  Source: (check all that apply)
     Enforcement                                      Media/Newsletter                              Publication
     Association/Organization                         Seminar                                       Other:

  Service(s) Requested: (check all that apply)
      Abatement Assistance                            General Safety Assistance                     Hazard Survey
      Air Quality                                     Hazard Communication (RTK)                    PPE Training
      Bloodborne                                      Lockout/Tagout                                Recordkeeping
      Confined Space                                  Machine Guarding                              Safety & Health Prog. Training
      Ergonomics                                      Mech. Power Press Training                    Self-Help Equipment Loan
      Fall Protection                                 Noise                                         10-Hour Construction Program


  Assigned To:                                                      Date Assigned:                                 Assigned By:
                                                                    Date Approved:                                 Approved By:

                                                    Consultation Contact Completed
  Date Received:                                                                           Initial Contact Date:

        Send Follow-up Letter
  Check appropriate box if customer service standard is not meet!
  (responded to within 3 business days / scheduled training within 30 calendar days)
                        New RCA - consultant not available due to leave/illness
                        beyond 30 days at employer's request
                        First available date
                                                                                                        MIOSHA/CET/HO-20 (Rev. 5-17-07)
                    Instructions for Completing and Sending Electronic RCA
For easy access, save the master RCA file to your desktop.
(You may want to right click the file icon on your desk top, drag it to the task bar, and create a short cut on the
task bar.)
When opening the RCA file, ALWAYS enable macros!

Step One - Create New RCA
Fill in blank master RCA form as completely as possible.
        1 Fill in the electronic form as you take the request.
        2 Use the tab key to move between cells.
        3 After entering date, tab out of date cell and then use your mouse to check the box for either onsite or
        4     After tabbing out of the cell for citation #, the curser will be in the cell to the right of the "Other" check box.
        5 Use the mouse to check the desired boxes for "Source" and "Service(s) Requested".
        6 If you check any boxes, you need to click in the cell to the right of the "Other" check box to continue.
           Enter info or tab to remarks cell.
        7 In order to send RCA via e-mail, you need to tab out of the last cell with new entry prior to e-mailing form.
       8 Save new RCA using company name and city. Example: RCA - Co Name - city

Step Two - E-Mail New RCA
Send all RCA e-mails as high priority
Support staff &    e-mail the new RCA form to the office supervisor for assignment to appropriate consultant.
23(g) Field Staff: Note: When sending new RCA, the subject line of the e-mail shall read: RCA - Company
                   Name - City, Ex. RCA - ABC Co - Lansing
21(d) Field Staff: e-mail the new self-assigned RCA to your supervisor for approval.

Step Three - Assign and Approve New RCA
Office Supervisor: e-mail assigned RCA to appropriate supervisor for review and approval.
23(g) Supervisors: e-mail approved RCA to assigned staff. If not assigned by office supervisor, cc RCA to
                   office supervisor.
                   e-mail approved RCA to assigned staff. Cc approved RCA to office supervisor and 21(d) secretary.
21(d) Supervisors: e-mail approved RCA to assigned staff. cc approved RCA to office supervisor and 21(d) secretary.

Step Four - Return Completed RCA
When consultation contact is made:
    1 enter date received
    2 enter initial contact date
    3 enter action taken
    4 If after several attempts you are unable to make contact with company, enter the dates you called the company
      in the "Action" box and check the box next to "Send Follow-up Letter"
    5 If customer service standards are not meet, check the appropriate box to indicate reason standard not meet.
    6 consultant should save completed RCA for their records. File name should be the company name, city
      and consultant last name. Ex. ABC Co - Lansing - Long
    7 e-mail completed RCA form back to your supervisor.

Step Five - Review Completed RCA
                   review completed RCA assigned staff. cc approved RCA to office supervisor and 21(d) secretary.
21(d) Supervisors: e-mail approved RCA to and forward to 21(d) secretary
23(g) Supervisors: review completed RCA and forward to student assistant

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