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									Kolkata - Monuments Attractions

Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal, India. There are many tourist attractions in Kolkata.
The city which is famous for business, academic and culture and the place are lies on the banks
of the river Hooghly. The urban landscape of Kolkata is structured by the British creators. The
monument in Kolkata explains the colonial dreams and the consequent cultural mix of the place.
This cultural mix really helped in during the construction of structures. These structures are very
attractive. In that some of which became the famous and most visited monuments in Kolkata.
There are number of famous monuments in Kolkata. It is included in the West Bengal Tourist
Places. The monuments in Kolkata are:
• Shahid Minar
• Victoria Memorial
• Marble Palace
• Indian Museum
• Howrah Bridge
• Vidyasagar Setu

Kolkata is filled with attractive monuments and architectures. Shahid Minar is the one of the fore
most architectural structure in Kolkata and which is situated near to Esplanade. In the earlier
time it is also called as Octerloney monument. It got this name after the founder of minar Sir
David Ochterlony. This beautiful monument is built by using Egyptian style. This is built in the
memory of the founder Ochterlony in 1848. In some angle it also looks like Qutub minar of
Delhi. You can visit Shahid minar from morning 10am to Evening 6pm.

Victoria memorial architecture is built by using white marbles. This monument attraction in
Kolkata is built in memory of Queen Victoria. This memorial is formally inaugurated by the
princess of Wales. If you visit West Bengal Tourist Places then only you can enjoy the beauty of
architecture. This beautiful memorial is surrounded by lush greeneries. The lighting effect in the
evening and a fairy tale 'Fountain of Joy' facing the memorial building are fantastic and which
create an atmosphere of unforgettable charm. The ideal time to visit the place is between the
months of October to March.

Marble palace is must see tourist attraction in India. This palace is built in the year of 1835 by
Rajesh Mallick. It attracts the tourists from all over the world every year. The palace is the house
of pictures, sculptures, art and oil paintings. This is the perfect place for the one who love art
and designs. You can also see the paintings of the Reynolds, Rembrand and Van Goyen etc.
The interior work of the palace was superb. You can also see Zoo; there you can also find
different birds and animals. You can visit the palace from morning 10am to 4pm. The palace is
closed on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Indian Museum is the ninth oldest museum of the world. It is established in the year 1814. You
have to spend full one day in museum then only you can see all the items. The must see
category is 4000years old mummy and urn that contains the ashes of Buddha. The museum is
most commonly known as 'Jadughar'. This old museum is included in the West Bengal Tourist

Howrah Bridge is also famed as Rabindra Setu. This is an Engineering marvel and is the
busiest cantilever bridge in the world. Howrah bridge which connect the city of Howrah to
Calcutta. This bridge is set up in the year 1874 and constructed without using any nuts and
bolts. You can also two other bridges called Vidyasagar Setu and the Vivekananda Setu these
bridges are situated at different points over the Hooghly river.

Vidyasagar Setu is also known as the second Hooghly River in Kolkata. Vidyasagar Setu
connecting to twin city of Howrah. This bridge is inaugurated in the year 1992. This bridge
constructed to reduce the vehicular pressure on the Howrah Bridge. Vidyasagar setu is the
world's third largest cable-stayed bridge

Whenever you are planning tour to West Bengal Tourist Places include Kolkata monuments
attractions in your list. Enjoy every second of your life by visiting beautiful tourist destinations.

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