CELEBRITIES                PHOTOGRAPHERS/                 COMMERCIALS/            MUSIC
•	   Lucy	Liu              DIRECTORS                      ADVERTISING             •	   Sting
•	   Cindy	Crawford        •	   Jean-Baptiste	Mondino     •	   Jack	Daniels       •	   Macy	Gray
•	   Sarah	Silverman       •	   Jeremy	&	Claire	Weiss     •	   Buick              •	   Bryan	Adams
•	   Kirsten	Dunst         •	   Robyn	Von	Swank	 	        •	   Powerade           •	   Pras	
•	   Christian	Slater      •	   Dewey	Nicks               •	   Hanes              •	   Will	Smith
•	   Shaquille	O’Neal      •	   Max	Vadukul               •	   M.C.I.             •	   Tom	Petty
•	   Charlize	Theron       •	   Dan	Winters               •	   Diet	Coke          •	   Dru	Hill
•	   Jeff	Bridges          •	   Anton	Corbijn             •	   Levi’s             •	   Rod	Stewart
•	   Jet	Li                •	   Manuela	Pavesi            •	   Pepsi              •	   Bruce	Springsteen
•	   Beverly	D’Angelo      •	   Mark	Seliger              •	   Motorola           •	   REM
•	   Garcelle	Beauvais     •	   Piotr	Sikora              •	   Sprite             •	   Savage	Garden	
•	   Issac	Hayes           •	   Annie	Liebowitz           •	   Oldsmobile         •	   George	Michael
•	   David	Arquette        •	   Robert	Erdman             •	   Redken             •	   Eve
•	   Richard	Pryor         •	   Greg	Gorman               •	   Bank	of	America	   •	   Red	Hot	Chili	Peppers
•	   Cate	Blanchett        •	   Brian	De	Palma            •	   Rayban             •	   Usher
•	   Jack	Lemmon           •	   Tony	Kay                  •	   Nintendo           •	   Snoop	Dogg
•	   Mel	Gibson            •	   Kevin	Lynch               •	   The	GAP
•	   Portia	De	Rossi       •	   Sophia	Coppola            •	   Cadillac           EDITORIAL
•	   Quentin	Tarantino     •	   Michael	O’Neill           •	   Taco	Bell          •	   L’Uomo	Vogue-Cover
•	   Seal                  •	   David	Fincher             •	   J.	Crew            •	   Mademoiselle-Cover
•	   Gretchen	Mol          •	   Peter	Care                •	   Nautica            •	   Entertainment	Weekly-Cover	
•	   Sidney	Poitier        •	   Robert	Maxwell            •	   Gilbey’s	Gin       •	   Allure
•	   Scarlett	Johansson	   •	   Ellen	Von	Unwerth         •	   Adidas             •	   British	FHM-Cover
•	   Daryl	Hannah          •	   David	Lynch               •	   GAP-Kids	          •	   Rolling	Stone-Cover
•	   Rosanna	Arquette      •	   Melodie	McDaniel          •	   iMac               •	   Cin`e	Live-Cover
•	   Jamie	Lynn-Sigler     •	   Spike	Jones               •	   Emporio	Armani     •	   Amica-Cover
•	   Lionel	Richie         •	   Albert	Watson	            •	   Coors	Light        •	   French	FHM-Cover	
•	   Julie	Delpy           •	   Dante	Ariola              •	   Pontiac            •	   British	Vogue
•	   Johnny	Depp           •	   Dayton-Faris              •	   Nike		             •	   Vibe-Cover
•	   Alison	Eastwood       •	   Andrew	Douglas                                    •	   Vanity	Fair
•	   Danny	Devito          •	   Quentin	Tarantino                                 •	   Vogue	US	&	German
•	   Jeff	Goldblum         •	   David	Cameron                                     •	   Movieline
•	   Jenna	Elfman          •	   Chris	Nolan                                       •	   Shape-Cover
•	   Jared	Leto            •	   Antoine	Fuqua                                     •	   Maxim
•	   Billy	Bob	Thornton    •	   Andrew	McPherson                                  •	   Harpers	Bazaar
•	   Balthazar	Ghetty      •	   Bruce	Wagner                                      •	   Los	Angeles	Magazine
                           •	 Anthony	Mandler                                     •	   DUNE-Cover
                           •	 Jean	Baptiste	Mondino				                           •	   ID	    			
WE BOUGHT A ZOO                                         THE PRESTIGE
Directed by Cameron	Crow                                Warner	Bros.	
Starring Matt	Damon,	Scarlett	Johansson,	Elle	Fanning   Directed by	Christopher	Nolan	
Head of Makeup Department                               Personal Makeup Artist for	Scarlett	Johansson		
Makeup for Scarlett	Johansson	and	Elle	Fanning
	                                                       THE GOOD GERMAN
THE AVENGERS (2012)                                     Warner	Bros.	
Marvel	Studios                                          Directed by	Steven	Soderbergh	
Directed by	Joss	Wieden                                 Personal Makeup Artist for	Cate	Blanchett
Personal Makeup Artist for Scarlett	Johansson
                                                        RISE: BLOOD HUNTER
BRIDESMAIDS                                             Directed by	Sebastian	Gutierrez	
Apatow	Productions/Universal	Pictures                   Personal Makeup Artist for	Lucy	Liu		
Directed by	Paul	Feig                                   THE BLACK DAHLIA
Head of Makeup Department                               Directed by	Brian	De	Palma	
                                                        Personal Makeup Artist for	Scarlett	Johansson		
Focus	Features                                          THE ISLAND	
Directed by Joe	Wright                                  DreamWorks	
Personal Makeup Artist for Cate	Blanchett	              Directed by	Michael	Bay	
                                                        Personal Makeup Artist for	Scarlett	Johansson
The	Weinstein	Co.	                                      THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU
Directed by	Quentin	Tarantino	                          Disney	Studios	
Starring:	Brad	Pitt,	Diane	Kruger,	Melanie	Laurent      Directed by	Wes	Anderson	
	        	Daniel	Bruhl,	Til	Schweiger	                  Personal Makeup Artist for	Cate	Blanchett		
Head of Makeup Department
                                                        KILL BILL VOLUME 1 & 2
HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU                             Supercool	Manchu/Miramax	Films	
Directed by	Ken	Kwapis	                                 Directed by	Quentin	Tarantino	
Personal Makeup Artist for	Scarlett	Johansson           Producers:	Lawrence	Bender,	E.	Bennett	Walsh	
                                                        Cast:	Uma	Thurman,	Daryl	Hannah,	Lucy	Liu,	
THE SPIRIT                                              								 	 David	Carradine,	Michael	Madsen	
Lions	Gate	                                             Head of Makeup Department 	
Directed By	Frank	Miller	
Personal Makeup Artist for	Scarlett	Johansson	 	        WOMEN IN FILM
                                                        Killer	Films/Lions	Gate	
THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON                     Directed by	Bruce	Wagner	
Directed by	David	Fincher                               Producers:	Christine	Vachon,	Pam	Koffler,		
Makeup department head:	additional	photography,	        Cast:	Beverly	D’Angelo,	Marianne	Jean-Baptist,	
Los	Angeles	                                            									 	Portia	De	Rossi	
Makeup Artist for	Cate	Blanchett	and	Julia	Ormond			    Head of Makeup Department

THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL                                   PERMANENT MIDNIGHT
Sony	Pictures	                                          Directed by	David	Veloz	
Directed by	Justin	Chadwick	                            Makeup Artist for	Charles	Fleischer,	Spencer	Garrett		
Personal Makeup Artist for	Scarlett	Johansson	 	
                                                        TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME
THE NANNY DIARIES                                       Lynch/Frost	Production/Ciby	2000	
The	Weinstein	Co.	                                      Directed by David	Lynch	
Directed by Shari	Berman	&	Robert	Pulchini	             Cast:	Sheryl	Lee,	Chris	Isaac,	David	Bowie,	Kyle	McLachlan	
Personal Makeup Artist for Scarlett	Johansson           Makeup Artist
Propaganda	Films	                                             Polygram/Propaganda	Films	
Directed by	David	Lynch	                                      Directed by Nigel	Dick	
Cast:	Jack	Nance,	Talisa	Soto,	Harry	Dean	Stanton	            Cast:	Ray	Sharkey,	Clayton	Rohner,	Talia	Balsam	
Key Makeup Artist                                             Key Makeup Artist

THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM                                   BEVERLY HILLS 90210 (Pilot)
Comedy	Central/Season	2b–3	                                   Propaganda	Films/Spelling	Entertainment	
Various	Directors	                                            Directed by Tim	Hunter	
Cast: Sarah	Silverman,	Laura	Silverman	                       Cast:	Jason	Priestly,	Jenny	Garth,	Tori	Spelling,	
Head of Makeup Department	 	                                  								Shannon	Dougherty	
                                                              Makeup Artist		
Lynch/Frost	Productions	                                      LIFE OF TWINS (Movie of the Week)
Various	Directors	 	                                          Directed by Tim	Hunter	
Cast:	Lara	Flynn-Boyle,	Sherilynn	Fenn,	Kyle	McLachlan,				   Cast:	Isabella	Rosselini,	Iman,	Aidan	Quinn	
								Heather	Graham,	David	Duchovny,	Piper	Lorie,	 	       Makeup Artist
Makeup Artist	 		

ON THE AIR (Pilot)
Lynch/Frost	Production	
Directed by David	Lynch	
Cast:	Miguel	Ferrer,	Nancye	Ferguson	
Key Makeup Artist	 	

HBO	Film	
Directed by Penelope	Spherris	
Cast:	Lolita	Davidovich	
Makeup Artist

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