The Black Rock Art Center presents the exhibit “Current Abstraction” opening
on April 29 and running thru June 3rd. The show is curated by artist and independent
curator, Margaret Roleke and features the work of six mid-career artists who have been
dealing with abstraction and the issues of color, form, and texture and have made these
issues of relevance today. The artists are June Ahrens (installation), Joseph Fucigna
(sculpture/installation), Melinda Hackett (painting/watercolors), Peter Hildebrand
(drawings/paintings), Eva Lee (works on paper), and Laura Watt (painting and works on
paper). They are working within a tradition, but have each taken these concerns to a new
level, each finding their own unique vocabulary and creating work which is fresh.
        There work also dialogues well with one another. June Ahrens will present her
installation “Easily Broken”,a circular floor piece built with eggshells and salt. While
being a visually seductive piece there is a very real fragility to it.
        Joseph Fucigna will also build a site-specific piece, but on the wall and using a
plastic netting material which transforms into something more organic. Fucigna will also
exhibit two freestanding pieces built from plastic fencing and cable ties. Fucigna seems to
be able to make this standard issue plastic become a colorists dream. .
        Melinda Hackett creates exquisite watercolors and oil paintings loosely based on
the circle. They are densely patterned and reference nature, biology, geometry as well as,
making links to tapestry, Aboriginal paintings, and textiles.
        Peter Hildebrand also references several scientific systems in his intensely
detailed work. The real amazing part of Hildebrand’s work is the surface of the paintings.
He uses enamel, latex, and joint compound creating a thick almost sculptural quality to
the work.
        Eva Lee ‘s works on paper also suggest other universes, although her work
process begins with a just a few marks on paper which inspire her to create her other
        Laura Watt is an obsessively detailed painter. Her op art work is explosive,
elaborate and full of depth and texture. Color is amazingly well worked in her densely
packed paintings.
        These six artists demonstrate new approaches to abstraction through installation,
drawing, paintings and sculpture. All six artists have shown in prestigious galleries and
museums throughout the country. June Ahrens resides in Connecticut and New York.
Eva Lee, and Joseph Fucigna live and work in Fairfield County. Melinda Hackett is from
New York City and Peter Hildebrand from Brooklyn.

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