The Reading Promotion Committee of Dubai Women�s College has by rVG08Fol


									 Reading Promotion Committee: Community Outreach
                                    Press Release
October 17, 2001

Venue: Dubai Women’s College

The Reading Promotion Committee of Dubai Women’s College has extended its focus to
involve the community in its attempts to help develop more powerful ideas for making
reading a way of life for our students. Writers from the community, parents,
representatives from the Ministry of Education, public libraries and bookshops have
consented to join staff and students of Dubai Women’s College for a brainstorming
session to further their vision of developing an appreciation of reading as a pleasurable
and rewarding activity.

The ideas generated at the meeting will be shaped into a plan which will be
communicated to all participants at the meeting and implemented across the various
programs and year levels of the college during this academic year. The group will be
invited to participate in a review of the implementation and reflection on the process in
May 2002.

Among others, the College is delighted to welcome Mariam Behnam, the well-known
author of “Zelzelah” and “Heirloom”, Mary Beardwood, author of the recently published
“Children’s Encyclopedia of Arabia” and Zahra Hashan from the Ministry of Education.

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