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									   Spring 2011                                                                                        Volume 7, Issue 2
                                                            South Central Motorcoach Association
                                                                                P.O. Box 740235
                                                                              New Orleans, LA 70174
                                                                  877-501-1878                     FAX 877-501-1879
                                                                          Stockyard	Station	is	part	of	the	historic	stockyards	where	
                    PreSIdeNt’S MeSSAGe                                   meeting	space,	unique	shops,	restaurants,	and	other	venues	

                         Karen Sanders                                    abound.	I	advise	you	to	plan	to	arrive	early	or	stay	late	to	
                                                                          enjoy	Fort	Worth	because	in	the	length	of	time	of	the	annual	
                 Bus Supply Charters, McComb, MS                          meeting,	you	will	not	have	time	to	experience	all	that	Fort	
              	 Greetings	to	all	SCMA	members!                            Worth	has	to	offer.	Staff	will	publish	the	registration	material	
              We	have	just	held	one	of	the	best	Operator	Meetings	        for	mailing	on	May	16	if	all	goes	well.	Watch	your	U.	S.	Mail	
              in	Fort	Worth.	The	program	was	great.	Speakers	were	        and	respond	quickly.	
              expert	and	conducted	very	informative	sessions.	            	 I	am	excited	about	SCMA	and	how	much	it	has	grown	
              My	regret	is	that	more	of	our	operators	were	not	in	        over	the	past	few	years.	I	know	that	the	growth	is	directly	

              attendance.	This	was	surely	a	missed	opportunity.	          attributed	to	the	members	who	continue	to	support	the	
              Take	a	minute	to	read	the	article	in	this	newsletter.		I	   association	through	faithfully	renewing	membership	and	
              thank	all	who	participated	in	the	operators	meeting	        attending	SCMA	events.	I	want	to	thank	you	for	all	you	do	for	
              and	I	especially	appreciate	the	sponsors	who	made	it	       SCMA.	I	am	looking	forward	to	seeing	you	in	September.
              possible	for	us	to	enjoy	many	of	the	venues	that	our	       	 Be safe in your travels and be prosperous in your
              members	will	experience	in	September.	                      business!
              	 Because	of	the	less	than	expected	attendance,	                                              Karen Sanders
              the	board	of	directors	decided	to	offer	the	meeting	
              February 26-28	next	year.	It	was	generally	felt	that	
              the	end	of	March	is	a	busy	time.	School	trips	have	           SCMA Associate Members
              begun or there is a mad flurry to get ready for the

              school	trips.	Mark	your	calendar	now	and	plan	to	be	at	         The 2011-2012 SCMA Annual
              Paragon	Casino	Resort	in	Marksville,	Louisiana.	You	
              can	bet	that	the	planning	committee	will	out	do	the	
                                                                                 Membership Directory
              planning	for	this	year	making	your	time	and	effort	to	            will be published Soon!
              attend	worthwhile.		
              	 Fort	Worth	was	chosen	as	the	site	for	the	operators	                   Please consider advertising
              meeting	because	attendance	would	give	members	a	                      Contract Deadline: June 6
              chance	to	see	what	is	in	store	for	them	in	September	
              when	we	meet	there	for	the	annual	meeting	and	                        Ad File Deadline: June 20
              market	place.	Believe	me	we	are	going	to	have	a	great	
              experience	in	September!		
                                                                                 Please email angie_g@embarqmail.com

              	 Estela Martinez-Stuart	with	the	Fort	Worth	                 or call 866-376-7770, if you have any questions or
              CVB	and	Eloy Torres	with	Prevost	have	taken	the	             would like to request a directory advertising contract.
              lead	to	create	a	fantastic	meeting.	They	have	planned	
              special	events	to	showcase	Fort	Worth	and	created	a	
                                                                           An advertising contract or insertion order is required
              “coach	roundup”	for	the	Ice	Breaker	Event.	Be	sure	to	            to place a new advertisement or pick-up an
              bring	your	denim and bling,	ladies!	It’s gonna be fun!	         advertisement from a previous directory issue.
              You	don’t	want	to	miss	it.	In	addition	to	events	for	
              good	social	and	networking	time	to	build	or	reinforce	
              business	relationships,	there	will	be	market	place	and	
              education.	Market	place	will	be	held	in	Stockyard	
                                                                               Thanks to following advertiser who
              Station.	If	you	have	been	there;	that	is,	Fort	Worth’s	         supports this issue of the Newsletter
              historic	Stockyards,	you	will	know	what	I	mean.	                      Paragon Casino resort
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SCMA Spring 011                                                
                                                                Transportation Safety Program. He made the following
             Operators Meeting                                  points in comparing Dod and DOT inspections:
             Held March 27-29                                   •	 Both	inspections	look	at	many	of	the	same	materials		
                                                                	 and	methodology.
             in Fort Worth,TX                                   •	 Time	frames	may	differ.
                                                                •	 Frequency	of	visits	differs.
	 The	attendance	was	lower	than	expected	but	those	             •	 Management	Controls	are	important.
who	attended	experienced	a	great	meeting	beginning	with	        •	 Consequences	are	immediate	and	impact	the	bottom	line.
a	dinner	event	at	Joe	T.	Garcia’s	Restaurant.	What	a	nice	      •	 Activities	are	monitored	on	a	routine	basis.
surprise!	“Looks	can	be	deceiving,”	I’ve	heard,	and	I’ve	also	 The compliance review process includes:
heard	“you	can’t	judge	a	                                       •	 Make	the	appointment.
book	by	its	cover.”	Whoever	                                    •	 Introduce	to	all	employees.
coined	these	phrases	must	                                      •	 Conduct	grand	tour	of	facilities.
have	been	in	Fort	Worth	and	                                    •	 Identify	safety	management	responsibilities.
found	the	treasure	inside	                                      •	 Review	regulatory	records.
the	walls	that	encase	Joe	                                      •	 Inspect	Equipment.
T.	Garcia’s	Restaurant!	                                        • Conduct briefing and close out review.
Just	a	few	blocks	from	the	                                     Phil’s	presentation	was	very	informative	and	there	were	
Hyatt	Place,	host	hotel	for	                                    many	questions.
the	operator’s	meeting	we	      Estela Martinez-Stuart, Fort    	 The	next	presentation	conducted	by	Mike Denny	with	
discovered	an	unassuming	       Worth CVB and Karen Sanders,    Motor	Coach	Industries	Financial	Services	was	on	the	topic	
building.	There	was	even	       SCMA President.                 of cash flow and investment tax credits. Mike fielded many
some	construction	in	progress	and	appeared	to	be	repair	to	     questions	after	his	presentation	featuring	the	following	points:
the	wall.	Once	inside,	I	was	speechless	and	when	I	did	make	 Cash is the Life Blood of Any Successful Business!
a	sound,	it	was	Oooooh	and	Aaaaah	as	I	walked	through	          •	 Cash	Flow:		The	movement	of	cash	in	and	out	of	a	
beautiful	gardens	and	fountains	and	statuary.	I	heard	others	       business
making	the	same	sound.	Estela Martinez-Stuart (Fort             • Two parts to Cash Flow…Inflows and Outflows
Worth CVB) wanted	the	group	to	experience	this	venue	to	        • Both inflows and outflows need to be actively
consider	for	the	annual	meeting	scheduled	September	25-             managed…develop a cash flow projection…fixed vs.
28.	The	food	was	outstanding.	                                      variable	costs
Surprisingly,	the	restaurant	has	                               • Difference between Profit and Cash Flow…Timing!
a	limited	menu,	but	then	one	                                   •	 Increase	Sales…Make	sure	your	service	is	properly	
thinks,	“That	makes	sense.”	                                        priced	
Joe	T.	Garcia’s	Restaurant	                                     •	 Actively	manage	receivables…You	earned	it!
does	a	fabulous	job	with	that	                                  •	 Offer	cash	discounts	for	customers	who	insist	on	
limited	menu.	Why	not	be	                                           payment	terms
                                   Daniel Bratcher, Daisy       •	 Credit	cards	vs.	Payment	terms
great	at	a	few	things	as	opposed	
                                   Charters And Shuttles
to	ordinary	at	many	things?	                                    •	 Implement	a	late	charge	policy
                                   pictured with Karen Sanders.
As	a	result	of	our	experience,	                                 •	 Careful	control	of	costs
Estela	received	the	board’s	blessing	to	proceed	with	plans	to	 •	 Pay	your	bills	on	time	(but	not	too	early)…Late	charges	
hold the first evening event of the annual meeting at Joe T.        are	very	expensive!
Garcia’s	Restaurant.	That	was	Sunday	evening.	                  •	 Ask	for	payment	terms
	 Monday	was	a	busy	day	with	committee	meetings,	               • Schedule seasonal payments for your coach financing
a	board	meeting,	and	the	beginning	of	the	educational	          •	 Create	a	Cash	Reserve…A	Good	Rule	of	Thumb:	Two
portion	of	the	operators’	                                          Months of Operating Expenses
meeting. The first session                                      •	 If	you	tap	into	your	reserves,	make	sure	they	are	
featured	Phil Hanley	                                               replenished
with	Consolidated	Safety	                                       •	 Establish	a	line	of	credit…Do	it	before	you	need	it!
Services.	Phil	reviewed	the	                                    •	 Receivables	factoring	is	an	option	if	needed
process	of	DoD	(Department	                                     Take aways:
of	Defense)	inspections	and	                                    •	 Stay	on	top	of	your	receivables…You	earned	them!
DOT	inspections.	Operators	                                     • Plan for the Unplanned…have a plan to fill in cash flow
who are DoD certified can       Phil Hanley, Consolidated            gaps
request	to	be	included	on	the	  Safety Services pictured                                                Continued on Page 4
list	of	carriers	for	the	Pupil	 with Bob Crescenzo, Lancer
                               Insurance Company
                                                                                                  SCMA Spring 011
                                                                                                          printing	process.	We	“touched	and	felt”	the	paper	that	the	
                   Operators Meeting                                                                      currency	is	printed	upon,	and	one	by	one	the	employees	
                 Continued from Page 3                                                                    described	their	particular	contribution	to	the	end	result.	We	
                                                                                                          all	learned	a	great	deal	about	the	money	we	carry	in	our	
•	 Get	Help	if	you	need	it…You	can’t	afford	to	not	know	                                                  pockets.	We	held	enough	money	in	our	hands	to	purchase	a	
     what	is	happening	in	your	business                                                                   motorcoach!	There	was	a	printing	demonstration	using	the	
•	 Cash	Flow	is	King!                                                                                     “spider	press,”	which	was	used	to	print	money	in	the	early	
•	 Be	sure	to	check	with	your	accountant	or	tax	                                                          1900’s.	The	printer	put	ink	on	the	engraved	plate,	wiped	it	
     professional	to	see	how	you	can	best	take	advantage	                                                 what	looked	like	absolutely	clean,	placed	it	on	the	press	and	
     of	the	Bonus	Depreciation,	Section	179	Expensing	                                                    printed	one	bill,	perfectly.	I	was	particularly	interested	in	
     as	well	as	other	potential	tax	savings	opportunities	                                                that	bill	because	instead	of	a	president	in	the	center	of	the	
     created	by	the	Tax	Relief,	Unemployment	Insurance	                                                   bill,	it	had	an	American	buffalo.	
     Reauthorization	and	Job	Creation	Act	of	2010.	                                                       I	have	to	tell	you	I	coveted	that	
     Resources:	www.depreciationbonus.org		and	www.                                                       bill	because,	as	many	of	you	
     section179.org.                                                                                      know,	my	husband	and	son	raise	
	 A	time	for	open	discussion	with	the	coach	                                                              American	buffalo,	or	Bison,	on	
manufacturers’	representatives	followed.	There	was	                                                       our	farm	in	Virginia.	But,	alas!	
discussion	of	topics	from	the	new	engines	and	DEF	to	pre-                                                 They	would	not	let	me	take	that	
owned	programs	and	refurbish	programs	to	more	discussion	                                                 bill.	It	had	to	be	shredded!	There	 Dave Johnson, Key
of	seat	belts	on	coaches!	It	was	a	good	discussion	with	Tim                                               were	not	even	any	reproductions	 Equipment Finance.
Vaught and Greg Gates (ABC Companies), Rob Lessor                                                         of	it	in	the	gift	shop,	much	to	my	disappointment.	That,	I	
and Bob Strangeways (Motor Coach Industries), and                                                         assure	you,	was	my	only	disappointment	in	our	event	at	
Eloy Torres and	Jim Malcomb (Prevost).                                                                    the	Bureau	of	Engraving	and	Printing.	The	Bureau	will	
	 Another	treat	was	in	store	for	us	as	we	left	on	the	                                                    be	a	part	of	a	tour	option	during	the	annual	meeting.	I	
Prevost	coach	for	dinner	and	tour	of	the	Bureau of                                                        recommend	that	you	participate	in	that	tour.	Before	going	
Engraving and Printing.	On	the	surface,	that	does	not	sound	                                              back	to	the	hotel,	we	made	a	quick	stop	at	Billy	Bob’s	
really	exciting,	but	again	we	were	greatly	surprised.	We	                                                 Texas.	Amazing!	Billy	Bob’s	will	be	a	good	place	for	“after	
had	a	simple,	but	delicious	dinner	with	a	brief	presentation	                                             hours”	when	you	attend	the	annual	meeting.	We	did	make	
about	the	facility.	Then	we	toured	the	facility,	which	was	                                               time	for	a	photo	op	on	a	long	horn	bull.	Estela	held	it	by	the	
very	interesting,	but	the	real	treat	came	after	the	tour	                                                 horns	as	president	Karen Sanders	and	I	mounted	it.	Oh,	
when	Bureau	employees	greeted	us	and	gave	us	a	“hands-                                                    all	right.	It	was	not	real!	But,	it	was	fun.	Rumor	has	it	that	
on”	demonstration	from	the	beginning	to	the	end	of	the	                                                   the	planning	committee	is	also	offering	“after	hours”	at	the	
                                                                                                          White	Elephant	Saloon.	That	is	an	interesting	place,	too.	If	
                                                                                                          you	have	watched	Walker, Texas Ranger,	you	have	seen	the	
                                                                                                          White Elephant Saloon where some filming of the TV series
                                                                                                          took	place.	
                                                                                                          	 Tuesday	morning,	Bob Crescenzo,	Vice	President,	
                                                                                                          Lancer	Insurance	Company,	presented	Hiring	Right:	Never	
                                                                                                          More	Important.	Operators	learned	a	great	deal	about	hiring	
                                                                                                          drivers.	Much	of	the	information	is	common	sense	but	
                                                                                                          there	are	many	aspects	that	operators	need	to	know	to	hire	
                                                                                                          the	right	drivers.	Quickly,	the	question	came	up,	“Where	
                                                                                                          do we find good drivers?” Bob gave examples of behavior
                                                                                                          that	should	be	avoided,	such	as	a	driver	who	consistently	
                                                                                                          follows	too	close	to	the	vehicle	in	front	of	the	coach.	He	
                                                                                                          told	the	story	of	a	driver	who	was	very	popular	with	groups,	
                                                                                                          who	consistently	asked	for	him	for	their	trips.	But	he	was	
  Paragon is the place to play.                                                                           constantly	breaking	heavily.	In	a	situation	like	this,	what	do	
                                                                                                          you	do?	You	have	a	customer	who	loves	the	driver,	but	the	
                                                                                                          driver definitely has a bad habit that could result in a costly
                                 ,                                                                        accident.	Bob’s	advice	was	to	get	rid	of	the	driver.	He	said	
                           C mon, get happy                                                               sometimes	you	have	to	be	practical	and	you	have	to	risk	
  1-800-WIN-1-WIN            •   MARKSVILLE, LA             Follow us on:
                                                                                                          losing	a	customer	to	avoid	a	disaster.	This	is	just	the	“tip	of	
                                                                                                          the	iceberg”	of	Bob’s	very	informative	presentation.	

                                                                                                          	 Lunch	speaker	was	Ken Presley,	Vice	President,	
                                                                                                          United	Motorcoach	Association	and	a	member	of	the	board	
SCMA Spring 011                                                                                      
of	directors	for	SCMA.	Ken’s	industry	updated	included	                for	the	2011	Annual	Meeting	and	Market	Place.	Please	
the	latest	in	seat	belt	legislation.	Ken	urged	operators	to	           make	plans	to	attend.	Watch	your	U.S.	mail,	email,	and	
write	their	Congressmen	to	seek	opposition	to	SB	453	and	              visit	www.southcentralmotorcoach.org	periodically	to	learn	
HR	873.	Ken	cautioned	that	if	operators	do	not	“weigh	                 more	about	the	annual	meeting.	Plans	are	near	complete	
in”	on	this	legislation,	Congressmen	will	believe	there	is	            for	the	publication	of	registration	material.	The	Planning	
no	objection	from	their	constituents	to	legislation	that	is	           Committee	chaired	by	Karen Sanders	has	done	some	
harmful	to	the	industry.	With	recent	accidents	with	fatalities,	       “thinking	outside	the	box”	to	make	this	annual	meeting	
Ken said it will be difficult to hold the bills at bay so that         special	and	memorable.		For	example,	plan	now	for	a	denim	
the National Transportation Safety Administration can finish           and	diamonds	(bling)	theme	for	the	last	night	event.	There	
testing.		Ken	said	to	let	your	Congressmen	know	about	                 will	be	awards	for	costumes.	The	annual	meeting	event	will	
your	business,	that	is,	how	many	employees	you	have,	                  include	stagecoach	rides,	saloon	girls,	cowboys,	and	photo	
how	much	tax	you	pay,	the	value	of	your	equipment,	the	                ops	on	a	long	horn	bull—a	real	one	this	time!
groups/passengers	you	consistently	transport	such	as	school	           	 Yee	haw!	I	hope	to	see	you	in	Fort	Worth	September	25-
groups.	Ken	mentioned	that	operators	who	had	successfully	             29.	Meantime,	Happy	Trails!
applied	for	grants	are	not	yet	receiving	the	funds.	The	funds	         Linda Morris
are	just	not	there.	The	funds	will	be	released	when	it	is	
published	in	the	Federal	Register.	Ken	is	monitoring	the	
Federal	Register	daily.	He	said	wheelchair	lift	grants	are	                Hotard Coaches and Calco
in	basically	the	same	format	as	the	security	grants	and	any	
operator	interested	in	application	should	begin	to	get	the	
                                                                           Travel Announce New Chief
paperwork	ready	in	anticipation	of	the	release	of	funds	for	                    Operating Officer
these	grants.	Ken	urged	operators	to	consider	scheduled	with	
Greyhound	abandoning	routes,	opportunities	are	created	                Submitted by the Calco Hotard Group.
for	the	operators.	Ken	said	take	a	look	at	where	two	or	
three	cities	are	not	connected;	it	may	be	an	opportunity	to	           	 Local	tourism	and	transportation	companies,	Hotard	
start	a	scheduled	service.	Other	opportunities	may	be	the	             Coaches,	Inc.,	and	Calco	Travel,	Inc.,	announced	Natalie	
result	of	privatizing	transit	                                         Barranco as the new Chief Operating Officer. She had
service	and	school	bus	service.	                                       previously served as the Chief Financial Officer for the
He	concluded	his	comments	                                             Calco	Hotard	Group.
with	the	announcement	that	                                            	 Mrs.	Barranco	will	continue	to	report	to	and	partner	
the	UMA	Expo	will	be	held	                                             with	company	CEO,	Callen	Hotard.	By	transitioning	from	
in	Long	Beach,	California	                                             CFO	to	COO,	she	will	be	able	to	shift	her	focus	to	include	
February	8-12.                                                         overseeing	other	departments,	including	Sales,	Marketing,	
                                     Coach Display.
     The finale of the 2011                                            Operations,	Safety	and	Maintenance.
Operators	Meeting	in	Fort	                                             	 “I’m	excited	to	have	this	opportunity	to	work	with	so	
Worth	was	the	coach	display	                                           many	individuals	under	the	Hotard	umbrella,”	says	Mrs.	
visitation.	ABC	Companies,	                                            Barranco.	“I’m	looking	forward	to	focusing	my	attention	
Motorcoach	Industries,	and	                                            on	the	continued	growth	of	the	company	in	the	Gulf	Coast	
Prevost	had	coaches	on	display.	                                       region.		I	enjoy	working	with	people	and	positioning	our	
Operators	seem	to	enjoy	this	                                          company	to	help	boost	our	area’s	tourism	and	economy.”	
part	of	the	SCMA	events.	One	operator	arrived	in	time	                 	 Mrs.	Barranco	received	her	Masters	of	Business	
for	lunch	and	the	coach	visitation.	So,	it	must	be	fairly	             Administration	degree	from	Tulane	University	and	is	a	
important!	We	were	all	treated	to	a	Happy	Trails	greeting	             Cum	Laude	graduate	from	Millsaps	College	in	Jackson,	
by	the	cowboys	(actually	one	was	a	cowgirl),	which	was	a	              MS.	Outside	of	the	workplace,	Mrs.	Barranco	is	a	member	
neat	way	to	end	the	2011	                                              of	the	American	Institute	of	CPAs,	Society	of	Louisiana	
meeting.                                                               CPAs	and	the	National	Association	of	Professional	Women.
	 I	want	to	commend	                                                   Hotard	Coaches	and	Calco	Travel	are	locally	owned	and	
Daniel Bratcher,	                                                      operated charter motor coach companies with offices in
chairman	of	the	Special	                                               New	Orleans,	Baton	Rouge,	Lafayette	and	Biloxi,	MS.	
Projects	Committee	and	                                                	 Together,	the	Calco	Hotard	Group	serves	the	Gulf	
committee	members,	                                                    Coast region with a modern fleet of meticulously
Estela Martinez-Stuart,                                                maintained	motor	coaches	and	mini	coaches	providing	the	
Ken Presley, and Eloy Torres.	Their	planning	efforts	                  latest	in	comfort	and	amenities.	Please	visit	www.Hotard.
made	the	meeting	a	huge	success	in	terms	of	quality	of	                com	and	www.CalcoTravel.com	for	additional	information	
program	content	and	networking	opportunities.	The	Fort	                about	these	companies.	
Worth	Historic	Stockyards	will	be	a	wonderful	location	
                                                                                                      SCMA Spring 011
                                                                       ABA	vice	president	of	Safety,	Security	&	Regulatory	
                                                                       Programs,	has	been	invited	by	NTSB	to	attend	the	forum	as	
    News From:                                                         a	subject	matter	expert.
                                                                       	 Representatives	from	federal	and	state	agencies,	the	
                                                                       trucking	industry,	unions,	and	advocacy	groups	will	serve	
            Smart Transportation Technologies                          in	a	similar	capacitiy	during	the	forum.
                Bill Introduced in the House                           	 The	forum	will	be	held	at	the	NTSB’s	Board	Room	
Reprinted from ABA Insider, April 4.                                   and	Conference	Center,	located	at	429	L’Enfant	Plaza,	SW,	
	 Representatives	Mike	Rogers	(R-MI)	and	Russ	                         Washington,	DC.
Carnahan	(D-MO)	introduced	a	bipartisan	bill	to	spur	                  	 The	public	can	view	the	forum	in	person	or	by	live	
innovation	and	accelerate	the	deployment	of	intelligent	               webcast	on	the	NTSB’s	website.	An	agenda	and	webcast	
transportation	systems	(ITS)	to	help	communities	address	              details	can	be	found	here:	http://www3.ntsb.gov/
their	transportation	challenges.                                       Events/2011/truck_bus_safety/forum.htm.
	 The	bill,	the	Smart	Technologies	for	Communities	
Act,	would	create	a	competitive	pilot	program	in	up	to	                 ABA Advocates for Increased Enforcement
six	communities	across	the	country	to	serve	as	model	           Excerpt from ABA Insider, April 4. Full article available at
deployment	sites	for	large-scale	installation	and	operation	    this following website, www.buses.org/insider/article/133
of	ITS	technologies	to	improve	safety,	mobility,	and	the	       	 At	a	hearing	before	the	Senate	Commerce	Committee		
environment.	Examples	of	technology	solutions	include	          Subcommittee	on	Surface	Transportation	and	Merchant	
“connected”	vehicles	that	avoid	crashes,	stress-sensing	        Marine	Infrastructure,	ABA	President	and	CEO	Peter	
bridges, active traffic management to reduce congestion,        J. Pantuso testified that enhanced enforcement and
electronic	tolling	systems	to	avoid	the	wait	at	the	toll	booth,	inspections	are	the	keys	to	improving	the	safety	of	the	
and real-time traffic, transit, and parking information for     private	motorcoach	industry.
commuters.                                                      	 Subcommittee	chairman	Frank	Lautenberg	(D-NJ)	
	 “We	cannot	continue	to	simply	build	our	way	into	a	           called	the	hearing	in	response	to	a	series	of	recent	crashes	
transportation	system	necessary	for	the	demands	of	the	         on	the	east	coast	that	left	17	people	dead.
21st	Century,”	Rogers	said	in	a	statement.	“Technologies	       	 In	his	testimony,	Pantuso	expressed	the	industry’s	view	
and	information	exist	today	to	cost-effectively,	safely	and	    that	actions	must	be	taken	to	improve	motorcoach	safety.	
efficiently manage our nation’s roads and infrastructure.”      “ABA	shares	this	Committee’s	concerns	and	frustrations	
	 The	bill	has	been	endorsed	by	a	broad	range	of	               over	unsafe	motorcoach	operators	and	drivers,”	he	said.	
transportation,	business	and	environmental	leaders,	            “The	recent	accidents	in	New	York	and	New	Jersey	are	
including	private	sector	employers	such	as	AT&T,	Ford,	         unacceptable	and	could	have	been	prevented	with	better	
General	Motors,	IBM,	Microsoft,	Motorola,	and	Verizon.          information	available	to	the	operator	and	to	the	public,	and	
                                                                certainly	with	stronger	and	more	enforcement.”
        NTSB to Hold Bus Safety Forum, ABA to                   	 “A	review	of	the	data	shows	that	54	percent	of	all	
                 Attend as Subject Expert                       motorcoach	fatalities	in	the	last	decade	were	accidents	
Reprinted from ABA Insider, April 4.                            of	either	unsafe	or	illegal	carriers.	,”	Pantuso	said.	“The	
     The National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) has               lack	of	federal	and	state	money	and	resources,	leads	to	
scheduled	a	public	forum	on	May	10-11	in	Washington,	DC	 inconsistent	enforcement	of	the	existing	safety	regulations	
to	review	the	progress	that	has	been	made	in	bus	safety	in	     making	it	too	easy	for	carriers	that	have	been	closed	down	
the	past	decade.	NTSB	last	held	hearings	on	the	matter	in	      for safety violations to reopen; too easy for financially
1999-2000.                                                      marginal	individuals	to	obtain	authority	to	operate;	and	still	
	 The	forum	will	be	chaired	by	NTSB	Board	Member	               too	easy	for	individuals	to	obtain	and	keep	a	commercial	
Robert	L.	Sumwalt,	and	will	focus	on	such	issues	as	            driver’s	license.”
government	oversight,	carrier	operations,	driver	training	      	 Pantuso	provided	the	committee	with	a	number	of	ABA	
and	licensing,	driver	safety	and	health,	and	enhanced	          recommendations	to	improve	enforcement	throughout	the	
vehicle	safety	technologies.                                    country.	These	recommendations	included	providing	the	
	 “As	evidenced	by	the	recent	tragic	accidents	in	New	          Federal	Motor	Carrier	Safety	Administration	additional	
York	and	New	Jersey,	there	is	still	a	lot	of	work	to	do	in	the	 staffing and money to inspect bus operators; withholding
area	of	highway	safety,”	says	Sumwalt.	“During	this	forum,	 federal	funds	from	those	states	that	do	not	have	a	strong	bus	
we	will	review	the	effectiveness	of	established	programs	       inspection	program		and	using	those	moneys	for	third	party	
as	well	as	new	initiatives	in	motor	carrier	operations	and	     inspectors;	and	requiring	the	states	to	conduct	background	
vehicle	safety	to	ensure	we	are	doing	all	we	can	to	make	       checks	on	applicants	seeking	commercial	driver’s	license	
our	nation’s	highways	safer.”                                   with	a	passenger	endorsement.
	 ABA	will	attend	the	forum	as	a	party,	and	Norm	Littler,	

SCMA Spring 011                                                   
                                                                      	 7.	Embrace	numbers.	A	number	list	might	seem	hokey	
                                                                      or	overused,	but...you’re	reading	this,	aren’t	you?
 News From:                                                           	 8.	Read	your	material-Through	a	scanner’s	eyes.	Make	
                                                                      sure	you’ve	called	attention	to	the	key	elements	in	your	
           Meters for 9/11 Memorial Bus Parking                       content.
Reprinted from the Bus and Motorcoach News, issue May 1.
	 Motorcoaches	bringing	tourists	to	lower	Manhattan	to	                     Reminder: Update MCS-150 every 24 months
visit	the	new	9/11	Memorial,starting	later	this	year,	will	           Reprinted from the Bus and Motorcoach News, issue May 1.
have	to	pay	for	parking.                                              	 An	apparently	easily	overlooked	paperwork	
	 Under	a	preliminary	plan	being	circulated,	buses	would	             requirement	for	interstate	motorcoach	operators	is	that	
be	allowed	to	drop	off	and	pick	up	passengers	at	existing	            they	must	update	their	Federal	Motor	Carrier	Safety	
bus	stops	along	Trinity	Place	and	Church	Street	during	               Administration	MCS-150	form	every	24	months.
the	off-peak	hours,	and	could	wait	in	existing	bus	layover	           	 Carriers	with	a	USDOT	number	also	must	update	
zones	on	Greenwich	Street	or	at	new	ones	to	be	created	on	            the	Motor	Carrier	Identification	Report	if	company	
Barclay	St.                                                           information	changes.	Carriers	can	update	the	form	online	
	 But	drivers	will	have	to	pay,	likely	at	machines	similar	           by	going	to:	https://li-public.fmcsa.dot.gov/LIVIEW/
to	existing	muni-meters.	The	memorial	is	scheduled	to	                PKG_REGISTRATION.prc_option.	Scroll	to	“Existing	
open	in	September	and,	while	visitors	will	be	encouraged	to	          Registration	Updates,”	and	select	“I	need	to	update	my	
arrive	by	mass	transit,	the	city	is	preparing	for	an	expected	        USDOT	number	registration	information	or	file	my	
influx	of	tour	buses.	It	is	anticipated	the	9/11	Memorial	will	       biennial	update.”
attract	five	million	annual	visitors.	However,	admission	
to	the	memorial	will	be	limited	to	1,500	visitors	an	hour.	
Officials	say	that	will	help	manage	the	flow	of	bus	traffic,	            SCMA Operator Members
and	the	memorial	can	withhold	tickets	from	tour	operators	                   Washington, DC Tour Bus Parking link
guilty	of	idling	or	“	other	bad	behavior.”
	 City	officials	say	no	legislation	is	needed	to	create	               http://ddot.dc.gov/DC/DDOT/On+Your+Street/
the	new	metered	zones.	As	for	exactly	how	much	will	be	               Traffic+Management/Parking/Tour+Bus+Parking
charged,	that	has	not	yet	been	determined.

                  Getting your website read                             Changes Continued from Page 2
Reprinted from the Bus and Motorcoach News, issue May 1.
	 Not	sure	the	information	and	editorial	content	you’ve	              IP	Casino,	Resort	&	Spa            Palmetto	Tour	&	Travel
posted	on	your	website	is	as	effective	as	it	could	or	should	         Microtel	Inn	&	Suites	in		         Sunsational	Tours	
be?	Worried	you	may	not	be	getting	your	message	across	               	   Pearl	River                    Sweet	Magnolia	Tours
effectively?                                                          Orlando	Fun	Spot	Hotels
	 Pamela	Wilson.	writing	on	Copyblogger.com	says	most	                Radisson	WorldGate	Resort          TOURISM AGENCIES
                                                                      Resorts	Casino	&	Hotel             Albany	CVB
web	readers	are	scanners,	meaning	web	messages	need	
                                                                                                         Amarillo	CVB
to	be	quick	hitting	and	reader	friendly.	Here’s	what	she	             RESTAURANTS                        Arkansas	Department	of		
recommends:                                                           Capital	Restaurant		               	    Parks	&	Tourism
	 1.	Use	short	(three	sentences	or	fewer)	paragraphs	that	            	   Group,	LLC/Burger	King         Bayou	Lafourche	Area	CVB
convey	a	single	idea.                                                 Cracker	Barrel	Old	Country	Store   Bentonville	CVB
	 2.	Break	up	your	content	with	compelling	subheads	                                                     Berkeley	Chamber	of	Commerce
                                                                      SALES, SERVICES, &                 Brenham/Washington	Co.	CVB	
(think	mini-headlines)	to	keep	your	readers	engaged	or	               PRODUCTS                           Chattanooga	CVB
attract	their	attention.                                              Bridgestone	Americas		             City	of	Breaux	Bridge
	 3.	Use	bulleted	lists.	They	provide	a	visual	break	in	              	   Tire	Operations                Georgia	Tourism
your	text	and	give	readers	easily	digestible	information.             CH	Trading	Company                 Holly	Springs	Tourism	Bureau
	 4.	Use	deep	captions-two	or	three	sentences	long-with	              Key	Equipment	Finance              Lafayette	CVC
the	images	you	post.	They’ll	help	lure	readers	into	your	                                                Louisiana	Northshore	
                                                                      THEATRES                           Memphis	CVB
material.                                                             Fee/Hedrick	Family		               North	Little	Rock	Visitors	Bureau
	 5.	Add	relevant	links:	internal	ones	to	promote	your	               	   Entertainment	Group            Port	Arthur	CVB
best	material	and	external	ones	to	add	value	to	your	                 Savannah	Theatre                   Rutherford	County	COC	
material.                                                             Smith	Family	Dinner	Theater        St.	Martin	Parish	Tourist		
	 6.	Use	strategic	formatting.	Add	emphasis	to	your	                                                     	    Commission
copy	by	bolding	or	highlighting	a	few	important	concepts.	            TOUR RECEPTIVES                    Vicksburg	CVB
                                                                      GroupConnect,	Inc.	                Visit	Baton	Rouge	
Be	judicious:	too	much	highlighting	and	it	loses	its	                 Mid	Atlantic	Tours	&		             Witchita	Falls	CVB
effectiveness.                                                        	   Receptive	Services
                                                                                                         SCMA Spring 011
                                                                        	    She	was	instrumental	in	founding	the	Fort	Smith	Advertising	
     Fort Smith’s Carolyn Joyce                                         and	Promotion	Commission	and	transforming	the	historic	Miss	
                                                                        Laura’s	into	the	city’s	Visitors	Center.	Following	a	devastating	
     Inducted Into The Arkansas                                         tornado	in	1998	that	took	the	roof	off	of	Miss	Laura’s,	Joyce	
        Tourism Hall Of Fame                                            successfully	fought	to	preserve	and	restore	the	historic	property	to	
                                                                        its Victorian splendor. The New York Times did a feature profiling
Excerpt from press release.                                             Joyce	and	the	building’s	post-tornado	restoration.
	    Carolyn	Joyce	is	the	newest	inductee	into	the	Arkansas	            	    Joyce	also	founded	Miss	Laura’s	Players,	a	musical	comedy	
Tourism	Hall	of	Fame.	Joyce	works	as	Group	Tour	&	Travel	               troupe.	She	was	also	largely	responsible	for	the	community	
Sales	Director	for	the	Fort	Smith	CVB.	“To	be	inducted	into	the	        effort	to	restore	an	old	barbershop	from	Fort	Chaffee	and	
Arkansas	Tourism	Hall	of	Fame	is	a	great	honor;	being	included	         transform	it	into	the	Chaffee	Barbershop	Museum.	The	museum	
with	the	list	of	past	recipients	of	this	award	is	very	humbling,”	      commemorates	the	international	media	frenzy	that	occurred	when	
Joyce	said,	after	her	initial	surprise	at	the	induction	subsided.	      Elvis Presley joined the Army and received his first G.I. buzz cut
“Receiving	this	honor	just	for	doing	something	I	have	so	much	fun	      there,	along	with	thousands	of	other	U.S.	soldiers	in	the	1950s.	
doing	is	unbelievable	to	me.	It’s	not	‘work.’	It’s	what	I	love.”        The	museum	also	houses	exhibits	chronicling	six	decades	of	Fort	
	    Joyce	is	known	far	and	wide	for	portraying	the	character	of	       Chaffee’s	fascinating	history.	Its	presence	helped	establish	the	
“Miss Laura” Ziegler, the first madam of Miss Laura’s Social            growing	Chaffee	Crossing	Museum	District	in	the	area.
Club.	Miss	Laura’s	was	the	crown	jewel	of	Fort	Smith’s	once-            	    In	addition	to	this	Hall	of	Fame	award,	Carolyn	Joyce	has	
legalized “Row” of bordellos and was the first former bordello to       received	multiple	honors	for	her	work,	including	a	statewide	
be	listed	on	the	National	Register	of	Historic	Places.	It	now	serves	   Henry	Award	for	Outstanding	Volunteer	Service,	a	“Social	Studies	
as Fort Smith’s official Visitors Center, which the Fort Smith CVB      Educators	Frontier	Achievement	Award,”	the	Arkansas	Hospitality	
operates.                                                               Association	“Manager	of	the	Year”	award,	and	the	“Polly	Crews	
	    Carolyn	Joyce	has	been	a	driving	force	behind	Fort	Smith	          Hospitality	Person	of	the	Year	Award.”
tourism	and	one	of	its	most	passionate	advocates	for	19	years.		 	

                                             Board of Directors
                          President                                      Karen Sanders, Bus Supply Charters, McComb, MS
 Karen Sanders, Bus Supply Charters, McComb, MS
                     Vice-President                                             Daniel Bratcher, Daisy Charter & Shuttle
       Jim Pitstick, Tri-City Charter of Bossier City                                       San Antonio, TX
                      Bossier City, LA
                                                                              Raja Chaudhry, Executive Coach, Irving, TX
           Henry Smith, Starcoach, Gretna, LA                                            Associate Directors
                                                                             Rodney LaFontaine, IP Casino, Resort & Spa
            Immediate Past President                                                        Biloxi, MS
   Jim Lienhart, Arrow Coach Lines, Little Rock, AR
                                                                                 Estela Martinez-Stuart, Fort Worth CVB
                                                                                             Fort Worth, TX
                           Arkansas                                            Ken Presley, United Motorcoach Association
   Jim Lienhart, Arrow Coach Lines, Little Rock, AR                                          Alexandria, VA
  Scott A. Lumbert, Mountain Home Charter Service                               Eloy Torres, Prevost Car, Fort Worth, TX
                Mountain Home, AR
                           Louisiana                                                          Linda Morris
       Jim Pitstick, Tri-City Charter of Bossier City
                                                                                            P.O. Box 740235
                      Bossier City, LA
                                                                                         New Orleans, LA 70174
           Henry Smith, Starcoach, Gretna, LA
                                                                                           FAX 877-501-1879
                          Mississippi                                                www.southcentralmotorcoach.org
     John McCommon, Cline Tours, Ridgeland, MS

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