City of Quincy, Community Preservation Committee by 38EeE54


									                    City of Quincy, Community Preservation Committee
                        Agenda – Thursday, June 14, 2012, 7:00 pm
                                        City Hall

1. Meeting Minutes review and acceptance
2. Update from the City Solicitor on Houghs Neck Garden Club Project.
3. Review of June 2012 recommendation letter to Mayor Thomas P. Koch
4. Old City Hall/Coddington Hall Project
5. Communicating with the Community Preservation Coalition
6. CPC’s reliance on legal advice
7. Quincy’s past projects funded
       a. Souther Tide Mill
       b. Germantown Community Garden (2007)
       c. Church of the Presidents Belfry (2007 & 2010)
       d. Wollaston Beach Trail (2008)
       e. Quincy Heritage and Coastal Trail (2009)
       f. Lyon’s Turning Mill (2008, 2009, & 2010)
       g. Josiah Quincy House (2009)
       h. Sailor’s Home Cemetery Restoration (2009)
       i. Forbes Hill Water Storage (2009)
       j. Quincy Beaches and Coastal Committee – Nature Trail (2009)
       k. East Squantum Causeway Beautification (2009)
       l. Friends of Butler Pond (2010)
       m. Faxon Park Wall (2010)
       n. Thomas Crane Public Library – Richardson Basement Restoration (2010)
       o. City Hall (2010)
       p. Hancock Cemetery (2010)
       q. Planning Department – Bike Racks (2010)
       r. Neponset RiverWalk (2010)
       s. Transitional Housing – funds remaining
       t. Adams Academy
8. 2011 projects
       a. Abigail Adams Cairn
       b. Shed Memorial
       c. 778 Sea Street – The Bit
       d. Souther Tide Mill
       e. Fore River Club House
       f. Preserve City Records – City Clerk’s office
       g. Old City Hall Restoration
       h. Preserve City Plans – Park and Rec Department
       i. Zero Harriet Ave.
       j. Booth and School Street – open space
       k. Veterans Family Homes
       l. Morton’s Landing
       m. Quincy Housing – Accessible Housing
       n. Quincy Housing – Security Upgrades
       o. Thomas Crane – Door Restoration
       p. Merrymount School Recreation Area
       q. Faxon Park Landscape
       r. Adams Academy
       s. Sailor’s Home Pond
       t. QBCC Snug Harbor Map
       u. Wollaston Congregational
       v. Neponset RiverWalk
9. Review 2012 applications received
       a. Lyons Turning Mill
       b. Wollaston Congregational
       c. Central Baptist Church
       d. Quincy Historical Commissioner
       e. Historic New England
        f. Blast Furnace
        g. First Baptist
        h. Friends of the Souther Tide Mill
        i. Friends of Manet Lake
        j. Friends of Butler Pond
        k. Southwest Quincy Wetland Protection group
        l. Quincy Community Action Programs
        m. Montclair School
        n. Morton's Landing
        o. Hough's Neck Garden Club
10. Other business
11. Future meeting dates
12. Meeting adjourned

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