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CIPSON Board Minutes August 2008 by GFbB7qI


									                Canadian Information Processing Society of Ontario
                L’Association Canadienne de I’nformatique de l’Ontario

                       5:30 p.m. August 12, 2008
       Commerce Court South-West Boardroom, 10 Floor, CIBC courtesy of Len Inkster
                                And by Teleconference

  In Attendance:                                         By Teleconference
   Len Inkster                                           Rick Penton
   Bob Fabian                                            Paul Rummell
   Jim Finch                                             Steve Ralphs
   Leon Wagschal                                         Gerry Brownlee
   Brian Murray (Guest)

   Linda Johnstone                                       Debbie Conrad
   John Matos                                            Wael Mohamed
   Brian Helstrom

1. Call to Order – Following some technical difficulties with the conference phone, Len Inkster
   called the meeting to order at 5:40 pm. This conference facility was free of charge, but
   persons calling in from outside the 416 area had to pay LD charges a location in the USA.

    Len welcomed everyone to the meeting and noted a quorum had been achieved.

    Len asked Jim Finch to take minutes.

2. Approval of Agenda
   Addition of an ‘Other Business’ item was requested by Gerry Brownlee.
   Motion to approve the draft agenda as amended:
   Moved by: Jim Finch; Seconded by: Leon Wagschal                               CARRIED

3. Appproval of Last Minutes
   Motion to approve the Minutes of meeting on May 13, 2008
   Moved by: Paul Rummell; Seconded by: Bob Fabian                               CARRIED

4. President’s Remarks
   Len thanked everyone for turning up on short notice.
   - Len remarked that the deployment of the CCITP and OEC was not going in accordance to
   our understanding of the approved national by-laws.
   - In particular, Len noted that OEC actions are not being approved by the CCITP in advance.
   - Len has asked the CCITP to produce a document identifying the procedural relationship
   between the CCIPT and the OEC, but has received no response. In the absence of receiving
   same, Len developed such a document which he circulated to those present in Toronto and
   will send soft copies to all Board Members.

    Steve Ralphs asked what is the true enablement of the model and expressed concern that
    our message should be carried forward from CIPS Ontario.

    Leon Wagschal commented that Greg Lane has been in touch by email with the ICCP in

    Bob Fabian noted that the Professional Standards committee is supposed to report and be
    accountable directly to the CCITP. Generally the creation of and appointments to all standing
    committees should be approved by the CCITP.

    Rick Penton appealed for patience and said “we are on the right track” and reminding
    everyone “after all, we all are volunteers”.

CIPS Ontario Minutes 2008-08-12                                                       Page 1 of 3
   Steve Ralphs commented that we need to better understand the roles (of the CCITP and
   - so we do not trip over each other,
   - we must show that CIPS has changed substantially and not just moved the deckchairs.

   Financial Framework
   - Provinces now have taken responsibility for money intake.
   - New financial model is not in place yet.
   - Rick reported that Paul Rummell is working on the agreement between the provinces and
   - Leon commented that we have a fiduciary responsibility to manage the money correctly.

   Len challenged why the Transition and Governance Committees are still in operation?
   Rick responded that the governance has not finished its mandate and that at the Board
   Meeting in Ottawa both it and the Transition Committee were asked to carry on as ad hoc

   Steve asked whether the new provincial-national agreement will provide the ability for
   provinces to opt in/opt out. Rick responded that there will be flexibility.
   Steve noted that as it currently stands we haven’t any room.
   Bob said he would like to see the principles and how the controls work and address

   Len strongly recommended that the draft agreement be released to the CCITP as soon as
   possible. He will make this request to G. Lane
   Rick advised that the CCITP meets next on August 21st and requested Len to get it on the
   Len suggested it should be a “document for review” rather than a “draft”.

5. Business Arising

6. Open Officers positions
   Len noted that the following positions were open and called for volunteers -
     VP            Leon Wagschal volunteered – from those present at this meeting.
                   Board Members not present will be offered the opportunity to volunteer
                   following which Leon and any other candidate will be considered at the next
                   (or a future) board meeting when the formal election to the office of VP
                   (President-elect) may take place.

     Treasurer     Len Inkster announced that Linda Johnstone is prepared to continue serving
                   as Treasurer with the understanding that it may not be possible for her to
                   attend all meetings. Linda cannot continue to take minutes.
                   Motion to appoint Linda Johnstone to the Board in the position of Treasurer:
                   Moved by: Len Inkster; Seconded by: Bob Fabian                      CARRIED

     Secretary     Upon not receiving any volunteers from those present (and with Brian Murray
                   temporarily out of the room on other business), Jim Finch announced that
                   Brian has expressed interest in the Secretary position and moved that Brian
                   Murray be appointed to the Board in the position of Secretary;
                   Seconded by: Bob Fabian                   CARRIED

   Len expressed congratulations to Linda Johnstone and to Brian Murray on their appointments
   to the Board in the postions of Treasurer and Secretary respectively.

   Len advised that Ottawa and Golden Horseshoe have confirmed their representatives to the
   Board (Gerry Brownlee and Conor Brennan respectively).
   Steve suggested writing to CIPS Toronto to confirm their representative.

CIPS Ontario Minutes 2008-08-12                                                      Page 2 of 3
    Bob suggested that the Board send a letter of appreciation to Rick Penton thanking him for
    his work last year both for and on behalf of CIPS Ontario and for his extensive work at the
    national level regarding the restructuring and new governance of CIPS.

7. Committees
   Len advised that Bob and Jim have confirmed their acceptance for “Ethics” and
   “Communications” respectively.

    There was a brief discussion about standing committees (Registrar, Discipline) and ad hoc
    committees in the past, e.g. membership, marketing, education, advocacy, etc.

    Len said that committees should engender support from the general membership and
    promote their members to be advocates for CIPS.

    Steve asked for a list of portfolios.
    Steve suggested that a Sponsorship Committee is highly desirable. Len said he personally
    would be active in this area.

8. Reports
   Ethics – Bob has produced several documents recently and will re-distribute them to Board

    Communications – in the interests of time, Jim reported “nothing to report” (however, as a
    post-meeting note – the new CIPS Ontario website has been substantially completed in the
    Drupal test environment. It will now be reconstructed for the “live” environment with a target
    of completion on or about September 4th)

9. Section Input
   No reports available.

10. Other Business
    Leon requested that at least one week’s notice be given for meetings.
    Gerry had left the conference call by this time.

    Rick reiterated “it is not accurate that National is doing nothing”.

11. Next Meeting

    Paul Rummell requested that meetings start at 6pm – rather than 5:30pm.

    The next meeting will be on Thursday September 4 with Greg Lane expected to be in

12. Adjournment

    Paul Rummell moved for adjournment.

    The meeting adjourned at 7:06 p.m.

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